Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oct 26th : Daddy's Sun Glasses * MeiLee's Laughing*

Ha ha ha ha ha. MeiLee couldn't help to seeing her Daddy putting on sun glasses.

She's never seen Daddy with sun glasses for awhile ( Daddy said he lost them,that's why Mommy bought him a new pair ).

While Daddy's trying the glasses,all a sudden MeiLee laughed out loud. Ha ha ha ha ha..

Maybe she's thinking," Daddy's funny!!! ". Ha ha ha ha. Meanwhile Mommy said," Daddy looks like a bandito." KA KA KA KA KA

Sun - Oct 26th 2008 : Ronnie & Mei - Mei's Birthdays

Hooray !!!!

Thank you,Lord... it's our birthdays.... Yay !!!!!!!!! This is our 4th birthdays celebrated together. This time is so special... cos we have MeiLee !!!!!!!!!! Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought Ronnie some presents after church. I didn't have a chance to buy him last nite. We went home after church,then went shopping.

Dang.... I didn't know exactly what Ronnie wanted. He gave me idea to buy him sunglasses and hot wheels.( He told me earlier," baby,buy something from your heart,not by asking me." ). Ha ha ha ha ha ha... Mana kuteheeeeeeeeeeee :P

I stopped by at Fridays,bought some appetizers for Ronnie. MeiLee enjoyed some breadstick.

In the evening,Mom started roasting the red potato for dinner and stemmed asparagus.She let me handle the steak. She made Angel Food Cake,too. Yummy!!!!

We had dinner in the dining room. MeiLee cried cos Ronnie sat her on a chair.ha ha ha ha ha ha.

We had nice dinner.It's a great treat from Ronnie buying us steak ( But alas, I made it cooked well instead of medium ). Adowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^______________^

He said," I don't know how to teach you ladies to cook the steak rightly,medium." he he he he he he.

Sorry, Oom ^___^

Ronnie got presents from us. Sunglasses,hot wheels,DVD The Simpsons.
Meanwhile Ronnie gave me CD Soundtrack Shall We Dance & J.Lo's other cd ( it's olddddddddddddddd ) :P

Ronnie said I could keep it,since it's bday present. ^_____^

Ronnie couldn't wait to play the hot wheels. He put the rails together in the living room and played.He's so excited.

MeiLee was curious abt the hot wheels.She came closer,but Ronnie reminded her not to ruin it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie played for awhile.He loves it.He said," Perfect gift,baby.I really like it.Thank you!!!" ^_______________^

Glad he loves it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anyway..we really enjoyed the birthdays tonite. MeiLee was tired,so we put her in bed abt 7.30 pm.

Ronnie and I will watch The Simpsons tonite * hopefully* :P

Happy birthday to Ronnie and me!! ^__________________________^

Glad bless us... bless the lil angel who had come into the family.. Yay!!!!!!!!!!

It's more colorful and exciting since we have MeiLee.

May God gives us long life to spend time together forever as a family... Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oct 22nd - 24th : Goofy MeiLee ^___^

MeiLee's been acting so funny lately.

I love taking pics of her. Makes me laugh everytime I see her does goofy things. :D

Friday, October 24, 2008

OCt 23rd : MeiLee & Guitar

It's been a while since MeiLee saw the guitar. She's surprised deathly when she heard me played guitar for the very 1st time. ha ha ha ha ha.

I had Ronnie fix the keys,so I could play better. MeiLee didn't wanna do anything to the guitar. She refused to come closer.ha ha ha ha ha.

Until awhile,she finally had courage to play. ha ha ha ha.

Oct 21st : MeiLee's & The Cart ^_____^

Funny... I put MeiLee inside of the cart. It's really fun to see her inside of it. She doesn't wanna sit down,so I just let her stand up :D

I pushed the cart to the parking lot.She enjoyed the wind.Ha ha ha ha ha.

