Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nov 30th : Mami & Papi's 33rd Anniversary!!!

Hoorayyyyy hooorayyyy hooorayyyyy!!!!

Happy Anniversary to Mami & Papi. May your marriage be stronger and stronger each day.Thank you for being our parents. We're proud of you!!!

I called my parents yesterday nite 29th ( there's 30th ). I said to Papi,' Papi, happy anniversary." Papi said,' Whose anniversary,Mei ?" Bahhhh gawat neh.. Papi forgot!!!

I said,' Yours,of course.Your and Mami.Forget abt it ?" Papi said,' Oh my!!! I Do Forget!!! he he he he he."

Mami later talked with other phone.Mami said, " Thank you, Mei2. We forget abt it."
Well... Poor my parents. ^___^

I said to Mami, ' Mi, take some money now from the bank.We've sent you some to celebrate the anniversary.Enjoy!!!"

They usually celebrate yearly.They invite people from church and family.This time,Papi said they'd like go to Medan and celebrate there with my sisters and brothers.

33 years they've been together.Proud of them.

Thank you to Joe who had sent me the old pics of our parents' wedding.

Love ya... May God bless your marriage.Thank you for being our parents.

Here're some their wed pics and the kids.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

James Bond : Casino Royale ( 2006 )

Nyulik dikit adegan James Bond ( the funny one )^___^

Our 2nd Anniversary : Watching James Bond ^__^


Yesterday was our 2nd anniversary.I’ve planned to do something with Ronnie.So,we asked Dave to be in charge taking care of the bar while we’re going.

Dave came around 8 pm .Ronnie played pool for awhile with Steve,my bro in law.
We had Danny ( customer ) who was fixing our sinks and the floors.Thank God,we paid less cheaper than other people expected ( enaknya punya customer yg mau bantu ). He he he he.

I picked a movie I thought Ronnie would enjoy it, JAMES BOND : CASINO ROYALE. Wuihhhhhh.I’ve seen the trailer and I thought it’s an awesome movie.

We went to Showcase Cinema @ Cincinnati Mills. The movie was started at 9.50pm.

We came a lil bit earlier.I went to the bathroom,when I came out,I didn’t see Ronnie around. Duhh ke mana ini laki ?? I called him,”Babe?Where are you?” He said,” In the studio.” I said, “ Where??Why did you leave me?” He said,” I thought you knew it.” Bahhhhh..Finally he came out and we’re still talking on the phone. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said, ‘ Come in.” I walked in. Ronnie looked around and said, “ WAHHHH!!!!! Nobody’s here. Just only us.” HAAAA????? I couldn’t believe that. Cos it’s dark.I looked around and said,’ You’re rite.Just only 2 of us. Hey!!! Maybe they know it’s our anniversary,they give us the whole studio to enjoy the movie. Ha ha ha ha ha.

So…at that nite,we were the only 2 person who watched the movie. It’s awesome!!! As if they knew it,and gave us privacy. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I went out and bought some pop corn,drinks and hot dog.

I teased Ronnie and said,’ Hey,baby..I thought you wanna sleep while I’m watching the movie. He said, “ Oh noooo… I paid 9 bucks to sleep here? No no no.I am not coming to sleep . “ Ha ha ha ha ha. Seemed he enjoyed the movie.I laughed.

I took out my cam and took some pics and videos. He said,’ Baby, you’re not supposed to do that.Keep it away. “ Ahh ogahhh :P

I went to the bathroom many times. It’s colddddd.

He did enjoy the movie.Later on, “ I wanna go to the bathroom,” he said. Ha ha ha. I asked him to go,but he kept looking at this watch.He said,’ Gee… baby.this movie is soooo longggg. Let’s go.’ Ha???? I ain’t going home. No way.

Will called him a couple times.Ronnie said he had a meeting with Will at the bar. Aduhhhhh… I asked Ronnie to call Will and asked to wait for us.
Finally Ronnie went to the bathroom.When he came back, the movie’s over. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said,’ I like it,baby,but it’s tooooo longggg. They twist the movie longer and longer.” Hahahhahah I said, “ That’s why it’s called a “ MOVIE “.

