Saturday, March 31, 2007

( Banned by Ronnie ) ,Hang out with Lilis ^___^

I woke up earlier this morning.I called Jenny,but she didn’t answer my phone.Soon,the phone rang,and it’s Jenny. We chit chat for a quite long time. I was laying on the bed next to Ronnie.He threw out my big pillow. Aww….. He he he

Later,I called Atik.Again,chit chat in the bedroom.I saw Ronnie’s stil sleeping.I greeted him and asked,” How’s my baby?” He said,” Baby,pls stop talking,let me sleep.” Ha ha ha ha. He said,”You’ve talked a lot already on the phone,let me sleep now.” Hi hi hi hi hi.Gak bisa tidur lagi rupanya. He said,” Today I wanna go to the bar.I don’t wanna be disturbed.You are not allowed to go to the bar today.I wanna do the books.You can go anywhere you want.” Bahhhhhhhhhhhhh… Bini dibanned,gak boleh ke bar. Hiks…hiks…hiks….He said," I know it's hard for you,but for this time,pls..otherwise I can't make it." Bener2 gak mo diganggu nih laki,kebanyakan nunda ngerjain pembukuan.^_____^

I went to the kitchen and cooked Noddles.I bought noddles product of Pinoy.Hey,it tasted good!!!! Wanna buy some more next time. I was thinking what I would do to spend my weekend. Hey,I texted Lilis,my new friend.Nia introduced me to her abt a month ago.We just only text one each other,talk on the phone,but never met in person.

Grabbing my cellphone,I texted her.She didn’t do much.I invited her to hang out with me.She agreed.I planned to pick her and got some directions.

Around 1.30 pm,I cooked Ronnie Indomie Mie Goreng.He came down to the kitchen around 15 mnts.He gave me directions and he was sure I could make it.He did support me.I love you,baby!!!

I left the home abt 3.30pm ( 1 hour late ).She’s waiting for me.I took her to Goodwill.Mom wanted a new lamp.I chosed the one she might like ( indeed she does like it!! ).

Then we went to Target.We bought some stuff then went to Jade Buffet.I was starving. I didn’t eat a lot this time.Being pregnant makes me hard to eat other stuff than Indonesian food ( lately I threw up again at nites ). :(

Lilis invited me to stop by and we chit chat for a while.Ronnie called me.I said I was ready to leave.I asked him,” Am I allowed to disturb you now ? He he he.”

He said,” Yes,you can come to the bar now.I just left home and ready to go to the bar.”

Yay!!! After banned for a couple hours,I could meet him. Hi hi hi.

I let Ronnie talk to Lilis.Bet Ronnie say hi bla bla bla… Ha ha ha. He’s not a good chatter.

Ronnie asked me to go home and take a nap before coming to the bar.

Ok,Boss…I am sleepy!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Lilis for spending the weekend with me.It’s great!!! Next time we’ll do it again!!!!

God bless

Friday, March 30, 2007

Barbie as The Princess & The Pauper ( 2004 )

Genre: Animation
Ngebahas Barbie kali ini ^___^.

In her first animated musical featuring seven original songs, Barbie comes to life in this modern re-telling of a classic tale of mistaken identity and the power of friendship. Based on the story by Mark Twain, Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper features Barbie in an exciting dual role as a princess and a poor village girl - two girls who look amazingly alike. The girls' paths are fated to cross when Princess Anneliese is captured and Erika, her look-alike, must try to save her. Can Erika pretend to be the Princess and foil her captor, the evil Preminger? And what of the handsome King Dominick, who falls in love with Erika, mistaking her for Princess Anneliese? In this magical musical performance, two beautiful, adventurous girls dare to follow their dreams and discover that destiny is written in a very special place: your heart. Written by Adam Fenton and Janine McGoldrick .

It's entertaining.I love the songs!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mar 26th : Nani Arsik !!!!!!! ( Ikan Masak Kuning ala Batak )

Another menu for today….. Nani Arsik ( Ikan Masak Kuning ala Batak ).
This morning I woke up around 12 am.I called my sister and chatted for a while.Suddenly I felt so bad.My body was trembeled.I ran to the bathroom,almost passed out.I got hilarious stomachache ever!!!

I bet I haven’t something to eat ( plus… my stomachache I believe from the food I had last nite,Lontong Kacang ). I took the phone and called my family again. I talked to my 2 sisters and Mami. Gosh.. They couldn’t hear my voice.They said I sounded like whispering.Aghhh… I really didn’t feel good.Body was still shaky.

Actually,the purpose to call my Mami was to ask abt Nani Arsik.After staying more than 2 years,I haven’t had Nani Arsik. I really wanted to cook it.

Mami told me the recipe ( which I knew,but just wanted to make sure ). As soon as I was done,I went to the kitchen.Messing around the kitchen,cooking something for my lunch and dinner.

It took less than 1 hour to cook it.After cooking the fish,I fried one piece with the seasoning.It’s crunchy!!! Yeahhhh!!! That’s our fave kind of cooking ( 2 days ago I called my eldest sister and told that they had Nani Arsik.That’s Papi’s best fave food !! ).

I had a nice lunch today. Since I was in the kitchen,I cooked supper for the rest of the family.That’s the very 1st time I sat down with them after weeks.Since I am pregnant,I am kinda anti American food.I’ve never sat with them and had supper together.I still can’t smell Mom’s cooking.

Tonite,I ate my fish,meanwhile the others had chicken.I wasn’t attempted to eat the chicken,even the salad. I am happy with Indonesian food. ^_____^.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mar 25th :Makan Lontong Kacang, Yukkkkk!!!!

Went to church this morning,I stopped by at CAM.I've been wanting to eat Lontong Kacang.In Siantar n Medan,this food is a fave one.
I remembered we always had this food for breakfast.^____^. Papi loves this food.My family do!!

I bought a lil bean sproud and then ready to cook for my lunch.Ronnie and Mom went to the bar ( Joyce had Jewelry Party ). I was busy crushing the peanuts and steamed Rice Cake ( Lontong ). He he he.

After spending abt 20 mnts,I had my wonderful lunch. Yummyyyyyyyy.. It's a lil bit spicy this time ( cos I put 8-10 red chilies ). Burnt out!!!!!!!!!!

Then,Ronnie picked me to the bar.I attended the party and ordered one bracelet.

I think I am ready to have another portion of Lontong Kacang for dinner soon. ^____^

Friday, March 23, 2007

When Ronnie's Reading MP ^____^

Yeah... One day I opened my MP at office.He sat down and looked at it.I asked him to move,he didn't want. He began sinking himself reading the blog I wrote down.

The title " Ronnie Says Prayer in Indonesian " captured his attention.I let him read.He smiled and said," Now you got me into trouble again." He he he.

Serius amat bacanya,Oom :P

Menu Makan Siang : Ikan Bakar Sambal Kecap


I woke up early in the morning.Ronnie left and brought a bowl of cantaloupe.

I was really hungry and cooked Mie Sedap ( sejak hamil,banyakan makan mie mulu ). The weather was cold,made me sleepy.

