Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mistress of Spices ( 2005 ) - Hindi

Genre: Drama
The Mistress of Spices is an enchanting and sensual fable about the romantic and personal conflicts that face Tilo, a beautiful young woman, trained in the ancient and magical art of spices. Ordained with special powers to help those that come to her, Tilo can sense people’s problems with a startling ability to look into their past and future!

For the first time Tilo’s own desires are stirred is there more to life than helping others? Tilo knows the rules and her spices warn her to stay away. But Doug doesn’t have any spices telling him what to do and soon returns with flowers to ask her on a date.

No matter how hard she resists him, his persistence, honesty and friendship draws them closer and closer to each other. When they accidentally touch, another rule is broken and the spices are enraged. The spices are in no mood for either leniency or romance but Tilo is captivated by the force of love and agrees to go on a date leaving her spices behind.

The spices begin to punish her the more she falls in love and defies the rules, the more her customers suffer. All Tilo wants to do is carry on her work helping others and fall in love as well, but she is forced into a painful dilemma. If she turns her back on her way of life, all the people that she has helped will suffer, but if she doesn’t, she will lose Doug forever!


I am so happy finally I could watch Hindustan movie. Are re are.................... I am a big fan of Hindustan movies.I almost dated an Indian guy long time ago.Hahhahahhahaha.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wed, July 19th 2006 - Cleaning..Cleaning....Cleaning....

Wed, July 19th 2006

Robert ,Courtney n Telisha came to visit us on Wed.They brought Pizza!!! Wuahhhhhh.They accompanied us that nite.Ronnie & Dave were fixing the speaker.

Robert went to the DJ booth,he played some songs and sang,too. Courtney was being goofy.He danced on a chair, made himself round and round and round. Kinda like ballet. ^___^

Telisha braided my hair. It’s my 1st braided since I was Junior High School. I stopped braided my hair when I was in Junior High School. I just don’t like braided it, cos it makes my hair curl and branched.

Well, Telisha came to me and asked me for Windex and washclothes. She said she wanted to help us clean the bar. Courtney said the same thing.Duh, I felt bad.I didn’t mean to make them come and work for us.But Telisha said it’s ok for them.They like us and they’d like to do something for us.

So, I gave them the stuff they needed. Robert kept playing the songs. Everyone was busy working.Hahhahahhaha. He said to Ronnie,” Ronnie, I wanna be the DJ next Wed.” Ok,then,Robert!! It’ll be yours. ^___^

Finally,we’ve done the cleaning.The doors looked nice,so did the mirrors. So we went home earlier that nite.

Thank you for coming and helping us!! God bless!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lihat Kebunku......

These pics were taken on July 20th 2006.

My eggplants grow so fast. Rite now I have another 3. The peppers are getting bigger and bigger.

The most fave plant I have this year is Turmeric!! I cooked Clams with Ginger yesterday ( within 2 weeks, I had cooked Clams 4x!!! ). I added some turmeric leaves in my cooking. Tasty!!!

I plant Yu Choy ( Sayur Sawi ),but seems bugs eat them.

Heritage Village Museum, Sharonville, OH
at Heritage Village Museum is to engage our visitors in entertaining educational activities that help them appreciate how changes in 19th-century family life in southwest Ohio relate to their own life experiences.

Drive just 20 miles north from Cincinnati and return to small town life of 100 years ago.

Heritage Village, a picturesque gathering of eleven historic country buildings from the 19th century, is the setting for guided visits, special events, school programs, summer camp and fascinating exhibits of all kinds.

Historic Southwest Ohio, Inc. operates the Heritage Village Museum and the John Hauck House Museum. Historic Southwest Ohio, Inc. is a non-profit educational institution promoting an appreciation of the culture of 19th century southwest Ohio by operating museums according to the highest professional standards for the preservation of our historic structures, the care of our collections and the preservation of exhibitions and programs

Visiting Heritage Museum,Sharonville,OH - July 15th 2006

Ronnie and I went to visit Heritage Museum in Sharonville.We were lost for almost 1 hour. Finally we arrived after called a couple times.

