Monday, November 26, 2007

Nov 26th : Date Nite ^___^

He he he he.. Feels like young again. Suit..suit......

Ronnie had his off days since last Thursday till today. Been busy lately......... Last nite we had the family Thanksgiving dinner. What a nite!!!

Today, we stayed at home all day long,then Ronnie went doing some errands. He called me abt 6.30pm asking whether I was hungry or not. Hmm....I assumed he invited me for dinner. I was rite!!!

He said,"Get ready within 15 mnts ,hun.I'll pick you up." I changed MeiLee's clothes and waited for Ronnie. MeiLee was a lil fussy,I gave her a bottle and put her on her bassinet.Suddenly she fell asleep.Ronnie said,"Leave her for awhile,we'll have a quick dinner,then we can pick her up to the bar."

Ronnie had Mom watch her for awhile. Well..we went to Fricker's.It's really cooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll.

As we walked in, I held Ronnie's hand and said," We haven't had dinner together anymore since MeiLee was born,have we?"  Ronnie was thinking and said," Hm... I think you're rite.It's been a long time. We always take MeiLee with us,but not this time."

I asked him," So.. is this kinda a date nite ??? As if we were newlywed ?? " He he he he. " He said," Kinda." ha ha ha ha ha.I told him," earlier anniversary dinner. One day earlier.It's good,since you have off from work.Tomorrow we can't do it." He laughed.

We ordered chicken wings,mozarella sticks and fish sandwich. Aghh.. sandwich was not good.





















It's a quick dinner,then we drove to the bar. Working now... I am in the office with MeiLee. He he he he...




Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Attending Beige's Bday

Pics were taken couple weeks ago.Attending Beige's bday at Price Hill, Jaime's son's bday.

Then went to China Chef,had dinner. Back home,checking MeiLee,spen lil time,back to the bar, working for a ouple hors, drove to Ihop for bfast. ^__^.

Back to the bar at 2.30am,took car of the bar then went home abt 4am.

MeiLee slept tightly in her crib. Ronnie took her upstairs,played with her for a while then fell asleep.

What a long day!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nov 17th : She's Mine!!! :P


when it comes to the moment between daddy n daughter, Mommy is jealous. ha ha ha ha.

She envies to see how close daddy n daughter. Daddy says, " You have spent time all day long with MeiLee. Now it's my turn."

Mommy just laughed and busy taking pics.

Mommy tried to offer to cuddle up with mem daddy said, Hushh.... she's mine ! " . KAKAKAKAKAKA

poor Mommy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 16th: MeiLee, Chatting with Opa/Oma

I took MeiLee down to the basement. I called my fam and planned to chat.

My family wanted to see MeiLee, so i turned on the cam. Mami was so excited to see her. She wonders how MeiLee in this very young age can lift up her head.She's afraid to see that. he he he he he...untung gak di Indo. Umur segini gak dibolehin angkat2 kepala. he he he he.

Papi said, " ah..she has thin hair. " But, I showed him the bk hair, he's surprised. ha ha ha ha. He said she looks like Ronnie. :P

MeiLee was coorporated with me. She played around,sometimes looked at the computer.. Other time she murmured. ha ha ha.
Finally,after a couple hours, she's tired.

Sleeping beauty slept on her Mommy's laps. ^_______^

Nice chatting with Opa,Oma, Mami Beby n Oom Joe. ^__^

Akhirnya Poop Juga!!!!

I've been worried lately. MeiLee hasn't been poop for 4 days. She has gasy for a couple weeks already.

I called her doctor today.The nurse suggested me to give her special syrup put into her bottle.And give her the gasy medicine.She said, if she don't poop yet tomorrow,I have to call them back.

But,hoorayyy!!! this evening she did.I told Ronnie," Finally!!! Hoorayyyy!!!". Ronnie said,' Well.. never heard somebody is so excited abt poop."

Nov 16th : MeiLee & Mommy

Daily ritual... give MeiLee a bath, put her inside of the sink... he he he he. Put on her clothes,play for awhile in the bedroom and then take her downstairs.

