Monday, January 30, 2006

Ida & Igoe's Orders

Just finished!!! I baked Kue Nastar & Kue Salju for Ida n Igoe ( Ida's Saksang had been cooked a couple days ago )

Duh,Ronnie loves the Snow Cookies.I gave him some and he said,"Wahh..this is the best!! It melts in my mouth!!!" Usually he  likes the crispy one,but this time,he must admit,thick one is good,too.

Mom sneaked Nastar and Kue Salju.She said," Cool!!!!!!!!!!!



We have Fettuchini tonite.I cooked ( disempet2in deh,krn udh kelaparan berat ).I didn't have my lunch.


Ronnie's waiting for me.We gotta go to the bar tonite.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday : Kerja Bakti Sampe Malam

Just came back home at 10.30pm.Goodness…really tired!

We went to earlier service this morning ( at 9am-10am).I asked Ronnie to go to CAM,looking for red chilies.Aghhhh it’s closed!!! Chinese New Year sih……
Then we went to Jungle Jim’s.

Oo… the plan changed.I bought more stuff than I planned. Cheese,butter milk,garlic,crackers,Indomie Rendang & Cakalang,Lemongrass,DURIAN!! Ect.

Ronnie dropped me home and he went to the bar.There,Dave and Rick had been waiting for him. I waited for Mom to go to Kroger.I needed to buy more stuff I didn’t get at JJ. Ronnie called a couple times to make sure I had gone.

When we came back home,nobody’s home. Ronnie came home abt 30 mnts later and asked us to go to the bar.Tony and Alex were there already.

I had Hot Pie ( Mom brought down one for me ) for late lunch,then we left. Joyce was there.She and the kids were cleaning the bar.I grabbed a rag and clean the table.Everyone was busy doing their own stuff ( Mom cleaned the men’s restroom ).

Ronnie had Tony ordered Pizza for our dinner ( it’s just next door ).Steve Niemann came to say hi ( I met him a year ago ). Busy cleaning the bar,we didn’t realize it’s getting late.Ronnie sent Joyce and Alex went home.Meanwhile me,Mom and Tony kept staying in the bar.

I cleaned the ladies’ restroom and the office.Goshh..really tired.Ronnie came back to the bar at 10.20pm.He wants to do something else in the office,so we left.

My back hurts,my feet,too.Standing for couple hours.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Game Injak2 ( DDR ) ^____^

Chign2 calls this as " Game Injak2 ",cos you gotta step the buttons when do the DDR. Hahhaahahha. It's fun ( this is the 1st time I did ).

Exercise At Nite??? Why Not!

Last nite when I was in the basement,Ronnie called me.He said," Hun,let's go." He??? Mo ke mana let's go - let's go an.I thought he would take me out .^____^ sokkkkkkkkk dehhh ahhhh. He said," Let's do the DDR.It's fun." Ha?? What is that? Tony said,"It the dance, Aunty Mei2.It's fun.I had done it this evening.Even Uncle had,too." Aghhh I knew!!! That's the dance!!! No wonder I always hear something brak brik bruk upstairs.I thought they wanted to break the floors.Hahahhahah.It's the DDR then. I've been noticing what it was.Everytime I am cooking for dinner,I heard the feet's steps.

So, I went upstairs.I took the cam. Tony showed me how to do that. Oh well,it's fun,I guess. Ching2 likes this dance,too.When she was 2 yo,we brought her to Time Zone.She said to her Mommy one day," Mommy, I wanna dance.It's the dance " Injak2 itu lhoooo ". Hahhahahha . Silly!!! So,we bought the coins and she played by herself.Hahahhahahha.There're teenagers and adults there,they laughed at Ching2 and said,"Gosh..she can do it!!! " Hahahhaha.

Well, I know Ching2 enjoys it,so I will enjoy it,too. Ronnie took my video. Steffie did a couple times,Tony,too.Ronnie did it when I went downstairs taking some new batteries.Aghhh I missed him !!!!!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't Judge The Book By Its Cover =)

Hey,I'm back. I packed the cookies and saksang this noon,and sent them to post office by bike ( sepeda kumbang yg senantiasa menemani )

I chatted with a new friend,Lidia.She said she's making banana bread.Hey! I think I have some bananas in the kitchen.Wahhh... I checked and ohh noo...they're ripe!!! .Indeed,I wanted to make chips. Ya sutralah, I had an idea to make Banana Fried ( kyk yg dijual di pinggir jalan itu lho ).

Ronnie called me.I said I had sent the packages.He came home and brought me a bag of french fries!!!

While frying the banana,I was thinking that I needed some milk.I asked Ronnie to call Tony,has him buy milk to UDF.But,I changed my mind.It's fine without milk,once. ^__^

lagi goreng pisang

Jangan liat rupanya,tapi rasanya ( walau minus susu ) ^__^

Mom asked me to cook Lasagna with tomato sauce .It's called Hamburger Magic.

