Friday, April 27, 2007

Phenergan ( The Medicine Knocked Me Out )


Just wanna explore abt anti nausea my doctor gave me last week,PHENERGAN aka PROMETAZINE.

I thought it would work for me.But, did knock me out. I should have read it carefully ( 1/2 tablet ,3x a day ,but I had 1 tablet a day ).

Tonite,I puked again.I knew I would puke.As soon as I cooked Ommelet,Stir Fried Beans,I puked them within minutes.

I cried,called Ronnie with tears.Crying like a baby.Nothing I could do.Mom's worried so much.Ronnie asked me to go to hospital.Mom thinks we need to wait till tomorrow morning. She gave me Ibuprofen, less than 20 secs, I puked it again.

My whole body was shaky,nervous,dizzy,undescribeable.Suddenly I felt cold.

Mom went to the bar for a couple hours to help Ronnie and Dave.She came back and looked for antibiotic for Joyce's teeth.I still got some from last year.She checked the Pill Book before taking them.

I checked the book and read abt Phenergan. This is what we got :


Type of Drug : Antihistamine

Perscibed for : Relief of allergy symptoms,motion sickness,nausea,and vomiting,sedation.

Causions and Warnings : Will make you drowsy ( which really made me )

Possible Side Effects: The most common side effects of Phenergan or Ptomethazine are drowsiness,mucus thickening,sedation.

Less common side effects ( which for me was THE WORST )  include sore throat and fever,

unusual bleeding or bruising ( Thank God,I didn't have these )

Tiredness or weakness ( Checked! )

Dizziness,Feeling Faint,Clumsiness and Unsteadiness ( Checked! )

Dry mouth,nose and throat  ( Checked! )

Facial Redness ( Nope )

Trouble breathing ( Checked! )

Hallucinations ( Not quite sure abt this one )

Seizures ( Nope )

Muscle spasms ( esp. in the back and neck ) ( Checked ! )

Restlessness (  Checked ! )

A Shuffling Walk ,Vertigo ( Checked...Checked! )

Jerky Movements of the head and  face ( Maybe ? )

Shaking and trembling of the hands ( Checkkkkkeeeeeeeddddddd! )

Blurring and other visual changes ( Checked! )

Confusion ( Checked! )

Urinary Difficulties (Nope. Malah pipis tiap menit , kyk ban bocor ).

Sensitivity to the sun ( Not so )

Rapid heartbeat ( Checked ! )

Sweating ( Kinda )

and Loss Appetite (  Checked!!!!!!!! )

Difficulty sleeping, excitement, nervousness, restlessness,and  irritability.  ( Checked! )



The symtoms are likely to be drowsiness,confusion,clumsiness,dry mouth,nose or throat., hallucinations ect.

Pendek kata, Ternyata ... OVERDOSIS!!!


Padahal cuma makan 25 mg doank.Tapi bener2 bikin dunia jungkir balik.

Those all conditions have been occured in my life for a couple days ( since Sat till now ).

I did stop the medicine,but the impact still can be felt. Oh....gosh!!!!!!!!!!


resource : The Pill Book



Apr 26th :1st Dinner Cooking After Months

Yes...that's my very 1st cooking after months for supper. I couldn't smell Mom's cooking in the evening. After almost a week was in bad condition,I forced myself to fight the sickness.

Thurs,after done with my work at the bar,I went to Kroger.I bought some drumsticks and planned to cook dinner.

I know Ronnie loves Ayam Panggang Kecap.I texted and called him,asked to go home directly from work,cos I cooked something special for him.

As soon as he knew what I cooked,he said,' Uhh... yummy!!!!!!!!! I am coming home!!!" ^____^.

I cooked Mung Bean for our dessert.Mom had a bowl. Ronnie arrived at home at 6pm. We started having dinner.

I gave Ronnie 2 pieces,Mom couldn't resist,she had 2, Steph had 2,too.I was too full, just only had 1. We saved 2 pieces for Tony.

