Tuesday, May 30, 2006

See You Next Time,The Brinkmans

Sunday noon,after church,we went to The Brinkman's house.Indeed,we had a plan to have lunch together,but James was sick.So,we cancelled the plan.

We stopped by at Mirna n James' house.They're busy packing the stuff. We bought Mirna a present,as a remembrance.

Goshh...another buddy will leave. :(

Good luck,The Brinkman.Don't forget us,pls.

Thank you for your friendship.It's wonderful,we do enjoy it.

See you next time. Love you a lot. May God bless you. We pray that you'll have bunch of prosperities!!!!

I'll hang the plaque and will always remember that it's from you.

When you see the moon,you see us here. Remember it.

Love you both so much. so much..so much...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Spicy Corned Beef

I love corned beef.The Australian product is indeed the best.But,since I couldn't find them in JJ anymore ( I got once before ),so I bought the product from NZ.

My family love it,too.Everyone in my family in Indo.We cook 1/4 can and eat with all the family.Hahhahahahha.. Hemat2 neh ceritanya.

So, I keep the recipe from my family. It's really simple.

1/4 can of Corned Beef ( Aussie or NZ product )
5-10 red chilies
1 garlic
2 shallots
1 teaspoon oil

1.Slice the chilies and the shallots
2.Crush the garlic
3.Heat a lil oil in a frying pan
4.Fry the chilies,shallots and garlic all at once
5.Add the corned beef
6.Stir around till it's oily.
7.Ready to eat with rice

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where Have We Been ?

Yuhuuuuuuu... I am back... We're back...

After sinking for 2 weeks,finally I have time to update my MP. I got a message from Donna Shelton ,Melly and others,wondering why I didn't update the MP for quiet a long time.

Lately,I didn't spend much time sitting in front of internet.Though I had spent,but I checked other things. Sorry for all my friends whom I've never visited their MPs.

I wish I could spend more time,chatting and do other things like I used to do.But,sometimes,it's hard. I work till 2.30am,go home around 3-4am. Wake up late in the morning,and then leave to work  ( many times I skip my b'fast and lunch).

Within couple weeks,we have some events.Thank God, business is doing better now.Praise The Lord who has been blessing us until today.

Last 2 weeks ago,we had

The Brinkmans' Farewell Party , May 24th

Fathom Band , Rap Shows ( 2 weeks ago), DJ,Another Rap Shows May 27th .  What a bunch events!!!! 

I myseld don't have much time to cook.But,still I love cooking.The biggest moment I had when I was honoured to cook for the Farewell Party. I cooked for 2 days ( Friday nite till 3am and Sat till evening ). I was glad everyone loved the food.

Last week,Ronnie bought a Bible.He said," This one is a giant print,baby.I can read it better."Hahahhahahahhaha. Oh well....usually I read at nite for our daily reading.Since he has a giant print one now,I'll have him read for us. He said like this before,"Let's leave the bible here,so people can read it." Hihihihihihii.


Fathom@Club Evolution,May 24th 2006

Yuhuuuuuuuuuu...... Fathom Band performed in our bar.Soon,every last Wed monthly,they'll perform again.

Good job,guys!!! We enjoyed your show!!!!

Tequila Sunrise

Sunrise...sunrise.... looks like morning in your eyes... sya la la la la * Norah Jones' song* ^_________^

Hellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... It's spring,getting closer to Summer time.Let's drink something icy,juicy n tasty. *wink..wink.*

The ingredient is Tequila n OJ.Wahhhhhhhhhhh segerrrrrrrrrr,rekkkkkkkkkkk.

Lunch at BW2 & Garage Sale

Mirna & James gave us gift certificates ( BW2 and Kohl ) last Saturday.She'd like us to try BW2.I've never been there.But,according to James,it's the same like Fricker's.Wow...Ronnie loves Fricker's,and I bet he'll love this one,too.

On Sunday,as we were done from church,we stopped by and had lunch at BW2,near the church.It's tasty!!!!!!!

Thank you so much,The Brinkmans!!! We did enjoy the food.