Spending time wih Grandma for awhile, and Mommy's ready to cook some food for herself. ^___^

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ayam Semur Kalimantan

Yupeee... back with a new recipe... Udh lama gak update resep.

Ayam Semur Kalimantan, I read this recipe years and years ago from tabloid Nova. It's called Semur,but don't look like Semur.

The specialty from this dish is the taste. It's combination with spicy,herby and soury !!!!

I love this dish. When I was spending vacation in Bandung back to 2002, I cooked my cousins this food ( their cook was sick, so I volunteered to cook for them ) :D . They liked it!!!!

eat this dish with shrimp crackers... Lekkerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

1/2 chicken, cut into average chunks,add some salt and pepper.
4 shallots,sliced
3 garlics,sliced
4 cms ginger,sliced
1 lemon grass,crushed
3 cms galangal,crushed
10 chilies,sliced
1/2 cut lime ( take the juice )

1.Fry the chicken till for a few minutes,drained
2.Heat 2 teaspoon of oil, add all the ingredients.
3. Stir around for a couple minutes.
4.Add the chicken.
5.Add the lime juice
6. Stir the chicken again.
7.Add some water
8.Steam for a few minutes.
9. Taste it. If it's sour,add a lil sugar.
10. Voila!!!! It's ready!!!!!

I ate 2 portions ( as usual ) :P
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MeiLee : I Can Lift Up My Head ( Hey!! That's Nipple ?? ) :D

I played with MeiLee as I came back from shopping today. Mom said she had milk abt an hour ago. I waited and then woke her up.

I think she needs some exercise. Since she can lift up her head now, I want her to do more often ( I just called Mami tonite,she's surprised MeiLee can do it at age 1 month old ). he he he he.

Instead of lifting up her head, she goes town to my breast. Trying to find something to suck . Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mission is mixed now. Lifting up the head and search for the tit. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ok,MeiLee.. I think you need more milk.. You have it,baby!!!!!

Nov 15th : Bersih - Bersihhhhhhhhhhh & Ngurus MeiLee ( Refooooooottttttt ) :D

Bersih - bersihhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................

ya..... semalam ngumpet seharian di kmr beresin barang2 MeiLee.Sebagian barang2 msh numpuk di dining room. Lagi sibuk2 kmrn, jadi gak sempat beresin.

Mau gak mau, dipaksain juga beresin barang2 dari meja makan gede. Krn Mom mo ngadakan Thanksgiving di rmh barang kel semua, doi butuh space.

Alhasil,barang2 diangkut ke atas. Kalo dulu anteng2 aja, skrg gak bisa.Udh ada anak, tiap kali harus ngecheck anak. Untung MeiLee gak terlalu rewel semalam.

Pagi2 begitu bangun,diksh mandi.Diajak main bentar,trus ditidurin. Lanjut beresin barang2. Duhhh.....serasa di penjara. Untung bisa sambilan nonton SNAPPED. Hi hi hi hi. Demen banget nonton SNAPPED dari channel Oxygen. All day long till nite :D

Mom naik ke atas,ksh tau kalo Steve lagi di telp. Steve ksh kabar kalo Cristy udh melahirkan anak ce, 1/2 jam lalu. 8 lbs. Wow!!! Doi telat 4 hari dari schedule yg diperkirakan.

Gak berapa lama,Mom manggil kalo dinner udh siap. Lah,kerjaan tanggung,gak bisa ditinggal. Lanjut beres2 lagi, gak lama Ronnie telp. Nanya jam brp ke bar,biar dia plg. Mei2 blg sktr jam 10 an. Dia drop Tony plg, tapi gak masuk ke rmh. Pantesan aja dengar anjing menggonggong di luar,gak taunya Ronnie di drive way.

Sambil makan dan nonton,tiba2 MeiLee bangun.
Ya udah,diajak main lagi trus lanjut makan. Refotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt......

Tapi lucu aja liat dia tiduran. Tiap kali beresin,begitu liat dia,gak tahan ambil kamera. Prettttttttttttt............ difoto lagi... difoto lagi.

Gmn cpt kelar emaknya beresin barang2,kalo tiap saat jepret2?? ha ha ha ha ha.