He dropped me at home and went to the bar.

Wuih…. What a nice date on our Anniversary. ^__^

Happy anniversary,baby. Love ya!!!

Thank you to the Lord who still cares abt us,giving us wonderful days. Each day is a blessing!!!!

Thank you to all of you who had sent us greeting cards by emails, MP, phn calls and sms.

I love you all!!!!!

God bless!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Our 2nd Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



On that very special day
we walked down the aisle
Me in my lovely white gown
walking proudly with a smile

And you in your dark tux
how handsome you looked
I knew I fell for you
cause one look is all it took

Now we've been married
for several years in time
I wear you wedding ring
and you always wear mine

Happy Anniversary My Love!!







 Thank you for your love throughout the years.
Nicholas Gordon

Thank you for your love throughout the years.
How else could I become what I've become?
All your plans and hopes and even fears
Now come together in what I have done.
Know that I am grateful for your love.
Your hard work is mirrored now in mine.
On you all my accomplishments must shine.
Underneath my pride, your spirits move.



Thank you Lord for the times we've been spending together.




Nov 25th : The Ries' Thanksgiving Dinner

Sat evening we had family together.As usual,we celebrate a few days after actual date.Matt + Mary n the kids, Dave+ Joyce and the kids,Ronnie + me , Steve + Pam and Tony.

Mom broiled a huge turkey.Goodness!! I've never seen that huge ( seemed like 10 kgs!! )

We celebrated Lizzy's bday ( hers was Wed,but we celebrated together on Sat ).
She got some presents ^____^

The turkey wasn't cooked till 6pm.We had to wait till another 30 mnts.Kinda late to have dinner.Lots of food.

I myself had a half piece of turkey wing,some rice and shallot fried.

Since we had to leave for work,we didn't attend Lizzy's bday party.

Me and Ronnie cleaned up the bar for 3.30 hours!! What a work!!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


I cleaned up the basement today,since tomorrow we'll have Family Gathering - Thanksgiving, Sat evening.

I took a DVD from Ronnie and played it in the computer.Ronnie bought me as my birthday present.I didn't have any chance to watch it till today.

Wow... I love all the songs!!!! I am gonna upload them in MP soon.

Meanwhile Ronnie was going out doing this and that.He said he would be home around 5 pm,so I took a chance to take a nap.

But,when Mom called me around 7pm, Ronnie hasn't been home yet. Hmm.. where he's been going to ??? I called him and he said, " Yes, baby. I am coming home.I am almost done."

Aghhhh 3 hours in Sam's Club? Geee... seems my hubby is crazy abt shopping than I am now. :P

He went home around 7.10 pm. We had dinner. He blew me a kiss from a far. Huhh.. I was mad !!!

Mom said, " What is that,Ronnie ? " Ronnie said, " That's for my wife." I didn't see what he brought. When we're done having dinner, I saw a box of CHEESECAKE!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! * be calm, Mei2.. be calm.* :P

He said," Baby,are you ready ? " I said,' Aghh.. don't wanna. " :D

He opened the box and I took some pics of him. I wanted a pieceeeeeeeeeeee, plsssssss :p

He cut 1 piece only and cut into small chunks. He brought it to the bar. I asked him to drive so he could eat the cheesecake, he said," I am fine. "

So,we shared the cheesecake in the car.

We arrived at the bar. He came to me and said,' Here is for my baby. "

Ha???? What is this??? He said, " A hugeeeee pillow for my baby.So when you take a nap here,you already have one." Ahhhh... that's rite!!!!

I said, " Why did you buy this ???"
He said," Cos I love you."
I said," Aghh.. just tell me that you're afraid I am mad at you,that's why you bought me one. Do not bribe me."
He said,"That's a thought,too.That's why I bought it.HAHAHHAHAHA"

Huhhh dasar! But,I am happy. He always surprises me without I expect. Love grows more and more,baby!!!

Thank you sooo much.

Order Lagi Donk,Mpok :D


Tuesday noon I decided to cook some food to be brought to KY on Thursday. I cooked Sambal Goreng Ati. Suddenly, the phone rang.