As usual,Ronnie's habit, he likes the crunchy and the juice from the pan.He kept digging the juice. He he he he.

Thank God it's our off nite.I myselft went to bed around 7 pm.Ronnie went to the bar for awhile and went back home at 12pm.

Still, I haven't recovered yet.I think I need to consume Centrum back and leave the Prenatal Vit ( it makes me puke everytime I have it ).

Time to take a nap before going to work again tonite. What a life!!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Been Sick For a Couple Days

Gosh…. Lately was hard days for me. Been sick since Fri.My body was shaky,my feet were,too. I went to visit my doctor at 3.45pm ( there’re lots of people there ).Suddenly my agent called me,he wanted to meet me at the bar. I left the building and came back around 5 pm.


The doctor gave me medicine,anti nausea. I went to Kroger at nite and picked up the medicines.The lady told me that it would make me drowsy.So,I was asked to consume it the next day.


Friday Nite I worked at the door. Gosh…my body was shaky again,my face was a lil bit warm. I forced myself to work.Ronnie asked me to open the back bar,be the bartender. I couldn’t do that.


Sat 9.30 am


Sat morning we went home around 4.30am.I had my medicine. I thought I slept well,till Sat morning at 9am I woke up. We got ready to go to Auction in Fairfield.Ronnie and I were really tired. We left around 9.30am, had bfast at Burger King and arrived at 10am.


I was really tired. The auction was very long. We got a few stuff we wanted.Around 1 pm,Ronnie’s cellphone rang.It’s Scott,a guy who rented the bar for his  Farewell Party on Sat 22nd Apr’07.  Dang!!!!!!!!!! Ronnie forgot abt it.


Since Dave was closer,he called him.But Dave couldn’t make it,since he got the kids and his wive wasn’t at home.


Willy nilly,Ronnie had me go to the bar. Ughhhh……I drove back to Colerain and left Ronnie behind.He said Ryan would take  him home.


I was really nervous.I arrived there around 2 pm. I saw many people were waiting. Ughhhhhhhhh… I opened the door and put everything ready for them.


I bartended till  5.30pm. I was exhausted,haven’t got lunch yet. Thank God Ronnie came around 4.30pm and brought me something to eat.


Feeling funny again,I told Ronnie that I could fall down anytime anywhere.He asked me to go home. I didn’t go home directly. I went to Bank,deposit some money,bought some gas and then went home.


As soon as I got home,I had my medicine. I was suppose to bartend around 9-10 pm.Since we have Biker Club Party at the bar. OMG!!!!!!! Ronnie called me around 9pm, I couldn’t open my eyes, couldn’t lift up my hands. Felt like all my body was locked up.


He asked me to come,cos he needed me. Aghhh… I wish I could,but I was really weak. I was knocked out by the medicine.


A couple hours later he called me,still the same.I couldn’t get up.He went home around 4.30am on Sunday morning.


The next day I woke up around 10am. Dang!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t catch up to go to church. Nia texted me abt the party in KY. Mande did the same. I decided to go with Mande,cos it’s closer from here.


Actually I wanted to take Ronnie with me,but he’s really exhausted.


As I wrote down already at Gillian’s Bday Party, I was still sick. I went home around 10pm.Tante Mimin called me from Springfield.She asked how I was doing. After that,I took another medicine, and knocked me out again till Monday.

Monday noon I woke up and had lunch.I got dizzy,horrible dizzy,body was still shaky.I lost appetite.I took another medicine and slept till nite. Ronnie came back home from work, tried to talk to me, I wasn’t there.


He lifted up my hand,it fell down. I just could humming around, saying Yes, No. He was worried abt me. Mom came to our bedroom and suggested to take me to the hospital.

Ronnie asked whether I’d love to go to the bar with him at that nite.I just looked at him.

I went downstairs and hit everything I passed. I did loose control of my body,even my mind.