Akhirnya jam 12 malam berangkat juga ke bar. Ronnie gantian yg jagain MeiLee. Mei2 plg jam 2.30 pagi, singgah ke CVS ( gak tahan pengen ngunyah chips !!! ). Nyampe rumah sktr jam 3 pagi, liat bapak dan anak lagi tidur pulas...las...las...

Ronnie tidur di sblh bassinetnya MeiLee. Tiba2 MeiLee nangis. Ksh susu, di-burp-in,trus diletakin lagi di bassinetnya. Idupin tv,nonton Court TV sambil abisin chips ( di jalan menuju plg ke rmh, ngemil chips tinggal 1/2 bag ). He he he he he.

Lama2 gak tahan ngantuk juga.Ujung2nya suruh Ronnie pindah posisi.

Pagi2 jam 7 lwt Ronnie udh bangun. Mei2 msh teler kecapekan. Sekilas dengar Ronnie blg, " I love you both " sambil kecup kening , trus pergi kerja.

Lah... gak taunya dia jepret Mei2 n MeiLee lagi tidur. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 14th : Nungging.Com ^___^

I didn't do much last nite, just only cooked spicy clams for my lunch n dinner. Playing ith MeiLee,then went to the bar, working till 2.30 am.

I put MeiLee on her crib before leaving. Goodness...she likes sleeping on her tummy and lifts up her butt. hehehehehehe.

Nungging ya,nak???? I tried to push her butt, but she lifted it up again. I pulled her legs and straighten them, she pulled them back. ha ha ha ha ha.

She does copy her daddy, sleeping on tummy. :P

Nov 13th : MeiLee's One Month Check Up

Yay!!! MeiLee went to see her doctor again,Dr.Bird. This time we're not late,arrived at 3 o' clock.

MeiLee was weighted, 8.lbs ( I don't think so, cos I used the digital scale a week ago,she's 8.2 lbs ). She's 20.25 inches now !!!

Grandma held her and undressed her. Dr Sowalter,a new one came to check MeiLee. He said MeiLee's doing ok. Soon,Dr.Bird came and said that MeiLee would have a shot today. So far everything is ok.He's glad to see MeiLee gains weight and healthy.

While waiting for the nurse to give MeiLee a shot,I played with her. She lifted up her head,played around and I breasfed her. The nurse came and said she could do it while I was breastfeeding.

Guess what ??? as soon as the nurse put the needle in,MeiLee cried a few sec, screamt and then sucking the milk. ha ha ha ha ha ha. Good girl!!!!!

Mom took us to visit Aunt Pat.This time she was brave to hold MeiLee. he he he he he. We had some cookies and then went home.

I myself went shopping after that and then went home, playing with MeiLee and went to work.

Good girl,MeiLee..We're proud of you...

Love you so much , pumpkin !!!!

I Feel Goooooddddddddddddddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel goooooooooddddddddddd....tererererereeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttt.

Yap!!!  I feel good. On Tuesday noon , I went to  ER - Mercy Hospital, had a doctor take out all the bothering stiches.I was in pain for more than a month. A nite earlier,I couldn't stop crying.Ronnie insisted me to find another doctor and had it done asap.

Tuesday,I called a few places. I decided to go to the nearest one,and looked for a new OB/GYN. I waited for abt 30 mnts at the hospital and the doctor checked me. He did a perfect job!! He took the stiches out ( I didn't ask him,but he knew he must have done it ).

He said," Let me show you what I did." He showed me the strings. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I saw some strings!!!!! No wonder I was in pain.It's like the kite strings ( benang kasar gitu lho ). I screamt when he cut the strings. No wonder... no wonder......

He asked who my doctor was and he said I should have been recovered earlier and not in pain. He suggested me to visit my OB/GYN and follow up the medical check up. I said, " Nope..I am done with him. I am looking for a new doctor. " The nurse gave me a name. I called and they said they didn't have any female doctor. I called another place that really close to the bar, it's a female doctor. So... I have a new one now ^___^.


I was kinda surprised the ER charged me $ 150 bucks. Awwww....but,oh's worth it ( later ,I told Ronnie abt it ,he said," I don't care baby, it did bother you for awhile,I couldn't stand to see you in pain like that ).

