Sunday, August 31, 2008

Aug 15th : MeiLee's 1st Festival @ Lebanon,OH

Daddy took us to see his friend play band at a festival. After Mommy came back home from work,we got ready.

Since Mommy's craving for Buffet,Daddy took the family to a chinese buffet at West Chester. Stayed there for abt 30 mnts * food wasn't great,but it's ok *, then departed to Lebanon.

MeiLee stared to every light she saw at the festival. She observed everything. ha ha ha ha ha.

She sat nicely and calmly when daddy's friend played some music. Then we took her around the festival. Spent some money for some games before we left home.

Again,Daddy had Mommy navigate manually go home.Mommy said she couldn't do it,but Daddy encouraged her. Finally, we got home with Mommy's instructions. ^____^. Daddy said," See??? you can do it.. You're getting better with directions and maps. " :D

Seems Daddy likes Mommy doing it. Mommy wishes Daddy wouldn't do it again. Ha ha ha ha ha.

MeiLee's Playing Water

She loves water !!! Since she's still fit at the sink,I always take a chance to put her there :P

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Weekend Yard Sale ( Fri & Sat )

Start:     Aug 29, '08 10:00a
End:     Aug 30, '08 3:00p
Location:     home
Yard sale at home. Need to get rid of lots of stuff. Anyone is more than welcome to come and shop. :D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aug 13th; MeiLee & Swing

Daddy puts MeiLee on top of the tire swing. :D

Piye toh,pak.. di dlm ban donk,bukan di atasnya :P

swing...swing...swing... :P

Aug 13th - Mommy's Cleaning the Car,MeiLee's Swimming

MeiLee got bored..didn't know what to do,meanwhile Mommy's busy cleaning the car.

Mommy came with idea and put MeiLee's playpen in the back porch.MeiLee seem didn't wanna play there. Then Mommy put her walker outside..

Thought it's kinda hot,MeiLee would love to play with water. So Mommy pulled the hose and filled the small pool for MeiLee while Mommy's cleaning.

She loved it !!!! ^______________^. Mommy still could cleaning and kept on eyes on MeiLee. Grandma came back from store and played with MeiLee.

MeiLee crawled out from the pool. Oo !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy had to go back and forward to make her back to her pool. ^__^

Mommy spent more time playing with MeiLee than cleaning the car. ha ha ha ha ha... This time Mommy didn't wax the car * couldn't find the wax, guess it's out *

Daddy came home from work and help Mommy take MeiLee back to the house and give her a rinse.

Then Daddy played with MeiLee. MeiLee tried hard to climb over the steps. She did it !!!

Daddy took MeiLee to the neighbor's swing. Duhh.. MeiLee was put on top of the tire swing. ha ha ha ha ha. Mommy said better put MeiLee inside of the tire.Daddy said," Oh..she's fine ". :D

MeiLee didnt' care... ^_________________^

Then,Mommy,MeiLee,Kim and Gillian went shopping to Conway.Kim bought some school stuff for Gillian.Mommy bought * againnnnnnnnn* some clothes and other stuff....

Mommy burnt the money a lot lately. :D

Daddy said," Shopping again,kiddo. Your Mommy loves it,don't she ? " ^________________^

Friday, August 15, 2008

Aug 13th - MeiLee's Swimming * New Swimsuit *

MeiLee's having a swim with the new outfit,while Mommy's cleaning the car.

Yg ada,emaknya malah sibuk main sama MeiLee. :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bagasi...Oh..... Bagasi......

Just wanna share...

Mulai dari mana ya ??? * bingung * ^___^

Belakangan ini kita udah bawa mobil masing2.Plus ada extra Mustang nangkring di driveway ( ogah nyetirnya,terlalu ribut ) . Mentok2nya pake Escort,Ronnie pake Dodge,sementara Mom pake Cadillac.