It’s really hot day.Ronnie’s sweating around. We walked around the museum. But,since Ronnie’s tired, we stopped from visiting a few houses. It’s enough for us this time.

Ronnie did enjoy the trip.He wished he could stay longer,but he’s tired.We went to CAM, shopping some stuff and then we went home. Ready to work at nite, Sunday nite, Karaoke Nite.^__^

I bought souvenirs from the museum. The pencil sharpener, Bell and Cash Registration.The bell sounds good!! Hahhahahahhaa. Besides, I bought some old money and books abt the Museum.

I am a happy camper!!! We had fun!!!!

One thing that I really long to do is Wearing the Vintage Dresses!!! :(

The guides guided us abt the histories and everything,but I didn't pay attention. I kept touching the dresses they wore.Hahahhahaha. I asked them," Do you have any photo session wearing these dresses for the guests?" :P . Ronnie laughed, he said," baby, they don't have."

We have done it once in TN last summer.Still, I really want to wear the customes. I am a vintage admirer!!!!!

Nick's Birthday @ Club Evolution, July 18th 2006

Hooray! Nick celebrated his birthday at our bar.He came earlier brought his Mom and Pam, her friend.

I cooked some food for Nick.Later on,Sarah came and brought something.

I prepared the food on the coffee table.I cooked Fried Noddles,Lumpia n Klepon.Nick was goofy.He ate Klepon,and suddenly the brown sugar came out from the Klepon and messed his face.We laughed. Gotchaaaaaaaaaaa!! :P

Around 10.30pm,everyone came.I was getting busy that I didn't have any chance to take lots of pics.

Everyone had great time.Everyone sang.We gave Nick half dozen of beer.He said," I am drunk,Mei2." Hahahhahahahha.

Whatever,hun.Happy Birthday!!! We love you, we do!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Tuesday,July 11th 2006 - Encouragement Card For Ronnie

Tuesday, a couple days after Ronnie’s recovery.

Our regular customers came on Tuesday,Karaoke Nite. Ronnie went home earlier.He left the car,so me and Mary could drive home by ourselves.Nick came later.He’s looking for Ronnie.I told him Ronnie had gone.He brought a card and had everyone signed it for Ronnie.So sweeeeettttttttt!!!!!! He said,” We love you both,Ronnie & Mei-Mei.Everyone,gotta sign up this card.” I was touched and cried.

Nick bought a very cute card.I laughed when I read it.It’s really funny.He asked me to write some for Ronnie. I wrote goofy stuff.Everyone laughed.

Nick said that he would throw his b’day party next Tuesday.I offered him to cook some food.

We are so blessed that many people love us,never stop praying for us. May God bless your souls. We love you,too,guys!!!!

Sunday,July 1st - Karaoke Nite & Ihop

These pics were taken before Ronnie was sick. Sunday nite, Karaoke Nite ( almost a month ago ). Now, on Sundays I bartend and have fun with the customers. I myself don’t wanna loose chance to sing. ^___^

After we closed, we went to Ihop,having b’fast. When we arrived there, I heard somebody screaming ,called my name,”Mei-Mei!!!!!!!!! Mei-Mei!!!!!!!!!!!” And it continued with other voices, “ Mei-Mei!!!!!!! Mei-Mei!!!!!!!! Mei-Mei!!!!!!”. Goodness!!! Robert cs were in Ihop!!! There’re some customers in Ihop stopped eating and looked at us walking to the table..Hihihihii. I felt like a real celebrity.Hahahhahahaha.

There,Robert,Melisa,Ronda,Ronda’s Mom,Courtney n Telisha were there,had a big table. They asked us to join.The waitress took another table and joint it.

Robert with his jargon,” I loveeeeeeeeee Mei – Mei”, swinging his head, makes me laugh all the time. He said that words many times. Ronnie laughed .

We had great time with them, chit chat and we went home around 3.30am.

Swimming Day - July,14th 2006, Dayton, KY

Mary invited me to swim at her cousin’s pool.Two days ago,on Thursday we went swimming at NCH Swimming Pool,not far from home.

Saturday,Uncle Rob,Grandpa Hauser ( Mary’s uncle and grandpa ) picked me at home.We shopped food at Kroger before leaving for Dayton,KY.