Before having dinner,I took a shower.Ronnie took my pic and said,"mean girl." Hahahaha

senyum,kenyang setelah makan malam

Ngobrol bareng Mom usai dinner

Sambil ngobrol,sambil ngemil

Ronnie di basement

Me & Ronnie ...

Ronnie asked me to go upstairs,do the DDR.Wuihhhh...It's fun ( I haven't saved the pics yet ).I was out of my breath. Hahhahahha

Oh well, I gotta go.Ronnie will use my compie.Tony,Alex and him will play the game.

Besides,it's my bedtime.Wanna call my Mommy!!!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Orderan Selesai...Makan Lumpia Shanghai Aghhh...........

Done...done...done.... Finally it's done ( minus Nastar orderan dari Ida ).

Today I cooked Saksang for 3 portion ( Cie Devita,Eda Genta & Ida Kohl ). Maybe I'll make Kuping Gajah tomorrow ( buat Jenny ,sekalian buat ngemil juga ). :P

After the Saksang was cooked, I prepared the ingredients to make Lumpia Shanghai. Yahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...demam Lumpia nehh. Started from Lidya , Jessy ( Dayton ) ect, I am attempted to make by myself!!!

Tadaa.. Lumpia Shanghai !!!!!

Ronnie came home and saw a paper on the table.He grabbed it and read it.Sooo funny!!! I recorded him. I put the video here.
Ronnie said,"why too many " lalu " here??? Hahahhahahah. He said," lalalala....lolololo...lulululu.... " ^____^

I told him I'd fry the Lumpia.I boiled some beef smoked sausages and asked his opinion whether I should put some cabbage in there.He said," Me?I'd like to have them fried with the potatoes." I told him,"hmm... maybe not.Cos I think I wanna have boiled meal and fried one. " He said," Ok,hun.You've worked hard.You're hired. " Bah..apapula. hihihi
I replied him," You're fired! " Hahahahhaha. He turned back and said,"What????? " He walked away to the living room. I laughed.

Mom came home and she saw the Saksang.She tried one bite,and said, "Hmm... hot enough this time." Hehehehe. She's surprised seeing the Lumpia on the table.She looked how I fried them.

So,we have Lumpia,Sausage and Snow peas for dinner.

Hasilnya?? Kenyang pisan,euyyyyyyyyyyy

Ronnie's Reading the Recipe in Indonesian ^__^

Ronnie came home and grabbed my recipe.He started reading it when I was busy preparing the Lumpia. Oh myyyyyy!!!!!! He sounds so funny,but I am proud of him.I didn't teach him how to read it,but some words,he got them !!!!! Like " aduk, dada ayam,lalu,sisi " ect.

Bravo,baby!!! Bravo!!!! I am so so proud of you !!!!

Don't ask me why I laugh so loud.... ^___^

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nyicil Orderan............

Still,revenge nih ceritanya gara2 gagal driving test.So,this morning I cooked Fried Rice ,diganti judul deh Fried Rice Driving Test Failure . :P

I still owe some food orders to Melly,Cie Devita n Eda Genta.So,today I made Kue Nastar. One for Melly,one for Eda Genta. Duh...tomorrow gotta cook Saksang .

Ronnie came home and saw the table was full of stuff.He said," good,baby...I'm proud of you."

Mom came home and had a piece.She loves Nastar.I tasted one . I always blame myself,why I didn't make more,so I could have,too. Duhhhh ble'eh juga neh.

The Toddlers Visit Us!!!!

Ufhhh... I forgot to attach these pics.Dave,Joyce and the toddlers came to visit us on Sunday morning.Wahhh Bryan's growing up so quick.He had his hair cut!! Makin ganteng,bow... Lizzy has her one hand injured.She fell down from bunk bed abt a week ago.Now,she can use one hand only.Hope she would be better soon.

The kids played with Grandma,Tony n Steffie.Meanwhile we went out to have some breakfast/lunch.Dave took us to Perkins,not far from home. It's really great to see Dave has recovered pretty well.Ronnie said," You even couldn't tell he had been sick before." Yes,he's rite.I  hugged him and said," I miss you so much!!!"

The food was good at Perkins.


French Dip for Joyce                                    Bbq Supreme Burger for me !!

Ronnie lovessssss bacon n eggs

But,I had a stomach problem.I threw all the food in the restroom.I guess I had stomachache ( masuk angin kali ya,plg dari Dayton malam sebelumnya ). Joyce was worried abt me,and asked to go home.Dave and Ronnie paid the bills,then we left.

Ughhhhh.... I thought I wanted to take a nap.But,once I saw the toddlers played around, I took the cam and took their pics. Gosh,you can tell how much we miss one each other. Silly Bryan,he kissed me all around !!!. He's so excited and knew he would be taken his pics.

Ble'eh ^__^                                                   Pencet idung gpp,asal jgn poke mata aja

                                                                     Bryan lagi mo ikat tali sepatu

Ngantuk kah?                                                Let me see...let me see... ^___^

               Gantengnya                                      Duhh... dipeluk2 erat.Hahahhahaha


Thnks for coming !!!!!!!!!!!