Watching tv with Mom in the living room would help me a lil, I thought. Mom’s talking abt  baby on tv. She said,”That would be fun to watch,Mei –Mei.” I turned my head and said,” Huh? Which one?” She said,” That one,the one just shown.A few secs ago.” Aghhh…. I didn’t pay attention. I did watch it,but I didn’t pay any attention.My mind was gone.


Mom was worried.She said,” Are you conscious ? Can you hear me?You’re not focusing at all.Scared me to death.” I just looked at her,said nothing.


She said,”Where’s the direction of your medicine.I am afraid the medicine makes you like this. “ I said,” It’s gone.”

The next day, I check my medicine. Dang!!! I should have taken ½ tablet  3x a day,not 1 tablet. No wonder it knocked me out!!!!!!!!

It’s just 25 mg only,but it did work. I promised not to take it anymore.

Tuesday Nite I started working.Still not feel the best,but I am trying. Until now I don’t feel the best.  Need some rest before going to work tonite.


Wed Nite


I bartended for a couple hours till Kathie came. Again,I didn't feel good. Laying down on the couch,watching tv,suddenly my vision was double.I took a nap till we closed the bar. Duh.. I felt so bad that Ronnie should have gone home so he could more rest.But last nite,we stucked together at the bar till 3.30 am. Sorry,babe.




Woke up at 11 am,getting ready to work again for a couple hours. Be back home soon, I hope.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Apr 22nd :Gillian's Bday @ KY

Mande picked me from homw and we went to KY.Since Fri nite I didn't feel good. Fri noon I visited my doctor,and had medicine Sat morning.

I didn't want to cancel,since I've said yes to Cie Ira.

As soon as we arrived,we had lunch and I took a nap at Cie Ira's bedroom. Dang!!!!!!!!!! Mande surprised me and asked me to go home.When I got ready,I saw him eating again. Duh...gimana nih si Mande. :P

I sat down in the living room. I didn't see Rini around.Bet she's gone. Later, Rudi,Anto & Fari showed up. We chit chat and had dinner again.

I missed some moments when Gillian had her bday cake.

Cie Ira offered to send me home,so Mande left earlier around 6 pm.

Around 7pm,Herni showed up with her hubby n Kimmy ( from Medan )'s so nice could talk Hokkian with her. ^__^.

I met new friend,Fang2 ( from Sunter ).She has a cute daughter,Cathleen.

Well...sorry to say, I am still feeling funny ( been sick since Friday till now ).

Happy Bday ,Gillian.

God bless

Thursday, April 19, 2007

[ During Nite Sickness ] Running Away from Home

Duh….. how can I say ???

I am still feeling bad.Lately my body can’t corporate to smell Mom’s cooking.Every evening,I puke .I really can’t smell Mom’s cooking.The smell comes up to our bedroom. I always ask Ronnie to spray something to cover the smell.Alas,the spray Ronnie uses,makes me more dizzy and puke. I asked Ronnie one time,”That smells bad,hun.What is it ??? I can’t breath!!! “ He said,” It’s your parfume,baby!!!!!!!!!!.” Oalahhh… that’s my parfume. He he he . I said,” Oh, ok. I like it.” But later on,I puked!!!


Monday, Apr 16th


I knew Mom’s going to cook.I was getting ready not to puke. Alas…I couldn’t help myself.I called Ronnie.He’s on his way.He said,” I ‘m on my way,baby.I am coming home.”


Later,I called him,he said,” I just pulled my car.” Ah.. I went downstairs,didn’t see Mom around. With my sweat pants,long sleeves,slippers,I sneaked out the door.


I saw Ronnie’s fixing his Honda.I opened the Escort door.He asked,”What are you doing,baby?” I said,” Agh.. I can’t stand the smell.Makes me puke all the time.”


I opened the back door,arranged some books as my pillow and covered with my jacket. I laid down there. Ronnie laughed and walked towards the car.


Suddenly,he started the engine.I asked,”Where are you going to?” He said,” Autozone.I need to buy some stuff.” While laying down on the back seat,I said to him,” Well,take me wherever you want,but home.”