After that, I went doing some errands. Going to the bar, Target,Village Discount ( shoppingggggggggggggggg ) :D

Ronnie called me. He asked how I was doing. He's at home playing with MeiLee before he left for the bar. He said," Take your time,baby. MeiLee is doing ok.She just had milk.I gotta say prayer,it's dinner time. Talk to you later. Love ya!!! "


I went home at 8 pm. Spending long time shopping . I told Ronnie I would work at that nite. He asked," Are you sure,baby ? How do you feel ? " I said," I  am perfectly OK now. Feel muchhhhhhhh better." I can walk faster and not so much in pain like before. Doctor told me I would be in pain for a while,but it's gonna be ok after all.

I spent time with MeiLee for awhile and ready back to work. Ronnie went home earlier and I stayed at the bar till we closed. 


I feel goooooodddddddddddd....terererereeeeeeettttttttttttt..............


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nov 12th : MeiLee & Rattle Toy

MeiLee was spending time in the bedroom with me during the day. I remembered Ronnie said MeiLee didn't have any toys for her age. He wanted her to have something,but for me it's too early. But,anyway, she has a rattle toy put in her bassinet. A rattle and a doll.

I took it out and let her play with it while I was cleaning the bedroom and pumped my milk.

She liked it. I put her hand in the hole of the toy. She tried to munch it. ha ha ha ha ha. She made noises and then quite again. I am glad to see her having fun with the toy.

You go,girl!! Play with it .But remember,that's not the nipple !!! ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Love you, cutie pie!!!

Sun, Nov 11th : Rendang Blues & MeiLee

Busy..busy..busy... busy day.. On Sunday, I cleaned up the car ( at 6 pm!!!!!! ) and then cooked Rendang, took car the baby shower's gifts.

I took Mom's car to the bar and exchanged it with Ronnie's car,since I wanted to clean it.

It's cold,but I enjoyed cleaning the car. I was done abt 8 pm and then went into the kitchen. I put all the baby shower gifts in the kitchen,wrote down the gifts lists and cooked Rendang.

MeiLee was taken to the kitchen by Mom,so I could watch her. I didn't spend much time with her on that day. But,as soon as I was done, I played with her all nite long!!!!!!!!!

MeiLee cried a couple times. I bet she wanted attention. ^__^. I'm coming, baby.... Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........

Emaknya gila rendang nehhhhh. :D

. I cleaned up the car I cooked Rendang again..Alamak!!!!!!! Rendang blues nehhhh ^___^.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank You, The Ralstons!!!

Yay!!! Actually this package was arrived on Sat . I was in a hurry to attend my baby shower and didn't have a chance to pick it up from the front door.

At nite, I picked it before going to bed. Had a chance to open it the next day. He he he he.

Ronnie wondered what I had in my hand. I showed him that's the Disney's stuff. Ha ha ha ha ha..

MeiLee got a hoodie,bips and cute socks. What a lovely !!!

Thank you, The Ralstons!!! God bless you!!!!!

MeiLee kepo bakalan pake hoodie n kaos kaki yg lucu bentar lagi ^___^.

Tuhan berkati ya,cie.... Muachhhhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nov 10th : International Baby Shower ( MeiLee & Judith ) @MOG

Yay!!!!Another baby shower was held by Women Ministry from church, Montgomery Assembly of God.

I was told by Anne Mary 2 weeks earlier they wanna throw a baby shower for me and other lady, Angeline. I told her I had already.But she said," We throw a baby shower for the family who has the 1st baby." That's sweet.....

I offered Anne Mary to cook for the baby shower,but she asked not to bother. I wanted !! ^____^

I cooked Rendang, Lumpia and Lychee Pudding. Ronnie dropped me to the church. Mom gets cold since yesterday,and she didn't wanna us have it.

Dece and Rini came to the baby shower. Rini just came back from Indonesia. I was glad she called me when we're on the way to church. I invited her to come for lunch .

Angeline came with her baby, Judith Ivania.She's 2 weeks earlier too,she said. She was younger than MeiLee. Such a cute baby ^____^.

