Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov 29th : MeiLee& Doggie Doll

While waiting for the rest of the fam came for Thanksgiving Dinner,MeiLee's playing with Grandma's Doggie Doll.

MeiLee was curious abt this one. She kept putting her finger in and then laughing.She checked under the dog to make sure if it's a real one or a fake one. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Guess MeiLee really likes it. :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nov 28th : MeiLee's Bfast Time * Feeding Herself *

Yay!!! Glad to see MeiLee can take care of herself. Lol..Mommy don't need to feed her,just watch.^_____^.

She had cereal this morning. As usual,she grabbed the spoon,put into her mouth,grab the cereal and enjoy the rest of it.The same thing she did for lunch.

Bravo,MeiLee!!! Mommy can do her side job in the kitchen while MeiLee can feed herself without being fed.

Psssstttt...she'll be mad if you try to feed her or touch her bowl. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.She'll push your hand if you do. :D

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nov 27th : Thanksgiving & 4th Anniversary

Wah... it's Thanksgiving!!!! Ronnie and I were wondering since a couple days ago whether it's the same date with our anniversary.

I myself didn't realize that our anniversary this year is the same day with Thanksgiving. I even didn't remember and ask Ronnie," Babe,when is our anniversary?" He answered, " Nov 27th."I said," Wah.. that's Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! " Ronnie said,' Really ?? That's good."

Today,I spent my time cleaning the bedroom. We  don't do anything on the day of Thanksgiving,instead we'll have Family Dinner on Saturday noon. No Turkey today, just Beef .

It took me hours to clean up the bedroom.Sometimes I went downstairs checking on MeiLee.MeiLee had baby food this noon for lunch,some veggies and fruit. Then I went back upstairs. I put away my summer clothes and put back my winter clothes in the closet. I got a big plastic bag of clothes I don't want anymore.Maybe this week I'll drop at Goodwill.

                    MeiLee's feeding herself with Cereal for bfast

Ronnie played with MeiLee.He said he went early this morning to buy bfast,but no fast food was opened.Poor Ronnie. .I cooked him Egg Sandwich instead.

Mom's busy cleaning the refrigerator.MeiLee's busy playing by herself ( Gillian,the girl next door came and visit us,playing with MeiLee for awhile ).

I went downstairs asked if Mom took the beef out of the freezer.I asked if I could cook.She said," Yes,go ahead." She's busy sweeping the driveway.

Ronnie went to Walgreens tried to buy some brown bags for leaves.Nada... I called him to buy me Heavy Cream,he said it didn't have it.

I asked him to go home.By the time he's home, dinner's ready. I cooked  Peppercorn Steak (Steak Au Poivre) - Sorry,no pic.

Ronnie sat and started eating. I said," Mom." Ronnie called Mom and I heard Ronnie said," I tried to stop her.But steak is' reallly good.Hurry up!!! "

I was feeding MeiLee.She had mashed potato this time. I put some gravy on it.Mom went in and we started praying. Ronnie's steak was almost half gone.

Ronnie liked the steak.He kept telling me it's great,liked it bla bla bla.Mom shared him more.. This is my 2nd time cooking steak without  making any mistakes ( he likes medium instead of well done ).

While eating,Ronnie asked me," Is it right our anniversary is on Nov 27th,today ??? " I said," Yes, it is." He looked confused and said," Thanksgiving Day ??" I said," Nov 27th,today,too.".He said," Really ????? "  . I said," Yeah!!! Now you don't believe,huh ?" .He said," It's interesting,the same day with Thanksgiving. Are you sure? Isn't that other day ?" Lahhh... gimana seh,Oom...Tanggal nikah sendiri kok gak yakin.

I told Ronnie," Remember,when we got married Nov 27th,it's on Saturday.Meanwhile the Thanksgiving was on Thursday,but it's Nov 24th. It's 4 years ago,baby.".

Ronnie said," Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... OK.. I forgot."

So.. it's our very special anniversary present... it's Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Yes,too many reasons to thank God,esp.when we have been marrying for 4 years now,and got MeiLee, have normal life ,enjoy every single moment of it and many more more more more more........

Ronnie asked me to check something in the car. I went out and saw a box in the seat. It's slippers!!!!!!! Ronnie's right, I really liked them,needed them.But.. o o o o o..... they're too small!!! My size is 8,but Ronnie bought size 6.5 - 7.5. Gak muat, Papiiiiii.Tapi gpp, yg penting ada perhatian sama bini.. Heran,kpn belinya ya????

Anyway,Happy Thanksgiving,everyone!!!!!!! and Happy 4th Anniversary to us


                               Nov 27th 2004 - Loveland,OH


PS : The song that's playing was the song we had on the wedding.. I loveeeeeeeeeee it... loveeeeeeeeee it... loveeeeeeeeeee it..


Love you too,Ronnie !!!!!!!!! Muach.. muach.. muach.. Love you too,MeiLee!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nov 22nd : Family Time.. Yay !!!!!!!!!! *Kebelet Pipis *

I took MeiLee shopping for winter clothes.Ronnie and Mom were painting basement.