He drove and stopped at Autozone. I woke up,and he said,” Come on,baby.Come with me.” HAAA?????? I said,” No!! “. He asked,” Why?” I said,” Look at me.I look horrible.”


Ronnie turned his head,and laughed out loudly.He said,” Goodness!!!!!!!!! Look at you!!!!!!!! You are on your slippers!!!! Bedtime!!! Ha ha ha ha.”


Ughhhhhhhh..I was so embarrassed. I said,” I can’t go with you.I am staying in the car. He said,” Hey!! Don’t you have some new pairs of shoes at the trunk ??? “ Ups… I  forgot abt it. We went shopping to Kmart before and bought 3 pairs of sandals. He he he he.


I said to him,” Aha!! You’re rite!! “  I turned my back and picked one pair of sandals. I said,” Hm…look a lil bit loose.”


We walked into the store.Ronnie’s busy looking for screwdrivers and other stuff. Ronnie’s phone was ringing.It’s Mom!!!

I answered the phone,’Hi,Mom,I am with Ronnie.” She laughed.She said,’ I guess so,cos I called you a couple times,you didn’t answer me.” I said,” I left my cellphone in the bedroom.”


She said,” Are you guys coming for dinner?” I said,” Yes.We’ll be home soon.” Ronnie talked loudly from my side and said,” I kidnap Mei2.” Ha ha ha.


While we’re walking around,suddenly I smelt body oil ( sorry,from black guy ). Goshhh……. I couldn’t breath at all. I got headache,I felt strange feeling,was ready to puke.


I said to Ronnie,” Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I am about ready to puke now.I am trying to escape from Mom’s cooking,now I am having the worse smell.”  Hiksssssssssss.Ronnie laughed,he said,” Now you have the worse one,huh.Walk around.”

I walked around,the more I walked,the smell was stronger.I said,” I’ve been walking around the isles, still the same.Take me home,pleaseeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.” I was ready to cry. I had to hold my breath and cover my mouth,tried not to smell it.


Finally we went home.I saw Mom’s eating. I walked to the living room,let them eat. As soon as Mom’s done, I went to the kitchen.I opened the pan, goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the smell made me sick!!!

I ran back to the living room.Ronnie told Mom how I felt. She said,” She can’t smell my cooking and my cigarettes.”  From a far,I gave Ronnie a signal by saying,”YES!!!!!!!!!!! “.


Tuesday - Thursday


It’s been a couple days I am feeling sick.My whole body feels so heavy,I feel so tired,exhausted,my feet shaky,my belly always upset me.If I hadn’t strong enough,I might have fell down.


Yesterday I went to work.Suddenly didn’t feel good.I was really exhausted. I had to stay at work for couple hours. Tried to take a nap before going to work at nite,couldn’t do it.

Today, I went to work again. Staying there more than I expected.My last delivery came around 2.30pm.I went to the bank, and went home around  3pm.

Instead of trying to take a nap, I ended up watching movie while laying down on bed.

Again, I smelt Mom’s cooking.I covered my nose tightly with a pillow. Thank God Ronnie’s coming home and brought me Strawberry Shake ( He brought me chocolate one yesterday ).


I had Mie Sedap with rice tonite.Dang…. I puked it!!! The same thing like I had last nite, Fried Rice and Grapes.All of them came out from my mouth.


A week ago,I puked horribly.My tears came down, my throat was stucked with some food,I tried to call Mom, I couldn’t. I crawled and called from upstairs. My face was really red, water ran from my nose.


It’s been like that twice in this week. I couldn’t stand anymore,I called my doctor today. Thank God he’s available tomorrow now.


Wish me luck… Hopefully I would be ok.

Monday, April 16, 2007

April 12th : Lunch with The Normans


2 days before meeting The Normans,I made Lobak Goreng.I called Nia whether she'd go to CAM on Sunday.She said yes.So,we planned to meet there after church.