Sun Oct 19th : MeiLee's Lunch @ Ruby Tuesday & Hunting Shoes

After Sunday service,Ronnie took us to have lunch at Ruby Tuesday.MeiLee loves the broccoli ( Ruby cooks it very well that MeiLee can chew it ). Ronnie even likes it.

Me and Ronnie just shared the steak and fries.MeiLee really enjoyed the food.

Then Ronnie took us to Payless Shoes Store.We were looking for shoes for MeiLee. We have problem for her feet. Mom said," fat feet ". Ha ha ha ha ha ha..

After trying some pairs,we decided to buy brown shoes size 6. Wahhhh!!!! Really ??? I thought she's still at size 3. lol. :D

Couldn't find the gloves,since we're short of time ( I had to work in the evening ). Ronnie and MeiLee were watching the fountain while I was buying some snacks.

Ronnie let MeiLee stand up by herself. I was afraid... He said," She's fine,I'm here." :D

I think Ronnie likes the shoes we picked,MeiLee,too. :D

Recall Alert!!! 1.6 Millions Cribs,Baby Gear & More

Attentions,Moms and Moms - to be.....

I just read from site Parents,that the cribs are recalled due to the safety issues.Not only cribs,but toys,clothes,baby gears ect.

Have a look and read carefully......

Apperantly, we have a bottle warmer that's recalled. Ronnie was right,he told me one day that the bottle warmer was not good.The heat was so high that can burn the baby's tounge.

Check the rest from the lists...


Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

MeiLee : Is It Me,Mommy ?? ^__^

It's been a year already... time runs so fast

MeiLee's been a big girl ( she'll grow bigger and bigger )

The night after we celebrated her birthday, I took her down to the computer room. She saw her pic, touched if she knew it's her.



Yes.. that's you, Anna MeiLee Ries.... It's our lil angel

You can't believe it,rite ?? Mommy and Daddy can't either.. As if you're born yesterday.....


The other days,we held you

Today.. you sit by yourself



We love you,girl !!!!

Can't wait to see you entering the other year


God Bless your childhood......

- Mommy & Daddy -

Sunday, October 19, 2008

MeiLee's Cupcake Pillow ^___^ * Bday Present *

After waiting for abt 2 weeks, finally I got MeiLee's present.Cupcake Pillow!!!!!.I kept checking Walmart when it would arrived.

I thought it'd have been right on MeiLee's birthday,but I had to wait for a couple more days.

As soon as I got confirmation from email, I picked it up at 10pm.By the time I was home,MeiLee's been


Ronnie and Mom're there. Kinda surprised to see the package.I had Ronnie open the package. Wow !!!!!!!!!!! It's a beautiful Cupcake Pillow!!!!!


Mom said," Mei.. it's too cute to be played on the floor. The dogs might chew it. ". I think she's right.

So,we decided to put it as a souvenir, a display..

The next day, I gave MeiLee the pillow.She's kinda ignored it,cos she has another toy..


Oct 18th : The Ries' Birthdays Party @ Frickers

As usual, it' s 4th anniversary to celebrate the October birthdays with fam and friends.

Pam and Steve hosted the party at Frickers.Oct is the most birthdays in the family ( Big Ron - Ronnie's belated Dad , Matt, Danae, Ronnie,Me,MeiLee,Tony,Shawn and Kristy ),and Jen, a friend of Pam's family.

We had nice dinner.Blowing candles after dinner and opened birthdays presents. MeiLee got cute outfits and doll. ^____^

Mom treated our dinner.So sweet ^___^

Happy birthday,everyone!!!!

God bless

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ries' Birthdays Party

Start:     Oct 18, '08 5:00p
Location:     Fricker's
I love October!!! That's the most birthdays we have in the family. From Big Ron (+), Matt,Danae,Me and Ronnie,Tony,Kristy,Shawn and now MeiLee ^___^.

It's held by Steve and Pam.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ronnie & Mei - Mei's Birthdays

Start:     Oct 26, '08
Location:     home, I guess :D
Yay !!! Another year will be celebrated together !!!! Ronnie's and mine's. Dunno what to do yet.