After having lunch,we went to their house.We picked up the garage sale.We bought lots of stuff.I myself wanna keep their stuff.Before Mirna opened the house for the garage sale,I had booked her stuff.Hahahhahahahah. Tinggal ambil doank,sblm diserbu sama org lain.

There,we met Mike n Cindy. They picked their rice cooker ( We borrowed it to cook rice at the farewell party ). I took Mike's pic with the rice cooker,he's shy.He ran and I chased him.Hahhahahahaha. Lucuuuuuuuuu.

Goodness...the weather was still coldddddddddd.I borrowed Mirna's blanket ( and it ended up to be mine ).^_____^.

Makan Shabu - Shabu, Yukkkk

On Monday,I was picked by Mirna aka Mirce ^___^ .We had lunch at her house.She cooked Shabu - Shabu ( Korean food ). Kaget deh ane,kirain Shabu2 beneran.Hahhahahahhahaha.DELICIOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After having lunch,we did the chores.

I helped her cleaning her garage sale. The weather was really cold ( eventhough it's noon ). I was freezing. *dasar,Mei2 gak bisa tinggal di negara org * Hahahhahahaha

Mirna and I pulled the table and put on the driveway.That's the way I could get the heat.Separating the clothes and other stuff, I fell asleep.Around 3.30pm,we're done.

I asked Mirna to wake me up when she's done doing other things.I slept in a bedroom upstairs.I slept like a baby.Mirna woke me up.^_____^ Goodnessssssssssss I was really really tired.

She sent me home around 5pm.I brought home lots of stuff. Thank you,Mirna!!!!!!!!!

The Brinkmans' Farewell Party @Club Evolution,May 20th 2006

Finally I have time to post all the pics here.After being vacuum for 2 weeks!!! Here're the pics of the farewell party held in our bar.

I am honoured to cook for the party.Indonesian food, of course. James was so excited eating Rendang ( eventhough it's not the time yet to eat).Hahhahahhaha.

I cooked Gado2, Rendang,Lumpia Shanghai,Fried Noddles,Sambal Goreng Ati,Beef Kebab,and some crackers,Nastar n Snow Cookies.

Some people asked me abt the Kebab.They liked them. Thank youuuuuuu..Even James asked me the ingredients.Mirna teased me and said,"Ahhh he wants me to cook them someday."Hahahahha.I thought James would do that.

We had great time, indeed,we had. Thank you for having party in our bar,The Brinkmans.

God bless you!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

One Day Shopping With Mirna

It's 3.12am now.I am afraid I would forget to post bunch of pics of me and Mirna,so I just add the link.( I am so busy lately ).

On Thursday,Mirna picked me from home.I was talking with Mami on the phone.I gave the phn to Mirna,let her talk to Mami while I was getting ready.

We had lunch at China City Buffet.Then we drove to her home.James was there.He's enjoying his time feeding Timmy n Minie.^___^. A new tod he found a while ago.

Around 2pm,we start shopping to Costco,Kroger n CAM. Borongggggggggggg. Lots of groceries. In Costco,every aile has food promo.We're full!!! Hahahhahahahah

Shopping was done around 6pm.I arrived home almost 7pm.

Friday morning,I cooked Rendang n Sambal Goreng Ati.Just now I had cooked Lumpia and fried crackers.Tomorrow gotta cook some items more.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gathering with Novi @ Montgomery -Fri 9th May'06

hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.Finally we made a gathering with Novi.She told me last week that she’d like to meet Indonesian friends and made a gathering at her house.So,I called some friends and sent emails to them.

On Friday,at 5pm,Novi picked me from home.Mirna came later.She brought pastry.Abt 1 hour later, Cindy came.I asked her to buy some coconut cream n coconut milk ( cos I wanted to make Klepon).Before,I asked her to buy shredded coconut,but she didn’t know where to buy it.
Novi had cooked before,she just heated Baked Spaghetti.Meanwhile I brought Rendang and Lumpia!!!!