Kring... kring...

Me : " Hello ?"

Atik :" Hey, Mei.. Are you busy?"
Me : " No.What's up,Mpok.You wanna order some food?"
Atik :" How did you know ?"

Me : " I  know that.Sambal Goreng Ati?"

Atik :" YES!!! ."
Me : " Ok.. Sambal Goreng Ati is ready now."
Atik : " HAAAA?????"
Me : " Yes. I've just finished cooking , 1 big pan."

Atik:" Wuihhhhh... I want Rendang, Sambal Terasi,too."
Me : " Ok then. I'll cook tomorrow for you."

I recommended her to have Ikan Bakar,so she can eat with Sambal Terasi.

She said she'd pick the food on Thursday.

Here you are.... Atik came last nite and she brought some food home.I brought some food from KY and gave to her.


As Atik gave me the monitor, I gave her 2 containers free of Sambal Goreng Ati. She just paid me the rest.

Pay it forward!!!!!


Thanksgiving : ME & YOU

I went home from KY around 6.30pm.I saw Mom was watching tv in the living room.I heard Ronnie was laughing loudly.I thought he's laughing at me. :P

He said,' Heyyyyyy here is my baby!!! Tell us how the party was. You had fun ???"
I said," Oh yes...I did!! I enjoyed it.I didn't realize we've stayed there for couple hours.We're the ones who left the latest." Hi hi hi.

I said," Why are you laughing?" He said,' I thought your friend drove his limo." I said," No.. just only 3 of us, Mande decided not to."

I was curious why he always laughed. I asked again,"Why are you laughing?" He said, " Ohhh.. ohhhh oh... ha ha ha ha ha. I am watching this movie.It's soooo funny.She messes up the ads. Ha ha ha ha." Bah!!!!!! I thought he's laughing at me, glad that I was home. Gak taunya... nonton tv. HUHHHHHH!!!!! :P

Spending time all nite long with Ronnie at home,it's such a bless!!! He slept on my lap.I took some pics. ^___^. Finally he fell asleep.My legs were soooo stiffed,I couldn't move.I heard he snored.I fell asleep,too,but didn't sleep at all.

We're watching movie " TOPPER".I woke up and watched the ending.Ronnie's cellphone rang.It's Will.He asked whether we'd open the bar. Ronnie said,' Still thinking abt it.Haven't decided yet." I pretended not to hear it. ^___^

I said to Ronnie," Babe,I need a blanket.My legs are soooo cold." He said," I am done.I don't wanna sleep anymore." I got up and picked a blanket,moved to another couch.

He said," What you wanna do tonite,baby ?" I said, " Nothing." He he he he.I didn't want to go to the bar, just wanted to stay at home and spent time together with the family.

He said," Ok then. I wanna go upstairs." I said," Come here.." He said," No... I am not going to lay down again.I know you'll make me . " Hi hi hi hi.

He kissed me and went upstairs,biasa...laporan ke kmr mandi. :P

I kept watching movie with Mom. We laughed,it's a very funny movie. I went upstairs around 11pm and saw Ronnie's sleeping on the bed. WAHHHHHHH!!!!

I bet he's tired. I didn't want to wake him up. I went to the basement, updated my MP and saw my beloved brother Joe was online.

So...we chatted till 3.30am. ^___________________^

What a day!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving,everyone!!!

God Bless!!!


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our 2nd Anniversary

Start:     Nov 27, '06
Hooray!!!!!! We'll have our 2nd anniversary this coming week.Thank God for the time we've been spending together.

Nov 24th :Thanksgiving Lunch @ Kentucky

Duile..... dpt undangan makan siang di rmh cie Ira. Mande n Endang picked me at the bar around 1.15pm.Ronnie couldn't go cos he's really exhausted.

I brought Rendang,Sambal Goreng Ati,Kerupuk n Sambal Terasi.