Bbrp waktu lalu repot sekali.Pagi2 subuh udah harus ngangkutin barang2 ke mobil. Rolling luggage  * blm diisi aja udah berat duluan *, plus folder kantor yg isinya tebel,blm lagi bekal makan siang plus ini itu.Ditambah lagi sepatu extra buat kerja di TGIF,uniform,notes,sikat gigi n pasta gigi dll. Duhhh... tangan kiri kanan penuh dgn tas plastik. Ditumpuk doank di jok depan samping plus seat di blkg. Alih2 jadi keliatan berantakan. Blm lagi kalo bawa MeiLee,harus bawa diaper bag,stroller or mainannya. Sakit mata !!!!


Ronnie blg kmrn2," Nah lho...kmrn2 blg mobil kyk kapal pecah,gak taunya sendiri Mei2 banyak sampah di dlm. " Yeee....sembarang... bukan sampah lagi......

Dipikir2... tiap hari kok bawa tas plastik mulu ???  Isinya ? Apalagi kalo nggak makanan dari TGIF. Tiap kali kerja,selalu bawa pulang makanan.Sampe Ronnie bosan makannya * tapi tetap aja dimakan *

Sktr seminggu lalu,udah mikir2....kalo tiap hari bawa tas plastik sampe 3-4 biji plus tas,bisa tumbang juga nih lama2....

Semalam sore bersihin mobil.MeiLee keliatan bosan,gak tau mo diapain,akhirnya isi kolam kecilnya dgn air.MeiLee main ciprat2 air,sementara emaknya sibuk bersihin mobil.

Putar otak... ting!!!! Dpt ide !!! TRUNK!!!! BAGASI MOBIL!!!!

Duh... knp gak dari kmrn2 ya ??? Akhirnya itu bagasi mobil dikosongin.Stroller,yg dianggap sering dipake * MeiLee udah mulai berat,sakit pinggang kalo gendong2 terus *,dimasukin ke trunk. Small Playpen,dimasukin juga.Dua pasang sepatu kantor,sendal,bantal kecil,folder,jacket,uniform,notes,dll,semuanya masuk ke bagasi.

Tadi pagi,tinggal melenggang pake sendal doank ke mobil.Cuma bawa bekal makan siang dan tas doank ke mobil. Nyampe parkiran kantor,langsung ganti sepatu.. Make up di sblh jok,usap dikit2,kelar.

Sorenya,ganti sepatu di mobil,trus berangkat kerja ke TGIF.Nyampe sana tinggal ganti uniform. Beres !!!!!!!!!!

Plg krj,cuma bawa tas ke rmh,plus makanan ( kalo lagi beli ),kalo gak,ya melenggang doank bawa tas. Anteng banget rasanya.

Duh...knp ya gak dari kmrn2 ???

Malam ini gak repot2 lagi harus siapin ini itu. Semuanya udah ada di mobil,gak buru2 lagi kyk kmrn2.


Bagasi...bagasi...terima kasih....


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Aug 9th : Till we meet again,The Brinkmans!!!

Thank you for coming,Mirna n Justin..Salam buat James... Glad to have you here again...

Kiss and hugs for Justin.. God bless !!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 9th : Baby Justin's Sleeping

Diam2 curi2 rekam video Justin lagi bobo ^___^

Aug 9th : Reunian dgn Mirna ( Kumpul Bocah )

Finally meeting Mirna again.... Justin's napping,so he's not in this video. ^___^

There's Arjuna,Asia,Ashlee,Michael,Dylan and MeiLee.

Aug 9th : Reunion with Mirna & Baby Justin from CA what we planned earlier....we made it !!! We made a gathering aka reunion with Mirna and her new baby,Justin. She came back to Cincy again !!!

We're so glad that finally could meet baby Justin ( Duhhhh...kapan lagiiiiiii... beruntung banget bisa liat langsung si ganteng Justin ). Bener2 ngegemesinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

We met Rachel,too.. Daa.....she's more than 1 yo now... Hi,Rachel * wave *.

We were so late to attend the reunion.I had to cook some food ( Gado2,Cap Chai and brought some Rendang ).

Chiko and family spent a lil more time before they left. * at least udah ketemuan ya,mpok *

Chiko brought " Otak - Otak ". Enak bener Otaknya si Chiko. KA KA KA KA KA....

Dennis showed his Angklung brought from Indo. Ronnie's kinda interested in it.