While waiting for Desy n Eda Genta,we’re chatting.Ha ha hi hi.Eating appetizers.Hey,Novi’s Stuffed Mushroom tasted wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness!! I loved them. Yummy yummy .
Around 10pm, Desy called me.She said she would come.They had got dinner already,so they’d like to have dessert.

Before,we drank Charnanya.Wahhh it’s good. Mirna’s face was a lil bit reddish.Hahahhahahaha. Hugsssssss
I had another Bailey n coffee.Hmmm.. tasted good.
Novi made Chocolate Fondue for our dessert. I wanted to make Bubur Candil,but I thought we had bunch of food already.

After having dinner,we chit chat in the living room.Laying down on the carpet,made some jokes. Later,Cindy went home earlier.Followed by Eda Genta n Desy.

James came!!! Novi asked him to eat some.I teased him,”James disarang perempuan”.Hahhahahahhaha. Mirna said he liked Rendang.Thank God,I brought Rendang at that nite.
James told us Indonesian words.” Anjing menggonggong.” Hahahhahaha
I continued,” Anjing menggonggong…. Mei – Mei berlalu.” Hahahhahahhahahha
They left and then Novi and I cleaned the kitchen.She sent me home abt 12pm.Ronnie asked me to go home instead of coming to the bar.
Soooo… I went home!!!

It was sooo fun!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to meet some friends again. I just showed Ronnie all the pics and he said,’Good,hun.I am glad you had fun.”

Thank you,Novi,for your hospitality.Thank you for the other had come to the gathering ( Duhhh..Mei2…serasa yg punya acara ). Hahhahahahha

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Baby's Sick Again :(

My baby is sick again  I was in the basement when Mom came home.Mom said Ronnie's at home already.I didn't see him.She said,"His car is here,Mei.He's sleeping."Bahhh??? I checked his car and I saw it. I went to the bedroom,he's not there. Aghhh I know!! He's laying down in Mom's bedroom.

He's sleeping.I came closer to him and kissed his cheek.Awwwwwwwww...it's really warm!!!!! He said," Hi,baby.I don't feel good." Duh..he's sick  :(

I laid down next to him and hugged him.Uihhhhhhh his hands are warm,too.I checked his temperature by putting my hand on his neck.Goshhhhhh!!!! He got fever!!!!!!!!

He's really exhausted and couldn't talk a lot.I left him alone and we had dinner without him.Later,he came to the kitchen,touching his belly.His face was really pale.He said,"Ohhhhh my tummy hurts." I offered him to eat something,he chosed the lettuce and a bottle of water.

I asked  him not to work at bar. Mom gave me a ride to the bar.I was alone till Adam came.Adam will perform in our bar tonite.He has a RAP SHOW .He accompanied me and put the signs on the board.

Around 9pm,Dave called me.He sounded sick,too.He is sick.Aghh 2  brothers are sick Dave wanted to make sure that I was doing ok.I left my cellphone,so I couldn't call Ronnie.

Around 11pm,it's getting crowded.The regular customers came,cos last nite was Karaoke Nite. I was busy.I wanted to call Ronnie,but I thought I didn't want to disturb his sleeping.

I went home around 3am.In the kitchen,I saw 2 bottles of perscriptions,written as Ronnie's.HAAAA??? I was surprised.I saw a letter from doctor.Aihhhh my heart beats so fast. I didn't need to think twice,I knew he was taken to the hospital!!!

I went to the bedroom,he's sleeping.I walked quietly,but he woke up.He asked how I was doing.Duhhh ... I missed my baby so much  I saw a tag on his hand.I checked his temperature again,duhhhh it's warmer than before!!! Burns like fire!!!

