Friday, December 26, 2008

Dec 25th : MeiLee - Cleaning & Dancing

ASTAGANAGA!!!!!!!!!! This girl copies her grandma wiping the tables. Ha ha ha..While wiping the table, I sang a song.She started dancing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

Just can't listen to music without dancing,huh,MeiLee??

I couldn't stop laughing when I recorded her

She's cleaning the table and killing time while waiting for Daddy to go bowling.

Good job, girl... Next project is the bigger tables and windows.. ha ha ha ha ha

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dec 25th - Christmas - Bowling w/ Family ( MeiLee hit 2 balls ) :P

This is our 3rd year doing bowling on Christmas.This time MeiLee understands more :P

She enjoyed joining us.Ronnie gave her a chance to play.

Oh my !!!!!!!!! She hit 2 balls ^_________________^. Hooray!!!!!!!!! Good lil player :P

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have The Merriest Christmas Ever !!!!


Our warmest regards


ha ha ha ha ha... :P


Anyway.... Merry Christmas to all friends and family and Happy New Year 2009.


Have the merriest Christmas ever and prosperous new year !!!


God bless,


The Ries


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ngejar Setoran ^___^

Wuih...what a long day !!!! Just finished baking Christmas Cookies ( welehhh...telat bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ).

Pagi tadi sempetin ikutan panel,lumayan dpt uang saku..Then,siangnya si Mom ingatin kalo Sabtu ini bakalan acara Natal keluarga,so kudu ada kue2 Natal...

Eits...doi tanya kalo2 bagian kue meng-kue,mantunya bisa nanganin .Beres,mertua sayangggggggggggg....

So,siang tadi si Mom belanja keperluan2 yg lain,beli ini itu ( ada yg ketinggalan),sementara mantu siap2 buat kue. Target hari ini at least buat 3 item.

Mom blg doi bakalan rada lama,soalnya banyak yg mo dibeli.Gpp..gak pulang juga gpp,Mom..ka ka ka ka ka


So,acara acak2an di dapur dimulai.MeiLee diungsikan dulu ke ruang tamu,main sendiri,cpt2 diksh mandi n makan siang,main lagi,trus diungsikan lagi.

Lumayan lama,ada sktr 3 jam kmdn,si Mom plg. Si Mom plg,Mei2 udh mulai lanjut kue yg ke-3. Dia tanya,"brp macem nih Mei ?" Mei2 blg," Macem2 lah,Mom."

Sambil coba2 resep baru,akhirnya berhasil juga.Perasaan masih ada wkt,lanjut lagi buat 1 item lagi. .Sblm jam 5 sore,buat kuenya dihentikan dulu. Giliran masak buat Dinner.


Krn kmrn2 Ronnie mentok nonton tv ttg acara masak memasak,doi jadi pengen makan homestyle barbeque ribs. Wah... kebetulan si Mom keluarin Pork Spare Ribs malam ini.Ya udah,langsung deh lanjutin masak.

Tambah bumbu sana sini,dirasa cukup pas,tinggal nunggu Ronnie plg dari kerja. Rada telat dinnernya malam ini,hampir jam 7 pm.

Mei2 bilang ke Ronnie," Ini nih... menu yg kyk di tv kmrn. Cuma ditambah dikit item yg lain." Ronnie blg," Oh.. don't tell me that."

Ronnie gak suka onion,tapi apa boleh buat...diksh onion biar ribsnya wangi plus diksh Rootbeer ( sssssssttttttttttt.......yg ini Ronnie gak tau,sampe kelar makan,baru dia tau ).

Abis tuh daging dimakan buat berempat.ha ha ha ha ha.Biasanya kalo Mom yg masak,banyak sisa.

Udh kelar dinner,lanjut lagi buat kue.Sebenarnya sih dpt 5 item totalnya.Tapi yg thumbprint chocolate cookienya rada keras ( kelamaan di oven kyknya ).

Ngejar setoran,bener...krn bsk Ronnie kudu bawa kue2nya ke kantor. Udh ritual tiap tahun Ronnie selalu share ke temen2nya di kantor.

Lega juga,akhirnya ada cemilan buat Natal ini.. Rencana kalo gak sibuk banget,kemungkinan mo buat Nastar n Kue Bawang ( duhhh.. udh kebayang capeknya,mana bsk sore harus kerja lagi ).....


