Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tuesday - Karaoke & Free Food ( Indonesian )

It was started last week,when I cooked Fried Rice for Jaime and Natasha ( cos we painted the back bar last week ).

Nick,Drew,and Tom ate that fried rice and said it tasted good.So,I decided to cook again for them.

This time I cooked Fried Rice ( no seafood ),Crackers and Spicy Potatoes Crackers with Peanuts.

They loveeeeeeeeeeed it.

I called some friends,they came and ate. When the crowds came,they started eating the food.

I was busy bartending and forgot to take pics.I usually sing some songs,but I was really busy and only sang 1 song.

When the others came,I offered them some food.They said,"'s gone!!!!!!!!!!!! I just only had 1 bite!!" Adowwwwwwwwwwww.I should have cooked more then.

Nick came to me and said," Mei2..the food was awesome!!! Next week,EGG SPRING ROLLS!!!"

I said,", you are demanding."
He said,' I am asking".Hahahhahahahhahaa

All rite!!!!!!!!!!!!! EGG SPRING ROLLS will be ready next week,boss. As long as you guys are happy!!!!


  1. Jadi pingin nyobain nih Mei kelihatan segerrr...

  2. Emang seger,frutty lagi.Bsk deh Mei2 posting resepnya.Ngantuk sekali.Mo siap2 tidur.Ronnie bntr lagi plg.Gampang kok resepnya.Bsk ya.

  3. hmm...enakk...ditaruh sambal botol gak? hihihi

  4. Gak,soalnya kmrn pecah di back bar.Malah anak2 nyari Soy Sauce.Welehh!!!

  5. Gratis sih,ya disikat abis semuanya.Licin tak berbekas.Hahahahahaha