We had lunch, a few games and then unwrapped the presents. Oh my!!!! We got tons of presents!!!!

When I saw the red - white flag, I screamed,' That's my flag!!!!' . I didn't realize it's the national flag. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anne Mary said," this is the intl baby shower we have. We have Indonesian and Indian here." ha ha ha ha ha. The 1st intl baby shower :D

We had wonderful party. Everbody enjoyed it. I myself so blessed with all the stuff. I need to go back to Target and return the stuff I bought already. ^___^.

Carrie said she liked the Rendang, esp. her husband. I let her take home some and gave the rest to Dece.

I called Ronnie and had him pick us home. Lois accompied me till Ronnie came. MeiLee had a pee and I changed her on top of a table. he he he he.

Ronnie came and we went to Bob Evans to have dinner. MeiLee slept well.Ronnie gave her a bottle of milk and we enjoyed the dinner. I was soooooooooo full.. I was sooooooooooooo in painnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, too. The stitches still hurt, worse this time.

I gotta find another doctor!!! if it keeps happening like this, I can't stand..........

We're home abt 7.30 pm.Mom came home from the bar at 8 pm. She played with MeiLee and put on a sleeper...

What a long day!! What a wonderful day!!! What a blessing day!!!!

Thank you ladies for the lovely baby shower... Words can't say how much we appreciate what you've done to us. May God bless your hearts.

Love you.. love you.. love you...

Congratulations to James n Angeline for beautiful baby, Judith Ivania.

Soon you and MeiLee will wear the twins outfits.. Ha ha ha ha ha. They have some same outfits. I tease Angeline by saying, " I'll call you tomorrow to ask what outfit Judith will have,so MeiLee will wear the same one,too." ha ha ha ha ha.

God Bless You all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pssssttttt.... MeiLee's 1 month old now. So, it's kinda like celebrating her 1 month old altogether with the baby shower too. ^__^.

Nov 9th : Mommy's Cooking Day

Goshh... I had to do some errands yesterday.From went to the bar,bank,grocery store,target and then cooking till nite. Wuihhhhhhhhh......

I am still in pain.Mom stayed at home, doing the laundry and she offered to babysit MeiLee while I was doing the errands. Thank God !!!!!

I went home and started cooking again. Every now and then I checked how MeiLee's doing in the living room. She was fussy a lil bit. I had to take her out from her crib,rocking her for awhile and put her back. Minutes later,she cried again,I breasfed her,rocking her again,checking my cooking and put her on bed again. What a work!!! ^____^

Ronnie came home and took care of MeiLee. I cooked 2 lbs Rendang and 50 pieces Lumpia for tomorrow.

I was done abt almost 8 pm. Ronnie didn't let me go to the bar. He wanted me to stay at home. He didn't think I need to be there. He really wants me to be healed very soon.

He played around with MeiLee,gave her a bottle of milk and then put her back to bed. Mom went to the bar around 11 pm. I fell asleep on the couch.

What a long day!!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

No 8th : New BFF to - be : MeiLee & Vincent ^___^

Novi came to visit MeiLee yesterday. The weather was not friendly.It's really cold. I cooked Black Chicken Herb and rice. Thought Novi would stay longer,but she didn't. Fortunately,I had given her 2 packs of herbs,so she can cook for herself.

MeiLee was sleeping when Vincent came. He himself was having fun. His Mom played with him, asked him if it's ok she hold MeiLee.Vincent smiled,as if he understood. ha ha ha ha ha.

They just stayed abt 20 mnts,and then left. I did forget to give some stuff for Vincent!!! Always forget. Indeed,it's already on the table. Duhhhh... lupa mulu :D

Thank you for coming Novi n Vincent. We'll see you next time ^__^

Thursday, November 8, 2007

She Looks Like Poppa ????

A week ago,Ronnie tried to wake MeiLee up.He walked around the living room and the kitchen. He went back to the living room,smiling and said," Come here, baby. Come... "

He led me to Mom's bedroom. He smiled and said, " Look ". He asked me to look at a painting ( I called it ) . He lifted up MeiLee and said," Don't she look like him ? "

I said," Hmmm... I don't think so.It's a painting only." Ronnie said,' No. It's my dad. " HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ?????????? Big Ron ???? Godness!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know it's Big Ron. I thought Mom just put a baby painting in her bedroom. ^___^.

