Sunday, January 28, 2007

( Drink ) Rocket Pop

Tonite, Jen n Ally stopped by at the bar.They sang some songs ( it's Karaoke Nite ) and they told me abt a new drink named Rocket Pop.

They had the drink from other bar,and they said it's soooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!! It tastes like rocket pop candy. I know how it tastes ( I had some of that stuff when I was at school ). It's popping in your mouth. ha ha ha.

So,I was challanged to make a try tonite.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A. ( Black & Blue Drink )

1 shot of Blue Curacao
1 shot of Blackhaus
1 glass of ice
2 splashes of Sweet & Sour Mix

1/4 glass of Sprite
Grenadine ( cherry juice )

Mix and shake all the ingredients, pour in a shot glass. It's called Black & Blue.

Take 1 big glass and pour the 1/4 of sprite
Float the grenadine slowly,till it sinks down.

Dip Black & Blue drink into the glass of sprite n grenadine.
Let it sink down,and drink up.

It tastes soooooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddddd.Taste like candy!!!

Try it!!!

I had one already. ^___^

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Corpse Bride ( 2005 )

Genre: Animation

Victor messed up his vows during a wedding rehearsal, and is traveling through the woods, reciting his vows. He stops to rest in the woods,and while practicing, he gets them right and puts his wedding ring on a finger-shaped stick in the ground and says his wedding vows. The stick turns out to be a rotted finger belonging to a murdered girl, who returns as a zombie and insists that she is now Victor's lawfully wedded wife.

I like this movie. It seems look like the Frankenstein's movie. ^__^.

Good animation movie, good story.

I Love You





Do you love me ?


I've always loved you and always forever


What makes you love me ?


This is the question takes 1.5 days to tell

How can I not love you ?


I don't know


I don't know either

You're so special....

Thank you for being you

Thank God for giving me a special person like you


Thank you for loving me.........

I love you....


I love you....

Roses are red my love....

Violets are blue...

Baby, I love you.........



Let's Go to Church... It's Sunday!!!!!!!!! ^___^







Aihh... I don't know what I am thinking abt.

Last nite was a longgggggggggggggggg nite.We're busting again.We had 350 customers!!!! Ufhhhhh...Ronnie was busy running around to check the front and back bar. He helped me bartend.

We went to Ihop and went home around 5 am.I myselft went to bed around 6am.

I heard Mom called Tony to get ready to his school ( he has an extra activity ). I saw the clock was 8.52am.

Then again..... I woke up at looked at the clock was 11.12 am.

OMG!!!!!!!!! I got up and said to Ronnie,'  Baby.. Let's go to church.It's SUNDAY!!!!!!"

I jumped from the bed and got ready.I took Ronnie's shirt from his closet and put on the door. I said,' This is your shirt,baby.We gotta go.. Don't wanna be late again.Plus, I have to meet Nia at CAM.She's going to pick her fish."

He was still on bed and said," Yes, baby...." . He turned his body to the other side.

I was getting ready and grabbed my bag. I said,' Hurry up,baby.We're late again."

He said," I love you."

I grabbed my cellphone,ready to text Nia to meet her at CAM.............

Suddenly..... hey... hang onnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... IT DON'T SEEM LIKE SUNDAY. WHAT DAY IS TODAY ??? OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said to myself," Hey!!! IT'S SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Ronnie said,' Huh ????" I said," Aghhh...It's Saturday!!!!!!!!! Yes, It's Saturday!!!!!!!!! What am I thinking about??????? "

Ronnie's still on bed.I jumped into the bed, pulled the blankie and laid next to him.....

ZZZZZ........ZZZZZZZZZ...........ZZZZZZZZZZZ...........ZZZZZZZZZZZZ........... for another hours.



Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Bartending Books!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee....seems I'd end up as a bartender here. ^___________^. Every weekend,we go to restaurant store and buy stuff for the bar. Today, I saw interesting books in the shelf. Hey!!! Bartending books!!!

