Friday, September 30, 2005

Ungu Day!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ _^

Two days ago I was coldShiver. My teeth chattered so bad.RonnieLaughing 2.He said,"Babe, be strong ".Huh....It's been 2 days the wind was not good.I don't feel good ( last nite we cancelled an invitation from Ryan to spend time with him and other friends around the fireRelaxing By The Fire.Alas,I wasn't warm enough and I.

Yesterday morning I Convertibledrove up to Forest Park and had another exercise of maneuverability.Driving 45 miles/hour made me Nervous 2 enough....

My bro n sister were online this morningComputing.We did spent time alot chatting(actually teaching them something).

Did have great time chatting with Ola !!!!!!!!!!!!!ROTFL I bet she got headache facing my behaviour...Laughing 1.It's fine with Lielie n Melly....Ola turned herDigital Camera 2Na-na-na-na .I forgot to take a shower till Ronnie called me and I was in a hurry.....Cover Up

Mom cut the purple pepper ( warna ungu violet,kata Irene....ROTFL ). Hmm....tasted ok!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Spaghetti Cheese ala Mei - Mei

Tonite we had spaghetti for Dinner. I do love spaghetti...could eat 2 portion once meal...ROTFL ( I did tonite ).Tony came again to visit us and had dinner together.

1 lbs ground beef
half pack of thin spaghetti ( I use Mueller's brand )
garlic powder
seasoned pepper
Pasta Sauce ( I use Prego Three Cheese )
1 tbs oil
shredded cheese ( you can skip it,since the sauce is made as Three Cheese already )

Boil the thin spaghetti and some butter in a big pan ,drain,and rinse.
In the other stove,pour a lil oil and fry the ground beef in a big skillet.
Add the seasoned pepper,garlic powder,salt and pepper.Stir well
Add the Prego ( half bottle ),stir.
Add a lil water if you want a lil bit watery
Add the parsley and basil
Add the salt
Taste if it is tasty enough

Put some spaghetti in a plate,pour some sauce,pepper and shredded cheese on top.( I skip it,for sure,I forgot to put the cheese..Mom put some for me at the last spoonSmile )


Happy Birthday to Mami!!!!!!!!!!

 Mom  Birthday Song   Happy Birthday to my   beloved ,dearest,the best Mom in the world!!!

Love ya, Mom..I do..I really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mom And Kids

Happy Birthday To My Mom

All my life you've been there
Any time and any where
When I was young
And even now that I am older.

I have always known
You've done the best you could
Circumstances change, lives change
But family ties are strong.

I want you to know how much
I respect what you have done
For me, for others,
And even for yourself.

When problems knock you down
You just slowly, steadily,
adjust your shoulders
And then move on.

Many others would give up,
On love and on life, but you haven't.
You've continued,
Stronger, calmer, and with determination.

That's what you are,
strong, loving, caring, and dependable.
And yet still more
You are my mom.

And I love you.

Happy Birthday Mom,
With lots of love,

  Mei - Mei & Ronnie Ries God Bless You 

 Mami, listen to this song.... I dedicate this song to you...I Love You Banner

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I had another class.Today I did the manuverability.I failed a couple times.But,one cool thing was...the instructor let me drive home!!!! Yes.I was a lil bit nervous,but I did it..35 miles/hour..ho ho ho....Arrived home safely...

I cooked Saksang ( Bataknese Pork Spicy) for Pina.She ordered a couple days ago.
After dinner,I learnt some more.Ronnie sat next to me.He's kinda Nervous and Scared 2.We Prayer before starting..Hahahhahaha.

I just drove around the neighborhood.Ronnie's face was so funny.ROTFL.
Ronnie checked the congrete he had done before.'s dry already!!! The semen looks good!!! He'll do the steps later....

Mark( our neighbor ) came to me and gave me some Habaneros and sweet purple pepper.He said it's good for salad.I offered him to pick some of my green chilies.Kendra played ball with her dog in the backyard.
Dave came to visit us.I picked some green chilies for Joyce.

Bubur Ayam Bak Kien

I cooked this for my lunch Chef..Quick n easy ,of course!! ( Inspired by Zus Inne... Laughing 2
This time, I add Bak Kien as the side dishes...

1 cup of rice
green onion,chopped
liver chicken ( empelanya juga )
1 piece of chicken

Boil the rice in a pan with average heat
In the other stove,boil the liver and the chicken
Take the juice and pour on the rice
Add some green onion,salt,pepper and ajinomoto
Stir the rice till it becomes porridge

Put the porridge in one plate,
Arrange the liver,the shredded chicken in the middle
Add some padi oat crackers ( kerupuk emping ) or shrimp crackers ( kerupuk udang )
Add the Bak Kien
Springkle some fried onion and pepper on top
Ready to eat....