Ronnie said," It's dad. MeiLee looks like him.Look at the eyes,the lips." Ha ha ha ha ha. I noticed for awhile and laughed. I said," You're kidding me. It's not Big Ron." Mom came and said," Yes, it's Big Ron." Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Seems MeiLee takes her grandpa's lips and eyebrows,too. Kakakakakakaka.

Ronnie said looking at MeiLee makes him feels look at his dad. ^____^.

Yeah,MeiLee... you take it from Poppa ^___^

MeiLee : I Gain Weight !! ( 8 lbs )


Back to my diary...


Mommy weighed me yesterday after giving me a bath. I am 8 lbs rite now. Mommy is so happy. But,sometimes she forgets that I don't drink 1 oz milk anymore. I need more than that.

No wonder she got confused. My bad... I just only drink milk abt 5 mnts,and then I fall asleep. As soon as Mommy puts me in bed, I cry again. She breasfeeds me, I stop sucking,fall asleep again. Sometimes Mommy has to do that a couple times ^__^.


Mommy tries to tickle my toes,but I ignore her. Ha ha ha ha . She tickles my ears , I ignore her. I like sleeping !!! Don't blame me, the weather is really cold rite now

Every evening when Daddy goes home, he makes me a bottle of milk, 4 oz.Mommy said," I just fed her." But Daddy said," Yeah.. but how much ??? I am curious. I don't think she has enough milk from your boob."  Mommy admits,so. That's why Daddy gives me a bottle of milk. Daddy said," See??? she drinks it so fast ."


Mommy gives me a bath almost every day,she takes me out to get some sunshine,we sit down in the couch watching tv,till Mommy falls asleep. .


Yeah.. I gain weights within 2 weeks. Soon,I'll be 1 month !!!



NOv 7th : MeiLee's Meeting Aunt Shannon n Vanessa & Shopping Time

I had a dinner appoinment with Shannon n Vanessa ( my karaoke customers ) on Wed nite at La Rosa's at 6pm. Shannon invited us to have dinner there. She's the manager at La Rosa's.

I told Ronnie abt the invitation and planned to meet him there at 6 pm.
Earlier,I cooked Black Chicken Herb for my late lunch. MeiLee's sleeping in her crib while I was cooking ( good girlllllllllll ).

I cleaned up and covered MeiLee with thick clothes and drove to the bar.Vanessa had waited for me. I saw Ronnie's car at the parking lot. I called Ronnie and we drove to La Rosa's . He left his car at the bar. Vanessa had left and kept one table for us.

Shannon and Vanessa wanted to see the baby,that's why we brought MeiLee last nite to show them. Vanessa was surprised to see her. She said," Oh my goshh... she's so tiny and beautiful." ha ha ha ha.

Shannon was excited. She held the baby. Ronnie teased them asked if they're ready for a baby. Vanessa and Shannon said," NOT YET ". Ha ha ha ha.

Vanessa didn't wanna hold MeiLee earlier. She's afraid cos MeiLee's so light. She's nervous,she said. But, Ronnie made her. I could see her face... nervous and afraid. Ha ha ha ha . Poor Vanessa.

Shannon brought MeiLee's milk. I had her heated her bottle. Ronnie put her on the table. ha ha ha ha. I wanted to hold her,but Ronnie rather kept her.

As the food came, Ronnie still kept MeiLee. ^_____^

Ronnie played with MeiLee and pulled down her hat. Goshhh.. she couldn't see anything. Ha ha ha ha .

We're abt ready to pay,but the waiter said that Shannon took care of us. Oh myyyyyyyyy.......... Shannon didn't let us pay. I insisted her to accept the payment. I pulled her hand and chased her waiter. But he came and said," I am sorry,but Shannon said no. I can't do anything." Oh... Shannon's so good.

