Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anna MeiLee's Birthday Party

Start:     Oct 11, '08 1:00p
Location:     home
Yay !!! MeiLee's turning 1 year old in Oct. We'd love to share the happiness with families and friends.

Birthday love MeiLee's birthday birthday
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daun Bunga Lily * Rumah Terapung Masa Depan *

Have you seen these??? Bagus banget ya... Kyk UFO mendarat di pantai ^___^

Arsitek dari Belgia, Vincent Callebaut, mengajukan terobossan baru dalam menghadapi masalah perubahan iklim dan kepadatan, solusinya dinamai: Daun Bunga Lili.

Arsitek dari Belgia, Vincent Callebaut, mengajukan terobossan baru dalam menghadapi masalah perubahan iklim dan kepadatan, solusinya dinamai: Daun Bunga Lili.

Daun Bunga Lili ini digambarkan sebagai: prototipe kota amfibi yang mampu menghidupi diri sendiri, dengan masing2 daun mampu menampung 50.000 orang.

Di tengah Daun ini ada sebuah danau yang menampung dan menjernihkan air hujan. Kita terapung ini tidak membutuhkan jalan dan akan mengapung dan "terhanyut" ke seluruh dunia akibat pergerakan arus laut.

Desain dari Daun ini di memuat 3 marina dan 3 gunung yang dikhusukan bagi bisnis dan hiburan. Kota ini unik, karena kota ini merupakan kota amfibi, setengah kota air, setengah lagi kota darat.

Kota ini mendapat sumber daya dari matahari, angin dan arus laut, yang akan memproduksi lebih banyak energi daripada energi yang dikonsumsinya, dan akan menjadi kota yang ber-"emisi nol" karena semua karbon dan limbah akan di daur ulang.

Harapan yang ada adalah pada tahun 2100, akan ada 250 juta orang yang melarikan diri dari perubahan cuaca, yang disebut "Climactic refugee", karena air laut akan menghancurkan kota2 seperti New York, Shanghai dan Bombai.

Vincent percaya, bahwa produknya ini adalah solusi jangka panjang untuk menghadapi naiknya air laut, dan bukannya memperkuat garis pantai, karena solusi garis pantai ini hanyalah solusi jangka pendek

Desain dari Daun ini diinspirasikan oleh daun Amazonia Victoria Regia yang memiliki tulang daun yang sangat rapat.

Tujuan Vincent adalah untuk menciptakan "hubungan harmonis antara manusia dan alam".

PS: Thnks Cie Novi,yg udah fwd via email.. Nice info....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday 14th Sept : Scary Storm in Cincinnati

Recorded the storm around the house.. couldn't take a nap at all,worried abt the surrender.

Sept 14th ( Sunday ) : Storm in Cincinnati

Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a terribleeeeeeeeeeeeeee storm in Cincinnati. The very 1st time.........

Wind blew so hard 85 miles/hour........ lots of trees fell down... even behind at our backyard.

I worked at TGIF last nite. We're slammed.More than normal amount came to eat.Computers in the kitchen were down,food wasn't arranged correctly.Lots of people complaint,still,many people came to eat,even they willing to wait for more than 2 hours !!!

I went home at 1 am, we worked harder than before. Goshh... really tired.

This morning, I went to work at P&G. I saw the parking lot was empty, only Kerry,the security is in charge watching the site. Randy,the employee was there,too.

Kerry said the door at Baby A was broken.Other site,the window was flown.
Mr.Mike,the head security was driving around another site.He asked me to go home,since nobody showed up to work.

The streets were quiet.A big tree by the house fell down. This morning I saw some people were trying to get rid of it.

Please pray for us .........................

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

MeiLee & Daddy : Cuddling :P

cuddling w/ daddy in the living room,while Daddy's listening to news :P

Sept 12th : Happy Bday,Mom !!!!

Mom's bday was celebrated at TGIF.I reserved a table for Ronnie,Mom and MeiLee before they came ( even food was done!!! ). I served them.he he he he.

