Thursday, May 26, 2011

Semur Ayam Pedas

My fave Semur Ayam Pedas. Used to buy it for lunch from a " warung " aka food stall by our house.

Kecap Manis

Bumbu :

4 Bawang merah
2 Bawang putih
5 Cabe Merah/ Keriting/Ijo
1 tsp ketumbar
Bunga Lawang ( kalo ada )

Panaskan minyak
Tumis bumbu sampe harus
Tambahkan ayam
Tambahkan kecap, garam dll
Tambahkan telur rebus ( optional )
Masak sampai matang

Miss Him.....Dearly :(

I dreamt about him again.  Miss him so very very much.

All a sudden I was in a place, looked like a hall room, more like class room.Then Papi came to the door, picking me up. He was so young, back when he's 40'ish. I still remembered he did pick us up when we're in primary school. Our teacher didn't let him take us, because he didn't trust Papi was our Dad. The reason ??? " The kids don't look like him! He's dark. The kids look like Chinese kids. " . Papi had to call my cousin ( who used to live with us, teach at the school - till now,) and asked her to convince the teacher.

He had a jaw dropped when my cousin told him that " the kids're mixed. Daddy's Indonesian- Mommy's Chinese. "  That's really funny to see the teacher's face expression at that time.

Anyway, back to my story.....

There, Papi met Mom ( yes, my Mom in law ) for the 1st time, and introduced one each other. I was informed that one of our aunts ( Papi's cousin ) fell and injured herself. So, we're asked to go home with him immediately.

We rushed went home. At home, we saw Bou Lila, who's at her age 60'ish, having a hard time walking . She has a bleeding head. I saw the blood came down from  her head. Mami asked what happened to her. She said," Oh, I don't know. I just fell on the ground."

One thing that I know for sure, that in ALL my dreams, Papi never talked! He always smiles, and through his smiles, as if he spoke to us.

Wonder why............

I know he's watching us over there. As if invisible angel......

Papi, I love you! We love you!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Carpet " NOT CLEAN " Service

Carpet cleaning's done. Am I satisfied ? NO! I was really disappointed. I was trying to be cheap, and  I got what I paid

I should have known the guy uses the 3rd party to do the cleaning. By the time the cleaner came, he looked like he didn't know what he's gonna do. I assured he would move the furnitures. He said," We usually don't do it. He didn't tell me." Oh well... honey, I'm sorry. I was on the phone with the "guy" twice, and kept asking about " the price is included to move the furnitures, and he said YES ".

Ronnie got home when he's about to start. Willy nilly, me & Ronnie helped him move the stuff around the house. Ronnie was watching him, touch the carpet and said," this water is not even hot. It's very cold. Is this what you call " steaming " ?"

The guy gave us excuse yada yada yada. I didn't wanna make it as a big deal * yeah,my fault!*

Ronnie went to his truck and checked his equipments. Ronnie gave me a gesture, and asked me to go out. He pointed," Look at this. This is junk. The tempt is at 0F! It's not even hot at all! His stuff is old. "

Ah... I was really disappointed, but didn't have a courage to tell him. I paid extra to get some deodorizer, but I didn't see this guy deodorized the carpets I asked for.

Ronnie asked him to steam another time for the hall. He said," I can see it's steaming and hot now, after half way." Duh! Duh! Duh!!!!

The guy was sweated. Ronnie asked me to tip him. I don't think  you tipped carpet cleaner ( no, not that I'm stingy, but I haven't seen or heard before ). We tipped him 21 bucks. Yeah, good tips for a sucking job!

After he left, Ronnie kept talking about this. I was blaming myself. He said," Well, you know what you got. I am not impressed with it. It'll take days to get all these carpets dry." Duh!!!!!!

Ronnie turned on the AC to make it dry faster.

Yesterday evening, when I came home, I walked bare feet to the kitchen and family room. Duh!!! It's so sticky!!! I don't like the feel of it. I went to the living room,and it's the same thing,too.

I told Ronnie and he said," I told you. He made it worse. He used old water,honey."

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I was about to cry. How stupid I was.I didn't have a heart to ask him to go even before he started.

I told about this to my friends. They asked me to call back. I was hesistated, but another friend insisted me to do so.

So, I called today. I was telling him the problem nicely. He said he'd send him back to do the cleaning. He will give me a call and work out the day and time.

Gosh.. hopefully... hopefully.... I do pray they'll clean it again. It's not worth it to let go over a hundred bucks for a not very nice, icky and sticky cleaning all around the house.

I learn my lesson. I should have known this guy is only a guy who collect tons of tons carpet cleaning services and got commission for giving them a project to do.

Next time, I would go to a reputable company, a lil more payment, but more proffessional and know what to do.

In the end, I had paid more expensive than a reputable company offered me at the 1st place.



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mie Pangsit Siantar ( BDB )

This is the famous Mie Pangsit from Siantar, well know for Mie Pangsit Siantar. My family ran the business for years, included Cap Chai, Mie/Nasi Goreng, Mie Kuah ect.

pardon me, family's secret recipe

Served with noddles, bok choy, sweet brown pork and sweet red pork, with a bowl of hot soup.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Interesting Mother's Day!