I didn't wanna loose a chance to learn more.I asked Ronnie's opinion.He said,' I wouldn't stop you,baby." Then... I picked one...and another one. ^___^

I said, " I am ready for the new recipessssssssssss.
He said," You better. Cos people are tired of Caribbean Cruise." ha ha ha.

Yes,bossssssssssssssss. I am a happy camper now!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for buying the books.

The books are so interesting. Bunch of recipes, I don't know where to start reading . Ha ha ha.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ( 1994)

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Based on Mary Shelly's novel. Frankenstein tells the story of Victor Frankenstein(Kenneth Brannagh). A promising young doctor who devestated by the death of his mother during child birth, becomes obsessed with bringing the dead back to life. His experiments lead to the creation of a monster(Robert De niro) which Frankenstein has put together with the remains of corpes. It's not long before Frankenstein regrets it's actions.


I watched this movie accidentally in Scifi. It's awesome. I've heard abt this movie ( even watched a lil scene of the black n white movie ),but never watched till the end.

Thank God,I had a chance to watch the classic one.

Guess what??? the creature in this movie was Robert De Niro..Are you kidding me ???????? He played so good !!!!!!!!

Jan 24th-" Wee Time " ^___^

Thursday comes!!! It's the only nite we have off nite.

I've been to bar since Wed till 5 pm ,and Thursday I came back.Mom planned to fix the floors ,ended up cleaning other stuff.

I was done around 1 pm.I kept waiting till Mom's done.While waiting for her,I ran to bank n library.Ronnie called me.He asked me to stay at the bar till he came there.

Guess what??? he asked me to reserve 3 seats at Kabuto. Alamak!!!!!!!!!! I remember, on Mon nite he suddenly came to me and said,',I wanna go to Kabuto!!!!!!!!! ' Bahhhhh!!!!!!!!! We're working, couldn't leave the bar at all.

I asked him to wait till Thursday.He said,'It's because of you." Ihhhhhhhh.. Now he's addicted to Kabuto. ha ha ha.

Ronnie asked Mom not to leave till Ronnie came. Mom said,' No,I have to go home." Ronnie said, "'re not going to anywhere.You both work hard lately and I want to treat you dinner."

Later,Mom called at home,asked Steffie fix her and Tony's dinner.

We took Ronnie's car and Levi was our chef!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual,Levi cooked more shrimp and scallops for me.Ronnie said,' This is I like from Kabuto.They treat us very well and give us extra,especiall for Mei,her seafood." ha ha ha ha.

We were done around 7pm.Ronnie said,' Ma,we'll take you to Sam's Club now." Mom's never been there.We walked around and looked at jewelry department.Mom said," I don't see the big diamond here." ha ha ha.

We bought some stuff for the bar and then drove back to the bar. There, Dave was in charge.We stopped by and dropped the stuff,then went home.

It's hard to make Ronnie stay at home.I have to persuade him a lot. He said," I need to do art work,babe." Ahhh I don't careeeeeeeeeeee....

I had an idea.I brought the dvd player and turned on a movie in the bath room while we're taking a bath. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!

We watched movie' The Madness of King George." he he he. Ronnie's suddenly quiet. While he's watching the movie, I cleaned his feet. Ha ha ha.

It's abt 12.30am,we're done. He yawned and fell asleep till morning. ha ha ha ha ha.

This noon he called me and said,' baby.. I have to do art work today. DND. I am going to the bar. You can bring my dinner there around 7.30 pm". Ha ha ha ha ha.

He said," You won, you made me stay at home last nite,I've spent all nite long with you, now let me do some work ." hi hi hi hi.. Ok bosssssssssssssss

Mom's still at the bar now.She asked me this noon whether I'd go to the bar with her.I said," No,I am staying home." I knew once Mom's at the bar,she'd end up staying till evening.meanwhile I have to continue working at the bar at nite. Mertua reseh kadang2. he he he.

