Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sept 10th ; We're Home!!!!!!!!!

After a longgggggggggg trip,and missed flight from Houston - Cincy ( we're late a couple minutes, they had closed the door ),we had to wait for the next flight at nite 7.30pm.

We finally arrived safely @ 11pm. Ronnie had waited for us in the airport.ML was so excited!!!!! But,poor Ronnie,ML was so shy to look at him. LOL.

Ronnie asked," Why did she do like this ??? " . LOL

We arrived at home abt 11.30pm. ML still didn't wanna sleep till 2am. Since she get used to sleep with a lot of people,she didn't wanna sleep by herself.

She ended up sleeping with us. Ronnie took her downstairs in the morning. He said he wanted ML to get used to with the reg. schedules. LOL

When I came down at 10.30am, I saw ML was sleeping again. Ha ha ha ha ha

Thank God,we're home again!!!! Glad to be with fam again. :D

PS : Thank you all for you symphaties. We really appreciate it. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gathering @ Plaza Senayan,Jakarta

Just got home from lil gathering @ Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

Thanks to kak Ave Malau who was willing to spend time with me and fam ( we met for the 1st time!!! ), and to Tony n Tatik ( friends from college ).

Sorry for those who missed the gathering. So sorry :(

Till we meet again.. God bless you all!!!!

We're leaving for Medan tomorrow evening at 4pm.


PS : foto nyusul