Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ronnie Belajar Bhs Indo ^_^


Today, I made crispy tapioca...Enak,boww...Crispy cripsy.I left my frying,the 3rd frying was burnt out.  Cover Up     

  It's still raining till today. Brrrrr Freezing Cold .Wearing thick clothes,shoes still makes me cold.I   am turning on the heater in the basement rite now. Warm By The Fire .Payah......

Ronnie keeps turning on the fan ( sometimes AC is on,too) at nite.Wahh...I got stomachacheVery Constipated in the mornings and even during the days.


He called me this noon.He'd be home soon.Then,I took a shower. Mom came home and she   made Burger 2 and French Fries 2.

  We watched news abt Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Ohhh....Noooooo ...I couldn't watch it. My heart cries  Crying 1. I told Ronnie I couldn't watch it,and turned my back Walking Home Crying.What a very sad situations I saw in the tv,thousand people're dead in New Orleans,and hundreds are dead in Missisippi.  God...please take care of the rest praying

An hour ago, Ronnie thanked me for what I've been doing to him so far. On The Cheek I said, " repay me then ". Goofy .He said," What do you want ? " Waiting 

I replied,"   I've Got It  Learn some more Indonesian! "

He said, " I have learnt some couple days ago."

Btw,these days,I've been teaching him some words, nite,before we sleep.

Here are some :

Couple In Bed

Ronnie : After reading the daily reading and pray,I wanna sleep,Baby.

Me : No..let's talk some more

Ronnie : Ha? I am tired.

Me :Capek = Tired

Ronnie : Capek...

Me : Bagus..

Ronnie : Bagus??

  Me : Iya... Good

  Ronnie : Ohh ok..How come you are so beautiful?What do you say in Indonesian ?

Me : Cantik ya ....Kok cantik?

Ronnie : Cantik ya.... kok cantik ?

Me : Blushy 2

Me : Capek,Babe ?

Ronnie : Iya....  Sudah ya......

Me : Shocked  Laughing 2 

Me : Mau bobo,Babe ?

   Ronnie :   Bobo... I wanna bobo you

Me : Apa ??? Mau bobo? Sleep?

Ronnie : Mau main  Bounce

Me :Alamak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Faint




Me : I love you,Babe

Ronnie : Ronnie cinta Mei - Mei   
Me : How much ?

Ronnie : Cinta

Me : Smile .Banyak?

Ronnie : Banyak ?

Me : Iya...Much

Ronnie : Iya .Thnk babe...On The Cheek

Me : Makasih.. or terima kasih

Ronnie :  Makasih...terima kasih... Good nite sih.....

Me : ROTFL (  I couldn't stop laughing...pinched him.. )


Ok, Lemme back to the last conversation..

  I said to him, " Belajar lagi,baby."

He said," What? Blow job? "

 Me," Faint "

He ran upstairs before I Spank him

Kripik Singkong ( Crispy Tapioca )

Lahh..ketemu goreng2an lagiBBQ 1

Simple.... an easy snack for anytime,anywhereBounce

Tapioca,shredded thinly
oil to fry

Mix tapioca and salt ( it makes tasty )

Fry deh....

Ready to eat....crunchy crunchy!!!Chips

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ujan..Enaknya makan Mie Pangsit!!!!!

  It's  Rainy whole day  long.Ronnie told me this morning it's the impact from the Katrina hurricane.Wahhhh,it could be rain for the whole week. No .Then,I can't have my driving lessons Convertible 

  I  On The Phone my fam.Wahhh this time,Ching2 ( my beautiful,smart and fussy   niece )   answered me. Big Hug.She is in  in Primary School now.She told me, " Ie Mei2, Ching2 can speak English now. Eye = mata ;Nose = mulut; Ear = hidung;   Elbow = siku; Teeth = gigi; Leg = kaki...."BravoShe is still fussyBounce.I talked with my Aunt and my cousin ( they're visiting my parents at that time ). Then, I   talked   with Mommy  and my sister. My Papi's been Pillow


Oh well, I had vermecille fried as my lunch.And at nite,I cooked Mie Pangsit !!!!!!!!!Soup.Ronnie called me when I was Vacuuming.It's still raining. I spent whole day in   the kitchen Cooking Dinner.

   Ronnie came back home,he's wet. Mom came back after an hour.I boiled some noodles and we Diner.. Wah...wahhh wahh.. felt like I was home!!!!!!!!!!!Crying 1Missing My   Mommy's cook.Mom


Anyway, we did enjoy the dinner.Ronnie and Mom do love Pangsit Goreng( Fried Pork with Wonton Wrapper) !!!!!!!!!Spaz . I myself was sooooo full Bounce

Mom drank the soup and  ate the tender bones.Yummy...Yummy...Yummy....Spaghetti.Especially cloudy and raining like this,eating soup warm our body from  Shiver