While Mom's at the bar, I cooked Ikan Sambal, Nia's food order. While I was cooking, Lilis, a new friend called me. Hey!!!!!!! Awesome!!!! She lives not far from us. Nia introduced me to her.

Thank you for calling me,Lis....

Jan 22nd : Karaoke / Thick Snow/Shovelling

Duh... since last Sunday,the snow keeps coming!! Tues nite,while we're enjoying the karaoke,suddenly I saw snow fell down. Thickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I went out to the parking lot n shovelled around. Mom n Ronnie's car were covered by thick snow ( around 2 - 3 inches ).

The crowds left the bar around 2.30 am and saw the snow.Ally said," I hate snowwwwwwww". ha ha ha.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Masak....Masak....Masak Orderan.......Ngumpul di Bar

Gak sempat2 posting foto2nya.Sibuk dari kmrn2.

Last week I did marathon,cooking for some food orders. Lielie mom to-be for 2nd baby, lagi ngidam pengen makan Saksang katanya.Ya wes,akhirnya dimasakin buat Lielie plus bonus Spicy - sweetened fried pork.Senin dikrm ke NC buat doi.

Novi.... she called me and said that she's pregnant!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!! I asked her to come and stop by,take some food home ( ssst....doi ngidam makanan Indo,sama kyk Lilie ). Ha ha ha.

Mpok Atik,order borongan, Rendang 2 porsi,sambal Ati 2 porsi,Ayam Klaten 1 porsi ( lupa difoto ).

Anak2 Kabuto pesan Sambal Ati n Ikan Bakar Sambal Terasi ( diksh bonus Lumpia sktr 20 biji dan kerupuk udang,makan di bar ).

I was a happy camper,cos I got my clams!!!!!!! Eventhough not the same like the last time I bought,but at least I have some rite now ( bought 4 packs ). :P

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jamming Session ( Ronnie,Alex & Bedel )

Genre: Classic Rock
Artist:local artists ^___^

Ronnie,Alex n Bedel colaborated and played nice harmony.Who knows that it's their 1st time played together.Different generations,but they made it work!!!

Jan 21th- THICK SNOW ( Lovely Moments )

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! It's snowy!!!!!!!!! I didn't know that. This morning when we're ready to take a shower,I was really surprise seeing everything was white. It's the snow!!!!!

Ronnie said," Oh yes, it's snowing this morning." Wuihh...

We took a shower. Ronnie brought me sandwich bfast and drink..I turned on the cd player.We enjoyed the tub and listening to music. ha ha ha ha. We're relaxing almost 3 hours.

Ronnie got ready to pick up Tony at Delhi.He stayed overnite at Alex's house.

Mom was shovelling the snow.It's reallyyyyyyyyyyyy cold. Ronnie got ready to leave.He threw me a snow ball.'s coldddddddddddd. Ha ha ha ha.

Thank God I didn't stay over nite at Marce's house last nite.It's snowy,people don't wanna go out if isn't necessary.

I had nice lunch, the spicy- sweetened pork and rice. Yummyyyyyyyyy

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Driving up to Kettering,OH ( Marce's Dinner Invitation)

After having dinner @ Soho,we were invited to have lunch at Marce’s house.She had called me a couple days ago.According to her,Dece would pick me ( since I didn’t have any guts to drive far to Kettering,OH ).

Cie Ira told me last nite that she’d pick us.This morning she called me and asked for direction to home.I suggested her to pick me at the bar.Later around 2 pm,she called me,she couldn’t go since Gillian is sick.

So,the plan changed.I waited till Dece called me.Ronnie suggested me to drive to Kettering.Oh noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid ,still.

Ronnie convinced me and said that I could do it.Dece was in JJ,waiting. Atik was at Tri County Mall. So.. I was stucked!!!!!!!!!

After discussing with Ronnie,he offered to guide me to Fairfield,meeting Dece.He drove Mom’s car and I followed him behind. He filled some gas for my car and I said to him,” I am afraid.I can’t do this.Let’s turn back and go home. “ L

Ronnie laughed,he said,” Baby, have faith.I wouldn’t ask you if you couldn’t do this. Cos I believe you can do this,I do support you. I know you really want to go.” Aghhhh… I prayed while driving the car.

