Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aug 30th - Back to States ( Day 1 - Singapore )

Just arrived in Singapore at 10.45pm tonite ( Aug 30th ).It's really hard to leave the beloved land,Indonesia and back to States.

Spending 1.5months with the family feels like it's way too quick.I wanted more and more.Tried hard not to cry at the airport,but I failed.Everyone was there,but Joe.It's so sad.........

I pray that my family will be doing ok.Papi's been sick for years.I was afraid I wouldn't have a chance to meet him again.Praise the Lord,this year I came back home and met him.He's still healthy,has good appetite,still energic and dresses like young guys. Ha ha ha ha ha.Love ya,Papi!!!!!!

I changed some money and called my family.Mami said,'Everyone cries here.One by one went to the bedroom and cried quietly there.Thanks for everything." Bahhh.....Mami cried too,when she told me that. ( Duh.......made me cry again ).

Amoy said that they had called Ronnie.I bet Ronnie is so excited to see me there.Ronnie will pick me at the airport.

I called Ronnie at work.He sounded so happy. He he he he. I said," I don't wanna go home,baby." Ronnie said," Honey, I am sorry.You stuck with me here." :P . Yeah..yeah... yeah...  I got stuck with him and the baby. He's been missing me so bad,he said.He needs me so bad . Ok,boss... I am coming home...

Later,I called Lina ( MPer ). We plan to meet tomorrow morning at the airport.I don't know if she's allowed to get into the hotel.I'll figure it out.

It's 12 midnite anyway.Wanna check in to transit hotel.Really tired and hungry.I'll update my trip tomorrow morning.


Pray for us to have a great trip. God bless!!!

Mei - Mei & Baby Ries


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back Home to States :(

Duh..... after spending vacation for 1.5 months,willy nilly I must go home.It's too quick.Feels like just yesterday I came here and have to go back home.

I packed up my stuff in the middle of the nite and called Ronnie. I said to Ronnie I didn't wanna go home.He's disappointed. He said," Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... you're breaking my heart.Pls come home.I miss you so bad here. Can't wait any longer. Please, I need you." Awwwww..............

I asked Ronnie if he could let me stay another week. He said," Well..if you wanna,you can.It's up to you. " Aghh.... My doctor gave me time limit till Sept 3rd only.Besides,Joe is still in P.Sidempuan ( he got job training there for 10 days,and be back around Sep 4th .Still,can't meet him ). He cried when he left last week.Bah..that boy could cry,too . :D

Well... it's my last day in Siantar now.This noon at 3 pm we'll depart to Medan,stay overnite and fly to SIN on Thurs nite. I really don't like it.


This is my home,this is my heart, my family, this  is where my home land is.Hopefully I could come back soon with Ronnie and Baby Ries.

Wish me the best.Hope I would have a great trip,and be safe arrived in Cincinnati,OH.

Love ya all my family. I really do..... Breaks my heart to leave you all again.The same moment after Papi's bday I left for States 3 yrs ago,now it is repeated again....

I left for States Sept 3rd 2004, a few weeks after Papi's bday.... I am going to leave for States again .............


Pic: Papi's bday on Aug 19th, 2007.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Durian .... ohhh... Durian.....

Duh, Cie Beby bought some durians this evening. Abt 6 pieces for Rp.10.000 only.While having dinner, we’re having durians,too. Goodness….. I ate a lot ( 10 pieces ).


Chatting with Ronnie at midnite here ( only could chat almost 1 hour ),suddenly I got stomachache.I said to Ronnie,’ Baby, gotta go to the bathroom.I ate stingy fruit before.My fart smells like hell now.’ He laughed.


He had to go to,too.He just formed a band,he said.He would practice with Chris n Mike. Oh well……….durian makes my belly upset now. :P


Ching2 is crazy abt durian. I can’t believe that.Ha ha ha ha ha.


It’s bedtime anyway. 2.14am here. Glad I could spend time with Ronnie after 1 week we’re busy doing our own stuff. He can’t wait for me to be home.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aug 12th 13th : Back to Medan


Back to Medan now... After attending a friend's wedding in Siantar,we went to Medan with Uncle Lukas ( Mami's younger brother ).

I intended to fix my teeth in Medan.Mami wanted to visit Cie Vivie n Mike ( they're sick ).We took Bou Norma ( Papi's youngest sister ) along.

Stopped by at Bengkel,bought Dodol Durian. ^__^.

Around 9pm,went to Dr.Wahap ( ko Cendy's friend ).He checked my teeth.

Medan's hot... I can't stand. Didn't go out  after all.

Sunday,we were picked by Iie Le Suan to church. There,I met old friends.

Sunday evening, Joe and I went to Thamrin Plaza.He had his hair cut.The rest came by taxi and we had window shopping. I didn't feel like wanna buy stuff here. Heran.. dulunya seneng bener belanja2.

After browsing the mall,we stopped by at Pizza Hut.Joe ordered the food, I didn't eat a lot.Gak demen aja makan ala Amrik :P

Bill wasn't bad.With lots of food we had, I just only paid Rp.97.500 .