MeiLee's Getting Better * Can Play Again * ^___^

Glad to see MeiLee's getting better. Her fever's gone,still her nose a lil bit runny.

She played with her horsey this noon.She loves it,since she can touch the ground,she keeps getting in and out from the horsey. lol....

Love you,girl..Keep doing better,ok ???


[ Updated ] : MeiLee's Getting Better

Praise The Lord, MeiLee's getting better today. She spent the night with us last night.Still didn't make her comfortable to sleep.She kept rolling around and awakening ,and it's hard to make me sleep.

Sometimes she slept on my chest,and rolled around again,till she woke up at 7am. I thought it would be nice to hear Sunday School Songs again. So,I turned it on. She enjoyed it!!! She made her hands dance. * tau aja kalo udah dengar musik *

She laughed and rolled again. I took her downstairs and we watched tv. She had bfast and I played with her.

I called Mami to let her know MeiLee's condition. Mom's going to do grocery shopping. MeiLee's fell asleep on my arms.By the time I tried to put on her in her playpen,she awakened and cried. Duhhhhh......

She cried for a couple minutes. I couldn't make her quiet,she kept fighting me. I gave up. I put her on the carpet,she cried and crawled around,then came back to me again.

I myself felt a lil bit sick.My head's heavy,dizzy. I hope I wasn't sick. Finally I rocked MeiLee and gave her the remote tv. She enjoyed it for awhile.

She played around,laughed and did some activities,but not as energetic as before.

I gave her bottle and finally she fell asleep.I checked her temp, it's 95 F. No more fever. Thank you, Lord!!!!

The only problem she has is the  teething. Ronnie told me tonight that she's been doing well. So glad to hear that.


I'm proud of you,MeiLee !!! Keep it up,girl.... even Grandma's wondered * She told me this evening that she noticed MeiLee's never been so sick,after 1 yo. lol ". She said," MeiLee's been so healty, I'm so impressed with her.But,this time,she had one." ha ha ha ha

No more,please..... one is enough

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ge Well Soon,MeiLee ^___^

Duh... MeiLee runs a fever this evening. I didn't realize it. She gets flu,too.Her nose runs so bad.

Mom told me after she woke up from nap. She said," I think MeiLee runs a fever,Mei."  I ran upstairs and checked her temperature. 100 F !!!!!!!!!!!



             MeiLee's having more fluids

No wonder MeiLee wasn't in a mood of doing anything today. It's not her at all. Her face was red,her eyes watery.

I  couldn't work well tonite.I kept thinking abt MeiLee.Thank God I went home early. I heard MeiLee cried in the kitchen. Mom was giving her tylenol and checked the temperature again. It's 102.3 F !!!

                                   After having shower..MeiLee's getting better

Duh...getting worse . I didn't know what to do. Ronnie's surprised. I took MeiLee downstairs so she could spend time with us.

We gave her more fluid. Then, I was thinkin maybe giving her a bath was a good idea. Ronnie said,' Owww...That'll be good !!!!!!"

I took her upstairs and turned on Indonesian Sunday School Songs. She loved it. She watched it and laid on my chest..




                                              Laughing at Mommy ^__^

I called Mami and told her abt MeiLee's bday party. After sinking ourselves for abt 30 mnts, I put on MeiLee some clothes. I took her downstairs and checked her body temperature again. It's 93.8 F!!! .Praise The Lord!!!!

Her nose still runs. I rub Minyak Kayu Putih regularly.We played with Lucky and Tader in the kitchen.She loves seeing the dogs from the kitchen window and laughed out loudly. So glad to hear her smile and laugh again.

Grandma spent time a lil bit with MeiLee,while I was finishing my shower. I gave her bottle and she fell asleep. Ronnie said earlier that she would sleep with us tonite.

Hopefully MeiLee'll be better by tomorrow.

                                          This is MeiLee's 1st time being sick

Get well soon, pumpkin !!!  We love you so much !!!!