I asked him,"You went to a hospital?"He said,"Yes.I was attempted to call you,but I didn't that." I said,"Why?I got misscalled from Mom.I left my cellphone in the basement."He said,"Yes,Mom did call you." I replied,"Mom didn't tell me you were taken to the hospital.She just left the message asking me to call back to her cellphone." Ronnie replied,"Yes,I asked Mom not to tell you.Otherwise you'll be screaming and close the bar at that nite once you heard me in the hospital."hahahahhahahah.He still made jokes. I said," Sure..it's near from the bar.I could've asked one of the guys to give me a ride." Hahhahahahha

I hugged him and he said,"Baby,you don't like it.It's warm." I said," I don't care.I just wanna be with my baby."  I covered his body with blankie.He said," I am hot,I am cold." I said to him,"Baby,Let's pray.By our faiths,Ronnie's healed.Jesus will take away the sickness from  your body.Every part is healed. Tomorrow Ronnie will be better.In the name of Jesus,we pray. Amien."

He slept well after all.In the morning,he woke up earlier.He wanted to have some juicy stuff.I gave him OJ.I called my parents and told some news.I've been so busy that I didn't call my parents for a week. I feel so bad. Mami and Papi sent regards to Ronnie.

I asked Ronnie,"Babe,what did the doctor said?" He said,"The point is,I work too hard and I am exhausted." I feel so bad,again.He sleeps only 3-4 hours daily but Sats.I asked him to stay at home and sleep earlier meanwhile I will be taking care of the bar.He said," I won't argue,hun. I am feeling much better rite now." Hooray!!! Prayers work!!!!

Now,he's in the bar with me.He don't go to work.He's sleeping while I am cleaning the bar.Tonite we'll have big event.Hopefully Ronnie would feel much much better.

Love ya to death,baby.Don't be sick.I need you...........I love you.....


Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Category:   Other/General
Price:   $ 22.00 + shipping

Indonesian cookies, Nastar ( cookies with pineapple jam as the filling ) is the most wanted cookies I've ever made.

Kidnapped By Marce for 2 nites ^___^

Still continued from the previous album…..
Desy persuaded Marce to send me home.Marce said,”Mei,I tell you what.You will make me send you home tonite,but wait till I have guts.”hahahhahahah

Desy kept persuading her and me,too.Finally she said,”Ok,Meice.Let’s gooooo”. Yipeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!

Around 7pm,we drove back to Cincinnati.Desy was leading in the front.Marce took a different exit that we splited with Desy.She called me and I said,”Marce usually takes this way,Des.” She said,”Oh, ok then. I just wanna make sure where you go.But anyway,take care then.”

We went to the bar.Ronnie and Dave were there.I gave Ronnie a piece of birthday cake.Marce and I were spending time in the back bar.

Marce said she was hungry.So,I heated some popcorn and then offered her to have dinner at home.We drove home and Ronnie was there ( he’s taking a shower before ).I still had Rendang n Sambal Goreng Ati. I teased Marce and said,”Don’t eat them allllllll.” Hahhahahhaha

Ronnie went back to the bar,meanwhile we’re still having dinner.Around 12pm,we drove back to the bar.I didn’t want to let Marce go home by herself in the middle of the nite.I offered her to take me home with her. Cie……..akhirnya jadi slumber Party dehhhh : P

Marce said to Ronnie,”Ronnie,can I kidnap Mei2 for one nite,pls?” Hahhahahhaha.Ronnie said,”Yes,take her with you,Have fun.” Hahhahahahha .Idihhhhhhhhhhhh
So,we drove back to Kettering.On the way,we’re talking.Suddenly I felt so very tired. I said to Marce,”Mar,be quite.I am so sleepy. I wanna sleep now.” But,she kept talking and I said,”Shut up,Marce.I am sleeping.”She teased me,”How can you talk while you’re sleeping?”Hahhahahahhaha

Later,she woke up me.She said,”Mei-Mei,we arrive.Goodness,you snore!!!!!!” Hahahahhaha.Blm tau diaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Carl aka Karce opened the door for us.I walked to a bedroom they provided to me.Marce asked me,”What time should I wake you tomorrow,Mei?” I said,” Don’t wake me up.I’ll wake when I wanna.” Hihihihihi.