Uncle Rob cleaned up the pool,meanwhile we prepared the food.

It’s a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Big Lunch

Yes, Just wanna post my cooking.^___^
I cooked the fried rice last week,the same day when I was watering my garden.

The 2nd pic was from yesterday. I had some clams and I wanted to have ginger clams,so I cooked them.

Honest,this time it was really spicy.I couldn't eat all the chilies. I gave up this time. ^__^.

Ronnie saw them and he said," I am out of here." Hahahahaha. He didn't want to see the clams. Payahhhhhhhh

Those were all my lunch menu.But, I gotta work hard not to eat too much anymore ( I gained my weights!! ) I was 57-58 kg before I came here. Now, I am 68 kgs!!!!


Thursday, July 6, 2006

Truly Need Your Prayer For My Sister,Amoy

 Wenny( my  adopted sister ) called me around 10am.She asked me to call to Amoy's cellphone.Amoy,my beloved sister had an accident in the morning around 6am in Medan.I was still sleeping.

I called to Amoy's cellphone immediately.Mami answered it.I was surprised,cos it's been a couple days I tried to call my family to Siantar,but none answered me( even all the cellphones couldn't be reached ). Mami said they just came back from Haranggaol( my cousin got married on 4th of July ).

Mom told me that Amoy had an accident with Wenny.They're riding a motorcycle and somebody hit them from behind.Amoy fell down.She was taken to the hospital ( later on,Joe sent me news that blood came out from Amoy's ear ).

Meanwhile Wenny took care abt the accident to the police station.They were blamed for that.According to them ,it's one way street,how could they be blamed ?The motorcycle should have to be blamed,cos he hit them from behind. Aghhh it's not fair.Wenny was asked to pay some money for that.

Mami and Papi left immediately to Medan.Uncle Dem was asked to visit Amoy to the hospital. She was taken to RS.Pringadi,but none took care of her for hours.Uncle Dem was so mad and he took Amoy to another hospital,Materna. ( Why people always do like this to patients?) 

Doctor said she's ok.There's swollen on her head.The doctor gave her some medicines.Rite now Amoy is at home ( She didn't want to stay in the hospital ).

I cried when I heard the news.My whole body was really weak and shaked.I told Mami I'd send some money asap. I talked to Amoy for awhile,she sounded so weak.

I told her,"Amoy,get well soon.Cicie love you.Pls get well soon."

I called Ronnie and told Ronnie what happened.Ronnie asked me to send some money,too.I called Mom and told abt Amoy. I was so panicked .I wish I could be there.

As soon as I hung the phone,I went to the bank.I sent some money for my family.I called Mami again and asked her to get some money from the ATM.

Amoy talked to me.She said she's ok.But,still,it breaks my heart.I just called her yesterday!! I even called her 2 days row.And suddenly,I got a news she got an accident.Breaks my heart,truly.

Aghhhh I hope she'll be better.Mami and Uncle Dem will take her to another doctor tomorrow.


Get well soon,my gentle sister. I love you,we do love you.Can't wait to hear your laugh and gentle words.Oh myyy she's a very gentle girl I've ever met.She's the gentlest lady in my family.


Amoy, we love you ,we do,we do.

My heart breaks everytime I hear you sad and have hard time to deal with this accident.May God strenghten my family to accept what's going on rite now.


Wednesday, July 5, 2006

4th of July

Yesterday we opened the bar.Ronnie didn't expect the crowds would come,since it's 4th of July.He cancelled the Karaoke program.

All day long he was at home with me.He's doing his projects ( making flyer ) and played his game!!!!!!!!!! Yessssss!!!!!!!! I forgot when the last time he played his game.But,indeed,it's longggggggggg time ago.

Running business has taken a lot ot time and energy from us.We even couldn't do the things we used to do.But,yesterday,we could do something together.Sitting side by side in the basement,doing our own stuff.It's great!!! I teased him by calling from internet to his cellphone.Hahhahahahahah.He knew it!!! :P

He's spending time hours in the basement with me.Suddenly he laughed out loudly.I asked him why.He said," I am getting silly.I can't concentrate.I can't do my flyers even play the game."