I promised Ronnie to cook him steak for dinner. We stopped at Kroger buying some beef.

After paying the stuff at Kroger,I had to pee,but I didn't know where the restroom ( my mind was twisted,since different Kroger has different restroom area ).

I took MeiLee back to the car,dropped the stuff and went back to the Kroger. I walked around and asked where the restroom was.

It was by the Deli ( lah!!!!!!!!!!! ). I put MeiLee on the ground and saw her shoe's gone !!!!! ALAMAK!!!!!!!!! ILANG DI MANA NEH ???

I grabbed MeiLee and walked around the isles.A lady said," You got one shoe only,hun." I said," Yes, I lost one. I am looking for it."

I asked some people,they didn't know. I went tracking where I've been. I ran to the parking lot,checked the cart. A lady said," You're loosing your shoe."

I said," Yes. I thought it's in the cart." Another lady said," You're looking for a shoe ?? It's over there,by the car ! ". HAAAAA????

It's right by my car. ALAMAK!!!!!!!!! KOK BISA SEHHHHHHHHHHH ???? Ha ha ha ha ha..

I said to MeiLee," OK, MeiLee. This is not good. Mommy don't wanna go back to Kroger.Mommy can hold it. Let's go home now."

Wuihhhhhhhhh.. After driving 15 mnts,finally we're home. HOME!!! I ran to the bathroom. ha ha ha ha ha.

I prepared the dinner. I shared Blueberry Smoothie to Mom before we had dinner. Meanwhile Ronnie had been eating the steak ( Duh.. gak sabaran nih Bapak ) :P

I realized I had to feed MeiLee.But,Ronnie said," Here,she's eating right now." Ha ha ha ha ha. MeiLee's eating by herself. Cedar Seared Salmon Pasta from TGIF ^_____________^.

Boy.. this girl can handle it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am impressed.

MeiLee's enjoyed every bite of it. I shared the smoothie.She loved it. Kept drinking and didn't let me pull the glass. WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Dinner's over. It's Play Time !!!

Ronnie and MeiLee're playing in the living Room. MeiLee loves playing with her ELMO ^___^. She has a can " Drum " that she loves to play with. :D

Ronnie said he had to go over Dave's house,his bro. I took MeiLee upstairs to have a bath.

Duh.. forgot that Mom's washing the dishes.Me and MeiLee're cold. Ha ha ha ha ha.. We're in a hurry rinse and brought the dvd player back to the bedroom ( intended to watch Shrek 3 ).

Ronnie had already prepared MeiLee's bottle. I put on MeiLee's new outfit,played a lil bit with her,turn on her Praying Doll,and she laid down.

When I came back from downstairs, I saw MeiLee's been standing by her crib. Eh eh eh eh... GO BACK TO SLEEP!!! ^_____________^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 19th : Reading Class : Clifford's Thanksgiving Day

I took MeiLee to the library this morning. College Hill Library has a reading time abt Clifford ( Yeah.. there's an exhibition till Jan 09 in Museum ). We'll take MeiLee someday there.

But,this time is a reading one. MeiLee's been watching the cartoon.So I believe she recognize the dog. :D

The room was packed with lots of kids.Abt 40 kids. Wah!!!!!!!!! MeiLee sat on my lap.

I thought they would bring a Clifford dog to the library,but it's only a reading one. Too many kids in the room,the guy sometimes had to stop and speak louder. lol.

MeiLee enjoyed it,she kept looking at him and snacking some cereal. lol. * Ngunyah mulu nih anak * :D

There's a crayon time,but MeiLee's too old for that. Meanwhile the kids from school were taken back to the classes.

MeiLee saw a carseat was sitting on the ground.She grabbed it,played with the buckles. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Grandma's done picking some tapes. We decided to go home. It's fun to meet more kids and have reading time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MeiLee : Dancing - Santa Clause is Coming to Town :D

Halah..halah... Memang gak bisa dengar musik. Tarikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk maaaaaaaangggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! ^____^

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

ka ka ka ka..

Goyang terus,MeiLee !!! ^________________^

MeiLee : Combing Grandma's Hair ^___^

Grandma gave MeiLee a bath. MeiLee don't like laying down while Grandma puts on her diaper.

MeiLee fights for diaper time. Goshhhhhhhhhh :P

Grandma had an idea. She gave MeiLee a comb,distracted her. :D

She fought again. Finally, diaper's changed. :D

Grandma combed MeiLee's hair. She was interested in the comb.Grandma gave the comb to MeiLee. MeiLee started combing Grandma's hair . ha ha ha ha

Good job, MeiLee !!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov 15th : MeiLee - Eating by herself :P

Hooray !!!! MeiLee's learning eating by herself... I am impressed.

She enjoys the potato soup.

What a mess... but it's OK ^_____^.

Nov 11th : MeiLee - Potty Training or Potty Playing ? ^__^

Ada2 aja nih anak.