Day 2 :
Around 10 am,I woke up.I overheard Marce was laughing on the phone,talking abt my name.She kept laughing and said,” I kidnapped Mei2 last nite.I will ask her to help me cooking for tomorrow.You wanna come to have lunch with us here?with Mei – Mei? “ Aihhhhhhhhhhhhh si Marceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

She called a couple friends.I went out from the bedroom and looked at her laughing again.She said,” This is Irma,Mei.”She kept talking and said,”Mei – Mei just woke up.She’s laying down on the couch now.”
Marce asked me to get ready.We went to Kroger.She bought some stuff for Mbak Maya’s birthday on Sunday. On the way back home, heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Garage sale!!!!! Yippeee… We stopped there. I bought 2 CDs,Christian songs and a musical round ball.
Jessy called Marce.She invited us to have lunch there instead.Well, we went there around 4pm.There, I met her Mom.She cooked us Chinese noddles.It tasted sooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it.Never had that before.

Jessy was talking abt dinner and dessert.She said,”Mei – Mei,can you make Onde2 ?” Wahhhh what a coinsidence!!! I brought my stuff to make Bubur Candil.But,since Jessy wanted to have Onde2,it’s fine by me.
Since Jessy didn’t have much stuff,she took us back to Kettering to Asian Store, Far East Centre and to Value City. I bought 2 clothes ( ngutang sama Marce tadinya ) ^___^
We went back to Troy ( where Jessy lives) and started cooking.I made Onde2.Marce helped me boil them. After that, I cooked Cap Chai minus green veggies.But,still tasted good.

We went home around 10pm.Karce was at home.We’re really tired.It’s almost midnite,and I gotta go home.Marce said,”Mei,wait.Let me cook rending with low flame,so we can send you home.”I helped her cut potatoes.Karce helped,too.Ihhhhhhhhh.. selingkuhan…Hahhahahhaha

We teased Karce and he was so nervous.He felt the potatoes a couple times.
I said to Marce,”Mar…what kind of wife are you?You let your hubby peel the potatoes meanwhile you’re sitting there.You are fired as a wife.”She laughed out loudly.
Again,another joke from her,”Ehh…aren’t you the other woman?”Hahhahahahha.
I replied,”Eits…. So, we’re sharing hubby then,huh?” Hahahhahahhaha

When I was done, I laid down.I thought I could wait for Marce to cook.But,alas…. I felt asleep in the couch. Karce woke me up and said,”you’re sleeping?” Goodness!!!

Marce asked me to call Ronnie.She asked whether I could be sent home the next morning,cos it’s almost 1am.They’re really tired.Ok then. I called my baby,and he said,”Aghh..sound another nite staying there,huh? Ok,babe.It’s fine.You can go home tomorrow morning.But,seems I would be going to church by myself.” Ihhhhhhhhhh….

So, Karce sent me home on Sunday morning.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Mami Rini's Birthday,May 5th 2006 - Middletown,OH

Me and Desy went to attend Mami Rini’s birthday on Friday.Before,I cooked at home.I had promised to bring Lumpia n Sambal Goreng Ati.Novilia called me in the morning.She would like to stop by to say hi to me.Of course I was so very happy.Once she arrived,I had done cooking.She had lunch with me. Later on,she helped me bake Nastar. I packed some for Novi,so she shouldn’t cook at home.

After Novi left,Desy called me.She came around 3pm.I let her watch my nastar meanwhile I took a shower.She had a lil lunch in the kitchen.She ate from the pan.Hahhahahahahhaha. Gak sabaran si Dece ^____^

Around 4pm,we left for Middletown.I called Marce and she said,”We’re waiting for Celebrity here.Hurry up.The food was almost gone.” Ihhhhhhhhhh segitunyaaaaaaa

Well,we arrived there around 4.30pm.Mami Rini was mad at us.Heheheheheh.Sorry,Mami… Where’s the food? ^____^
Mami Rini made Karedok, Ayam Bogor,Sayur Asam & Pepes Tahu. Yipeeeeeeee.

Ria fried the Lumpia meanwhile me and Desy ate.Eh….the others eat,again.Hahahahhahaha.They had 2nd round,for sure.

Mami Rini cut her cute purse-birthday cake.It tasted soooooo good!!!!!!!! Sabrina got the lil box with pearl necklace ^___^

The party was continued by opening the presents.Hooray!!! Mami Rini got some presents!!!