Oh well......kelar buat kue,ngumpet2 bungkusin hadiah2 buat ipar2 n Mom juga hadiah buat MeiLee. Alas,.........sampe skrg blm ada hadiah buat Ronnie.Bingung mo diksh apa!! Ronnie sendiri gak tau maunya apa.Setali tiga uang,Mei2 ditanya maunya apa,bingung mo apa.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Ya sudahlah.gak mau apa2......



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dec 16th : Snowy Day

It started snowy when we're going to Forest Park,applying for MeiLee's passport.

Since Ronnie has short lunch break, we decided to meet at the Post Office in Forest Park ( abt 10mnts driving from his work ).

MeiLee walked around the post office while we're waiting for Ronnie. It took a short time ( lama nunggu Ronnie daripada prosesnya ) :P

MeiLee had to take another pic,since the pic from Walgreens was so big and I wasn't satisfied at all. It cost me another 15 bucks. That's ok.

We signed the papers.The lady said it would take abt 3 weeks to process.That's fine by us.

Ronnie couldn't stay longer,so we split. I was thinking to have some lunch,but the weather was getting worse.

I felt like small stones were thrown from the sky.Ronnie asked me to be careful. MeiLee was so excited to see her daddy * she wore Ronnie up for awhile at the post office * ^___^. She kept walking around and Ronnie had to chase her :P

I took pics while driving * duhhhh.......nekadddddddddddddddddddd * :P

Driving slowly,of course.When we got home, I saw the snow's getting thicker. I took MeiLee out from the car and let her play with the snow.

She has no clue what it is.She just stood up and fell on the ground. She just stared and looked around. Ha ha ha ha ha..

A few minutes later,she cried.I bet her pants were wet from the snow. :P

Bbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... it's really cold anyway. - 3C when we left home.

Dec 15th : MeiLee - Lil DJ ^______________^

Couldn't stop laughing when I saw her started dancing last nite....

Such a happy girl... Go DJ.. Go... DJ M !!!! ^______________^

Song :Twinkle2 Lil Star
Location : Living Room
Style : Free Style Dance :P

As soon as she's done,she just pushed the toy to the carpet.. Ha ha ha ha ha..

Ujung2nya gak enak :P

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dec 9th : Compass Extravaganza Christmas Party ( International Party )

Hooray!!!!!!!! We did it...we did it.. Yes,we did it * lol * It sounded like Dora solved something :P

Should be proud to ourselves ( everyone of us ) *wink*.....

We had a wonderful Xmas Party tonite at work.We used the Auditorium at BC from 5pm - 7pm.

We had planned this Xmas Party since last month.Came an idea to bring some canned good so we could share to people who needed,and then the exchanged gifts and share lots of food. *Dang,baby.... I was full!!!! *

Party was started abt 5.30pm.We had nice and big dinner.Pastas,Devilled Eggs,Pies,Green Beans,Fruit Salad,Chicken Wings from BW's,Cakes,Cheese Ball ect...

After having dinner,we had a game.Barb,who loves Puzzle,really made people puzzled this time. Ka ka ka ka ka..

Andre gave up!!! Ha ha ha ha.. * cone on now.....* :P joking
Courtland walked around and checked what people had. * cheating* :P joking

Finally,Nate won the game. I almost made it * couldn't find 1 more word *

Followed by the exchanged gift moment.Everyone picked up the gift.Oliver,gave away the company's bag to each of us. Yay!!!!!

People started packing the stuff and ready to leave. We put the canned good in the box and Andre would take them to church and share with people.

Party's done abt 7 pm.We took pictures before leaving.. * Dang.. I just realized that Courtland was not in the frame * :(

Roxanne and Cierra left earlier.
Poor Oliver,his exchanged gift was accidentally taken by someone before we started the game. lol.....

Thank you sooooooooooo much to everyone who participated in this Christmas Party.

Thank you so much for helping decorating,providing the food and entertainment ( ya...ya ..ya...ya.. someone's talking abt live performances,but we just listened to the music from internet ). ha ha ha ha ha......

Thanks for the giveaway bags from the company,too.. We feel special ^____^

Thanks to everyone who had come and hadn't come ( Eloise,Carol,Kim Jones,Pat,Lowanda,Tammy,Dulawn,Anne,Jeff,Mike,Trish,Kathy ect )

Hopefully next year we'd meet again and would have wonderful time like tonite.