Cie Ira was working when we came there.She said she'd be back around 5 pm. I met Herlina ( a woman I met at CAM 2 weeks ago ).Ira's family and many new friends!! ( Fari,Hendy,Cie Yani,Cie Rini,Ko Irwan n his brother,Budi,Anto,Iwan,Ricky,Herni,Hery and ect. )

Ian was my target to make a joke.He laughed out loudly.We hit one each other. Ha ha ha ha. Kyk anak2 aja.

I made a mistake.When Rini came and held Arjuna, I said," Come here, let David down on the floor.Let me lullaby him."
Oh my gosh!!!!! I meant Arjuna, not David,her hubby. Ian and the others laughed out loudly. My bad!!!!! Aduhh maaf, Rini.Tidak sengaja. ^_____________^.

When we're chatting, there're like 6 guys came. Indonesians. Goodness!!! They looked alike. I said to Ian, "Ian, I think they're brothers.Yours,too." Ian laughed. Habis,mukanya juga mirip sih. :P

They're Balinese.We chit chat and took pic. Mas Budi took us his big cam. I said," Mas.. Mas... don't embarassed me,cos we just only have small ones here." Hi hi hi hi.

The food was gooddddddd. Ketoprak!!!! , Shrimp,Fried Noddles,Mashed Potatoes,Pangsit Goreng,Kroket Kentang,Bread,Turkey,Ayam Klaten,Bakso Sapi,Udang Pete ect.

Rame dahhhhhh.

I had 2 rounds. ^___^.

We exchanged phn numbers and will try to arrange time to do get together again.

We left for Cincinnati around 5.30pm.We couldn't wait till cie Ira went home. I called her from the car.She said," Don't go home.I am almost at home." Duh... wish we've could stayed longer.

She said," I am home now." Aghh..too late... Maybe next time.

Thank you for inviting us.We appriciated the food and the hospitality.

Mami,bsk2 kita ngumpul lagi ya. Kue2nya enakkkkkk.Ada Es Telernya,buatan Herlina.

Wed Nov 23rd : Pre Thanksgiving Bash : Strange Band & Martell Promotion Nite

Yuhuuuuuuu. We had a blast event last nite.

A young talented - famous band performed at our bar,named Strange Band.They performed awesomely!!! Guess who I met there.It's Marky!!!!!!! The sweet and charming young boy. ^___^. All the members are cuteeeeeeee.The Strange Band performed around 11.30pm.I can see why they have big fans.They're awesome!!!!

The nite was opened by Mass Contra Band ( Bedel cs ) and followed by Martell Promotion Nite.We gave away 2 shots free.

We're so blessed cos some regular customers offered to help us.Brittany,Jack and Bryan took care of the door.Jenna was the hostess announcing for the Giveways Stuff.Chris became the DJ and Alex became the lightning man!!!!

Everybody enjoyed the nite. Our Friday regular customers came and seemed they didn't enjoy the live band. Willy nilly we opened the back bar and turned on the hip hop station radio.We tried to accomodate everyone's like.

I was put at the back bar and made sure that they're entertained. I closed my back bar around 1.30am and went to the front bar helping Kae.

We closed our bar at 3.30am and went home around 4am. Really tireddddd but we did enjoy the nite.

We had a blast,yes we had.

I can't wait to see these young men come back and perform at our bar again.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Tues Nov 21st : Karaoke Contest!!!


We had Karaoke Contest on Tuesday Nite.Alecia picks our bar for 10 weeks row till Semi Final, and the Final will be held at Willie’s , Downtown.

I asked Kae to help me bartend at that nite so I could enjoy the karaoke. ^___^.

We had 6 candidates,Mande,Mike,Bedel,Ruth,Jenna & Jennifer.Every week Alecia picks one winner. This week was Jennifer.

Each of the participant got a souvenir like t-shirt or crown royal bag. I am not counted as a participant. Gak aci kata Scott,cos I am the owner. Bahhhhh… sedihnya . He he he he.

Ronnie says," it's not fair,cos you're the owner.But,if you go to some other places,you can be the participant there,babe.Ok ? "

Oceh lah... yg penting plg2 bawa tips. Hiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Seharian Masak Orderan

Spending whole day in the kitchen cooking Mande n Endang's food order.Mom went to Kroger,doing grocery shopping for 3 hours!!!! Busy day,especially facing Thanksgiving.

