Saturday, October 17, 2009

Papi, it's nice to see you again !

Papi....thank you!!! Finally we could " meet " again. You looked so handsome in your uniform,so healthy and full of charisma. I still can see your strong character in you. Proud of you,Papi...really proud.........

You talked to me and said you're ready to go to work.Goshh... you did like you did long time ago when we're kids.

Wish you hadn't left again . But, I did have a chance to hug you and hold your feet. I still feel the warmth of your embrace and your love.

Papi,thank you...After all I wanted,finally you did come to me. Thank you...thank you....

Love you,Papi..Please do come to visit us more often. That's all I want.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diary of ML : I'm 2 Years Old !!!

Hi, I'm 2 yrs old now. Mommy says I have been good for these years.Mommy,Daddy and Grandma celebrated my bday in simple way at Grandma's house. Mommy said she would throw a bday party later for me.

This year is a busy year for us.Mommy and Daddy are taking care of stuff. They've been packing stuff like crazy since couple weeks ago.

I have been through a lot lately.Been sick, been falling down from chairs,steps ( last nite ). Mommy was scared. I could see her face was pale when she saw me landed on the bottom of the steps. But,I am ok

This year was the worst year for Mommy. Mommy lost her Daddy, my OPA in Aug. She cried in the middle of the night and I was there. I saw her crying for a long time,and I cried,too. I was scared to see her crying.

All I knew, I was in the airplane the next day and flying for 2 days. I didn't get used to with the plane,so I cried. I was scared. Mommy didn't know that.

Thank God, we arrived in Indonesia ( yeah,Mommy's country ) at nite. I was introduced with all families and friends. I met new faces. Some kids with my ages.

I played with them.But, I couldn't sleep for 2 weeks. Always woke up in the morning at 2-3am. I wanted to play,but Mommy put me to sleep again.

We spent 1 month in Indonesia. I met other families in Bandung and Jakarta.Had good time there.

I love songs from Indonesia. 

Satu dua..tiga empat... tangan taro di pinggang..Kepala goyang2.... ( one of my fave songs!! ). Kullong takullong...takullong...takullong...ete haaaaa!!! (  Bataknese song created by Maktua Kecik, Cipinang ). Thank you,Maktua!!!!

When we came back home, I saw Daddy was waiting for us.I was so happy,but then again, I was shy,so I ran away.Daddy grabbed me. ha ha ha ha.

It's good to see Grandma again amd the doggies

I spend time with Mommy,Daddy,Grandma and doggies again. Mommy sometimes takes me somewhere,esp. on weekends.

We had done Fashion Show in Middletown,OH for Middfest Indonesia 2009. Hey,I'm on Dayton Newspaper :D

Guess..that's my 1st debut. Ha ha ha ha ha.

So.. this year, I had another bday. Mommy promised to buy me something. I heard Mommy says something about " camera " to Daddy. Mommy decided not to buy right now,cos she'd like to compare with other brands. Yeah,I want a camera so bad!!! How about that ?

Next month,we're gonna have a bday party for Octoberians ( Mommy calls like that ).Ha ha ha ha. At least about 12 people in Daddy's family have bdays in Oct. Yuhuuuu!!!!!!!!

Aha... I pick up some Indonesian words,too. I was taught when I was in Indonesia. People talk Indonesian there.I talked Gibberish. ^________^. I like to say, "Oma,Opa, Cici,Koko..... ADUHHH!!!! JATUH!!!! MAU.......PIPIS!!! ". Ha ha ha ha ha..  I like those words. Daddy even don't know what it means.

Ok..... gotta gooo... bye bye....

Happy bday to me, then :D

Some videos of mine :

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OCt 10th 09 : ML's 2nd Bday

Yay!!! She just turned 2 !!! OMG!! Can't believe she's growing so fast!!
I took her to Walgreens today,looking for some stuff. As I walked away ( since I didnt' find any), I turned back and looking for ML.

She's lost from my sight. I walked back and saw her was standing by the cards isle. She was holding something on her hand. I was curious and walked by. She's showing me a bday card,and it showed " 2 " !!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

I couldn't believe it. She talked gibberish and I said to her," Wow!! Look at you,ML. You sure know you turn 2 today. Yes,Mommy will buy you the card.Thank you for picking a very cute bday card for you. "

Ha ha ha ha ha. That was so funny!!!

Ronnie came back home from Millcliff and brought the bday cakes I had baked last nite. I put some whipped cream and we celebrated simply in the kitchen.

ML sure loved the whipped cream. She blew the candle ( twice!! Mom burnt the candle again and had her blow it ). lol.

ML ate good amount of cake. She really enjoyed it. We did,too.

Happy bday, our lil pumpkin. Time goes so fast and we're so blessed to have you in our lives. May you will be a blessing for others. Love to see your funny acts, fill our lives with joy and happiness.

Thank you,Lord, for giving us such a wonderful treasure!!!

Happy bday, Anna MeiLee!!!!!!

Lotta lotta lotta luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ^_____^