I myself call this International Party,since we come from different background,races and countries. Isn't that amazing,meeting people in one place and share the differences like this ?

One word : AWESOME !!!!

Merry Christmas,Everyone!!!

Like Oliver asked me to say in my native language :

Selamat Hari Natal ...Tuhan memberkati semuanya... Amin!!!!!!!

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dec 7th : MeiLee's Dancing

Dasar nih anak,gak bisa dengar musik.Lagi enak2 ngemil cereal di grj,dengar lagu pujian,ikutan goyang :D

Sakit Borongan :(

Yeah... since Friday, started from Ronnie, then yesterday nite MeiLee and this morning was me........we're sick

Ronnie didnt' feel good since Friday nite.After I came back home from work,he ate 1 potato skin.All a sudden he said," Ughh.. I don't feel good,baby. I feel like wanna pass out." .He moved his chair next to mine ( in the computer room,watched online movie for awhile ),then again he complaint abt his belly.

He said," Baby... I think I'm sick." Wonder what he ate.He said," Got  too much junk food today,and the potato made me worse."

He went down to the floor and faced it. I was getting worry.He said," Clear the way,pls..pls..pleasee... " All a sudden he ran to the bathroom and " WWWWWEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! ". OMG!!!!!!!!!!! He's PUKED!!!!!!!!!!!!. Started with once,then again and again.


Mom woke up and yelled from upstairs,' Are you ok, Ron ??? ' I said," He's sick,Mom. " Mom said," Is there anything I can do ??? " I said," No,thank you..."

I asked Ronnie to go upstairs. He went taking a shower.I checked on MeiLee,she's sleeping.Then,Ronnie puked... MeiLee woke up and cried. Duhh.....


I picked up MeiLee,lullabied her and put in bed. Everytime Ronnie puked,she's awaken. I gave up.. I took MeiLee with me,went back and forward to check Ronnie in the bathroom. I saw Ronnie's puking many times.

I put MeiLee in bed,and went to check Ronnie again.He took another shower. Puked again..MeiLee awaken again.. Many times happened.

I picked up MeiLee,we laid down on a couch. I checked Ronnie again.All a sudden I heard MeiLee's crying. OMG!!!!!!!! I ran and checked her..It's dark,but I could see she's on the floor!!! She FELL!!! OH GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed and said," Ronnie...Ronnie... MeiLee fell!!!!!!!!!! ". I hoped she's ok,cos I put a pillow next to her when she laid. Thank God it's a carpet,not a hard floor.

Ronnie asked me to take MeiLee downstairs,put her in her other crib. We went downstairs,MeiLee didn't wanna coorporate. I laid her next to a couch on the carpet,cos there's a room where the heat comes from.She didn't wanna sleep. It's so coooolddddddddddddd in the living room. I even couldn't sleep there.

I gave up. I picked up MeiLee and went upstairs again. Ronnie's in bed.Sleeping for a few mnts,then he ran to the bathroom,puked again.. took another shower ( this time he's in the bathroom for 30 mnts !!!! ). I tried to check on him,but MeiLee kept awakening.She seemed didn't want be left alone. She woke up and murmured " Huh... huh.. " and looked around to make sure I was there.

When I checked on Ronnie, I saw him in the tub, putting his face down and let the water run. Duhh..... I was so panicked....

I asked Ronnie to go back to bed,cos I couldn't run back and forward to take care of him and MeiLee.. He said," I'd be right back,hun."

Finally,he went to bed abt 5 am.He slept on the carpet,next to the portable heater. Meanwhile me and MeiLee slept on the bed.

Around 7 pm, Ronnie woke up again...went to the bathroom.MeiLee woke up and was ready to go downstairs ( it's bfast and play time for her ).

I took her downstairs,and fed her.She's happy. Mom asked me to go back to sleep,meanwhile Ronnie called off to work.

I cancelled to attend Desy's bday party in the noon ( couldn't leave Ronnie with his condition like that,plus it started snowing heavily on Sat morning ). By the time I checked the window,the view is white covered with snow.

We ended up staying at home.Ronnie didn't eat till nite.Mom cooked Ham for dinner. He started feeling good after all..


SUNDAY - MeiLee's sick

Sunday nite,I went home from work abt 11pm. We went to bed abt 1am. As usual, I checked on MeiLee. Ronnie said he'd coming soon.