Yay! Another Mother's Day... another story. LOL

Let me start with Friday, May 6th

It's ML's last day at her pre-preschool.Kinda sad,cos ML will miss her friends.By Sept, she'll go to another preschool ( duh!!!!!!!!!!!!! ). I am still debating weather I should cancel at St.Paul and move her back to CH Presby ( school ML just went for pre-preschool ).

As usual, Friday was filled with lots of activities. But, this time, I told ML, we wouldn't be out longer. I took her to library, played some games, then went home. Since I promised her to make some cupcakes ( till the plan changed. Dece, my friend called me and said she couldn't come with her daughter to make cupcakes ). Oh well...that sounded good, since I needed some rest.

I couldn't sleep. ML was upstairs watching movies, yet she didn't sleep. Then I got up, got ready to make some Quesadillas for the evening fellowship at Sheila's church. I was busy in the kitchen, then Daddy came home.

Daddy asked ML to go outside,playing. I told Daddy within minutes, I would leave and take ML with me. ML refused to go ( she was playing some chalks with daddy at the front yard ). I took ML and left.

The fellowship had Mexican Food Theme. Not as many as last month who came, but still enjoyed it. I didn't eat that much, since I had munched at home before I came.

In the evening, I just stayed at home, cleaned up the kitchen. Daddy didn't go out, no music nite for this friday.

Saturday, May 7th

We're late again! ML's gym class is at 9am, we got there by 9.10'ish.Duh!!!!! I wish I had signed her up earlier and would've the 10.15am instead of early this morning. Ufhhhhhhh

I chit chat with Amanda, Elena's Mom, who goes to the same class with ML. It's 45 minutes. I decided to stay a bit longer, waiting for other friends to come. Around 10.30 we left.

Got home, changed the outfit and left for church. We had Mother & Daughter's Tea Party.The theme was " The Bride of Christ ". There's a wedding fashion show, wedding gown from 1930's up to the 2005. Lovely gowns!!!!

Delicious lunch,too! Sandwich ( croissant ) with some salad. I had had headache since morning. The party's over around 2pm, and got another pill, trying to take a nap.

I guess I had a nice nap ( according to Daddy ). Then, around 7pm, I heard Daddy was in pain. He said his teeth hurt. I asked him to get some aspirin.

Later at midnite, Daddy  was getting worse. He couldn't stop telling me how he hurt. Then, suddenly he ran to the bathroom, threw up! Then he took a shower, went back to bed. Less than one hour, he threw up again, and took another shower. He did that till 7am. If I'm not mistaken, it's about 5 throws up and 5 showers within hours! Goodness!

Sunday... Happy Mother's Day! ~ May 8th ~

Daddy couldn't get up from bed. I offered him pancake. He only ate a few bites. He said," I hope you won't be mad and forgive me for not going to church this time."

I told him it's OK.Me and ML left. Daddy stayed in bed still. I texted him from church. He said he's still in pain. He realized he got too many pills and messed up his belly. Gosh... I was worry about it.

At church, ML got a very beautiful flower pot. It's for Mommy, of course, it's Mother's Day.

She told me," Look..Mommy... Look... No.1"

I said," Yes. It means No.1 MOMMY."

She said," NO! It's No.1 MeiLee".


I told her it's supposed to be Mommy, since it's Mommy's Day. She refused and said," it's MeiLee. I no.1. I the winner. Mommy not."


After church, I bought some Mc.D for ML. I told ML we wouldn't get inside this time, since Daddy's still sick. She understood.

When we got home, I saw the pancake was in the kitchen,not too much gone. Daddy was in the bed. He was still in pain. He asked if there's any dentists on Sunday. Oh no... not at all.

He said he's hungry. I was trying to take a nap. He tried to go out to buy some food. He chose Skyline Chili.

When I woke up, I saw the bowl of chili's gone. Good... seemed he got his appetite back. I called ML and reminded her about making cupcakes this time.

Yes, I made it happen this time.Although, it's started late, around 7.30pm!


The 1st batter was not good. I took out the cupcakes before it's time. All of them weren't baked well.

ML was excited to decorate ect. But, I had to make a new batter. This time turned out good. Puffy and big. But, by the time it's cooling down, ML had lost interest.. Yes, it's almost 10pm!



She refused to go on. So I myself tried to decorate the cakes. Duh.. I myself don't like the frosting,too sweet! And it's messy!

Daddy asked 1 cupcake before I put any decorations.ML refused to put on her. Finally it's done around 10'ish. Not perfect decoration at all. LOL

I took a chance to make Rempeyek Udang Padang for my lunch. I was busy in the kitchen, when Daddy stopped me at the hall and said," Now, here it's, honey. Happy Mother's Day!"

He kissed my forehead. sweet

He asked me," What do you want ?"

I said," Nothing. Just want you to get better."

He laughed and said," Thank you for what you've done. You're a very good Mom."

I just laughed and said," I need to be better."

He hugged me and kissed my forehead again. I felt sooooooooo sooooooo happy!!!!!!!

After finished cleaning the kitchen, I went upstairs. Daddy lent me his cellphone. So, I killed my time by watching movie online.

He came upstairs later and I massaged him.

I said," Happy Mother's Day. That's my present for you."