The service was over earlier.I went to CAM,didn't buy a lot.Ronnie's at home ( his teeth hurted so bad ). I called Nia and said that I was at the CAM.While waiting for them,I munched Taro ( Lahh..baru tau ada Taro di sini!! ) then I went to next store,Jo Ann.

A couple mnts later,she called me.I went back to CAM,chitted chatted and then invited them to have lunch at Dynasty Buffet!!!

I called Lilis,in case she wanted to join.Alas,she had to do something with Joe. time,then :P

While we're having lunch,Ronnie's going to Northgate,buying some supplies for the bar.

Dang....we had good lunch. I was stuffed and had to go to the bathroom.I couldn't walk.Even Dennis said," Man,I am stuffed."

I still had a plate of steak.Nia said," Let me finish it,Mei." he he he he.Gak mau rugi ya. Ha ha ha.Sayang sih kalo dibuang.

Dennis saw it and said," Goodness..You guys eat a lot than I do. " ha ha ha. Blm tau dia,perut kita perut karet :P

Talking abt many things, talking abt Borat movie that made us laughed us loudly. Ha ha ha ha.Dennis couldn't stop laughing when I told him some crazy scenes in the movie. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!
Asia took her dad's pic . Close up one!! Ha ha ha. Si Funky Daddy.

Ashlee as usual, shy lil girl.

We left around 3.30 pm. Dang.... I went to Blockbuster to rent some dvds,then went to the bathroom twice.

As soon as I went home,I went to the bathroom again.Around 8 pm,my nite sickness came back. I puked with tears,feels like dying. Ronnie felt bad abt it and rubbed my belly,saying," lil baby,don't bother your mommy." ha ha ha ha.

He brought me toast and drink.I couldn't go to work for that nite.

Well...... overall,it's nice to meet The Normans again.

Our Wedding Pics are Published in Cinweekly ( Local Site )


What a day!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!

A few days ago I and Ronnie were trying to submit our bar at the local magazine by online.After waiting for one year ( we didn't know how to do it before,now we do ), Ronnie asked me to take care of it.They have approved our events till Aug ( so far,I just submitted till Aug ).

I was being fussy to read more sections in the site.They provide facilities to submit Wedding Pictures. I was attempted to submit some of ours.  .It was Saturday.

This morning, I went to Ami's office,dropped some files,and then went home.I called my family and browsing the site again. Hey!!!!! I saw my wedding pic there!!!!!!  I was so excited,screamed on the phone.I said, " Hooray!!!!!!!!!! They put my wed pic here!!! " My sister asked me," What ??? Where???". I said,' In magazine!!!!!!!!! Cinweekly site."

Amoy said," Really ?? Send me the site,so I can check it tomorrow." Yay!!!!!!!!! So so very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called Mom and said," Mom,come here!!!!! Check these!!! “. She’s surprised. Ha ha ha ha.

I can’t wait to let Ronnie know.

When I checked the Wedding Photos,I click another link.Hey!! They have submitted our Events at the bar,too!!!!




Thank you Cinweekly!!!


You can check the links   Wedding Gallery

And  Club Evolution


Saturday, April 14, 2007

( Indonesian Style ) :Ikan Bakar Sambal Kecap

Lho...lho...lho..I thought I have posted the recipe of this fish,till Priska asked me abt the recipe. He he he he.

It's very easy.

1 fish ( any other fish ).Mackarel would be better.
2 pieces of Shallots, sliced thinly
1 piece of Garlic,sliced thinly
3-5 piecesof Red Chilies,sliced thinly
Sweet Soy sauce , as needed

Clean the fish ,wash with lime to avoid the bad smell.
Put some salt and pepper around the fish.
Heat the oven abt 300 F.
Bake for awhile and then broil abt 10-15 mnts ( check the time ).

In the other hand,prepare all the seasoning in a plate.Put the fish on top and pour the Sweet Soy Sauce on top.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April 9th : USG for Baby Ries ^___^

Yesterday noon I went to Good Sam hospital with Mom. I was really nervous.Just waited abt 5 mnts, my name was called.