Something's wrong in her bedroom.I smelled something bad.I sniffed around, it smelled like Putty's dirt. I thought," Oh..not again,Putty.. Pls don't poop in MeiLee's bedroom..."

I checked around her bedroom, I couldn't find anything.... Then I turned back and checked on MeiLee. I looked at MeiLee's face... Something white covered her forehead and hair. I was thinking," It looks like traditional rub thingy on her face.Who did that ?? " I thought it was like JAMU.

I touched her face, it's dry. I smelled my finger.. UGHHH... It's a bad smell... I checked her clothes, something liquidy was there. I checked her bed sheet and blankie.. OMG!!!!!!!!! I  realized she's PUKED!!!!!!!!!! I was scared and called Ronnie from upstairs." Ronnie.. Ronnie... Hurry up.. MeiLee's PUKEDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! "

Amazingly,MeiLee slept nicely... I picked her up immediately and ran her to the bathroom. Took off her clothes and gave her a quick bath. She smelled puke all over

She woke up and Ronnie took her to our bedroom. I rubbed her with Minyak Kayu Putih,changed her outfit. Ronnie said," Be careful,she might puke again."

I told Ronnie I found some stuff in her bed. Ronnie said," Oh... I think I know.It's the Graduate food. The SAUSAGE!!!". APAAN ???????????

Ronnie said that he fed MeiLee with that stuff,but MeiLee threw it some.Then she puked... After that he gave MeiLee a bottle only. I said," OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NO WONDER!!! She might be still hungry.

Ronnie said," Don't give her anything yet.Her tummy's still not good. MeiLee looked so weak.Ronnie put her on his chest.MeiLee seemed getting comfortable....

I said to Ronnie," Put her back in bed,hun... " Ronnie said," Ssssttt.... she's ok... Let her sleep longer."

Ronnie said to me," Jealous ?? " . It's so good to see MeiLee and Ronnie close one each other like that. Ronnie told me a couple times that MeiLee never wanted to lay on his chest.. . That's why he's so excited to have the chance like that.

After a few minutes,Ronnie put her back.MeiLee rolled and laid on my breast.She slept on her back. All a sudden... SHE's PUKED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! OMG!!! I was afraid.. Ronnie quickly picked her up and brought her to the trash can. He said," Don't cover her,let her puke.. " OMG!!! MeiLee's puke was around the bed sheet. I pulled it from the bed and threw to the bathroom. All MeiLee's bedsheet and anything else in her bedroom were thrown to the bathroom.

MeiLee cried. I   bet her tummy really disturbed her. Trying to make her sleep, I gave her another bottle.Ronnie didn't want me to do that. I just gave MeiLee some water.She slept for awhile,then woke up again. Gosh..... not again,please....

Abt 5 pm, MeiLee woke up again. I ran downstairs and gave her a bottle. Abt 6.30am,she woke up. I thought she's hungry. I brought some mashed potato to the bedroom. She refused it.


Monday Morning : Me - Sick

6.45 am.. I started feeling bad. All a sudden wanna puke. I ran to the bathroom and puked.. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Ronnie woke up and checked on me," Are you ok, hun ???????? " You're puking too ??

I went back to bed,trying to sleep, couldn't.. At 7am, I puked again.. Gosh... I had to work at 8.30am, but Ronnie said," Call Diane,tell her you can't come to work.You're sick."

Gosh.. I called Diane abt 7 and told her I couldn't come. By the time I was talking to her, I started puking again.  Ashamed!!!!!!!!

Ronnie couldn't sleep after all.. At 7.20 am, he got up and got ready. He took MeiLee downstairs. I myself woke up and puked again.

Abt 10 pm, went downstairs and checking  on MeiLee.She's getting better, I was getting worse.  I went back to bed,slept till 1 pm. I didn't eat anything,cos my belly's still hurt. Finally got something to eat almost at 2 pm.

I fed MeiLee earlier atb 1 ( she had a nap earlier,cos she had short of sleeping,too ).

MeiLee's watching tv upstairs right now.


 I am feeling a lil bit dizzy and still the stomach bothers me till now.


I hope Ronnie could be home early tonite after he's done playing music.


MeiLee : Barbel Exercise ^___^

Took MeiLee to Walmart after church.Ronnie gave her a 3 lbs and 4 lbs barbels to lift them up. Lol..
Can you hold it ?? - Ronnie asked.