This week I cooked Ayam Rica2, Ikan Bakar Sambal Terasi,Pergedel Daging,Pangsit Goreng,Lumpia.

My body smell food till now. I didn't have any chance to take a shower. Mande & Endang picked their food around 8 pm.

I finished cooking till 7pm.Ronnie helped me clean up the table.But he forgot to wipe it. Ha ha ha.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ehh....Ada SRK!!!!

Shopping to JJ this noon after attending sermon at church.

1stly we went to CAM, I bought some stuff I thought JJ don't have. Geeee... I spent 41.99 bucks within 5-10 mnts!!! I expected to spend 10 bucks only. ^____^

Then,we drove to JJ. Ronnie went to Booze Dept,meanwhile I was roaming around.I love JJ!!!

I bought bunch of stuff. Again, I had to pay 58 bucks. Hiks...hiks...hiks...

When I was at the Indian Dept,I was surprised. I thought somebody was watching me. Guess who??? SRK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Si Oom Khan bikin GR aja neh. Advertisement,bow...

I thought," hey.. I wanna take this handsome's pic." CLICK!!!!!! GOTCHA!!! I TAKE YOU HOME, BABE!!! ^_______^

I bought som Murukus, Mie Canton ( ternyata ada di sini ),Crackers,Belacan aka terasi,ect.

Ronnie called me and we're ready to go home. LAFARRRRRRR

Nov 17th : Friday Nite - BUSTED

R-A-M-E BANGET!!!! Friday nite we're busted. We had birthday party at the back bar and regular DJ nite at the front bar.

Kae bartended till 12 pm and then I had her help Jaime at the front bar. I closed the back bar and watched the floor.

What a longggg nite. Thanks God there's no fight at all.Everyone enjoyed the good nite.Everyone dance.Dance floor was fulled!!!!

I took a chance to take some pics. Ronnie said more than 200 people came to the bar at that nite.

After we closed, we went to IHOP!!! Pancake with bluberry syrup. He he he he.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Merchant of Venice ( 2004 )

Genre: Classics
Yippe!!!! After waiting for years,I watched this movie finally.I've read Shakespeare's novels for years ( some of his novels I love!!!!). One of them is The Merchant of Venice. When I read from internet that the novel would be filmed,I said to myself, " YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS ONE!!!"

I watched it this noon n munched lots of crackers.Kolestrol deh lama2. :P

I enjoyed the movie,though there're some dark scenes there. Ughhhh.. I couldn't see their faces cos they talk in the darkness.

The scary moment was when Shylock ( Al Pacino ) was ready to cut Antonio's one pound - flesh, Portia aka the judge interrupted him . Shylock screamed and the others did,too. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. MENEGANGKAN!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS LUCU!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone hasn't watched this movie ?? You better.

Contains a lil bit uncomfortable scenes,when some girls walk with hanging boobs . He he he. Was that the style in 1500's ?? Maybe. :D

Dapat Berkat Lagi ^____^

Gak berhenti2nya dpt berkat


After having lots of PETE aka SATOR from friends, I got a monitor for my computer.Mpok Atik came a week ago when she picked up her food order and said that she had a monitor at her garage.She offered me to have it instead of throwing it away.She said that Jeff,her husband kept it.

What a coinsidence,since my other computer's monitor is not good anymore, plus my keyboard.I spilled some milk over the keyboard a couple weeks ago,and the keyboard couldn't type letter A anymore. Behhh... what a dangerous hand I have.

Atik told Jeff ( who was in his car ) that I wanted the monitor.Jeff said OK,he would bring the monitor the next week.He said I could cook Atik some food for that.Huahahahahahha. Barteran nih yeeeeeeeeee

Atik likes my Sambal Goreng Ati.So,I told Atik anytime she wants the food,I'll cook for her.

Wednesday noon, Atik called me.She said she'd come and bring the monitor for me. Jeff took it out from his trunk and set it for me in the basement.