After having my early bfast,I took a nap.

Around 11.30am,I woke up and felt hungry again.

Thinking abt eating Ikan Bakar with Sambal Kecap, I opened the refrigerator.I had one fish there.

I turned on the oven, cooked some rice and chopped some chilies,shallots and garlics. It took 15 mnts to prepare everything.

I put the fish in a plate and spreaded the seasonings and poured the soy sauce on top.

Aghhh..... I felt soooo goooooooooddddddddddddd. Half side- fish was eaten, and still have the other half for tomorrow.


Mar 22nd : ( Another Craving ) :Hunting Dunkin Doughnuts @Midnite!!!

Ih... what a shame!!!!!

Yesterday,suddenly I really wanted to have some Dunkin Doughnuts. When Ronnie came back from work,I told him.He said," I have to go to the bar,hun.Dave can't open the bar.The key didn't work."

I told Ronnie it worked that morning when I was there.Ronnie took my keys.I asked him to come back as soon as possible ( besides,it's our off nite ).

I called Ronnie around 10 pm,he said Jaime hasn't come yet,so he bartended. Ughhh..... I waited till 11 pm. I called him again,he said he'd be home very soon.

Around 11.10pm,he's at home. I was laying in bed.He was having some rice crips. I was mad at him. I said," Look.. you came home late,I couldn't have my doughnuts."

Ronnie said," do you want doughnut so bad? I can buy some tomorrow after work. " I said," I want it..I want it.. I want it now!!! "

He said," Let's go to Kroger then." Agghhhh.. I didn't want doughnuts from Kroger. I wanted from Dunkin.

I was mad.Ronnie said," Let's go.. I didn't realize how bad you want the doughnuts."

I didn't move. I cried like a kid. He came closer, I said," No...stay away.. I want my doughnuts." Cried again.

Ronnie laughed.He said," You want me to go buy some ?? " I said," Noooo. I want you and me go."

He said," Let's go." I said," Nooo.. it's too late.The store must have been closed." :(

He kept persuading me.I didn't move.Finally," Let's go.. hurry up hurry up."

He asked me where to go.I asked him to go to the store I know in Colerain.Ronnie said there's one in North Bend. I wasn't sure for that one.I asked him to go where I do know one in Colerain.It's almost 12 pm.When we passed the street,I couldn't see the sign.I said," Agghhhh it's closed!!! We're late."

Ronnie turned the car to the other side.He entered a parking lot.He said," You mean this one? It used to be Dunkin,but they're out of business.It's a new bakery store now." I saw the sign, All Pita Bread. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cried. I said," I hate you. I couldn't have my doughnuts now."

Ronnie said," Let me take you to North Bend.I know there's one over there."

So we drove to other direction.We passed the bar.Ronnie pointed me one store. I said," It's closed." Ronnie said," No.. it isn't. It' s OPEN 24 HOURS!!! "

Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! We looked one each other.. and then smiled, laughed. He said," Now.. who loves you ? " ^____________________^

I said," Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." He said," Now,let's go. You can have as many as you want. Chop chop chop "

Like a kid, I held his arm and pointed the mini ones I wanted.I had some small jelly ones, 2 strawberries n 1 lemon.

Ronnie asked," Is that all,hun? Are you sure ?" I said," Yes." The total was 3.17 bucks.

As soon as the bag was given to me,I had one bite. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ronnie laughed and said," My gosh,baby.. I didn't know how bad your craving is. I should have known better next time. I didn't mean to ignore you.I am sorry."

We went home.In the car,I ate 5 small ones. I had a few in the bedroom and saved some for the next day.

Ronnie said," Come to bed,hun.Cuddle up with me. I love you. Thank God,we finally had them,otherwise you won't talk to me for days." ^_______^

I jumped into bed and cuddled up with him.The next morning,we laughed when we remembered how bad I was last nite. Sorry,hun.

I had some doughnuts this noon.I still have some left,don't feel like wanna eat them all. Nah lhooooooooooo????????? :P

The Rising - Mangal Pandey ( 2005 )

Genre: Documentary
Review lagi ya ttg film India.Bagi yg mo nambah pengetahuan ttg sejarah India ( sampe akhirnya merdeka ),ini dia filmnya.

Mangal Pandey ( 2005 ),dibintangi Aamir Khan,Rani Mukerjee,Toby Stephens ( yg main di James Bond ,Die Another Day ,lawan main Brosnan ), Amisha Patel dll.

Mangal Pandey seorang serdadu di bawah pemerintahan British,menamakan diri mrk The Company.The Company menanam Opium di seluruh India dan melakukan perdagangan dgn China sebagai ganti teh dan herbal.Mr.Kent,salah satu petinggi di The Company secara diam2 melakukan private business dengan menyuruh salah satu pedagang lokal menjalankan bisnisnya supaya tidak ketahuan.

Suatu ketika,para prajurit disuruh melakukan latihan menggunakan catridge.Mangal Pandey satu2nya prajurit yg maju ke depan.Salah satu penduduk lokal memberitahukan Mangal bahwa catridge tersebut terbuat dari lemak babi dan kerbau ( di mana kedua bahan tersebut haram bagi penduduk yg beragama Islam dan Hindu ).

Mangal merasa ditipu.Dia mendatangi Capt Gordon dan memberitahukan rumor yg dia dengar.Capt Gordon tidak mengetahui hal tsb.

Di kemudian hari,para prajurit disuruh melakukan latihan kembali.Capt Gordon meminta para petinggi utk mengganti bahan catridge,supaya para prajurit tidak merasa haram menggunakan bahan tsb.

Alas,para petinggi meyakinkan Gordon bahwa rumor tsb tidak benar.Gordon disuruh meyakinkan para prajurit ( di kemudian hari,diketahui bahwa rumor tsb benar,setelah Mangal dan teman2nya mendatangi pabrik yg memproduksi catridge tsb ).

Merasa dikhianati kepercayaan agama mrk,Mangal mendatangi Capt Gordon.Perang pun berkibar.Mangal memutuskan tali persahabatan mrk.Capt Gordon kecolongan, karena dia tidak tau sama sekali ttg hal tsb.

Mangal dan teman2 melakukan gerilya.Kali ini bukan berperang melawan haram tidaknya catridge,tapi berperang utk kebebasan mrk,karena selama ini mrk ditindas diperlakukan spt binatang dan dikatai sbg " Black Dogs ".

Sembari menyusun rencana utk berperang melawan British,2 utusan dari kerajaan di daerah lain di India mengajak tentara India utk bersatu melawan British.

Mangal setuju.Rencanapun diatur.Berdasarkan prediksi,bahwa kekuasaan British akan berakhir pada tahun ke - 100,yakni bulan May. Mrk menyusun strategi utk menyerang akhir bulan May.

Salah satu tentara India,keceplosan berbicara kepada istrinya yg bekerja utk wanita British ( babysitter ),melaporkan kepada wanita tersebut bahwa tentara India akan menyerang mrk di bulan May. Pada saat itu kekasih wanita British,Capt Hewson yg bersembunyi di ruangan lain mendengar kabar tsb.