Then,went home... goshhh....I was still starving,but didn't wanna eat. Still got a problem with my nose, sore and dry.Cie Vivie said," You're snoring and murmuring,Mei-Mei." He he he he. I said," I know I snore.But murmuring ?? " She said, " Yeah.. kinda singing something last nite.I forgot. " 

 Bahhhhhhhhhhhhh.............masak sihhhhhhhhhh ??????????????

This evening  we will be back to Siantar.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Joe : Sinusitis & Syphilis ^________^


This is a story abt Joe's goofiness.


A couple days ago,he took Mami to a public hospital.Mami had medical check up.There,they're talking abt Titie ( my youngest sister's problem with nose ).

Joe was in the hospital. Kinda asking questions. He said to Mami," Wah,Mami ... I think Titie's disease can be cured here."

Mami said, " Yeah.. I think so. "
Joe said,' Yeah... her SYPHILIS can be cured soon. We better take her here. "

Then he realized,' Ehhh... I mean  SINUSITIS!!!!!!!!!!! " . Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Later,they went home and told it to Titie. Titie was so upset.

She said,' Since when I have SYPHILIS????????????? You're crazy!!!!!!!!!!!"

We laughed out loudly. Our faces were so red and I couldn't breath coz it's really funny. Titie was still upset.

Joe said,' I am sorry. I mean SINUSITIS,not SYPHILIS '. Ha ha ha ha ha .


Titie said,' You're the one who have SYPHILIS,not me. You think I am a man ?? Guys have it,not girls. ' Ha ha ha ha ha.

Joe kept begging her to forgive. She's still upset. We laughed and laughed. Titie didn't want talk anything. Amoy tried to make it work,but Titie said," Hushhh.. I don't wanna say anything rite now. Stay away from me. "  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Goodness..... that story really made our day in the morning. Joe is a " naughty " boy. Jailnya setengah matiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. He likes teasing people. He said to Titie,' See?? She is taking a physcology,but I think she needs to be learnt,not people." Ha ha ha ha.


Titi put her ugly face.Still mad.. ha ha ha ha ha.

These 2 kids,sometimes they're not like sister and brother.Keep teasing one each other. Titie is a quite girl, Joe is the opposite.

Not only once, we hear them kinda tease one other at nite,just like last nite.We just hear what they're talking and arquing abt from the other room. Ha ha ha ha ha.


I'll write down next time abt this " cat and dog " relationship. Ha ha ha ha ha.



Tuesday, August 7, 2007

July 14th : Sunday & Broken Parabola

the 1st week of my visit, I went to church on Sunday.We are the member of Assembly of God in Parluasan.

The pastor talked abt huge disaster in Siantar a couple days ago,caused by the wind. I didn't realize abt it. She said," One of our member's house was broken.The wind blew the parabola so bad and the roof was flown away." Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...........

No wonder,a day before,Papi was talking abt the wind.Even Joe,my bro texted us from Medan and talked abt thick rain. I myself saw the thick rain when I closed the front door.

As we were done from the church, I saw some broken houses. What a pity

Aug 4th - Diary of My Activities ( Beres2 Rumah )

Begini ini nih kegiatan sehari2 di rmh.Lagi tukang2an :P
Still fixing here and there. During the day,Mami said," Come on,Mei.Let's cut this wood. " We wanted to put a new wood on the old table.

Papi said," Well..where's the cam ?? I'll take your pic." Mami said,"Yes.. show it to Mom,that Mami can do guy's stuff,too." Ha ha ha ha. Yeah,Mami and Mom are super women.

Meanwhile the other painted other room.In the evening,Darwan made a batter of Goreng Tepung.My other cousin came to visit us.

The next day,we had bfast of Goreng Tepung ( murah meriah enak,euyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! ).

At nite,Ching2 has a duty to massage her Oma. Ha ha ha ha ha.Then, me, and others. Ching2 said," Can pregnant woman be massaged ?? :P

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aug 2nd : Manuk Ni Atur

Papi fulfilled his promise to give me Manuk Ni Atur.He had talked abt it a few days after I arrived in Indonesia.

While we're painting the kitchen,my other cousin fixed the back bedroom,Mami and Cie Beby went shopping.

We had lunch in the living room.

Manuk Ni Atur is The Simalungunese traditional food.( When I chatted with Ronnie,I showed him the pic,he said,' Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ' Ha ha ha ha. He had it once here.He liked it ).

Papi said,'It's sad,Ronnie isn't here with us.But,our wish is all the best for you,Ronnie and your baby.'

So...we had Manuk Ni Atur for our lunch...

Pig Married to -be :D

Wahhhhhhhhhh... I've been spending my vacation here more than 3 weeks.Hotttttttttttttttttttttt, noisyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,messyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,traffic is so bad, ect. Ngomel mulu nih org :P

Missing to see old stuff I've ever seen before,but still surprise to see it again. Ha ha ha ha.

Enjoy these ones!!!!!!!!!!


sorry for those who don't like the pics.  Nostalgia aja :D
Pig was abt to be married to a female one.The owner said he's paid 100rb rp everytime he marries the pig. Wow... bisnis nih yeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D