We left around 4.30pm.I picked Dece around 5pm, then picked Atik.Dece helped me with the directions.

Marce called me. I said,” I am on my way. I didn’t wanna go , Marce.You make me go this time. I am scared to death!!! No more invitation,pls.” Ha ha ha ha. She laughed out loudly there. I said,” I bring 2 kids here. We’ll be there,soon. Just pray for me.” Ha ha ha ha..

Dece kept guiding me. Heyyy!!!!!!!! We made it!!!!!!!!!!! We arrived around 5.45 pm.

Dece and Atik were happy.They said,”See, Mei2?? You can do that!!!!!!! “. I said,” Yes, this is the 1st and the last time.” Ha ha ha.

When we arrived, some people were still there. Jessy n her fam, Ria,Devi, and the kids, plus Kak Irma. Wow!!!!!!!!!

Ria said,” Hey, we were about packing the food.” Welehhh.. Untung blm telat. :D

We ate.Atik was the 1st one who took the plate. Ha ha ha. Keliatan laparnya. :P

I took some pics before they left. Hm..the last time I met them maybe around May. Wuihh.. almost a year!!!!!!

They left,but we still stayed there.After having dinner,we felt asleep. Nah looooooooo!!!!!!!!

I laid down on the couch and everyone yawned. Wuihhhhhhhhh. I played a DVD “ Hamlet “,but we didn’t watch it completely.

I said to Marce,” Mar,we have to go. I gotta take the kids back home.” Ha ha ha ha.
We left at 8pm. It’s dark,but I am so glad that I have friends on the road.

We dropped Atik again at Tri County Mall and then dropped Dece to Fairfield.She gave me directions to go back to the bar. Wuih… I was nervous. Thank God I made it!!!!!!!

I arrived at the bar around 10pm.Ronnie was excited. ^___________^. He said,” I knew you could make it, baby!!!!!!!! “

I intended to have a nap, but then again, I washed some glasses at the back bar. Ronnie asked me to go home and take a rest.

Well… I thought that’s a good idea. I was getting ready when he asked me to buy some coke at the store.I bought some and asked Ronnie to get them from the car. Later, I went to ATM and went home.

Really tireddddddddd. But,I am so proud,I made it!!! This is the 1st and the longest trip I’ve ever made. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Siapa sangka?? Ha ha ha ha.

The beginner, have big guts to drive out of town. Ha ha ha ha.

Thnks,ladies.I had fun tonite!!!

See ya next time??? ( me as the passenger, of course ). ^__________^

Indonesian Gathering@ SOHO,West Chester

Ngumpul2 lagi. Cie Ira's idea to have a dinner gathering at Soho,where Ian works .Ian is a Manager in SOHO now.It's a Japanese restaurant in West Chester,OH.
Dece picked me and Steffie from home around 7 pm.

Since I would meet Atik, I brought her food order ( rendang, sambal ati n ayam Klaten ).

I brought Stephanie along.I wanted her to experience new food and new atmosphere.She met many people. Guess who I met? The brothers from KY!!!!!!!!! Rudi,Anto n Budi!!!!!!!!!! la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Kangen,bowwwwwww. They looked good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had Habatchi table. I asked Steffie moved so she could see the chef.She's so excited.

As usual, I teased the brothers. Missing them so much. he he he.

Ian treated us nicely.We had good time there. Atik brought her family,Jeff and Jacob. Cie Ira brought Gillian.

It was good time. I invited Rudi cs come to the bar. They followed Dece's car to home. I asked them to visit Mom.Mom's thrilled to see them again. ha ha ha ha ha.

As I dropped Steffie at home,I took Mom's car and drove to the bar. Anto was with me.

I put them at the front bar meanwhile I was getting ready to work. Soon,around 11.30pm,Ronnie asked me to open the back bar,since the 2 bartenders couldn't handle the crowds.