Begitu para petinggi The Company mengetahui rencana tentara India,mrk mempercepat kedatangan tentara tambahan dari propinsi lain ( krn tentara India di mana mrk berada berontak utk bekerja dgn mrk ).

Apadaya... Mangal dan teman2nya kecolongan.Pada saat tentara tambahan tiba di kota tsb,Mangal dkk bagaikan anak ayam kehilangan induk. Mrk sama sekali tidak ada persiapan.

Mangal menyuruh teman2nya pergi memberitahukan kepada para penduduk.Sementara Mangal berusaha utk menembak sebanyak mungkin. Satu orang berbanding ratusan org,akhirnya Mangal menarik pelatuk sendiri.

Mangal terluka,dibawa ke rumah sakit.Nyawanya dapat diselamatkan.Dia di penjara.Heera ( pelacur ) yg menjadi kekasih Mangal,mendatanginya ke penjara dan menikah di sana.

Hari pun ditentukan.Mangal dihukum gantung.Semuanya telah siap,tapi algojo tidak hadir.Mrk tidak mau menggantung Mangal.

Hukuman pun ditunda bsk harinya sampai algojo lainnya dipanggil.Siang hari,Mangal dibawa ke hadapan publik. Dengan meneriakkan slogan Islam,Mangal pun mati digantung.

Begitu dia mati digantung,para penduduk berpencar,berperang melawan kompeni.Pertikaian berlanjut sampe satu tahun kemudian.Capt Gordon membantu masyarakat India membasmi kompeni ( yg notabene adalah bangsanya sendiri ).

Perjuangan utk mendapatkan kemerdekaan akhirnya dicapai setelah 90 tahun kematian Mangal.Dari Mangal sampai Mahatma Gandhi,kemerdekaan pun dicapai pada tahun 1947.

India pun bebas dari jajahan kompeni sampai skrg.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Indian Movie Maniac ^___^


Lagi ngobrol2 sama Sera di YM.Ngebahas ttg film India. Sera blg,' Lah,Mei2... gak ngerti nih, gak ada subtitlesnya.Kok kamu bisa sampe nangis segala nonton film India ?"

Mei2 blg," Lah..kmrn nontonnya itu ada subtitlesnya.Tapi kadang nonton online,ya dihayati aja filmnya,jadi tau alur ceritanya."

Akhirnya,ngobrol2nya berlanjut...

Mei2 blg,kalo di Sumatra,khususnya di Sumut,penggemar film India itu berjubel.Knp gak? Wong di Sumut satunya tempat komunitas org India ngumpul.Makanya ada tempat bernama Kampung Keling ( di Siantar ) n Kampung Keling di Medan.

Even,sodara kami ada yg menikah sama org Pakistan,punya anak 4.Ganteng n cakep2 anaknya.

Masih ingat jaman dulu,gak pagi,siang malam,dipantengin itu tv buat nonton film India.Jaman blm ada parabola. Dptnya siaran Malaysia, tv2 dan tv3.

Tiap Jumat,sktr jam 1-2 pm film India dimulai.Kalo sudah begitu,jalanan pada sepi.Orang2 pada nonton film India di rumah..Malah sampe tutup pintu rumah segala.

Lucu banget kalo ingat jadul.Orang2 pada nonton di rmh,pintu dikunci.Krn gak begitu banyak dulu yg punya tv berwarna,siaran gak jelas,jadi bagi org2 yg siarannya bagus,memilih utk nonton di rumah,ngunci pintu dan gak ksh tetangga ikutan nonton.

Kalo siarannya udah kabur,terpaksa deh putar tiang tv.Sambil menjerit2 blg," Udah,belum?????" Yg lain menjawab," Belum... ke kanan... dikittttttttttttt lagi... balikkkkkk..pelan2..." .. Aduh,Mami..sampe skrg masih hafal bener "kamus per-tiang-tv-an".. Kadang gantian mutar tiang tv. Sedetikpun gak mau ketinggalan nontonnya. Habis,ceritanya seru2 sih.

Nama2 yg populer jaman kami nonton dulu itu Rajesh Khanna,Dharmendra,Parven Baby (sampe skrg nama ini ingat bener),Hema Malini,Sridevi ( my gosh.. the most beautiful ever !!! , versi Hema Malini mudanya ), Salman Khan,Anil Kapoor,Shah Rukh Khan,Manisa Koilara,Madhuri Dixit,Kajol dll.

Ada pengalaman seru. Wkt SMP,ada temen,Rita, yg demen banget nonton film India.Berhubung rumah dia dkt Palapa ( bioskop yg putar film2 India ),akhirnya Mei2 tertarik nonton.Tiket harga 250 perak wkt itu ( thn 90 kalo gak salah ).

Kami janjian nonton film Salman Khaan,judulnya msh ingat banget "Maine Pyar Kya".Nungguin sampe 2 jam lbh,jongkok di lantai.Sampe akhirnya pintu loket dibuka.. Duduk berdua,semangat 45 nontonnya.Mata gak pernah lepas dari layar bioskop.Lagi enak2 nonton, paha gatal2.Garuk sana garuk sini... Eh,plg2 nonton,malah paha bengkak2.Gak taunya kena gigit kutu busuk.

Sambil jalan pulang ke rmh ( gak gitu jauh,sktr 20 mnt jalan kaki),senyam senyum membayangkan film India. Sampe di rumah,baru deh mulai gosok2 balsem ke paha.

Gak kapok juga,bsk lusa,pergi nonton lagi. . Sampe akhirnya duduk diam tiap Jumat nonton film India di rumah.Lari ke toko terdekat,beli film kamera. Film Salman Khan lagi diputar di tv,dijepret2 aja dari jarak 5 cm.

Begitu dibawa ke studio,hasilnya kosong..Duhh... udh abis duit banyak,gak taunya filmnya satupun gak dpt fotonya. Iyalah..jaman dulu,gak ada digital camera.Mental mulu cahaya kamera dari tv.

Tergila2 banget sama film2 India beserta aktor dan aktrisnya,sampe ngumpulin foto2 mrk segala. Ihhhhh... skrg ntah ke mana foto2 mrk.

Sangkin terobsesinya sama India,klepek2 pengen dpt co India.Pernah chatting sama org India di IRC,namanya Nitin,Kristen. Nitin sampe telp2 ke kost2an segala,possesive banget.Ada Santosh ( ortunya missionaris di India ),suka telp2an juga.Santosh ini baik sekali.Mei2 kenalin dgn temen kuliah.Santosh suka krm surat dan postcards dari India.Skrg Santosh udh nikah,punya anak. Sampe skrg masih berkirim kabar.

Sampe skrg,semangat untuk nonton film India masih berkobar.Lucunya, banyak film2 Indonesia yg bisa ditonton di Youtube,kok gak selera ya ?





Calcutta Mail ( 2003 )

Genre: Action & Adventure
Review film lain lagi ya.

