Monday, October 31, 2005

Autumn...Autumn...Autumn... sad..I don't have any space to attach pics here. Sobbing Gotta wait till tomorrow?  Maybe (New month, new space..... Smile ).

Still cold.............sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sleepy .


Sunday morning went to  Church ,had b'fast from BK.We had lunch in Wendy's.Ronnie drove home ( I was really tired of driving ).He kept asking me,but I refused!!  No baby....It's been 2 days I've been driving Laughing 1 .Gee... I know how the real feeling of the daily drivers then..Capek ternyata ya??????????

We went back to Micro Centre Mall, Ronnie was thinking to buy the  Printer  he had seen before.He thinks The Thinker much this time. He's  disappointed Annoyed And Disappointed cos the sales guy couldn't explain to him completely abt the printer he asked( Ronnie compares a couple printers ).


Oh well...we went to the other place and Ronnie's tired.Driving back home,we arrived abt 5 pm.i took some pics from the car.Colorful trees here and there. So beautiful!!!   Fall Colors 

We spent timeEmail a lil bit   in the basement,and went upstairs.

We took a nap. Sleeping Mom called to have dinner.But,I kept sleeping. Smile .I didn't wake up till morning.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Niehoff Lecture

Start:     Nov 5, '05 7:00p
Location:     Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.
Award-winning author Salman Rushdie will deliver the 18th annual Niehoff Lecture. Cocktail reception, dinner and lecture will be held at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.


Goshh...What a longgggggggg day. Ronnie and I went to Seven Hills this noon.He'd like to have an e-check for the Honda,but the office was closed.So,we drove to Sharonville,went to Micro Centre Mall ( Ughh..I drove again,I hate to say that ).Ronnie wanted to buy a new printer.Oh well...spending much time there,and Ronnie didn't know which one he wanted to buy( besides there're many choices of HP ).

We went to Tri County Mall,. Walking around and around,we stopped at Radio Shack.Ronnie liked a printed which is on sale ( I told him we'd came back after having lunch,but we forgot!! )We had lunch in the Food Court.I met a Balinese guy ( named Made,I guess ).I met him once a couple months ago.He works in Little Tokyo.The food was good.

Ronnie said I was getting better in driving ( Ohh no...I cried when I drove to the Mall.I couldn't get out from the road,and my hands were cold.) So scared to death.When I parked the car,I hit the front car.Thank God it's still ok.I opened the door and I cried. Goodness!!! I don't like driving at all.

We went home abt 6pm.Little Lizzy and Bryan were in the living room ( they came here last nite,they'll be going home on Sunday ).I played with them and took some pics.Ronnie said he'd like to go to the nearest Radio Shack and buy the printer.I went with him,but alas.....they didn't have that kind of printer.We went home,and Ronnie said he would go back to Tri Country Mall. Ohh..he can't wait to have it tonite...

I just called my Mommy.She said she would send me a package ( Leher Bebek,brand Asli ),Fried Onion ( Bawang Goreng,bowww ), Turmeric Leaves ( Daun Kunyit ) ... Asyik!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok then...I'm so tired.... Waiting for Ronnie bringing me home some french fries....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oct 26 : Happy Birthdays to Us !!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Birthday Banner to us...Spaz
Not many couples have the same birthdays like us.. Heheheh..But,I'm so grateful for having him as my husband,friend and lover.Many people don't believe when knowing we have the same birthdays (even we're the 3rd child in each fam ).What a coinsidence!!! We always say one each other,"Hey,twins...Twins .I know you." ROTFL.Ronnie once says," I can see me in you and you can too in me.."Laughing 1

I was really tired last nite,had a long day...So now,I wrote the "journal"...Hehehhe.I only have 17 pics left !!!Tears

Yesterday noon I baked 2 Devil's cakes.I designed them (as good as I could ).Ronnie went home so late last nite ( thought we wouldn't go out dinner ).He and Mom,went home abt 6 pm. I wondered where they've been going.I had dressed wellLipstickEyeshadow 2Hair BrushPerfume,but none came home till 6 pm.Untung make up nya gak luntur.....Laughing 1

I had cleaned the kitchen and the living room.I put the cakes in the dining room.When I was in the basement,I heard someone's walking around in the kitchen.Heyy!!! That's my baby!!!!!

I ran n hugged himHug And Kiss.We said,'Happy Birthday baby".He opened a plastic,and said,"See what I bought for my darling,my dearest wife."He gave me a box....Present..WEBCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spaz .Hooray!!!! Finally I have a webcam!!!!!!!! After almost 6 months, I've never used webcam.Ronnie's old webcam didn't work anymore,meanwhile our 2 digi cams don't work as webcams.Ohhh I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!Running In Field Now I can chat with my fam and turn on the cam. They've been missing me so much for seeing our faces in the cam... Ohh baby...thanks a lot... Happy birthday to us !!!!!!I Love You

PS : Thnks a lot to all of you who has paid attentions to us.Thnks for the greetings and the notices in your own MP.We do appriciate them... May God bless you all,and had a long life, happy family, many blessings....I love you all God Bless You!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smells Onion!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....finally!!!!!!!!!!! I've done  Cooking Dinner Marathon,bow...I went to bank yesterday morning .Goodness!!!!!!!It's cold!!!!!!!!!!!!  Shiver My face was really cold and my ears,too Frozen .I said to Ronnie when he came back home,"I feel like I have just got a face lift." ROTFL 

At noon,I started cooking.Cooking Saksan first to Pina and then Kue Bawang. Lefse .Tony came to visit us.Ohh boy..he loves Kue Bawang!!!!!While I was frying,he kept eating . Laughing 1 I'm glad he likes it,even Mom,too!! Thumbs Up 

After cleaning the kitchen,I continued cooking for  Dinner .Ohhhh what a marathon cooking!!!!!!!!! We had Broiled Salmon ,Ronnie and Tony had Fried Pork.

I was out.... Phew My whole body smelt Onion... I took  Shower  late at nite.Then,I packed the orders.Laughing 1 .Even when we're in bed,Ronnie said," Oh made this house smell onion all around" Blushy 2 .

This morning,I woke up early and smelt it was still there.It's really dark,eventhough it's already 7.30 am.I took a nap  Pillow and woke up at 11 am. The weather was so bad outside,I mean cold.Don't wanna take a risk to go to post office by walk with big packages on my hands. Smile Ronnie said this morning that we would go to the post office by car.

He went home abt 4.30pm.I drove to the post office.Ronnie was surprised seeing all the packages I had. Laughing 1 

Ufhh.....Time to relax then..... Playing sword with Ronnie in the kitchen and Putty in the bathroom... ROTFL