Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nanya : Pake Passport Indo or Amrik ???

Nanya donk....

Sabtu ini mo apply passport Indonesian buat MeiLee.Cuma rada bingung.Sempat sih ngomong ke Konsulat ttg pemakaian passport Indo. Dia blg kalo si anak nanti pake passport Indo,plgnya harus pake passport Indo lagi.


Cuma gak nanya kalo seandainya MeiLee pake passport Amrik,apa nanti nanti dicekal gak kalo msh ke Indo,krn beda passport sama emaknya ?

Bagi ibu2 yg pernah bawa anak minum bapaknya, tlg ksh info donk.

Baiknya bagaimana, apa perlu pake passport Amrik or Indo kalo mo pulkam ?

Kira2 di airport Indo nanti,ditanya gak surat ijin bepergian dari bapaknya? *kali2 dianggap lariin anak org * :P

Logikanya kan,kalo pake passport Indo,bebas mo brp lama tinggal di Indo. Kalo pake passport Amrik, bayar visa plus cuma dpt 30 hari doank. * Pulang ke kampung sendiri malah bayar *

Mohon bagi2 info ya, ibu2......


Thnks a lot!!!!!!!

PS : Mak Ruth,elu baru pulkam,kan ??? Ksh info donk.. Thnks !!!




Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wed 28th '09 : Meet " Big John " from Rock of Love ^__^

Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a nite!!! Big John from Rock of Love ( Bret Michael's bodyguard ) is in Cincinnati tonite.

I was putting silver wares at the front door when I saw Big John walked into the resto.I was stunned but realized it's him. I told my friends,but they weren't sure.

Then,Christine, walked to his table ( his friends were there already ). Christine came back and said,' Mei - Mei. You're absolutely rite.It's him!!! ".

See ?? Then I walked to his table.

Me : " You're John, from Rock of Love,aren't you? "
John : " Yes,Maam."
Me : " Yay!!!!!!! I told you!!! " ha ha ha ha ha ha
What are you doing here? "
John : " Family matters. I'm from Cincinnati."
Me : "Seriously ?? "
John :" Yes. ha ha ha ha ha.. I grew up here."
Me : " Cool!!! .Who's the winner of the 3rd season?"
John : " I can't tell you that. I spend time with the girls all the time." ka ka ka ka ka.. Dodol!!!!!!!!

Someone talked and said,' We're brothers.Don't we look alike ?"
I said," Well.. you're cuter than him."
He stood up and John said,' Oo.. he's gonna give you a hug."

Indeed,he stood up and my gosh!!!!!!!!! He's sooooooooo soooooooooooo sooooooooooooo TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's abt 8 feet!!!!!!!!!!! I am only his armpit height ^____^.

He gave me a big hug.. ha ha ha ha ha ha *blush*

Me : " Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hey, is it ok if I take a pic with you ? "
John : " No problem at all."

I ran to the kitchen and said to my friends, "it's him!! it's him!!! ". ha ha ha ha ha..

I asked if anyone would like to take a pic with him.But,they're shy. * yeeeee...malu * :P

I had Linda take our pic. hi hi hi hi hi.

Before left, I said to John," tell Bret that Natasha is a REAL girl.Not transvestite,not half woman.She's a real girl. She used to work with us. " :P

Natasha is one of Bret's girls in the season 3. But she didn't make it.. John said that Natasha's a cool girl. ^___^.

Anyway, it's kinda fun tonite. He made my day. lol..... I don't care abt Bret Michael... I like John more than Bret.He's hotter.. ka ka ka ka ka ka * ups... Sorry, Ronnie* :P


Anyone watches Rock of Love,too ?? ^____^

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Symbolic Food For The Chinese New Year

More info abt Chinese New Year Celebration I learn. Last year I attached the food festival from Indo. This time from the original country, China. least, I am trying to keep my " half Chinese " tradition. . Let's check it out :


SHANGHAI SPRING ROLLS signify wealth because the deep fried rolls resemble gold bullions.


CLAMS – look like old Chinese silver ingots when they open, so they also signify prosperity. Eat them steamed or stir fried with black bean sauce.

WHOLE STEAMED FISH symbolize abundance. The Chinese word for Fish (“YU”) is a homonym for abundance. This must be prepared as a whole fish, with head and tail intact. My favorite is live killed fish steamed the Cantonese way.