I questioned him,"Why is it like that?You need a break ?" He said," No.....I just don't know.All a sudden my mind is not here.Even the game don't capture my attention anymore." hahhahahahhaha

He said," I gotta go to the bar,hun." Wuihhhhhhhhhhhhhh.See how he attached to the bar rite now. :P

I tried to make him stay at home for awhile, he said," Ok,but soon I'll go to the bar." Hehhehehehehe.

Then,I took him upstairs.We watched tv in the living room.He laid down and I massaged him. Mom came back from Aunt Pat's home. Mom saw us laying down on the carpets and said,"See ???? When was the last time I saw two of you doing this ? Isn't that great ??? How about that?"^__________^

When Mom was in the kitchen,Ronnie jumped to my back.He laid on my back.Aihhh Mamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .......He's way too heavy!!! Out of my breath.Hahahhahahhahahahha. I'm not a bed. Hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooo :P . I said to him,"Hunnnnnnnnnnnnnn....stop it!! I don't wanna Mom sees it." He made a shake.Hahahahhahah. Silly!!!!!!!!!! >_______<

Later on,he went to the bar. Around 5.30pm,he called me,"Hey,hun?Are you hungry ?" I said," Yes." Again,"Let's go eat somewhere."I asked,"Where?" He said," Somewhere to have dinner.Maybe Dynasti or somewhere else.Get ready! I'll pick you within 30 mnts." Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!

I got ready and he called me ," Come out.I'm in the driveway." I said to him,"Hang on,wanna take Mom,too." I went downstairs and asked Mom to get ready.Mom said,", you guys go.I stay at home.Besides,I've been cooking.You would enjoy to have dinner alone." I didn't wanna go without Mom.

Ronnie came to the kitchen and saw Mom's cooking.He said," Ups... Meiiiiiiiiiii....You know what? Mom's cooking.Why don't we eat at home?" I said," Yes, it's fine.We can go next time! " ^_____^

So,we had dinner at home instead of to the restaurant. Mom made Pasta Salad earlier.I had it for my lunch.And at nite,Mom fried battered pork. I love her Pasta Salad.

Around 7pm,we went to the bar.The bar was clean,so we didn't need to do lots of chores.Some customers came later.They asked abt the Karaoke.They still stayed till around 1am,and other customers came,too.

We went home around 2.30am.Really tiredddddddddddddddddd..........Ronnie was ready to go home and zzzzllllleeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp :P

Ghost ( 1990 )

Genre: Comedy
Just wanna review an old movie from 90. I've watched this movie many times ( 6 times maybe),but still makes me cry. Duhhh gmn neh?? Sensi banget deh ahhhh.

Then again,when I read the review from the internet,I found that there' many goofs in this movie. The next day,the movie was replayed in VH1 ( 2 days ).Then,I had an opportunity to notice it carefully.
examples :

*When Sam is on the train, he is pushed violently through the rails, cabin doors, but hits his head on the last cart.

*When Ode Mae first goes to see Molly she is wearing one pair of shoes; as she turns the corner her shoes have changed colors.

Quotes I do love ( that makes me laugh like a crazy girl !!! ) :

Memorable Quotes from the Ghost:
Sam Wheat: Write it down.
Oda Mae Brown: [to Molly Jensen] He wants you to write it down.
Sam Wheat: No, YOU write it down!
Oda Mae Brown: I ain't no DAMN secretary!

Sam: Molly, you're in danger.
Oda Mae Brown: You can't just blurt it out like that! And quit moving around, because you're starting to make me dizzy. I'll just tell her in my own way.
[pause; then, to Molly]
Oda Mae Brown: Molly, you in danger girl.

Oda Mae Brown: I know you don't think I'm giving this 4 million dollars to a bunch of nuns!
Sam: Think of it this way, you'll go to Heaven.
Oda Mae Brown: I don't want to go to Heaven, I want to go to the bank and cash a GODDAMN CHECK!