I was busted at the back bar, I didn't realize that I had companies. Goshhh.. I felt so bad that I didn't pay attention to them. They were at the back bar ( I asked them to move so I could watch them ). Plenty of people wanted to be served.Ronnie helped me at the back bar.

I didn't know what time it was, Budi said they had to go. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh... I didn't have any chance to chit chat with them. I thanked them for coming to the bar.

Jangan marah ya, Oom... ^___^

We'll see you next time!!!!!!!!

PS : Budi, I got some Steffie's pics... Katanya calon bini. Ha ha ha ha. Gak bisa liat ce. Hi hi hi hi hi.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jan 18th -Chatting w/My Beloved Family


I am sooooooooo happy.Finally, I could chat with my family!!!!!!!! Tonite,I chatted with my 3 sisters ( Amoy wasn't there,she's working ). Cie Beby and Ching2, Joe, Cie Vivie n Michael aka Ethen!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooooo exicted!!!!!!!!!

We chatted quite awhile. So so so happy!!!!!!!

Ronnie and Mom saw them from the camera,too.Aghhh I am speechless!!!!!!

Thank God I could take some pics of them. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethen used the microphone.He called my name n Ronnie's name. ha ha ha.
Ching2 was shy.

Ethen kept looking at his face in the camera.He posed and laughed all the time. ha ha ha. Ching2 did the same thing,too.

Love you all!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to chat with you next time.

Love ya!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

(Ronnie ) New York..New York...

Genre: Broadway & Vocalists
Artist:Sang by Ronnie ^__^
It's Karaoke nite.Ronnie seems likes this song. ^__^

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Love You...But.........................^______^

Yesterday we went to Sam's Club.Ronnie applied the member card for me.As I got my card,we walked around. We passed the jewelry section.

I said to Ronnie,"Ughhhh baby!!! baby!!!!!!! Look at these.Buy me one,pls."
Ronnie said,",look at the prices."

I said," Well..I see that."
He said," I love you,baby...But,my wallet don't love you."


Once he said that,I laughed out loudly.Oh my goshhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I punched his back and he laughed.Bikin maluuuuuuuuuuu.

He walked and kept teasing me. I said," Well,what would you do then?"

He said," Nothing." Hi hi hi.

Sial deh!!!!!!!!!

I bought a nice shirt.I paid  Ronnie back some money for the shirt.I said,'Should I pay it to you,babe?"
He said,'You just did."

Ahhhhh..tau gitu gak usah dibayar balik.



Friday, January 12, 2007

Ankle Treatment ^__^


It's been 2 weeks already.My ankle still hurts.I haven't gone to a doctor yet.As Mami Tina suggested me to soak my ankle with EPSOM SALT,finally I listened to her.

Last nite when we took a shower,me and Ronnie soaked our feet in a big bowl.It feels so good.

Tonite,I came to the bar by myself.Cleaning a lil bit then Ronnie came around 9.30pm.I am taking a break now and decided to soak my foot again.

Danny got me some hot hot hottttttttttt foot is kinda swollen now.



 Time to go back to work again!!! Curi2 waktu ol dari kantor nih.



Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jan 11th:Ketemuan sama Marce ,Dinner@Kabuto ( Again )

Hooray!!!!!!!!! I met Marce n Karce again!!!!!!! The last time we saw them was Nov. She called me this noon.She said she'd like to go shopping to CAM n JJ and dropped my stuff.

So,I invited them to have dinner @Kabuto n introduced them to Endang cs. I reserved the table for us at 7.30pm.

We arranged to meet at the bar and left to Kabuto. I took some time to have a shower with Ronnie.Ronnie bought me EPSOM SALT from Walgreens.I soaked my foot abt 15 mnts. Duhhhh.... it's sooo red. ha ha ha. He soaked his feet for a while too.

But,when I was taking a shower with Ronnie,Mom yelled from downstairs.I thought Mom said she'd wanna go.But,I was wrong. Mom called us again and said,"Mei-Mei,you know Maria is here,rite?? " Whatttttttttttttt??????