She's supposed to be learning to do potty,but she ended up playing with it. She sees us in the bathroom,and sometimes puts her hands inside of the john. ha ha ha ha ha. Gimana seh,MeiLeee?????????? ^____^

Now,she got her own potty.She pretends to put her hands again. I sat her and tried to make her pee,but she just sat there!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Then again, she went to the kitchen,saw the potty's there. She pulled it up and played with it.

Grandma had fun taking pics of her. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Alih2 mo belajar potty,yg ada malah main2 potty nya :P

Barbie : A Christmas Carol ( 2008 )

Genre: Kids & Family
On Christmas Eve, Barbie tells Kelly the story of a girl named Eden Starling, a glamourous singing diva who owns a theater and doesn't believe in Christmas. On Christmas Eve, she orders everyone who works for her to sing on Chistmas Day. Then she is visited by three spirits who try to change her perspective on Christmas forever. Barbie tells Kelly this story in order to teach her about the spirit of giving.


I like the English accent they speak here. Especially Eden. Menggemaskan ^___^

My fave song : Jolly Old St.Nick

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anniversary Vacation ( Day 2 ) - Wild Woon Inn,KY

Start:     Dec 28, '08
End:     Dec 29, '08
Location:     Florence,KY
We'd spend another nite at WWI,KY. I am so curious abt the Theme Suites they have. ^___^

After persuading Ronnie,he gave up. He himself feels funny abt the designs.After he saw the theme suites,he seemed interested in. Ha ha ha ha.

Anniversary Vacation - Grand Victorian, IN

Start:     Dec 27, '08
End:     Dec 28, '08
Location:     Rising Sun,IN
Yeah...........we changed our plan. I changed it. ^___^. Ronnie mah tau terima beres aja :D

After rethinking abt Belterra and asked more plus had very bad experience with the reservation staff * I couldn't tolerate how rude she was on the phn when I talked to her * I changed the trip to 2 night,to NOTHING!!!!

I don't wanna spend any dime there,esp with nothing's going on the day we planned to stay overnite.

I searched other place, it came to Grand Victorian. They have show and it's cheaper and got more to see and do. We decided to stay there just only for 1 night and stay at other place.

So, Grand Victorian is the best choice I guess ^___^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dec Vacation - BATAL :D

Start:     Dec 27, '08
End:     Dec 31, '08
Location:     Belterra,IN
Santai dulu ah.. Udh lama gak liburan. This time just around Midwest, tepatnya ke IN.

MeiLee would stay with Mom. I'd rather take MeiLee w/ us,but Ronnie said it'd be good for MeiLee to stay at home,since we'd go to Belterra Casino ( Duhhhhhhhh.. gak main kasino,tapi Ronnie blg repot ntar kalo bw MeiLee sampe tengah malam hang out ).

I might change the plan. ha ha ha ha ha. Rather take MeiLee with me and leave Ronnie at home with Mom. Ka ka ka ka ka

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nov 8th : Ruby Tuesday & Shopping to Target * Volunteer as SPG ?? ^___^ *

I had Ronnie take me to Mekong,Thai Resto for lunch.But,alas.... it's not opened yet,till 5pm. We're disappointed,since we hadn't eaten anything at all ( we went there at 2pm ).

We decided to go to the nearest resto,Ruby Tuesday * which we had gone there last Sunday *

Ronnie had Steak,meanwhile I had Broc Cheese Soup and Salmon. Gotta admit,we had lots of food today ( I couldn't eat them all ).

We went home,took a nap. Abt 6.30pm, I woke up and took MeiLee to Target. Mom reassured me to leave MeiLee,since she seemed like ready to sleep. I said I'd take her.Ha ha ha ha ha. Biarin dah,biar tiduran di mobil :D

Ronnie's out of Coke.Target has on sale. So I had to buy some before it's over.

MeiLee indeed slept in the car. I put her in the cart,she woke up. We looked at some toys. My attention was captured by a mini laptop. I bought one for MeiLee * Yeah..yeah...yeah.. it's for 4+ years,but who cares...I wanted 1 * ^_______^

We went to other dept, stopped by the beauty dept. MeiLee was interested in small stuffs. She wanted to stand up by the racks. I put her on the ground.

I was busy looking at some lotions.All a sudden, I saw MeiLee's been busy putting away lotions from one rack to another rack above. ALAMAK!!!!!!!!!! NGAPAIN NIH ANAK ????

She's murmuring everytime she put the stuff. I said," Eits...what are you doing ??? " She didn't care. She kept doing it.

I pushed my cart and suddenly MeiLee cried. I turned back and saw her was trapped in the rack. Ha ha ha ha ha.

She's trying to reach the the small bottles further,but she couldn't get out. She bended and wanted to get out. ha ha ha ha ha

I pulled her out and she cried. Ha ha ha ha ha. I moved her a lil further.She continued putting away the bottles. Duh!!!!!!!!

Finally, I said," OK, Pumpkin. Let's go home. We're done ". ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Look how she did the mess :P