Hooray!!!!!!!! It works!!! I told Jeff that my keyboard didn't work.He said," You didn't tell me that you need a keyboard,otherwise I'd bring one for you. Well,next time I'll bring one,ok ?" Ahhh so nice!!!!!!

Jacob,Atik's son was playing with Mom upstairs..Jacob likes playing with the toys.He took one,and said," I wanna buy this one." hahahahahahha.

They left since Jeff had a meeting.

I showed the monitor to Ronnie.He said,' Wow... baby!!! You got a new stuff!!!". I said, "Yes,another blessing."

Thank you for Jeff and Atik for the monitor.We do appriciate it.May God bless you!!!


Ngemil Kerupuk Sepanjang Hari

Yoa.... After working hard all week long ( still I work tomorrow ... yucksssssssssss ), I spoil myself to have some snacks.

I was really tired lately.I took a nap last nite at the bar.Ronnie woke me up around 1.30am.
Early in the morning, I went to the bar around 11.30am.Mom dropped me before she went to Batavia,visiting Aunt Debby.

I went home around 1pm.Fried some crackers as snacks and watched movie. Hoorayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Finally I had a chance to watch movie ( before I return them to the library ).

1 big bowl of crackers, I ate half bowl . Duhh gak terasa :D

The result ?? I fell asleep and took a nap before Ronnie went home =D

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pete Lagi !!!!!!!!!!!! ( Juragan Pete )

Pete Lagi!!!!!!!!! Yuhuuuu..

Got a package from Melly. Wahhhh she sent pete,sambal ati, Minyak Kayu Putih and a hat!!!!!!!!!!!!! She told me a week ago she got a bday present for me. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

I was cooking some food order this noon when I saw a package was in front of the house ( Me and Mom were shopping.Mom had me drive!!! ) :D

Thank you so much, Melly. GBU!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

(Dedicated to Ola ) : Tanta Ola Beli Kacamata :D

Dedicated to Ola. , my sorority sista ( ketemu di mana ya kita wkt itu ? * hihihih.Gayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bener. Love ya, Ola!!!!!!!

Just a joke only. Have a blessed Sunday.


Tanta Ola so rasa stress, lantaran, dia kalu lia orang so sadiki babayang.
Lantaran dia pikir depe mata so rusak, dia pigi di toko kaca mata.
Pelayan : "Siang tante, ada yang boleh kita bantu?"
Tanta Ola : "Kita pe mata so rusak ini noh...cari akang kacamata yang pas dang?"
Pelayan : "Tante so pernah pake kacamata?"
Tanta Ola : "Ohh..blum...."
Pelayan : "Kalu bagitu torang priksa dulu tante pe mata. Mari tante, torang ke tampa priksa."
Pelayan : "Tante, ini huruf apa ?" (sambil tunjung tu huruf yang sadiki basar )
Tanta Ola : "Nyanda jelas noh..."
Pelayan : "Kalu huruf ini dang?" (Sambil tunjung tu huruf yang lebeh basar)
Tanta Ola : "Masih nyanda jelas noh..."
Pelayan : "Ini komaling tanta huruf yang paling besar yang ada disini. Sekarang tanta bilang, ini huruf apa?" (sambil tunjung huruf yang depe basar
rupa piring )
Tanta Ola : "Sama noh...masih nyanda jelas"
Pelayan : (sambil garo-garo kapala lantaran bingo) "Kiapa dari tadi nyanda jelas dang tanta?"
Tanta Ola : "Kita kwa nintau babaca, ngana kase tunjung huruf. Mana kita mo tau?"

Pete.Com ( Packages from Eda Shinta & Agustina )

Yuhuuuuu.. Got pete from Eda Shinta n Agustina. Wuihhhh..... finally!!!

At the same day!!!!

Last week I went to CAM,they're out of pete.I sent PM to them and asked to buy some for me. Plus made phn calls to MN & MI * duhh segitunya* . Ha ha ha

Finally, Eda Shinta n Agustina sent me. Hooray!!! I got 10 packs all together.Eda Shinta gave me Ginger Tea, Mie Pancit Canton,Coconut Powder n Indomie Soto.