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nano -Nano Stories


I didn't have any class of driving lesson.I woke up late ( it's cold, mannnnnn!!). Alarm Clock 2 Putty was sleeping on my feet.I called my fam.Wondering for it's been almost a week I couldn't get them.It was connected and none answered sometimes,but many times they didn't work.So,I called my sisters in Medan instead On The Phone .Wahhhh missing them so much!!!!!!!! They gave me Mami's cellphone no. I called to that no.It worked!!! Mami said the lightning Lightning Strike  was so big a couple days ago.It broke the phone connection.Now,she's waiting for the technician to fix it.

  Ching2's is doing great !! She talked to me on the phone," Iie Mei2, thnks for the   shoes.Ching2 has blue and pink pairs now,with Dora pictures."  Clapping Hands .I asked her to take pic Snappy and send me. She must be bigger and taller now and ..Beautiful

When we wanted to close the conversationOn The Phone ,we kept waiting for one each other.

Ching2 ;"Ok, Ie Mei2...Bye ..."

  Me :"Ok,honey...Bye.How's your Mommy?"

Ching2 :"Mommy's fine."

  Me : " Say hi to Mommy.Can I talk to her?"

Ching2 :"Mommy's in bed already,Ie..."

Me :" Oh ok then.. Bye, Ching2..."

Ching2 :"Bye,Ie...."

Me :" Say hi to Bu Ani,too."

Ching2 :"Yes muachhhhhh...  Blowing A Kiss "

Me :Blowing A Kiss,too"

Ching2 :"  Bye  .Mike will come here tomorrow with Mama Vivie n Papa Cendy."

Me :"Really??"

Ching2 :Yes.Call tomorrow,ok?"

Me :" Cool!!! I will...."

  Ching2:" Bye ,Ie..."

Me :" Bye .How is Opa ?He is doing good ?"

Ching2 : " Yes. Opa is sleeping now. Bye"

Me : " Ok.. Where is Oma?Does Oma want to say anything else?"

She talked to my Mom and asked. Mami said no .

  Ching2 :"Oma says no....Ok.Ie....bye...  Morning ... I Love You .."

Me : Bounce Love you,too..Ching2..."

Ching2 : " Muachhhhhhhh..Bye. ..."

Me : "  Bye 


   FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ROTFL 


THIS NOON.....Happy Anniversary,Babe!!!!

  I made fried rice for my Lunch.At the same time, I was doing someLaundry.This time,I did pay attention for the colorful clothes. Don't wanna make any mistakes like before...   NEVER EVER!!!!No

I took a  Shower and prepared food for  Dinner .So,ICooking Dinner . Ronnie called me.I told   him what we'd have for  Dinner .He came home,and saw my cook. I made BAK KIEN ( it's chopped pork covered with dried taufu skin ). He suddenlyAfraidand   Burst Laughing .... Me??  I'm Confused I asked him," What's up, babe???" Very Confused .He kept Burst Laughing and said," Babe....they look so funny!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are they????" Burst Laughing...Hmm.I explained to him....he said," oh ok... I've never seen like that before....I didn't say I won't eat it.I'll try,babe...Browsok ?"  ... OK!!!! Bounce .

Ronnie has a big problem with strange food.He's a picky one, he must know what the ingredients otherwise he won't eat.. Phew 

A couple minutes before Mom came home, I fried them.Once Mom's at home, dinner was   ready.Mom does like the Bak Kien....Ronnie? Hm....he ate a lil.... Laughing 1 ( Lagi2 gak tau enak nih Ronnie ).

   I did  Washing Dishes ,meanwhile Ronnie's watching cartoon and Mom's enjoying her Coffee 2

in the kitchen.

I told Ronnie I'd like to go back to Francis Intl Store. I asked what time it was.Ronnie  Hug me from behind and said," it's 6 pm... Happy Anniversary ,babe".On The Cheek ..AduhhhhhhhhhDuh.I remembered it!!! But I was too busy to say happy anniversary to him!!!!!!!! He said, "

 Gotcha .I said it 1st !!! " Laughing 2's been a couple times he surprises me.....Am I loosing my memories??? Smile 



We went to library.I returned some DVD's and borrowed some more new.I registered Mom's   name to attend a class of  Knitting  for next week.

Then,Ronnie filled the gas Gas Pump  and bought a pack of  Soda 2 .Finally we drove to the store.I bought some Cai Sim ( Yu Choi/ Sawi ) and chilies, Sator, fenel seeds, squil and raw bananas ( wanna make banana crispy again ). Ups.......I have lots of stuffs tonite.

  Ronnie's waiting for me in the car,reading a comic and playing his game boy. Gee... he said I shopped abt 1 hour!!!!!!!! Woman.....Laughing 2.Kyk gak tau aja.....

Well... next time I wanna cook something special.... Brows .I got complete ingredients now... Hooray