Jennifer,the lady who scanned my belly,was really nice.There's a big screen at the wall and she asked me to see it. Hey!!! I saw the baby!!!!!!!!!!

My goodness!!!! I was speechless!!! I was so excited to see the baby was moving around. ha ha ha ha. I said to it," hi,baby!!! Mommy can see you!!!" ^____^. Mom was excited,too.She said," Look!!! That's the arm. It has one arm." Jen said," No,it has two." ha ha ha ha ha.

Baby Ries is moving around,can't stop moving.He flipped around and moved to other side. Ha ha ha ha ha.

It's amazing how God creates a lil creature in my belly.I couldn't stop admiring it.My tears came out. Gosh... it's awesome!!!!!! I said to myself," Bless this baby, Lord.Make him as a blessing."
Jen asked me when the due according to the doctor.I told her it's Oct 17th.She said," From what I see from here,your pregnancy is 11 weeks 4 days,not 15 or 16 weeks.So,it's too early to check the sex.You'll come back on 20th week and we'll find out."

She checked the computer and said," Ok.. Your baby's due is Oct 25th." Haaaa????? 25th??? It's a day earlier than our bdays." ha ha ha ha ha.

I said to Jen," Make it 26th,pls.So 3 of us would have the same bdays."Jen asked," Whose bdays?" I said," Mine and husband,Ronnie." She was surprised. She said," Are you kidding me???? " He he he he he.

She called her friend and checked the compie again.She said," Ok... it'd be Oct 27th!!! " .Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh now it's a day after!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I can't believe this.She said," You might give a birth any days before it or after it.So maybe you could have the baby at the same bdays of yours." Ha ha ha ha.

I texted Ronnie immediately.He replied me back twice with the same message," Love ya.... It is a HE??? " Ha ha ha ha ha.

I told him it's too early to know abt it.He said he'd be home very soon.

He came home and looked at the pics.He's so excited.He said," It's a boy!!! It's a boy!!! His name is written here, Ronnie Lee Ries." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Steve,who was there earlier a couple mnts took a look.He's excited.He said,'Wow... look at this." Ronnie said," It's my baby. It's a boy!! Ha ha ha ha."

Ronnie's so happy. Steve teased him it might be a girl, Ronnie punched him and said," No,it's a boy." ha ha ha ha ha. I've never seen him so excited like that.He's really ready to have a baby boy.

One time I asked him if we had a baby girl.His answer was," I'd love her as much as I want a baby boy." ^_____^. So sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttt.

Today,after coming back from Downtown with Mom,I went to my doctor.He checked my belly and asked to come back next month.He said it's too early to hear the baby.I even haven't felt the move yet. I lost 2 lbs ( again ).

Now I so tired.Wanna take a nap before going to work tonite.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Our Own Easter Celebration ^__^

After church,we went to Ihop for lunch.Gosh... it's really chilly!!!!!!!!!!!!! My teeth chattered so bad.

I asked Ronnie to stop by at Kmart,cos they have some sales.I bought some shoes ( again!! ),clothes and ... ring.

Ronnie bought me a ring.It's so lovely.When I wanted to pay,he took his card and paid all. Wahh.. thank you,baby... Lumayan,bisa simpan lagi duitnya. :D

He said," Honey,you deserve those stuff." Thank you dehhhhhhh....

Then,we went home.Taking a nap then went to the bar.Still tired and sleepy,indeed.

Ronnie and I sang some songs.Gosh.. I really don't like the weather.Ronnie went home earlier and I went home later.

I think we had nice Easter.At least celebrated with our own. ^____^

Happy belated Easter !!!!

Atik's Bday @ Amelia,OH, Apr 7th

Mpok Atik made her bday party a week earlier than was scheduled.

I was supposed to be picked by Dece to go to her house,but then again,I changed my mind.I picked her at her home and we drove to Atik’s house abt 1 pm.