Agustina gave me Sambal Udang Pete. Beneran nih ternyata ada? Soalnya di sini gak ada.

Gila pete deh jadinya skrg. ^____^

Waiting for another package from MI * ngelirik Melly* :D

Thank you soooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh. GBU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

New Brand Ronnie ^__^

Aduhhh ini laki,msh juga jailnya gak ilang2.

I've asked him to have his hair cut since months ago.We have a customer,named Shawna who works at Beauty Saloon. She kept asking Ronnie when he would have his hair cut.

Ronnie wasn't sure abt going to another saloon,cos the only one who really knows how to cut his hair according to him is Leigh at Boric.

But,Shawna kept asking Ronnie.She's a nice girl. Ronnie called me a week ago when he's driving home.He asked whether he should have cut his hair there or go to Boric. I said, " Go to Shawna,baby."

He said," Ok.. I'll go there. But, I am not sure,hun.I am scaredddddddddddd." hi hi hi hi hi.

I said to him, " Go, it would be fine.I wanna take a nap for awhile."

So, I took a nap.I woke up 2 hours later and called him. " Where are you ??? Have you got new hair cut?"

He said, " I am at Home Depot now. I couldn't find her place. " BAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Gimana sehhhh ???????

He said," I am scared. I don't think I wanna go there.he he he he."

A couple days later,Shawna came to our bar. I said," Shawna, he tried to find your place a couple days ago,but he couldn't find it. Can you give me the direction,pls ?"

Shawna wrote the direction.I thought on Friday Ronnie could go there.

Friday evening around 5 pm I called his cellphone. He said," I am trying to find her place again.Where is it ??" Ups... I left the direction at the bar. But I told him the general directions. The saloon's name is Studio 513. Ronnie said, " Aghhhh I think I know it. I saw it before."

I guess Ronnie could've found the place. My phn rang.....
Ronnie, " Baby, I can' t find it. I give up. I think I wanna go to Boric. He he he ."
I said, " No.. Let me call her and she'll call you back and give you direction."

I called Shawna and asked her to guide Ronnie.

One hour later.....
" Hey,babe.Are you coming home ????" He said, " Yes... almost there."

How's your hair cut ??"
He said, " Ohhh the worst hair cut in the world. "
Duhh... I worried abt that.I could've imagined how bad it was.
He said," Yeah.. aghhhh... I'll see you in a minute,hun."

I hung the phone and kept thinking how bad it would be.

Somebody opened the kitchen door. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Ronnie's home.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Look at his hair!!!!!!


Mom screamed and said, " YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!"

I whistled and said, " Uhuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Nice hair cut,baby. You look like 30's . ha ha ha ha."

He's embarassed and said, " Let's eat.Feed me...feed me..." Ha ha ha ha ha. I could see his red face.

He said, " Ahhh. I don't like it. It's bad. "

I said, " Noo.. that's exactly I really want to see.She did a gooooooooooooddddddddd job. "

Ronnie said," She had hard time to arrange my hair. She combed to the left to the right." ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie paid her 20 bucks. It's worthed!!!!!

Thank you Shawna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Nov 2nd : Ngumpul2 ( Dinner Dadakan ) ^___^

Yuhuuuuu.... Finally,after 2 days cooking,all my food was done. Eda Genta called me a couple days ago and said she'd like to pick up her food order.Then,ended up by talking abt having dinner together at home on Thursday Nite. Yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I cooked more portion for dinner. Eda Genta ordered Rendang,Sambal Goreng Ati,Ikan Bakar Sambal Terasi,Sambal Teri and Bak Kecap.

Dece ordered Sambal Teri.
Ati order double portion Rendang and Sambal Goreng Ati.
Ian ordered Rendang and Sambal Goreng Ati.

Since it would be our dinner, I fried Lumpia Shanghai,Crackers,Sate Sapi and Sayur Lodeh !!!!

Rini brought her Cabbage Roll.Mom lovessss it. Marce brought 2 pieces home. ^__^

The Lees ( David,Rini and Arjuna ) came around 6.30pm.Then followed by Dece,Eda Genta and Ati. The last was Marce and Karce ^__^ . Ronnie came home and he said he met Marce and Karce at the bar.Missing her sooooo much!!!!!!!!