MeiLee tried to lift up,but kept munching the crackers.. Guess she didn't wanna play with the barbel. :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CJ7 ( 長江7號 )

Genre: Kids & Family
I loveeeeeeeeeeee this movie!!! The best ever since years ago ^_____^ ( Thank God I renewed it from the library,otherwise I would have never had a chance to watch and enjoy it ).

Dengan gaya khas komedi ala Chow, film ini bercerita tentang seorang buruh miskin Ti (Stephen Chow) yang hidup bersama seorang anak laki-laki, Dicky. Dicky diperankan oleh Xu Jian yang sebenarnya adalah gadis kecil.

Ti bekerja keras sepanjang hari agar Dicky dapat mengenyam pendidikan di sebuah sekolah elit. Sayang Dicky dijauhi teman-temannya karena berpenampilan lusuh dan tidak memiliki mainan keren.

Kejengkelan Dicky pada ayahnya yang tidak mau membelikan CJ1, mainan anjing-robot terbaru, musnah kala Ti menggantinya dengan sebuah hadiah yang ditemukannya di tempat sampah. Mainan itu (atau kemudian mungkin lebih tepat disebut binatang peliharaan) adalah sebuah bulatan hijau misterius yang bertransformasi menjadi makhluk aneh yang lucu, dengan mata bulat menggemaskan ala ''Puss in Boots'' di sekuel SHREK.

Sejatinya binatang peliharaan Dicky adalah makhluk luar angkasa yang mempunyai kemampuan magis yang ditularkan pada tuannya. Dicky tiba-tiba mampu berenang secepat speedboat, menendang bola lebih baik dari Beckham, dan lain sebagainya. Tak ayal, banyak konflik yang terjadi setelah Dicky memiliki 'binatang alien'-nya dan Ti bersama Dicky harus menyelesaikannya. Mereka pun mendapat pelajaran berharga tentang arti sebuah keluarga dan hal-hal yang tak dapat dibeli dengan uang.

PS : Dicky was played by a girl,named Xu Jiao.. Her acting was soooooooo brilliant in this film.

The whole fam who watched it on Thanksgiving dinner at home were stunned :D

Sampe gak ada yg mo beranjak, lengket nonton filmnya sampe abis . ha ha ha ha ha ha

Tumpah deh air mata pas nonton bagian sedihnya.. hiks..hiks..hiks...

Ayo,buruan nonton CJ7.....

watch 07 : 40 till the end.. soooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! I love the acting!!!!

minute 9 :53 is the golden!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

Lanjutan Nekad : Thank You ..But.....

Lanjut cerita ttg Nekad kmrn...

Siang tadi pas lagi belanja buat Christmas ( si Mom lagi hunting mainan buat cucu2nya ),tiba2 ditelp sama seseorang

X : " halo..ini Ms. Bla bla bla ? " ^___________^

Me : " Iya..siapa ya ?"

X : " Ini Scott,perusahaan asuransi.Kamu kmrn wawancara kan ?"
Me : ( Nah lo.... ditelp lagi!!! )... Iya...."

X : " Well..kamu bisa datang buat wawancara yg ke-2,gak ?"
 Me : ( duh...gak mau ahhhhhhhhhhhh... )... Kpn ? "

X : "  Terserah kamu aja,kapan bisanya."
Me : " Saya lagi di Mall skrg,lagi belanja. Ntar saya telp balik ya."

X: " Ok..... "

Me : " Byeeee... "


Lanjut shopping lagi.. tepatnya WINDOW SHOPPING.. Krn gak bawa dompet ( lupa,ketinggal di tas yg lain,krn kemaren wawancara,so ganti tas ceritanya ).

Gigit jari gak bisa beli apa2.. Bagus begitu,coba kalo tadi bawa dompet, 100-300 bucks bakalan abis tuh..

Sblm ke Kohl's ( kita belanja di Kohl's krn lagi discount up to 50 % sampe hari ini ), kita singgah ke Conway...   Si Mom beliin MeiLee mainan.... Aduhhhhhhhhhhhh MeiLee punya mainan bertumpukkkkkkkk,dibeliin lagi....