Justin took a nap while we continued chit chat. Speechless to see Mirna again. Makin cuantik,bowwwwwwwwwwww...... :D

The kids played around. MeiLee kissed Dylan this time. Duh.. ini anak demen banget ngekiss2.... ^___________________^. Dylan sampe kelabakan dicecar ciuman sama MeiLee. ha ha ha ha ha....

We spent more time chit chat and dismissed abt 7 pm. I waited for Ronnie to come back. We ended up chatting at the front door..ha ha ha ha ha..

Ronnie came back and we left abt 8 pm.

What a lovely reunion we had.. Let's do it next time !!!!!!!!! ^_____________^

Next schedule : Cindy's Baby Shower at Nia's house on Sept..


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aug 2nd : MeiLee's Attending Vincent's Bday @ Swaim Park

We're invited to attend Vincent's 1st bday.Glad I had off day to do it.Ronnie had his hair cut before going to the party.

I stopped by at Kroger,bought some stuff and fried chicken.Kinda hungry.Me and MeiLee munched chicken while waiting for Ronnie at the barber shop ^___^

Vincent's getting bigger now.Can't believe he's 1 yo. Light brown hair,white skin,kinda hazel eyes. So cute!!!!!!!!!

We met new friends there ( Diana,Eddy,Idris,Anne ( ?? dunno her full name ^__^ ), old friends from Dayton came,too.

Vincent did a " butt up " show to MeiLee. Ha ha ha ha ha. MeiLee had no clue what he did. She looked around as if asking," What's he doing ??? " ha ha ha ha ha.

Vincent crawled further,and then did it again. We laughed.MeiLee looked at him and clapped her hand. Ha ha ha ha ha.. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then,they met again.MeiLee crawled forward,so did Vincent. All a sudden, they kissed one each other!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MeiLee's got her 1st kiss before she's 1 !!!! ^_________________^.Emak Bapak kecolongan. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

MeiLee met Dylan,Mimi's baby.She stood up next to his stroller,tried to pull his binkie. Ha ha ha ha ha. MeiLee's never got binkie.She don't like using binkie.She might have been curious abt the binkie.Ha ha ha ha ha.

After the party,we had a walk around the park. It's so beautiful. I brought MeiLee's swimsuit,thought there's a pool.But Novi said," It's a pond,Mei,not a pool.' Ya amplopppppppppppppppppppp ^__________________^

Ronnie said,"What ??? you wanna have MeiLee swim in the pond with the geese??? No no no." ha ha ha ha ha.. Salah info,Pakkkkkkkkkk..Sorry ^___^

After roaming around abt 30 mnts,we went home.

Wah..what a lovely day !!!

Happy Bday,Vincent... Thank you for inviting us... See you next time....

God bless you and the family ^__^

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MeiLee : Roaming Around

Aug 1st : MeiLee's Got New Blocks ( Daddy Gave A Bath ) ^___^

Hooray!!!! Finally MeiLee got her mega blocks from Target!! Ronnie had been wanting the blocks for awhile. I kept delaying to order for MeiLee.

MeiLee likes the blocks.Ronnie said they're made well these days.MeiLee tries to bite them. Too hard. ^___^.

The next day,I had Ronnie help me give MeiLee a bath,while I was cooking.

Ronnie had hard time to do that.He said," Well,pumpkin...seems your Mom leave me alone to do this.Let's see where I will start." ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie let the water keep running.He said," MeiLee likes the water." ya elahhhhhhhh... airnya jalan terus,anaknya malah asyik main air,kpn dibilasnya,Pak?? ^____^

Then,Ronnie took MeiLee to the living room. MeiLee fought Ronnie.He had to chase MeiLee a couple times till he had a chance to put on her diaper. I couldn't stop laughing.

Ronnie said," Come back,kiddo!!!!!!!!! You need your diaper!!!! Let me fix it for you." Ha ha ha ha ha. He caught MeiLee and fixed it. He said," Now you're all set." ^_________________^

He and MeiLee played ball and blocks. MeiLee's finally tired and took a nap. ^___^

July 30th : MeiLee's Hang Out Day

I took MeiLee to TGIF and met Nate & Anne Marie ( her daughter ) and Candace,friends from work.