Barusan nonton semalam,dari jam 3.30am- 5 am lwt. Anil Kapoorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I love him...I love him.... *Drolling* He he he.

Dimulai dari kedatangan Avinash ( Anil Kapoor ) ke Calcutta.Misinya mencari anaknya yg diculik oleh Lakhan Yadhav. Di sana dia bertemu dgn Rima/ Bulbul ( Rani Mukerjee ),novelist yg pura2 menjadi gadis desa bernama Bulbul yg tinggal di daerah kumuh,mencoba utk lbh serius menggarap novelnya.

Alur mundur..... Lakhan dijodohkan utk menikah dgn putri Sujan Singh,Sanjana ( Manisha Koilara ).Lakhan seorang bandit,pembunuh berdarah dingin.Tentu saja Sanjana menolak keinginan ayahnya,yg nota bene seorang politikus. 100 pembunuhan yg terjadi,diantara 99 dilakukan oleh Lakhan ( atas suruhan ayah Sanjana ).

Sanjana melarikan diri,diselamatkan oleh Avinash di kereta api.Cinta bersemi,mrk menikah dan memiliki seorang anak laki2,Ishu.

Alas,pada saat kampanye dilakukan di desa mrk,salah seorang suruhan ayah Sanjana melihat dia di desa tersebut.Sang ayah mendatangi Sanjana,meminta Sanjana kembali. Sanjana menolak.

Malamnya Avinash dan kelnya berkemas,siap2 pindah ke kota lain.Siangnya Avinash pergi ke bank,sekembali dari bank,teman2 dan istrinya tewas.Ishu hilang.

Atas bantuan pamannya yg seorang polisi,Avinash mendapat kabar kalo Lakhan menculik anaknya dan berada di Calcutta.

Mulai deh ceritanya... :D

Avinash berhasil bertemu dgn Lakhan.Dia berusaha mendapatkan anaknya kembali.Mertua Avinash mencoba utk membantu.Rencana diatur,Avinash harus menyerahkan uang 500 juta sebagai ganti anaknya.

Mrk bertemu di stasiun kereta api.Avinash berhasil mendapatkan anaknya.Mertua membawa Ishu , dgn dalih menyelamatkan.Ternyata.... Sujan berencana utk menghabisi nyawa cucu kandungnya sendiri.

Apa lacur, Avinash mengetahui akal busuknya.Avinash membawa Lakhan dan salah satu pegawai Sujan ke rumahnya.Semua rahasia terbongkar.Sujan sendiri menembak putri kandungnya hingga mati dan memberi ijin Lakhan utk membawa Ishu pergi.

Avinash memberikan tas berisi uang kepada Lakhan.Lakhan,Sujan dan pegawainya bertikai utk mendapatkan uang tersebut.

Begitu Avinash pergi, terdengar suara tembakan 3x.Tak diragukan,Lakhan,Sujan dan pegawainya tewas bertikai demi mendapatkan uang. Rakus sihhhhhhhhh :P

Avinash kembali ke rumahnya,merawat Ishu.Rima datang membesuk mrk. Lah.. si Rima kecentilan,naksir Avinash. Happy ending deh ceritanya.

PS : Soundtracknya bagus lho.. Diattach ahhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cinderella III , A Twist in Time ( 2007 )

Genre: Kids & Family
Cinderella's wicked stepmother has stolen the Fairy Godmother's magic wand, and now she's determined to turn back the hands of time ( Anastasia was plotted to fit the slipper glass ). Now, in order to break the evil spell, the frightened Cinderella will have to find her beloved Prince Charming before her time runs out. Gus, Jaq, and all of the characters who made the original Cinderella a beloved classic return in an enchanting animated sequel filled with show-stopping musical numbers, nail-biting suspense, and magical wonders for the entire family.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Masak Orderan Saksang & BPK

Setelah nunggak bbrp minggu,akhirnya masak orderan saksang juga ( buat ito Erikson di IN dan Afni di GA ).

Sejak hamil,jarang2 masuk dapur.Praktis udh hampir 2 minggu lbh, jarang makan malam di rmh. Lagi musuhan sama makanan ala Amrik. Tiap kali cium masakan Mom dari dapur,bawaan muntah mulu.

Tadi siang disempetin masak,mumpung Mom gak ngecet langit2 dapur hari ini ( dia udh mulai ngecet sejak bbrp hari lalu ).

Masak porsi yg rada banyakan,biar ada sisa buat sendiri. ^___^.

Lagi siap2in bahan,malah terbayang BPK. Ya sudah,daging masih banyak,langsung deh buat BPK.

Idupin grill di backyard,letakin satu ruas daging.Siapin sambal Andaliman. Mamiiii……. Gak kukuuuuuuu..Selera makan langsung naik ke langit ke –7 . Ha ha ha.

Cpt2 tumis sayur kol,biar gak kering2 makannya. Nasi 1 panci kecil, habis juga ½ nya. He he he.

Makan sampe 2 porsi, udh kekenyangan.Gak kuat lagi nambah.Untung ada sisa banyak,bisa makan buat ntar malam.

Saksang juga udah matang.Afni n Ito Erikson minta dimasakin pake darah.Siap2 deh dikrm buat besok. Buat Ito Erikson,bsk ditambahin darahnya,telat confirm sih.

Mo makan BPK n Saksang lagi ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. ^_____^

Nicholas Nickleby ( 2002 )

Genre: Drama
Just watched a new movie again early this morning ( 1.30am) in my bedroom.

It's Nicholas Nickleby ( 2002 ), Charles Dickens' novel.What an entertaining,touching ( believe me,I cried a couple times to watch this movie, esp the scene between Nicholas n Smike ).

Nicholas Nickleby muda dan kelnya menikmati kehidupan yg layak sampai ayah Nicholas meninggal dunia,meninggalkan keluarga dalam keadaan miskin.Nicholas,Kate ( adik perempuan ) dan ibunya pergi ke London mencari pertolongan dari Paman Ralph( adik ayahnya ). Tapi Ralph seorang yg licik.Tujuan membantu sodaranya hanya utk memisahkan kel Nickleby and mengexploitasi mrk.Kate diperalat kecantikannya utk mendapatkan investor utk menanam saham di perusahaannya.

Nicholas dikrm ke sekolah yg ditangani oleh pria yg kejam,sadis dan menjijikkan, Wackford Squeers. Di sana,Nicholas menjadi guru.Ada sktr 20 org murid ( anak2 ) yg tinggal di tempat yg tidak layak ( tidur di kandang, masing2 di dalam box ). Smike,pemuda tanggung yg pincang, bekerja dgn kel Squeers, selalu disiksa. Sampai akhirnya Nicholas campur tangan,balik menghajar Squeers dan pergi meninggalkan Dotheboy( sekolah ).

Nicholas dan Smike memulai petualangan mrk utk bertemu kembali dgn kel Nicholas.

Noggs,pelayan Ralp selalu memberikan informasi kepada Nicholas apa yg sedang terjadi di London.