Whoopie Goldberg is really a comedian.Liat wajahnya aja udh mati ketawa2,apalagi kalo liat dia ngomong. Ronnie said,"Look the way she walks.I can't stand to watch this movie,babe.I'm going to the bar." hahahahhahaha

Duhh...Ronnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... he has no heart to watch a comedy movie.Gak sampe hati ngetawain org ,katanya.Payahhhhhhhhhh. Hahhahahahahhaa

Until now I'm still laughing whenever I remember Whoopie's face.
She indeed played very well in this movie and made it!! !if it hadn't had Whoopie,it wouldn't have been so funny.

Gardening Again!!!

Jul 3rd ( before going dinner with Ronnie to TGI Friday )

I checked my garden.This summer I wasn't so excited to garden.Mom bought some plants and put them in the garden.

She's so excited to see my tomato tree from last summer,it grows!! Bahhhh...Hahhahahhaa

So,I checked a couple times in a week. A couple days ago,I put my turmeric there and expect it would grow ( since it grew when I just put it in the basement).Maybe because the temperature was ok there.

I saw my tomatoes growing,small ones,still green,though.
One chili popped out, and turmeric leave grows,too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for 2 years to have turmeric leave.Now it's time!!!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

3rd of July -Dinner @TGI Friday

Heading the 4th July,Ronnie took me to TGI Fridays Resto. Yippeeee...... I've been waiting for monthssssssssssssss to have special time with him.We've never spent time having dinner together since we run the bar.

Ronnie really knows what I want.SPENDING TIME TOGETHER!!!!

Around 11 pm,he came home and came to the basement and he asked me to get ready!!! Hoorayyyyyyyy

I dressed up and we had dinner. Besides,we visited some bars .Jalan2 ceritanya.^____^

We went back to the bar around 1.45am. Mary, our new bartender was there with Dave.They’re about ready to close.

So,before we left, we took some pics!!!

Recently, Ronnie called me and asked me to go out dinner again. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy  4th of July!!!! Independence Day!!!

This is my 2nd time to celebrate 4th of July. Last  year we spent nite at Dave & Joyce's house and celebrated with fireworks.This year,we just stay at home. ^____^


Happy Happy day!!!!

The Ries


Monday, July 3, 2006

Gift of Love

Another story is attached here.Again,one of my fave stories teaching us abt LOVE!!!!

Some time ago,a friend of mine punished his three -year -old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight,and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless,the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said," This is for you,Daddy."He was embarassed by his earlier over - reaction,but his anger flared again when he found that the box was empty.

He yelled at her," Don't you know that when you give someone a present,there's supposed to be something inside of it ?"

The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and said," Oh,Daddy.It's not empty.I blew KISSES in the box. I filled it with my love.All for you,Daddy."

The father was crushed.He put his arms around his little girl and he begged her for forgiveness. My friend told me that he kept the gold box by his bed for years. Whenever he was discouraged,he would take out an imaginary kiss and remembere the love of the child who had put it there.

In a very real sense,each of us as parents has been given a gold container filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children.There is no more precious possession  anyone could hold.


************** James Dobson*******************



Saturday, July 1, 2006

Goofy Ronnie , Cheesecake & Sunglasses ^___^

Yesterday nite,me & Ronnie went to Sam’s Club.Instead of sending Dave to go there,Dave suggested we to go there.

Ronnie let me drive.It’s not so far from the bar.Sam’s would be closed within minutes,but I told the man on the door that we’d like to buy 1 item only. * It was the plan* :D

We walked around,and then I got what we needed.Suddenly I was attempted to buy CHEESECAKE!!!!

Ronnie didn’t let me buy the cheesecake,but I persuaded him and said,”she’s opened the box, hun.” ^____________^ . Finally he said,” Aghhhh…oghhhhhhhh.. Ok.. you can have it.” Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Then,we drove to Kroger.Ronnie bought some wine and I bought some chicken and flour.I stopped at the Sunglasses aisle. He stopped next to me and I gave him some to try on.

This is the funny thing.I gave one,he looked at his face on the mirror.He said,”Nope.”
Another one,”Noooooopeee.”

I took ones I thought they’re nice.He said,”Noooo.” Ughhh.I was so desperated. He walked closer and took ones.Aihhhhhhhhhh they’re round …looked like Bobo Ho’s sunglasses!!!!!

