Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Long Easter Week

OMG! What a long weekend!

Not that I not enjoyed it, but it's about " EVERYTHING ". Yes, good and bad.


Bad, since on Thurs, I ran into red light accidentally ( I lost my mind! ) I followed the traffic light on my RIGHT, yes, not IN FRONT OF ME.

As soon as the red light changed into green light on my RIGHT, I DROVE straight! Goodness!!!! Then I realized the cars next to me didn't move at all!

Oh my! Oh my!!!! I stopped and scared. I looked around, and saw a police car was behind me, still stopped for the red light. I was feeling bad. I stopped and waited till he came to get me.I said to myself," come and get me.. come and get me." 

I saw his head kinda bowed down, like reading something. I thought," Well.. he didn't move.I'm sorry,God. I promise won't do this again."

So, I drove again and dropped ML to Mom's house. I was scared till I got to work. My friends told me different opinions,which made me double scared. Hopefully I won't get any ticket.


Glad ML didn't have any class, since it's Good Friday. I took ML to Mom's house and drove to Dr.Fixler's office. I parked in front of Jewish Hospital, and looked for his office.A lady from the 1st floor said his office was across the street. So, I went to the street, looking for his office. Couldn't find it. I was walking around the street for 15 mnts and realized the building was the 1st building I was in.

Duh! The lady was annoying! She gave me the wrong info. I noticed that Dr.Fixler's office was at the 3rd floor!

He's very nice. I always like talking to him. Then, I came down, ready to leave. Olala!!! I found a note on my windshield. Oh no! oh no!! oh no!!!!

It's a UC Health Public Safety saying that I " parked at no parking zone, parked at fire lane."

Duh!!!! I was skipped the other day, but this time I was caught!!!!  Ohh... but it's ok. I learnt it as a value experience. I would be careful next time.


ML's gym class is at 9am. Yuck!. We're late. Her 10.15am class was fully booked. Duh! So, I was sitting there waiting for ML. Then, did grocey shopping,dropped them home, and drove to Baptis Church for Easter Egg Hunting, at Sheila's church. It's started from 11a-1p. They provided the hotdogs and drinks.

We went home, took a break a lil bit. I started baking Chicken Wings to be taken for another Easter Party at Steve & Pam's house ( my in laws ). We went there around 4pm till 7 pm. LONGGGGG evening!

Mom dropped us home. I started to think what I could do next. I saw my kitchen pantry and decided to sort all the stuff in there. Too many stuff! Untidy!

Ronnie left for watching his friends playing band in Hamilton.I kept cleaning and cleaning.

Ronnie texted me and said he got there safely around 11pm. I kept cleaning again.Till he texted me and asked me to go to bed. I saw the clock, it's already 1am!

I told him I would go, as soon as I was done cleaning. Rearrange the kitchen pantry, the cabinets, cleaning the stove, washing the dishes ect.

Finally, I was done by 2am. Goodness!!! It took me 5 hours! I was really tired!


I woke up at 7.30am. Only had sleep about 5 hours. Went to the kitchen, getting ready for the Easter Picnic at 3pm later.

I boiled some noddles, got this and that, and started cooking. Cleaned up the kitchen, got ready to church. We're late. Duh!

We enjoyed the Easter Service. Lovely songs. Then followed by Easter Egg Hunting again. ML got some eggs and got lots of treats. * I have to hide them all and brought them this morning to work. Wanna get rid of all the candies from home *

We went home. Then I cleaned up the kitchen floor. I didn't have a chance to clean up. I decided to use a broom than vacuum cleaner.

I was really satisfied with the results. I loved it! I ended up sweeping the family room,too. ML was being mischevious, she grabbed my broom and brought it upstairs, running! Nakal kamu ya!

Finally I was done cleaning. I saw a car's pulling to our driveway. Ahh,Christina! I forgot that we needed to go to the park at 2pm. Duh!!! I was in a hurry, got ready and Ronnie just came back from Home Depot.