Nicholas mengetahui akal busuk pamannya.Sang paman menabuh genderang perang.Sampai akhirnya Nicholas mengetahui semua masa lalu sang paman,dan membongkar kedoknya.

Ternyata sang paman pernah menikah,tapi menyembunyikan istri dan anaknya.Sampai sang anak dienyahkan ( di akhir cerita diketahui bahwa Smike adalah anak kandungnya). Sayang,Smike meninggal dunia karena sakit. Sang paman menderita kerugian ( bangkrut ) sktr 10.000 pounds.Satu persatu investor menjauhinya.

Nasi telah menjadi bubur.Depresi terhadap apa yg terjadi,sang paman memutuskan utk bunuh diri.

Kate menikah dengan keponakan boss Nicholas ( Nicholas bekerja di perusahaan dan dibayar dgn sangat mahal ). Nicholas sendiri menikah dgn Madeline ( Anne Hathaway ).

Happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tagline from this movie : Every family needs a hero!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Casanova ( 2005 )

Genre: Drama
Casanova ( 2005 ) is a good movie.Masterpiece from BBC.

I've been watching it for 2 days ( quite a long movie ).

Legenda percintaan antara 2 manusia. Casanova yg terkenal dgn petualangannya dgn berbagai wanita,berbagai profesi sampai akhirnya bertemu dgn Henriette.

Intinya Casanova si playboy takluk di bawah pesona Henriette ( sementara Henriette menikah dgn pria lain ).Casanova berpetualang ke berbagai negara ( selalu ada Henriette yg memperhatikan dia dari jauh ).

Finally.....Old Casanova was longing to hear from Henriette ( since he got a letter telling that Grimani,Henriette's husband was dead ). But,alas... Rose, Casanova's maid got another letter later on telling that Henriette was dead 6 months ago.Rose didn't tell Casanova.She continued telling the story to him saying that Henriette was coming to him..rite now..... Casanova died.

What a touchy story.. Kasih Tak Sampai :(

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mar 17th : Lunch @ IHOP

Upon request from Ronnie,to post my bad - look -sleeping moment. Ihhh gemesssssssssssssssssss. Biarlah,yg penting Ronnie senang (habis katanya, tiap kali fotonya yg lucu2 diposting di MP,giliran bininya ). :P

I went home from work on Fri around 4.30am.The next day,Sat we went to Ihop around 2pm ( Ronnie went to the bar for awhile and he picked me ).

I really wanted to eat PANCAKE with hashed brown with pepper and tabasco on top. Yummy....yummy....

Ronnie didn't really wanna go,but he finally went. We've never been to Ihop for 1 month. As usual,I had my fave meal.Ronnie just only had Kid's Bowl of Fruit. Gila,nek... costed 4 bucks for small bowl!!!

We had quick lunch then went home.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Putty....where are you ?

As we came back from Ihop this noon, Putty jumped into bed.He snuggled with Ronnie for awhile and then he walked away.

I was laying down when I heard something noisy. I turned my head.. Lah... Putty was going to my cabinet.

He jumped into the cabinet,hiding himself there.

I got up and took my cam.I said to Ronnie," babe, look at Putty."
He said," Don't chase him away. He likes to explore ."
I said," Yeah... like Dora the Explorer. he he he. "

I took a couple pics.He knew,when I was done,he jumped out as Ronnie went downstairs,he followed him. Ha ha ha.

Funny cat.

March 17th Thurs - Dinner @Kabuto

Since Wed n Thursday I've spent time at the bar longer than I expected.Wed morning from 7.30am till 4 pm ( I went home from work on Wed morning around 3 am ,watching dvd till 4.30 am ,practically my sleeping was only 1.5 hours then went to the bar ).

Thursday, I worked from 11.30 am till 5 pm. Stressed!!!

I went to the library,returned some DVDs. I called Ronnie.He said he's not far from the bar.We decided to have dinner somewhere,Kabuto.I reserved the seat and drove to Kabuto from library.

Before,I stopped at Walgreens and bought Ginger Ale.It tastes good!!!
I brought into Kabuto.Decky saw it and tried one glass. ha ha ha.

Ronnie came abt 15 mnts,and we had our food.

Since I still have my nite sickness,I don't eat a lot.I ordered Unagi, just only could eat 1-2 pieces only. We took home the leftover.It's a bunch!! Even Ronnie couldn't finish his. The next day,he was sick

We went back to the bar. Parking Mom's car at the bar,then we drove one car to Sam's Club.We met Dave there.

Ronnie n Dave bought the camera system. I asked Ronnie to buy me ice cream. It's milky,vanilla ice cream. Yummyyyyyyyyyy

Mpok Ati's Bday

Start:     Apr 14, '07 1:00p
Location:     Amelia,OH
Jauh2 hari dari tahun lalu udah pesan catering buat ultah doi.

Ultah sebenarnya Maret,tapi diundur April 14th.

Siap2 masak deh ntar.

March 13th : Karaoke,DartBoard,Pool n Corn Hole Games

Bah bah bah...
Ronnie made a good decision.He moved the pool table to the back bar last week. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa............

All the pool tables are put in the same room.Plus,he had bought a Dart board game a couple weeks ago.Kelly and friends put it together.

The weather was nice on Tuesday.Curtis took the corn hole game to the patio.They played around.

Since we put the sport stuff at the back bar,the customers spread around. Good...good...good...

They like the new spot. I am glad they do.

Got some new faces, old faces ( Will the cop who always works long shift,finally came and stopped by to visit us ). So sweet.....

Ronnie says Prayer in Indonesian ^____^


Yesterday Ronnie went home earlier from work.He didn't feel good.Just a couple minutes after I came back from work,he arrived.

He said he puked at work,feeling useless,just sat down.So he decided to go home.We took a shower,then went to bed around 5 pm.Mom  woke us up abt 7pm.Alas... he puked again!!!!!!! He took another shower. Poor baby......

I cooked him Noddles,he didn't eat it ( not even when I came back from work at 4am!!!).

Ronnie asked me to open the bar by myself and waited for Dave.I left home at 8pm and opened the bar.Cleaning a lil bit then some bouncers showed up.Dave came around 10 pm.

Last nite,me and Dave worked at the bar,minus Ronnie. usual,Friday nite we have around 300-350 customers!!! We did our own job.I ran here and there,checking the drawers,the booze ect.Sometimes I hid myself in the office,avoiding the smoke.

I was attempted to call Ronnie,asking how's he doing,but I cancelled it. Finally Tony called me telling that he's done with his job,watching the parking lot.So I took him home and sneaked a lil bit to check Ronnie upstairs. I took 5-7 mnts away from the bar then went back working.

We closed the bar and went home around 4 am.I called my niece,Ching2,cos it's her bday.Ronnie woke up and we chatted a lil bit.He didn't eat anything at all.I brought him his pill and a glass of OJ.That's all he had all nite long. I ate the noddles instead.


This part is so funny... Let me tell you why...

As usual,we pray at nite. We hold hands one each other ( duh,kyk mo ke mana aja,takut dilepas ). .