Abt 2-3 mnts before arrived,I asked Dece to call Atik.Dece pretended that we couldn’t come.I bet Atik was so worried,bcos all the food was with me. Ha ha ha ha ha. She catered all the food from me.

Dece couldn’t resist not to laugh,and me either.Finally she said that we’d be there shortly.Just wanted to make sure the street we would take.

As soon as we arrived,the others arrived,too.Nia,Lilis,Rini n Lusy.

We heated the food and it took longer than we expected ( using oven instead of microwave ).

Earlier in the morning, Atik called me and asked abt Lumpia.She said that Jeff likes my lumpia. Bah.. it’s too late,Mpoook……. Finally I brought some ingredients to make Bubur Candil.

I told Nia I couldn’t make Lumpia.Dennis was at the door and asked abt Lumpia. Ha ha ha . Duh.. ditodong lumpia nih.

We had late lunch abt 3 pm.The menus were : Rendang,Sambal Goreng Ati,Sambal Terasi,Sambal Teri Kacang,Sayur Lodeh,Mie Goreng,Kerupuk, Sambal Kecap,Ikan Goreng,Ikan Sarden.

Aghhh… I was busy to take lots of pics.I myself busy making bubur candil in the kitchen while everybody’s having meal.

As they’re done, Bubur Candil was ready. I had to cook another pan ( it’s gone so fast ).

Everybody left around 5 pm.Me and Dece stayed till 6.30pm.We went to Jungle Jim’s and dropped her home.It’s flurries all day.

I arrived at the bar around 8pm.Working for a couple hours,had my late dinner around 10.30 pm.Ronnie invited me to watch movie.Then again,he felt so tired. We cancelled it.We’d rather be at home earlier,sleeping earlier so we could go to the church on Sunday.

What a longggggggggg day……

Happy Bday,Atik.God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Masakan Selama Seminggu ( Revised )

Last week I cooked for Tues crowd ( Karaoke ) - Noddles n Egg Spring Rolls ( 70 pieces )

My lunches - Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste n Anchovy

* Sunday noon Ronnie had Indomie Goreng , meanwhile I had Bihon Noddles ( Gee....I puked after having my lunch,still doing it till now ).

*Monday I decorated bday cake for Heidy.
Tues - Rendang,Mie Goreng ( for Tues Crowd ), Soto Ayam ( for my lunch ).

God mercy me.Lately my appetite is not good.Even Indonesian food don't make me really wanna eat. I just only had small bowl of Soto Ayam. 1 piece of Pergedel Kentang,that's it.

For dinner,I tried to eat it again,I couldn't at all. :(

Why I still keep puking ? Hiks...hiks...hiks...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Surprise!!!! Happy Bday Heidy ( Librarian )

Last week Syb called me.She told me that Heidy's bday would be on Sunday.She decided to make a surprise for Heidy and asked me to cook something to munch. I told her I'd make cookies or noddles.

Later on,I decided to bake a cake.Bday cake.It's been a year I haven't practise my cake decorating lesson.

So,I shopped some stuff at Walmart and started baking the cake.It took 2.5 hours to decorate the cake.I was so happy for the result ( still need to learn more ).

At 6 pm,I went to the library.I asked the security to hide the cake in the class.Syb asked everybody to sign the bday card ( she designed the card ).

As soon as we walked in,Syb took a lead and we sang a Happy Bday song.Heidy was so excited.

Everyone has a bite of cake while we were doing the beaded jewelry.

Happy Bday, Heidy!!!!!

Barbie Mermaidia ( 2006 )

Genre: Animation
In this animated follow-up to Fairytopia, Elina (played by Barbie) enlists the help of a mermaid, Nori, to save her friend Nalu, a merman prince who has been captured by the wicked Laverna.

Relax...For a Moment ^____^

Jika hidup terasa berat hari ini dan
problem pekerjaan seakan tiada habisnya
Terus gajian terasa lama sekali
satu hal yang dapat kita lakukan.......


Jadi pengen ikutan relax,berendam di tub . Ha ha ha