Kirain mo liat2 mainan buat cucu2 yg lain,gak taunya malah beliin buat MeiLee. Padahal tadi laptop mainan itu buat MeiLee pencet2 doank,sembari nemenin Grandma liat2 barang.Gak taunya dibeliin. Ehhh..malah ditambah dgn Crawl Ball segala.. Wadowwwwwwwwwww.... Alasan si Grandma,"These are my Christmas presents for MeiLee. "

Siangnya Ronnie telp, blg," Wah.. siap2 deh ke Goodwill, sumbangin mainan2 yg lama. " ha ha ha ha ha....

Nyampe rmh, langsung tiduran....

Lupa telp balik ???????????? Gak tuhh.......

Thank you but thank you.... Gak bakalan mau kerja ke daerah sana. Jauhnya minta ampun,blm lagi kalo pake acara traffic segala...

Duh.. kyknya asuransi kesehatan bukan bidang saya deh....


Ronnie ketawa2 di telp tadi malam * dia lagi ke rmh abangnya,bantu pindah2in barang *.Katanya, " Aku yakin sekali kalo mrk bakalan telp Mei2 balik....Dia butuh org yg spt Mei2.." Iya deh, Oom.... tapi saya gak butuh

So... plg shopping lanjut tiduran, krn jam 5.30 pm kudu kerja.... Maksud hati mo tiduran bentar,apa daya, di bawah dengar suara kyk ketok2 pintu.. Lahh... apaan tuhhhhhh ??????

Krn si Mom tiduran, gak mungkin si Mom yg ketok2 pintu.. Dengar sampe berkali2,rada2 takut juga.. Jgn2 org lain yg di luar pintu.. Mana dengar suara anak kecil lagi di luar pagar.. Takut kali2 MeiLee diculik ....


Gak taunya... si Mom lagi perbaiki pintu ke basement.. ALAMAKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Si Mom blg," Jgn takut, Mei.. Ini Mom,lagi perbaiki pintu,biar bisa dikunci."

Lah...buyar sudah acara tidur siang..Mana MeiLee bangun dari nap nya... Sutralah.. alhasil,bangun,siap2 kerja......




Nov 30th : Sun - 4th Anniversary Lunch @ O' Charley's

We didn't celebrate our anniversary till Sunday, Nov 30th. ( I was busy cleaning the bedroom on Thurs,plus MeiLee peeped on the bed cover... ha ha ha ha ha ).

Ronnie and I decided to celebrate it after church to O' Charley's for lunch.

I love the bread.It's the besssssssssssssssttttttttttttt... MeiLee had some potato soup,fries and salmon. She kept talking during the meal time. lol... ribut,MeiLee ^____^

We're lucky to have a table since the resto was kinda busy that time. Thinking to have a dessert,but Ronnie and I were so full.. Oh time :D

Thank you,Ronnie...Love you.. love you too,MeiLee !!!!

Nov 30th : Sun - MeiLee & Daddy @ Church

Ready to go home!!! MeiLee and Daddy walked hand to hand after church. She's getting better. :D

Keep on working,girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peppercorn Steak (Steak Au Poivre)

It's combination with Steak Au Poivre and Steak Diane ^__^ ( Steak Diane uses woscheshire & mushroom ).

Strip steak
olive oil
onion ( chopped )
shallots ( chopped )
heavy cream
mushroom ( becomes Steak Diane )
Beef broth

covered the steak with peppercorn and salt ( thick )
fry the steak with olive oil,turn each side abt 2 - 2.5 mnts
drain the steak,then add the chopped onion and shallots
Add the mushroom ( optional )
Beef broth
Add a lil water
Heavy cream
Stir around
Add a lil flour to thicken the sauce
Add abt 1 ts Cognac
Stir around
Taste and adjust the seasoning
Ready to serve!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 2nd : N - E - K - A - D !!!

N - E - K - A - D !!!

Iya... nekad siang ini pergi ke Milford ( ajubilehhhhhhhhhhh... jauhnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ).Mana pake acara nyasar segala lagi.....

Awal ceritanya tuh krn ada wawancara pekerjaan di asuransi kesehatan. Amit amit jabang bayi.... Wkt minggu lalu ditelp,sudah ada rasa ragu sih.Gak mau ke sana,krn jauh * ngebayangin jauhnya,udah beda county,malah ngebayangin kyk mo pergi ke rmh Nia.Ha ha ha ha ha ).

Pikir punya pikir,Ronnie blg dicoba aja dulu. Duh....pagi tadi bawa MeiLee ke dokter,check up bekas hasil operasi kulit di bawah matanya itu ( dianterin si Mom sih :D ) .