Me : " Babe,let's pray."
Ronnie :" Ok."

Me : " Follow me,ok? "

Ronnie :" Ok."

I spoke in Indonesian.I said each word slowly,so Ronnie could pronounce it.

Me :" Tuhan Yesus.. terima kasih buat hari yg Kau beri."

Ronnie resaid it.

Me :" Kami mengucap syukur buat berkat hari ini."

Ronnie resaid it.

Me :" Biar kiranya Tuhan memberkati hari2 kami ."

Ronnie resaid it.

Me :" Pada malam ini,kami memohon campur tangan Tuhan.

Ronnie resaid it.

Me :" Tuhan jamah dan sembuhkan sakit penyakit."

Ronnie resaid it.

Me :"Dengan iman percaya,kami yakin,kami sembuh."

Ronnie resaid it.

Suddenly .........Ronnie opened his eyes .......

Ronnie," What does "KAMI" mean?"

I laughed!!!!!!!!!!! I opened my eyes and explained to him.

I said," means "WE".... Go on.........

We closed our eyes again....

Me :" Kuasa dan bilur2 penyembuhan Yesus bekerja."

Ronnie resaid it.

Me :" Dalam nama Tuhan Yesus,kami berdoa dan mengucap syukur.Amin"

Ronnie resaid it.

Goodness.... I thought Ronnie was curious why so many "KAMI " in the prayers.

I said to him," Baby... I guess we need to say prayers in Indonesian.You do sound veryyyyyy good.So perfect and fluent."

He said,"  Yeah.....Malam. bobo."


Thank God,today he's feeling better.He went to the bar this noon and he's abt to pick me up,going to Ihop.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ngidam Tangerines ^___^

Ngidam Tangerines

Lah...kebawa dari Troy, sampe skrg pengen makan tangerine. A couple days ago I told Ronnie that I was having a craving.I wanted him to buy tangerines and feed me.

Alas...he didn't have any chance to buy till Sunday,we went to Kroger. I bought 2 pieces.

Last nite,when I came back from work around 2.30am,I peeled one.

Tonite,after dinner,I demanded him to feed me. ^___^. He cut the tangerine by his own style. He fed me. Aghh... feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,baby!!!

One more craving I haven't done yet. SWIMMING!!!! ^___^ Ronnie said the other day," craving is strange.Where can I get the pool in this season ?? " I said," I don't care. Find it out." He said," I gotta ask Steve if you can go to NCH Swimming Pool.But,you gotta wait till Summer. " Aghhh kelamaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 11th : JJS ke Winton Wood

I didn't work on Fri n Sat nite.Just feeling nick sickness again.Sat noon,Ronnie spent time at home,spoiling me at the living room.

Sunday noon,I felt bored.I asked him go to somewhere.Mom encouraged Ronnie to take me somwhere.I said," Let's go to Winton Wood!!!! ". I've passed the wood a couple times,but never stopped and visited it. time,Mom just drove around.

Ronnie was agree.He asked me to wait for his movie over.Duh...lamanya...keburu ngantuk >_<

Finally,around 4.30pm we left.We stopped by at Kroger,bought some Tangerines!!! It's my craving for Ronnie. I bought a magazine and 2 fried chickens.

We paid the annual fee at the gate.Ronnie took me around.We stopped by the lake and had our chickens there. ^___^.

I had him pull a bone.He said,"That's not the wish bone,hun." Sutralah...keburu dpt yg kecilnya. ha ha ha. We pulled one each other.He said," You won!!!" ^___^

We spent around 1 hour there.The weather was a lil bit chilly and windy.

Ronnie bought some ice cream on the way home.So sweetttttttttttttt.....

Thank you,baby..We do need doing this next time.Capek kerja muluuuu...gak ada istirahatnya.

Our expenses :
Annual fee $ 5.00
Snack $10.00 ( fried chicken,magazine,tangerines,ice cream )

total $ 15.00

Nice trip... hemat biaya!!! ^____^

Friday, March 9, 2007

Nite Sickness :(

Duh...... I've been feeling nite sickness since I am pregnant.It's weird.Since I've never had it before.

A week ago,Mom's cooking in the kitchen.I smelt it from upstairs,I ran to the bahtroom.I threw up many times.Mom went to the bathroom and asked whether her cooking bothered her. I said," Yes..I am sorry."

2 last wednesday,I threw up at the bar.Drew took me home.I felt so horrible. Almost every nite I have stomachache.

Since I am pregnant,I don't eat  American Food ( Indeed,I am not a fan of it ).I cook mostly Indonesian Food ( only at nite we have American Food ).

I eat lots of noddles lately.I said to Ronnie," Babe, you gotta realize your baby will be like Indonesian,eat spicy food." He said," No way.. He's gonna look for Burger or Sandwich."

Since I threw up tonite ( just only had a couple spoons ), I laid down on bed.Ronnie accompanied me.Then,I went downstairs and cooked noddles. At least I could eat something for nite.

*Suka kelaparan di tengah malam*.Aneh!!!




Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sayur Asin ( Pickled Mustard )

Lah.... tiba2 pengen makan sayur asin. Tadinya mo masak sup doank,gak taunya liat 1 pack sayur asin di kulkas.Sembari masak dinner ala Amerika buat yg lainnya,disempetin deh masak Sayur Asin.

Kurang yakin bumbunya apa, nekad telp Mami jam 4.18 pagi di Indo!! Duh..sorry,Mami... He he he.

Untung Mami gak kaget ditelp pagi2 buta cuma nanya resep doank.

Ternyata gak jauh beda yg Mami blg.Tadinya mo tambah jagung,tapi gak ada ( kata Mami gak pake jagung.Perasaan di Bandung kmrn pake tuh ).

1 liter air
ribs ( masih keras di kulkas,pake sam chan n tulang bak aja )
1/2 bungkus sayur asin
bawang putih,dikrepek
1 sdm minyak utk menumis

Tumis jahe dan bawang putih sampe wangi.
Masukkan sayur dan daging bak.
Tuang 1 lt air.
Direbus semua jadi satu sktr 1 jam.

Udah deh,jadi!!!

Yummy banget.Si Mom aja suka. :D

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8 Weeks Pregnancy ^___^

Where should I start?

Flashback… OCT 26TH 2006…

Ronnie and I had
Our Birthday Dinner @Red Lobster .There,he mentioned something to me.He said that time,” Baby,I don’t give you any physical present yet.” Sampe ngeres wkt itu pikirannya. Kirain…ML… ha ha ha. He said,” I want you to take off your pills and be pregnant. I want a baby!!! “

He had calculated.If I took off the pill on Oct,at least it’d take 3 months to make me pregnant.Means…I’d be pregnant on Feb,and the baby will due on Oct… Means…THE BABY WILL DUE on OCT…Means…. THREE OF US WILL HAVE THE SAME BDAY on OCT!!! Ha ha ha ha.