I asked Dece to check the Kebab,she had one on her mouth when she came back. Hahahahhaha.Curangggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

Mom had Pumpkin Pie as our dessert.

Goodness....we're stuffed. Ati said, " My goodness...I am stuffed,Mei2.But,I wanna eat some more." ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie had some Kebab and he had to go to the bar.Ati teased him. hi hi hi hi. Poor Ronnie,he don't understand what we're talking abt. Karce and David understand Indonesian.Karce says," You don't wanna know what they're talking abt,Ron." HUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA. CORRECTO!!!!!!

The dinner was over around 8.30pm.We chit chat for awhile and we saw the guys were playing games with the kids. Marce said,"Genta, do you wanna hire Karce as a babysitter?" Hahahahahhahahaa.

When it came to Dessert,everyone had a piece of Pumpkin Pie. No..Karce and David had more than 1. Hi hi hi hi. I had 2. I shared with Marce **

David said,"Mei2, Rini says she wants mo whipped cream." I spread more,he said," in her mouth." WAHHHHHH. Ok,bossssssssss!!!!!!!!!

I sprayed some in her mouth.The whipped cream was around her hair.We laughed!!!!!!!

It's already 9 pm,they had go to. One by one left with some food in ziplocks. Hi hi hi hi.

Marce and Karce dropped me at the bar almost 10pm.

Later on, Ian came with his friends.He picked up his food and played pool for couple hours. He said, " Mei2, I wanna order weekly,pls." ^___^

Mande,his Indonesian friend, orders some from me,too.He said he'd pick the food next week.

Well, Mom's so excited to see my friends. She likes them. I made her work so hard for the " party ". hehehehehe.Sorry,Mom.

Everyone had good time. Ati said," Mei2, I wanna do catering from you, on my bday." I said, " When ?" She said, " March, next year. " YA TOLONGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tahun depannnnnnnnnnnn.. masih lama, nek... :P

I said," Let's do gathering monthly." Ati said,' Yes.. let's do that.We'll pay Mei2 for the food." I said," Thank you for reminding that part." HUAHUAHHUAHAHAHAHA.

I am sooo tired rite now. I cooked for 2 days, and continued working at the bar last nite till 2.30am.

Woke up at 11am and went to the bar till 3 pm. Had lunch and sleepy now. *yawn*

Thank you for coming,friends.

I hope you enjoyed all the food and the companions.

We'll see you next month ? ^___^

God bless!!!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

( Yg Tersisa ) :Halloween Party - Zorro & Elena ^__^

Yup... before the Halloween Party started, I was being goofy. I asked Ronnie to take my pics.

Goofy.... goofy.....goofy.....

Gaya2nya nih Zorro n Elena ceritanya. Ha ha ha ha ha

Oct 31st A Blast Halloween Party @Club Evolution

Halloween Party !!!! 2 years ago I dressed up like a Black Witch and scared kids who came to home. HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. A couple of small kids ran away and cried when they heard me imitating a witch's voice . HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI.........

This year, I helped Mom carv the pumpkin and got ready to the Halloween Party at the bar.

Supposedly I dressed up like a cave girl,but I changed my mind.I wore my new gown I bought a month ago. Mom and Ronnie called, " Wild wild west girl ". ^___^

Let's gooooooooooooooo........

Party was started at 10.30pm. Alecia the karaoke lady dressed up scarely.I almost ran away when I saw a creatured walked into the bar with scary face. Hihihihihi.

The rest came, dressed up like from 50's, Pirate, Pirate Girl,School Girl,Clown,A Wounded -Face,Sheriff with Budlite Box - Helmet,Cowgirl, Ozzy Osbourne,ect.

We had great time last nite.Lots of giveaways. The 1st winner had t-shirts ( Ozzy and Pirate Girl ), the rests had hats,pens,lighters, key chains ect.

Awesome party!!!!!!

Ronnie dressed as Zorro. Hahahahhahahahha. Tuinkkkkkkkkkkk