Dr.Gordon blg kalo bekasnya itu bakalan hilang sktr 3- 6 bln,so sering2 di massage aja kulitnya,gitu katanya.Plg dari RS,bawaan malah malas pergi.

Ronnie :  Menghilang ?????

Ronnie pake acara absen kerja,krn tengah malam doi sakit perut ( makan sandwich yg Mei2 bawa plg dari kantor,dia blg perutnya melilit kesakitan ). Malam lagi enak2 bobo ( gak juga ding,karna MeiLee tengah malam dipindah ke kamar kita,MeiLee terbangun).

MeiLee lagi pake acara bangun2 segala tiap 5-10 menit.Alhasil bertiga gak bisa bobo.MeiLee pake acara "manggil2 " segala lagi " Oh.. eh.. oh.. Ha! ".

Jam 4.30am,ditelp sama atasan,tanya bisa masuk kerja hari ini.Wah... gak bisa,krn paginya udh janji ke dokter bawa MeiLee. Pas bangun,baru sadar kalo Ronnie gak ada di tmpt tidur. Ngeliat di lantai ( kali2 Ronnie tepar di karpet,juga gak ketemu). Check ke krm MeiLee,gak juga. Turun ke living room,dining room,ke kamar Mom,ke basement,gak ketemu juga.  Udah jantungan nih,kok bisa laki tiba2 hilang ????

Langsung panik..Ke mana nih laki, kok gak ada di rmh ??? Check dari jendela,mobil di parkiran. Ke mana perginya ?? Kabur ???? atau.... Wah!!! Baru ingat,kalo Ronnie sakit perut.Lah.. jgn2 dibawa pergi naik ambulance???

Krn MeiLee ditinggal sendiri di kamar,buru2 dah naik ke kamar. Idupin lampu meja rias,eh... kok ada bayangan   gelap di dkt jendela ??? YA ELAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! RONNIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NGAPAIN ENTE DUDUK TERTIDUR BEGITUUUUUUU??????????

Ronnie...adem ayem duduk sambil tidur di sofa,cuma berbalut selimut tipis. Gokil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie dgn antengnya malah blg,"Ada apa,say ? " LAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Org udah panik,dia malah kyk gak tau. ha ha ha ha ha.

Akhirnya Ronnie blg kalo dia sakit perut mulu,sampe muntah.Wahhh... gak kedengaran tuh( iyalah..berdua sama MeiLee molorrrrrrrrrrrrr ).

Pagi jam 7.30 am,Ronnie telp kantornya,minta ijin gak masuk kerja. Lemes..mes....mes.......... Sampe siang baru bangun. Kaciannnnnnnnnn


balik ke cerita " NEKAD "

Menjelang siang,rada2 malas pergi interview.Ngebayangin jaraknya udah gimanaaaaaaaaa gitu. Bisa makan wkt 45m - 1 jam. Ihhhhhhhhhhhh ogahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Mana cuaca tidak mendukung ( salju terussssssssssss,lebat lagi ). Ronnie blg," coba aja.. itung2 nambah pengalaman."

Duh... gara2 Ronnie nih,akhirnya berangkat jam 1 lwt. Modal peta dari yellow pages doank, lwt setengah jalan udah terasa jauhnya. Mana pake nyasar lagi.Akhirnya berhenti di tengah jalan,telp Ronnie," Aduh,Babe... gak mau pergi ah.. Msh jauh nih kyknya."

Ronnie blg," Well, hun.. udah setengah jalan,kan dkt lagi.Pergi aja."

Ihhhhhhhhhhh.. gemessssssssssss.....

Ya udah, nyetir lagi.. 5 mnt...10 mnt... kok gak nyampe2 ?? Lwt countryside lagi. Lah.. udh lewat daerah kekuasaan nih .Udh mulai keder..................

Salah belok,nyasar ke arah lain. Udh... kesellllllll. Telp Ronnie lagi," Udah ah.. gak mau.. mo plg aja." Lah.. mo plg juga kok rasanya gak sanggup ya??? * keburu enggan duluan sih perginya tadi *

Ronnie blg," Dkt lagi,kan ? Ayolah.. "

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh.. ya udah,lanjut lagi.. Nyampe!!!!!!!!