I wasn’t sure.Since I’ve never counted my periods yet.But,Ronnie kept reminding me abt the dates. Ok,Boss… You win… I marked the calender every month. Indeed,I just started it on Dec. He he he.

DEC 2006

I didn’t feel good.I vomited a couple times,my body was sore,I felt so very exhausted.My breasts were sore. Ronnie said,” Are you pregnant ? “ I said,” No…” He said,” Ahh.. you’re pregnant!!! “ Hmm….. I wasn’ t excited. He had me check to a doctor. I said to Ronnie,” I am not ready yet.”

I decided go to Pregnancy Care. I had the symptoms like pregnant woman,but the doctor said it was negative ( as what she considered,it’s too early to know ).She recommended me to come Jan 2007. I was disappointed. I went home and cried. At nite,I said to Ronnie,” Baby,I am sorry.Now,I really want a baby.I shouldn’t have said that I am not ready.Maybe God is mad at me.” He said,” Oh..’ll be ok.Maybe it’s not the time yet.We’ll try.”

JAN 2007

I worked as usual. I had my period on Jan 10th.So,I thought I wasn’t pregnant. I ignored the doctor’s suggestion to come back on Jan.

FEB 10TH 2007

Hey… it’s supposed to be my period date.I haven’t got it yet.Waiting another day…day by day… 3 days passed…. 4…5…. 6 days.. Ok… I must go to the doctor.

I was lucky,when I stopped by at the Pregnancy Care,the doctor said somebody cancelled the appointment.So,I could come at 2 pm. I went home and got ready.

I came right on time.The doctor asked me some questions.While we’re chatting,she put the test on the table. And while we’re chatting,she said,”’s positive!!! “ I didn’t remember that I had the test. I stopped talking and looked at the pregnancy test. WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I AM PREGNANT!!! THANK YOU LORDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The doctor said,” Congrats. You will be a Mom. Baby will due on OCT, 17th!!!!!! AWWWWW!!!!!!!! I SCREAMED!!!!!

I grabbed my cellphone,called Ronnie,” Hun, I AM PREGNANT!!!! YOU’RE GONNA BE A DADDY!! “

He laughed. He ‘s nervous, and said,” Agh… I am huh… Ha ha ha!!!! Great!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!”.

I said,” Guess what??” He said,” What ? “

I said,” Baby will due on OCT 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

Suddenly he laughed.He said,” WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like the plan!!!!! Squeeze your legs,hun…wait till Oct 26th !! “ Ha ha ha ha. Dodollllllllllllllll.

I said,” I gotta go. Talk to you later!!! Love ya!! “

The doctor laughed. I said goodbye . She recommended me to go to OB/GYN.

Ronnie went home and he smiled.He read the statement from the doctor and said,” Hmm…. It says you might not be pregnant,but you gotta go to a doctor.”

I said,” Hush…. I am pregnant.I am going to the doctor soon.”

He grabbed a small book, reading abt the baby. Mom smiled and said,” Wah..Ronnie’s into it,now.”

He said,” Hun,when the baby reaches 7 yo,you can give him to me.But,before that,you’ll take care of him. “ Ihhh…mau enaknya aja.

Again he said,” I want a baby boy!! Gonna name him after my name.” Duhh… kyk gak ada stock nama aja. :P

I called OB/GYN in Mt. Airy Hospital.The receptionist scheduled for March 7th.

28TH FEB 2007

Ronnie didn’t feel good.He stayed at home. He went to the bar for awhile. I called him,” baby..hurry up.My doctor appointment is today,at 3 pm.I want you to come along with me.” He said,” Ok.”

He went home. I got ready.When I was in the kitchen,I checked the calender. DUHH!!!! I WAS WRONG!!! It’s still Feb 28th!! I had to wait for another week. :P … Too excited. Ha ha ha.

I said to Ronnie,” Baby, sorry.I was wrong. It would be next week.” He laughed.

MARCH 7TH 2007

After working at the bar, I drove to the hospital.Gosh… I waited for the doctor for 1.30 hours!!! He just came back from another hospital,delivered a baby. I was so upset.The nurse kinda ignored me. They put in a room,left me alone for another 30 mnts. I had enough!! I opened the door and asked the nurse what I was supposed to do. Jengkel benar!!!

She said,” I am sorry.The doctor has some emergency calls.” Dodol!!!

Finally,he checked me and got the same date of due. The doctor said my pregnancy is 8 weeks ( 2 months ).I am scheduled to meet the doctor next month, April 4th.

I left the room,then I realized I haven’t got any books yet.I went back there and the nurse got some for me. Lots of magazines.

The doctor had me go to another department,has my blood taken. Ighhh…. Hurtsssssssssss so bad. A girl took 5 small bottles of my blood. I almost fainted. Ughhh…. I got dizzy,still my arm hurts.

Ronnie called me. I told him how mad I was waiting for the doctor.I had been at the hospital for 2.5 hours total!!!

He laughed and said,” gee… sounds bad.”

Agh… whatever… I am happy now.Ronnie had bought me an exercise DVD for pregnant lady. He he he.

When he sends me sms, he writes, “ Love ya, Mama. “ ha ha ha.

Last week,he had me do exercise from TV.Belly dance,Afro Brazilian,Abs,Reggae ect. Aghh.. I was exhausted.

Thank you Lord for trusting us to have a baby…. We are so thankful for this chance. We hope the baby would be healthy till it comes out to the world.

Pssssttt… I got some pregnant friends in this year ,too.Just like Cindy told me,” It’s A Pig Year.” Beranak pinak semua. Ha ha ha.

Even Dece is pregnant,too.My friends told us,”Did you promise one each other? “ ha ha ha. What a coinsidence!!!!

Bye Bye Long Hair!!!!!!

Yesterday nite,Angie came and finally brought her stuff to cut my hair. I gave up.Ronnie’s been wanting me cut my hair,since it’s tooooooooooo long ( that’s what he said ),static,and always bothered him.One time his hand was on my hair,I got up and it pulled my hair so bad. I lost lots of hair!!! Gemesssssssssss. He said,” Aww… sorry.You must cut your hair,baby.One time I found your hair on my butt!!! “ . Ha ha ha ha. Segitunyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Ok… I gave up. Angie was in charge in cutting my hair.Ronnie said,” Chop her hair shortly, make it Bob. “ Bahh..sembarangan!!!! I said,” Don’t listen to him. Just cut mine,make it looks thicker.”

Angie gave me a description how she would cut my hair.I liked the idea.

She chopped my hair in the bathroom. She asked me,” Are you nervous,Mei – Mei ? “
“ Huh??? No.. I am not,” I said.

It took like 10 mnts and then, done!!!

I checked my hair and I liked it!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!! It looks healthier now, and thicker. I showed it to Ronnie and he said,’ Hey!!! You made it!! It looks good,hun.” Yap!!!!!

I gave Angie some money,she didn’t want to accept it.She said,” You don’t need to pay me.No.” Ha ??? Kok gak mau ?? I said,” Yes, you must have it.You’ve done great job.” She said,” No.. it just took 10 mnts.Not a big deal.” Aghhh… Then,I said,” Thank you so much. Ok.. But,I owe you once.I’ll treat you either lunch or dinner next time.” She smiled.