Then, we went to the basement.Jessy uploaded the pics from my cam.She copied the pics we had at that day.While she’s uploading,me and Desy played instruments. Aduh…kurang bahagia di masa kecil.Hihihihihi

Around 7pm,we left. Desy persuaded Marce to send me home… I didn’t expect,till Marce had guts to do that.. And ..the adventure started…. To be continued.

Monday, May 1, 2006

Women's Ministries : Time Apart 2006, Apr 28-29th 2006,Colombus,OH

Yippeeee…Another retreat!!! I just came back from Colombus,attending retreat for 2 days.We learnt a lot from those days.Ronnie asked me to go.He said I deserved to relax,away from work for a while. Thanks,baby.

Anne Marie picked me at home around 2pm.I met Monique ( the church member,too ) and Dee Dee,a friend of Monique.On the way to Colombus,we chitchat.Monique said,”Wah,Mei2.We are in Colombus now.I am impressed,you talk from Cincinnati to Colombus.Nonstop.”Hahahhahaha. Dodollll.

There,we met Ms.Debby.She’s been there with sis Kathy an Ethel.So,we arranged the room. Me and Ms.Debby were in the same room,meanwhile sis Kathy and Ethel had one room,and the rests,stayed in the same room.
We went to the church located in Gahana to register the retreat.Then,three of us minus Anne Marie went to have dinner somewhere.I suggested to have Chinese food,Monique n Dee Dee didn’t mind.But, I saw a store next to Chinese Resto.I said to Monique,’ Monique..Monique.. GOODWILL STORE!!!!!!! “ Monique said,” Oh well,let’s go there!! “ Hahahahhahaha. I bought a pair of jeans and then we had dinner.

We arrived at church around 7pm.The service was great!!! We went back to the hotel around 10pm. I went to their bedroom,chit chat again till 12pm.Ann Marie said,’Mei – Mei… no more chatting till 2.30am like last year. I have promised to Ronnie that you must sleep earlier tonite. I will send you to bed soon.”Hahhahahahhahaa.Aduhhhhhh
But,yes,I was really tired. I went to bed around 12pm.Chit chat a while with Ms.Debby.called Ronnie and then I slept like a baby. That’s the earliest bedtime I’ve ever had eversince I work in the bar( usually sleep around 3-3.30am ).
Ms.Debby woke me up around 7.30am in the morning.We had breakfast at Anne Marie’s bedroom.I bought some goodies and brought my Nastar. ^___^

The 2nd service was started at 9am.It’s ended at 3.45pm. We left around 4pm.Anne Marie took us to her daughter’s apt, Renee’s. We had lunch there ( we bought Wendy’s before ).Then,we left for Cincinnati.
We arrived at Anne Marie’s house around 7.30pm.There, Dee Dee drove her car and dropped Monique,then me.
I arrived at home around 8.30pm. Home sweet home……….

Ronnie's Smiley Note :)

Friday noon, I was picked by Anne Marie.We attended Women's Ministries Time Apart 2006 in Colombus for 2 days.As usual,I left a message to Ronnie .I put a lil note next to his desk.When I was in Colombus,I called him.He said,”Hi,baby.Missing you here.” ^___^ . I got your message,hun.Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.Enjoy the trip.Love ya.” Wuihhhhhh… it did make me wanna go home at that right time.Hahahhahahaha.

So….the next day, I went home. I found my note was still on the table.Hey,something’s different with the note.I came closer and saw a smiley symbol on the note.Ronnie made it!!  WAHHHHHHH. I am so flattered. Short message,full of meaning.Hahahahaha.

We’ve been missing one each other so bad.Aghhhh… being away far from my half soul makes me suffered.^____^. I arrived at home around 8.30pm and called him to the bar.I said to him,”Baby.. it’s so cuteeee.The smiley you made on the note,makes me happy”.He laughed and said,” love ya,hun.I’ll pick you later.Missing you so much here.Get ready.” Hooray!!!!!