YA AMPLOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! Nyampe juga!!!!!!!!!! Duhhh.... begitu nyampe,langsung pikiran melayang ke rmh,sambil berkata," Gila dah!!!!!!!! Gmn plgnya nih ??Ada pesawat gak ya ?? "

Masuk ke ruangan kantor,ada 1 ibu juga nunggu wawancara. Msh sisa 30 mnt lagi. Ada 1 bapak masuk. Ternyata cuma kita ber-3. Wawancara rada lelet.... Dimulai jam 3 lwt,harusnya jam 3. 

Duh... ngobrol2 dikit, ksh pencerahan.. well.. tanya2 ini itu... ya ujung2nya dijadikan Agent. Kata si boss,kalo nanti lolos wawancara ke-2,mrk ksh latihan. Cerita punya cerita,ya cari konsumer. Nambah2in jumlah client mrk. Diksh batas wkt sktr 90 hari bla bla bla..

Yeeeeeeeeeeee..malas ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... si Bapak yg duduk di sblh,gak banyak tanya. Akhirnya si boss nanya," Ada yg mo ditanyakan ?" Si bapak blg," Saya mo keluar dulu."

Si boss blg," Oh,boleh..  Ini udah siap kok.Silahkan.Terima ksh udh datang." Ya udah,kita juga ikutan plg. Si Ibu msh mo tanya2 lagi ( ini ibu dari KY,lho.. jauh amirrrrrrrrrrrr ).

Begitu keluar dari ruangan,Mei2 tanya ke si Bapak," Pak,mo terima gak kerjaan model begitu?" Dia blg, " NOOOOOOOOOOOO." Ha ha ha ha ha.Sama donkkkkkkkkkk

Msk ke mobil,ngechek peta lagi. Telp ke Ronnie," Ih..gemes...gemes...gemes.... tau gitu gak usah datang!! Kerjaannya model cari2 client gitu. Malas ahhhhhhhh."

Ronnie blg," Ya udah, buruan plg.Di rmh kita cerita lagi." Ya udahlah.. Duh... mo plg,malas nyetir,mana udah gelap lagi.. Lengkap sudah penderitaan saya....

Berangkat jam 1/2 5 sore,nyampe rumah hampir jam 1/2 6 sore. Makan wkt 1 jam!!!!

Gak bakalan ah kerja di sana ( walau juga diterima nantinya ).Gak diterima juga , SYUKUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRR . Gak mengharap


Masak Steak

Nyampe rmh, MeiLee jingkrak2 kesenangan liat emaknya nyampe rmh. Mom siap2 mo ksh MeiLee makan. Mei2 tawarin masak dinner.Mom tanya," Apa gak kecapekan ??" Gak lah....

Akhirnya,masak Steak lagi.......


Sambil ngobrol2.... cerita2 betapa kesalnya bla bla bla bla.. Ronnie ketawa2.. Katanya," At least,udah ada pengalaman,kan ?"

Iya,Oom... Tapi amit...amitttttttttttt... Gak pernah ngebayangin bakalan nyetir jauh2 begitu,sendiri pulaaaaaaaaaaaa... Dasarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ( Ronnie sih,diajak2 pergi gak mau ) - lah..nyalahin laki pula -

Kelar makan, ksh MeiLee mandi.Tadinya mo pergi jalan bentar,tapi Mom blg kyknya MeiLee kecapekan ( gak tidur siang sih ).


Main2 bentar sama MeiLee,trus Ronnie bawa MeiLee ke kamarnya.


Skrg berdua di basement,killing time... Ujung2nya ??? BOSAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Pengen keluar,tapi kok malas..maunya keluar sama Ronnie ( sementara Ronnie gak mau ).

Dengar2 lagu, sambil ngoceh2 kyk org gelo...Ronnie prihatin sampe blg," Duh... apa yg bisa aku lakukan,babe ?? " Lah... ayo donkkkkkkk jalan keluar 

Ronnie blg," gak enak badan,pergi sendiri aja,hun.. go shopping ke mana kek..." Ahh ogahhhhhhhhh...

Lanjut dengar lagu sambil nyanyi2, ujungnya ngoceh sendiri,trus blg " terima kasih...terima kasih... " . Ronnie tertawa terbahak2,katanya," Are you ok?????????" Ha ha ha ha ha..





time : 10.11 pm ( lah...msh jam 10 ?????????? )

mood : boreddddddddddddddd