We’re sitting at the front bar while Alex n Chris were playing band.I was talking abt her hairstyle.She said,” You want me to do it for you real quick ? “ Aw… so nice!!!

She took her bobby pins and did my hair.It took 5 –10 mnts, and she did my hair. Puff style. Ada jendol2nya di atas. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Nice hairstyle for one nite!! Thank you,Angie!!! God Bless you…

Monday, March 5, 2007

Barbie in the Twelve Dancing Princesses ( 2006 )

Genre: Kids & Family
Udah lama gak buat review buat anak2. Here is the new one.

In this, the most recent release in the Barbie movie series, our golden girl stars as Genevieve, the seventh of twelve daughters born to a loving king and queen. Unfortunately, the queen has passed away, leaving the king alone to raise the children, but he's done fairly well on his own. Each girl has their own personality and their own talents, and their days are spent developing those talents. Each afternoon they gather together to dance, a tradition their mother began. She loved dancing and even had a pavilion built outside the castle for that purpose.

The king begins to fear that his daughters are not ladylike enough to be real princesses, so he asks his cousin, Rowena, to come give them etiquette lessons. She immediately takes over, fools the king into thinking that what she's doing is best, and systematically begins removing everything the girls love, including dancing. Her plan is to take over the kingdom, and by controlling the girls, who will one day rule in their father's stead, she thinks she can accomplish this plan.

One night, Genevieve discovers something amazing: the pattern in the stones on the floor in the princesses' bedchamber matches the covers of twelve books their mother had specially made, one for each girl. The books tell the story of a princess who loved to visit a magic island where she could dance to her heart's content. She stepped on magic stones to unlock the key to that land, and Genevieve wonders if the stones on their bedroom floor just might do the same. Magically, a staircase appears and takes the princesses to the magic island, and they spend all night having fun away from the overpowering presence of Rowena.

The love interest, Derek, seemed more like a real person than the other male characters we've seen in previous Barbie movies. It was refreshing to have twelve leading ladies, instead of just one.

All in all, this is a good addition to your Barbie movie collection.

Marie Antoinette ( 2006 )

Genre: Drama
I borrowed this dvd from library a week ago.Disappointed abt the story.Overall,the customes are so beautiful,but it's kinda a boring story.

Marie Antoinette was married to King Louis.Kyknya emang beneran King Louis itu gay. he he he. Marrying his wife for quite a long time,but they've never made love. Marie had an affair with Count Fersen. Ujung cerita,gantung.

Luckily I didn't watch this movie at the theater last year.Rugi!!!

Mar 6th : Me,Them & Ikan Asin itu.. ^__________^

Weks.... I haven't had a good appetite since last week.I even didn't eat American Food a lot ( Iyalah.... gak demen sih) :P.

This evening,I saw Mom's cooking something. I sat in the kitchen,thinking.Mom said,' You ok ? ". I said, " Yes,Mom." Mom said," You don't feel like you wanna eat ? " I said," Actually,I've been thinking.Can I cook my own food,plssssssssssssssssssssssss?" with cherry on top. Ha ha ha ha.

Mom said," go ahead.I don't mind,as long as you have a good appetite."

Wow!!!! Like a blitz, I opened the freezer,took out my dried shrimp.I went to the basement,opened the refrigerator,took out my anchovy n salted fish ( ikan asin belah n lidah!!! ).

I knew it's too late to cook,but sorry... I really wanted to cook my own food.
I fried some of the fish and blended my sauce. Yummy......
A small pan of rice was ready to be eaten. That's my food!!!!!

Steph came home,she coughed. Ha ha ha. Sorryyyyyyyy. I had her open the door. Mom said," Mei2, I think I wanna go ahead to have supper.I'll ask the kids to help themselves to eat." Mengungsi ceritanya nih. ^_________^

They took their food and sat in the living room. I had Mom turn on the fan. ^____^.

Ronnie went home.Once he opened the door,he put his weird face.He said,' Ughhh... baby...what is it ? " Ahhh ikan tau!!!!!!!

I didn't care.I did enjoy my food. Yummy........Since Ronnie don't wanna see the fish, I had to cover it with tissue paper. Duh... rest in peace deh ikannya. :D

Ronnie went to the living room,had his dinner there.Nambah lagi org yg ngungsi gara2 ikan asin.EGP lah yaooooo. :P

Ronnie didn't wanna kiss me after that. :( . I tried to kiss him, he ran away. I pulled his body and asked him to kiss my forehead,he pulled his head back. Ha ha ha ha. Dodolllllll... susah banget!!!

He said," I don't wanna kiss you.You smell like fish.Yuck!! "

I said,' Here,baby.My forehead,my cheek. Left and right."

He said," noooo... I know you wanna kiss me.I don't wanna."

I said," Honest....I am not lying. Come on.. One more,pls."
I held his head,tried to sneak to kiss his lips,but he's fast enough to turn his head. Ha ha ha ha.

Tulungggggggggg... Gara2 ikan asin,org rumah pada ngungsi ke ruangan lain!!!!!

Hidup Ikan Asin!!!!!!!!!!!

Ibu2 Karaokean

Duh... ibu2 yg lagi karaoke. Ello...Ello... Dengernya kyk Elok. Ha ha ha.

Beginilah kalo ibu2 berkaraoke ria. Ha ha ha

Mar 4th Sunday : Shopping with Novi

Novi called me on Sunday morning.She invited me to go shopping for some maternity clothes @Target.She said they had some sales.She wanted to see.

So,after church,Ronnie dropped me to her office.I met Peter there,too.We dropped Peter home then we started our journey. ^__^

We had lunch @ Jhony Chan 2. We were a lil doubt to enter the resto,cos it looked like dead.We walked in and saw a waiter.We should have known better that the place wasn't good enough.

We thought it has Buffet.But,the waiter said buffet was only from Mon - Fri,lunch. Aw..........

I wanted to have unagi/ eel sushi.He said," I am sorry,the chef will be here at 5 pm." Alamak!!! Tutup aja deh restonya sekalian!!! :P

It was 3 pm.I didn't want to wait till 5 pm.

Then, we ordered Fried Rice n Wonton Soup. The soup was salty,the meat tasted different.Feels like an old meat. :(

We just drank the soup.Disappointed. :( Fried rice wasn't good,either.I took the leftover.

Then,we drove to Target.We're a lil bit lost.Novi called Peter and asked for directions. Finally,after asking someone,we reached it.

Shopping around abt 2-3 hours,Novi got some clothes.My eyes couldn't stay away from jewelry dept. ^_______^. I liked one necklace,and I bought it. Bought 2 shirts,socks n underwear for Ronnie. ^____^

Novi dropped me at the bar around 7.30pm.I had to wait for Ronnie.He was going buy some food.It took less than 1 minute when he came back.

What a lovely shopping day!!! I spent more than I expected. Ha ha ha.

Thnks, Novi!!!