I got ready and saw they're in the living room with Mom. Ronnie asked me to go with them while Ronnie took his game boy.

We arrived and shared the table with another family.Levi was our chef again.He showed attraction.Marce n Karce were impressed.

We chit chat and left around 9.15pm. We invited them to spend more time at the bar.

While I was in the office,Marce n Karce were playing pool.I asked them to move to the VIP bar and played there.Soon,Mande came and played with Karce.Marce helped me clean the back bar.

They left around 11pm.Meanwhile me and Ronnie left around 12 pm. As soon as we left, Ronnie went back to the bar.The bar's getting crowded and Dave needed help.

I am at home now. Off nite!! ^___^

I did enjoy the time with Marce n Karce. See ya next time!!!!!!!!!

Time to watch another movie in the bedroom, I guess. Ha ha ha

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kurusan Gak Ya ???? ^__^

I don't know when the last time I checked my weight was.It's been longggggggggg time ( I think last year ).

Lately,I worked hard.Eventhough I didn't go to work daily ( I used to go to the bar every morning around 11am - 3am the next day ), still I do the same amount of work.

Within a week, I just go to work 2-3 days ( Wed - Fri ).Sat noon,me and Ronnie start working from 2pm buy stuff for the bar and stay at the bar till  3-4am.

Lots of work,that's for sure.Especially when it comes to mop the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee floors!!!!!! GOD BLESS US!!!.That's a heavy exercise.

Sometimes I feel bad.We just go home to sleep only.We have less time to chit chat with Mom.When weekend comes, we still sleep till noon.When we wake up,we get ready to work.Sunday comes,we go to church,and take a nap for a couple hours then ready to work again.

A couple weeks ago,Mom said to me that I looked like lost some weights.Huh..really ?? I didn't know.I know that I eat a lot!!!.I cooked Indonesian food a lot,I eat like crazy.I didn't pay any attention abt my weights.Ronnie kept telling me to reduce my portion.


Mom said " It's because the work you do at the bar,Mei - Mei.You mop,you bartend,you do this and that.That's good for you."

Guess what? 2 weeks ago,I couldn't take out my ring.It's so very tight that hurted my finger so bad.Ronnie took 10 mnts to make it out,but he couldn't. I pushed and pulled it hard till hurted my skin.It's swollen for a couple days

Ronnie asked me not to wear any rings anymore.He wants me to resize the rings. Oh well..Rite now I use none on my fingers.

Yesterday,I asked Ronnie to take my pic. Hmm....I was kinda surprise. I think I loose some weight..What do you think ?



Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Jan 2nd 2007- Manum Inanes
Alex n Chris performed again at our bar.So far,they'll be our House Band. Their music is unique,interesting.I like it!!

Thank you,Alex n Chris!!!!

Jan 8th - Cake Decorating Class

Yay!!!!!! After having quick dinner,I drove to library.Ronnie asked what time I would be at the bar.I said," around 7.30-8pm."

After giving his a kiss,I left.
Wuihhhh... It's 6.30pm,I saw many ladies were in the class.Weks....I should have come earlier then.Indeed the class starts at 6.30pm,but seems they always start it earlier.Takut keabisan stock kali ya ? he he he.

I saw Sybelle.She's so excited to see me again.The last time I met her,when she came to attend our bdays party at the bar. I sat next to her.

Well... the lady taught us how to make star,shell n rose shapes. Goodness!!! I saw all the ladies were excited to see the shapes. I can tell they've never decorated cakes before. Ha ha ha. Jadi serasa ngeliat beginner aja.

The lady had us to practise before we decorated the cakes n cookies,

She gave us a trick how to smooth the icing. Take a plain tissue and rub around.It'll make the surface so smooth and ready to be decorated!!! What a surprise!!!!

I just only decorated 3 pieces.We played with the shapes and voila!!!!!!!

I brought the cookies to the bar.My customers eat them. ha ha ha.