Thanks a lot, Shannon!!! God bless you!!! It's a wonderful meal!!! Ronnie,me and Vanessa enjoyed it. :D

Then, we drove to Target. I wanted to buy some stuff, plus a friend had me look for a toy for her daughter in MI. I got it and bought for her and bought other stuff for MeiLee.

this time, MeiLee was put on the cart seat.It's so funny, she looks like a doll. hahahahahaha.
Ronnie thought she still slides down, and change her position up side down. hahahahahaha.

Later, he put MeiLee inside of the cart.I laughed!!! Ronnie said," this is the best way." kakakakaka.

I should have brought more milk when I went out.MeiLee's hungry again. Ronnie suggests me to do that next time.

Ronnie stopped at the bar,stayed there for a couple hours,meanwhile I drove back home and breasfed MeiLee.

What a wonderful nite!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nov 7th : Berjemur Lagi. Dinginnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I gave MeiLee a bath this noon and took her out side, to have some sun shine. Goshhhhhhhh.. really colddddddddddddddddd.

She didn't like it. ha ha ha ha. But, I took less than 5 mnts to get some sun shine and then went back into the house.

Lumayanlah,dpt sinar matahari. :D

After that.. .she fell asleep again. ha ha ha ha ha

Nov 6th : MeiLee : Moments with Mommy n Grandma

I was spending time downstairs with grandma.Grandma gave me some exercises.

It's really cold here. Thank God Grandma put on long sleeves for me. I feel warm.

Grandma bought some batteries and put them on the swing. She put me into the swing .It's cool.. It has some lights and music.Swing...swing...swing.....

I think I like sleeping on Mommy's chest. I cried. Grandma gave me pacifier. Mommy said," Grandma,no pacifier,please. Her daddy don't like it." Grandma said,"'s fine. But,I hear you." Then Mommy pulled the pacifier out and let breasfed me. he he he he he. She breasfeeding me before I fell asleep again.

Nov 5th : MeiLee : Moments with Mommy & Daddy

Mommy always takes pics ( every day!!! ). This day,I spent time with Mommy and Daddy. Daddy played with me , fed me and tucked me into my bassinet. Daddy played music and put earphone near my ears. He always does that nightly.

Mommy was busy taking pics. When Daddy left, Mommy played with me for awhile before I fell asleep...

What a long day!! ^____^

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sunday,Nov 5th : MeiLee, Church & New Swing

Sunday morning... we were late again to church. We arrived there when the service was over.

I intended to grab the bulletin.Anne Mary saw me and said," Mei2, I didn't see you before." I said," I just arrived here. " he he he he.

I met Rene and other friends. They didn't know that I was pregnant and suddenly I have a baby. ^__^. Lindsay said," Mei2 was away for awhile ,she went home."

Rene wanted to see MeiLee. I went back to the car and took MeiLee with me. Some ladies came and chit chat with us. One lady said,' See??? Just a month ago I saw you with tiny belly. I even didn't believe you're pregnant. Now you have a baby !!!! " She's so surprised. :D

Ronnie came and took some pics of us. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!

I stayed there for awhile and then went to CAM,bought some stuff I needed.

When we arrived at home, he took out a swing. It's from Stephany, my bartender. She called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I needed a swing,since she has 2 swings. She offered to lend me. If I don't need it, I can give it back to her. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( gak keluar2 duit lagi nih beli ayunan ). Thank you,Steph!!!! ^_____^

Ronnie put MeiLee in the swing and checked the batteries.Alas, we didn't have the batteries. Willy nilly, Ronnie pushed the swing by his hand. He he he he he.

He watched tv and sat next to MeiLee. Meanwhile I cooked him Indomie Goreng.

Ok.... daddy n daughter sweet moment,then :D

Nov 4th : Bedrest ( Playing with MeiLee )

Ufhhh... I am not allowed to do lots of stuff by Ronnie. He really wants me to heal soon. I am not allowed to go to the bar either. Stay in bed, he says.

Well... it's nice to have MeiLee. At least I have somebody to play with. He he he he. Cheerish myself, I guess.

Could she talk,she'd say, "Mommy,stop taking pics, pls." he he he he.

MeiLee's Quiet Time

Staying in the bedroom with her Mommy at nite. Listening to music and exercise a lil bit before sleeping. ^___^