We had early dinner there.I had gift card,and wanted to use it ^___^. Got lots of food.MeiLee was taken around the resto by Ashley and April up to the kitchen. lol.

We left the resto abt 5.30 pm then continued shopping to JC Penney. Rani called me and I went back to NG Mall,met her at a playground in Macy's.

MeiLee played with Michael for awhile and we went to Target to see some stuff ( ended up buying clothes again ).Duh... bokek deh ahhhhhhhhhhhh :D

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Atonement ( 2007 )

Genre: Romance
A touchy film....

Buah dari kecemburuan anak remaja Briony ( 13 thn ) yg patah hati dengan Robbie ( anak tukang kebun ) menjalin cinta dgn Cecilia ( kakak Briony ).

Karena cintanya ditolak,Briony menuduh Robbie memperkosa Lola ( sepupu Briony dan Cecilia ) di tengah malam saat mereka mencari adik kembar Lola yg lari dari rmh.

Akibat laporan palsu Briony,Robbie yg pada saat tengah malam itu ikut mencari si kembar,akhirnya berhasil menemukan mrk.

Robbie ditangkap atas laporan tindak pemerkosaan thd Lola ( dari blkg ).

Bertahun2 kmdn, Briony dihinggapi perasaan bersalah. Briony yg berumur 18 thn mencari maaf terhadap Cecilia ( tapi tak kunjung dpt kata maaf darinya ).

Sementara Robbie yg pada saat itu diberikan pilihan masuk ke penjara atau ikut dinas militer,akhirnya memilih pilihan ke-2.

Robbie dan Cecilia msh berhubungan melalui surat.

Lola yg akhirnya menikah dgn Paul,sahabat Leon,abang Briony ( Briony akhirnya mengaku kalo Paul yg memperkosa Lola secara paksa di tengah malam tsb ).

Briony mendatangi Cecilia dan Robbie,meminta maaf dan berjanji utk mengklarifikasi malam kejadian tsb.

Tahun bergulir ke 1999. Old Briony,sang novelis,mengaku kalo dia sama sekali tidak pernah melakukan klarifikasi.

Robbie meninggal pada saat dinas di medan tempur ( menderita sakit ),sementara Cecilia tenggelam akibat banjir di bawah lorong.Cecilia dan Robbie tidak pernah bertemu kembali,dan tidak pernah menikah,spt apa yg Briony tulis di novelnya.

Briony dihinggapi perasaan bersalah seumur hidup,dan dia memutuskan utk menulis happy ending di novelnya ttg hub. Robbie dan Cecilia.

Akibat perbuatan Briony di masa lalu, nasib hidup org2 di sekitarnya berubah.

Pelajaran yg bisa diambil ?? Akar kecemburuan akan merusak mata hati,dan mengakibatkan hasil yg fatal.

Menyesal tiada guna.......

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Unique Thing : Mata Uang Zimbabwe

Ini bukanlah harga makanan termahal di dunia, bukan juga biaya makan siang Donald Trump ataupun Bill Gates tapi ini biaya makan yang harus dikeluarkan oleh rakyat Zimbabwe yang merupakan penduduk termiskin di dunia.

Zimbabwe saat ini pemegang rekor inflasi terbesar di dunia yaitu 2,200,000 % (2,2 juta persen!), parahnya lagi harga-harga melambung begitu cepat hanya dalam hitungan menit bahkan detik tak heran jika karyawan toko-toko di zimbabwe begitu sibuk mengganti label harga jika terjadi perubahan harga.
Pada tanggal 20 Juli 2008 ini bank Zimbabwe juga menerbitkan pecahan uang sebesar 100 Milyar Dollar! yang merupakan rekor pecahan uang dengan nominal terbesar di dunia.
Zimbabwe memang memegang banyak rekor dunia, tapi sayang semua rekor itu tidak ada yang membanggakan.\

karena inflasi besar besaran, kalo gak salah tahun ini 2,2juta% makanya ekonomi disana kacaw balaw.

kita lihat aja kehidupan mayarakat disana

Thnks for Amelia who had fwd me the article via email. Jadi nambah wawasan nih :D