He said he'd follow us since he needed to upload his sound system ect for the Fellowship.

We got there at 3pm. Waiting for the others, finally we started it. It's a very lovely fellowship we had. Then we had dinner at the park. It's a potluck.

We had lots of fun, laughed and laughed and laughed.

When we got ready to leave, it started raining. God put on hold the rain till we're done. That's amazing

Got home around 7'ish, I was really tired. Really really tired

Went to bed around 10pm.

My... what a long week I had.



Monday, April 18, 2011

Trip to Columbus (Consular - KJRI Chicago's Event )

What a happy day!

I knew we'd had fun . We left for Columbus on Sat morning to renew my passport. The KJRI Chicago was coming to Columbus, as Permias Columbus invited them to take care of Indonesian consular matters.

One of the consular staffs is married to our old good neighbor ( Kak Retni )  in Siantar. As a matter of fact, the husband ( Bang Mandala Purba ) is from Siantar,too. And, we have the same last name.

What a small world! I met Kak Retni in 2007, when her dad passed away, and I was still pregnant. Then, we met again this time, and ML's been 3 yo! 

I was so hysterical when I saw her at the front seat. LOL. I closed her eyes from behind and she turned back and screamed . We hugged one each other  and kept saying, " Oh, how I missed you so much!!!! "

Anyway, I didn't mind waiting for hours ( cos I was late to come and get the number ). I accompanied kak Retni till the event's over.

At lunch time, Bang Mandala invited me and others ( oh yes, we met Bataknese in the event,too ). So, it's kinda remind us of " Batak Land ". . We spoke Simalungunese . ha ha ha ha ha.

We had delicious lunch, cooked by Ester Harianja ( who married with Purba ). And got new friends,too.

I called Ronnie and had him take ML to the building so I could take ML to meet Bang Mandala's family. ML's still napping, but I did take her upstairs.

Finally ML woke up, and she played with Kei, Kak Retni's youngest kid. Kei gave ML a Barbie book, as a gift. Thank you, kak Kei

The event was done by 4 pm. Ronnie was waiting for us at the front building. They met Ronnie and chit chat a lil bit. We invited them for dinner, but they had to drive to visit Niagara Fall at that evening, then back to Chicago.

Duh... words couldn't express how happy I was. It's too short, but we loved it. I'm sure, we would meet some other time

Till we meet again, kak,bang, kei!

Thanks to Permias Columbus for throwing this such a great event. I kill 2 birds at one stone

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ronnie's Built Up End Table ^__^

Duh! Had a long weekend this.Friday was ML's school, Sat was her gym class, continued by Monthly Fellowship at Herman's family. I played guitar,again

On Sunday, was in charged with the nursery class at church, went home, had heached, took an aspirin, knocked me out!  I slept from around 4'ish - 9.30'ish!

Hungry...very hungry.. I didn't have a chance to cook, too late. I turned on my cell, got text from Ronnie around 6.30'ish, asking me to cook him steak

I finally cooked some pancakes and  had the home made maple syrup given by my co-worker,Dan.

Later, Ronnie came in and brought a very nice end table. I asked him where he got it. He said," I made it."

HA ???? I couldn't believe it. I said,' Nah. You brought it from somewhere."

He said,' I did make it. You sounded sleep when I did this. Even the sound of the power tool didn't make you wake up."

I believed him. I saw the garage, the tools were there, floor's kinda dusty. He said," This is gonna be my end table in the bedroom "

One project is done, and he has more projects to be done. So proud of him!

He took the table out to the front porch, aired it and munched some snacks.I joined him, and sat on the grass.

The wind blew so hard. He said," It's been like this since noon. It's gonna be worse tomorrow."

He's really happy to see his table.He said," I'm so proud!" LOL.

Yes, I'm proud,too, honey! Enjoy your end table