ORANGES signify good luck and are frequently given as gifts during the Chinese New Year. Clementines and tangerines are in season now, so serve them as a refreshing, low calorie dessert.



PEANUTS – symbolize long life. Serve dry roasted peanuts with cocktails before the meal or cook them into a dish like KUNG PAO CHICKEN (Szchuan chicken with peanuts).

NOODLES the long strands symbolize long life. Eat them stir-fried or in soup.


NIAN GAO (sticky rice cakes) represent the sticking together of family and a good year to come. (Picture Left - Cantonese Style New Year Nian Gao).

source : Copyright© 2009 by Helen Chen. All rights reserved.

***** *************


Dang!!! I was at CAM on Sunday and saw the " Nian Gao ",but wasn't sure it was. So I skipped it. Cos it looked so hard and not brown color. Ughhhhh...... I should have bought 1 :(''

Yesterday, I went to another Asian Store,I called them earlier to make sure if they had some.The lady said " Yes,we have 2 here.I'll save them for you." But when I went there,it's different stuff. It looked like " Bak Cang ( Hokkian ) " .I didn't wanna buy it :(.


Oh well... let's  " enjoy " the pictures then . Gong xi... gong xi... Help yourself...We got lots of food here.


Happy Moo-Moo Year!!!!!!





Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jan 25th : Sunday - MeiLee 's 2nd Sin Cia

We went to church this morning minus Ronnie. MeiLee,me and Ronnie are still sick ( got cold ).

MeiLee put on her Chinese PJ outift.Oma sewed them last year for MeiLee.Kinda a lil big bigger,mostly for the sleeves.Lol.....

MeiLee's been good at church.Only one thing that made her funny, she is so SHY to people!!! She keeps closing her eyes with her palms and don't wanna look at them.Sometimes she hides her head and pushes me just to wanna hide from people. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I took her to the restroom to change her diaper,and she walked around the hall. She ran and closed her two eyes again with her palms and walked around when she saw a guy sat by the door. ha ha ha ha ha.

It started snowy when we went to have lunch at Jade Buffet.I skipped to go shopping to CAM,cos it's too many people,too few cashiers.

MeiLee didn't eat a lot, I did !!! ^____^. Snow was getting thicker.MeiLee met a girl at the resto. Her name is Melissa.They " talked " . ha ha ha ha ha. MeiLee loves to talk to people.

MeiLee loves the strawberry and mocca cake. Gosh.. I love them,too!!! She had 2 moccas and 1 strawberry.Geee... that girl was stuffed!!! ^______________^

Since she likes it, I bought another 4 pieces ( cost me extra 3 bucks ) :P

When we got home, Ronnie and Mom were doing the puzzle. This is their 2nd puzzle. Last 2 days ago Mom finished a puzzle.Now,she is doing another one. Tonite,Steve and Chris came to help them. ha ha ha ha ha...

Anyway... Gong Xi Fat Choi..... God bless!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 10th : Mom & Sons' Night Out

It's Ronnie's idea to surprise Mom for the Christmas present.He called his brothers and threw the idea of taking Mom out for dinner.He says," SONS only ". Ha ha ha ha ha.. Duhhhhhhhhhh...mantu2 pada digembok di rmh donk :P

So,Matt printed the invitations and shared to the sons on Dec 27th.Mom didn't know abt it,till Ronnie gave her the invitation card.She's SURPRISED!!!!

Ronnie asked what she would like to do.She said she'd like to watch Clint Eastwood's newest movie,Grand Turino. Checked!!! Ronnie called his brothers and said," We'll take Mom to watch movie,then have dinner." :D

So... Saturday,was late than it was planned ( waiting for Dave ).They had toasts in the kitchen before going out. :P

Matt brought Dewar's.Ronnie only had one sipped :P

They decided to have dinner at Bacal's Cafe, just right the corner of the street. ( Ronnie said it's a great dinner,food was good, nice atmosphere,too ).

Then they went to watch movie at Esquire Theater, in Clifton Ave. It's been a long time,Mom said :P

When they're going out,I baked Hot Fudge and Nastar :P

MeiLee accompanied me till 9pm.

Mom brought home some Salmon. Yay!!!!!

Everyone had great time.Mom's so happy, I could see from her face!! ^__^

Ronnie says it's the beginning of the family tradition.Gonna make it again next year. Yuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!