He put them on.I looked at him and. HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laughed out loudly.I said,” Hang on. Let me take the pic.” Ronnie pushed his face nearer to the mirror.I said,”Not that ones.” He said,” Hmm.. I like this ones.” I said,’NOOOOOOOOOO”

He said,”Yes, I like this ones.” Idihhhhhhhhh.Bobo Hoooooooooooooo.

I tried to make him try other ones.I took some more and make him do that.He tried and said,” No.. this ones are too wide.” While I was choosing others,he took back the Bobo Ho’s sunglasses. I turned my head and laughed again. I took his pic again.There’re some customers passed us,they smiled and looked at us.They laughed too ,but keep turning their heads looking at us.

Finally, I got ones for him. I myself thought they’re nice.So, I made him try.He looked at the mirror for awhile and said,” I want those ones.” He kept telling me he likes the Bobo Ho’s sunglasses. Goshhhh.. I really couldn’t stop laughing.

When he paid the groceries,I asked him to put them on.He didn’t want.He said,”We gotta pay 1st,baby.” So,once he paid,I put them on his head. Hahahhahaha. The cashier and the assistant laughed. Ronnie said,” Goodness..This is the risk if you marry Indonesian girl. Goofy one.” Hahahhahahahaha.

He put them on!!!!!!! Hahahahhahaha. He said,” I can’t use them while I am driving.Cops will catch me,cos I can’t see well . “ Hahhahahahahha I said,” Tell the cops,you’re wearing new glasses.” He replied,”Yes, and hit somebody’s car will be the excuse.” Hahahhahahahahhahaha

He stopped at Ice Cream stand. I treated him. Ronnie said,” You wanna pay, hun?” Of courseeeeeeeeeeee.. it’ s cheap!!!!!! Hahahahhahaha.

Last nite,Friday,we had many customers as usual.But this time,I saw new faces.Everyone had good time. I took some pics ( I’ll upload later).

Around 3.30am we left the bar.Ronnie asked me whether I was hungry.I said,” Yes,hungry.” He asked,” How hungry are you?” I said,” One level upper of hungry .” Hahahhahahahha

So,we picked Ihop to have late dinner??? *Difast * maybe!!! Dinner-B’fast.

Hey!! Strange!!! Why Ronnie drove back home??? I said to him,” Babe,I thought we would have some meal to Ihop.” He said, “ You know what? You’re rite. I forget.Hahahhahaha.” Then, we passed home and we drove to Ihop.

We had some food there. I was really cold.Ronnie said,” It’s almost 90 F here,hun.” But, later on he said,” I am cold.”hahahhahahhaha. Dasarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

We went home around 4.30am. I myself slept around 5am and woke up around 2-3pm. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Snuggling all day long with Ronnie!!! ^____^

I gotta get ready. I’ll be going to the bar soon.

Above all, I and Ronnie did have good time.


I've been wanting to post kind this of article long time ago.The similar story I've ever read when I was teaching my private students a couple years ago.Then,I checked my private library next to our bedroom and I took a book " MORE STORIES  FOR THE HEART."

I marked some nice stories that could build our faith and encourage our minds. I'll attach another one next time.

Hopefully this story will teach us to be careful with what we say and do.


There is a story of a woman in England who came to her vicar with a troubled conscience.The vicar knew her to he an habitual gossip - she maligned nearly everyone in the village.

" How can I make amends? " she pleaded. The vicar said," If you want to make piece with your conscience,take a bag of goose feathers and drop one on the porch of each one you have slandered."

When she had done so, she came back to the vicar and said,"Is that all ?" " No", said the wise old minister," You must go now and gather up every feather and bring them all back to me."

After a long time the woman returned without a single feather." The wind has blown them all away," she said. " My good woman," said the vicar," so it is with GOSSIP. Unkind words are easily dropped,but we can never take them back again."

********* Billy Graham **********************

Ketemu MPer - Sera White ( Part 2 )

Finally Sera White attached some pics in her MP. I used her cam to take more pics before.

I was really worn out at that nite. They dropped me to the bar.But,I slept in the bar till we're closed. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Dave woke me up around 2.15am and asked me to count the drawer. So,you could imagine I came to the bar to sleep only. :P