MeiLee followed me by looking around.Ha ha ha ha.I was really busy,but always stopped by at their table.

Sean,the manager and the other waitresses/waiter celebrated Mom's bday by giving her a Vanilla Cheesecake.

Mom's really surprised!!! Her face was really red.. Gotcha!!!!!!!

They didn't stay longer,since Steve and his fam invited Mom to have some meal at Fricker's.

As they left, I called Ronnie a few hours later.Ronnie said that Fricker's was really packed. They didn't have a service at all,even Steve didn't get a beer. Poor them... they left.Steve's pissed.

Glad Ronnie,Mom and MeiLee had something to eat.They finally went home.

Mom got Home Depot gift cards from us and Steve.MeiLee gave some money for Grandma!!!! Picked the perfect card from MeiLee to Grandma.

Happy Bday,Mom/ Grandma !!! We love you... God bless

Monday, September 8, 2008

Diary of Us * Ke Mana Aja??????* :P

Apa kabar dunia ????

Sorry,friends...... I've been away from MP lately. Gosh.. feels like I have handful of these and those.



I am enjoying my role as a Mom now.







MeiLee's been growing so fast. She hasn't got teeth yet,but she eats good. I have given her rice and mixed with Beef Soup or Sweet & Sour Fish * Ya elahhhhhhhhhhhhh, MeiLee main embat ajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa * One side of the fish's gone for 1 time meal !!!!!!!








The other day I cooked her Chicken Gizard and Liver Porridge.She loved it,too.

Every noon,when I come back from work, I take a chance to take a nap. I bring her upstairs,to our bedroom,trying to make her sleep. Goshhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! It took me 1.5 hours to make her sleep,meanwhile I have to take some rest before I go to another job.

The next day, I put her in her cribs. Amazing, it just only took her a couple minutes to sleep.. I realize that she can sleep easily by herself,without being accompanied by anyone. Weleh...weleh.......

I don't need to worry abt her,since we got her video monitor Ronnie set in her bedroom and ours ( Ronnie bought a new set,he said," So you won't wake her up next time,just watch her from this screen ). " 

MeiLee wonders to see the camera moves around * the cam is neat.We can move it and follow where MeiLee moves around *. MeiLee turns her head to the left and right everytime she sees it moves.

Actually I got pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnntyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of pics in my cam. Just hasn't got right time to upload. My family notice that they haven't seen new pics of MeiLee. I told them," Very busy lately.Sorry,next time. "

Next time to next time... my laziness to upload them grows bigger and bigger.. Too tired,too lil time,wanna spend time with MeiLee,watching movies ect.

Goshh... I used to watch tv a lot,now I can count how many times I watch tv in a day. Nada !!!!!!!!!!!

Most of weekend we go to attend friends' party or stay at home. Ronnie's busy working on Mustang. Or, I will take more sleep * some night I still awake till 3-4 am *

MeiLee spends her time by playing with her toys,watching kids cartoons.She's pretty good when play by herself. Toys're all around. Goshhhhh....when she's done, I can see all the stuff around the living room. Capekkkkkkkkkkk mungutnya :P.

Ronnie loves playing with MeiLee in the evening as he gets home.They'll roll in the living room. ha ha ha ha .

 We're invited by neighbors left and right to swim. MeiLee's so excited. She kicked the water and then fell asleep after all. .When we're done swimming,the other neighbor invited us to swim again.. Oh well... we ended up swimming at 2 places.


MeiLee loves water.She likes playing with the running water. Touching the water,and clap her hands. ha ha ha ha

The other night,Ronnie told me that MeiLee played with her spoon at dinner time.The green bean was all over her face.. Fortunately,I left the cam,Ronnie took the pics of her messy face.


While writing here,we'd like to wish you Happy Fasting.. * duilee...bisa2nya gak ngeh kalo skrg udah masuk bulan puasa. Ke mana aja,Meiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ? *


Ntar kalo udah mendingan,Mei2 bakalan singgah ke MP temen2.. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....