Thursday, April 27, 2006

Meeting New Friends @ the bar

Kak Irma called me last week.She said,"Mei2,I have a friend.She really wanna eat Saksang.I said to her, I know someone who cooks it.Her name is Mei2.So,she wants to order from you.Cook for her,ok?She will come to pick on Sat nite.She will bring some friends along with her." Okkkkkkkk,bu....

So, I cooked it.As I came back from KY having dinner with Ira and others, Eda Genta,Edward and Lusy stopped by at our bar.We played pool while waiting for them to come.

Eda Genta was waiting till 11.30pm and decided to leave.Later on,around 12pm,Eda Natalia,Sahat ( her husband ) Bahar and Nuri came.

Goodness!! Another Bataknese are here.Hoorayyyyyyyyy. We made jokes. I called Nuri as Nurce.Eda Natalia laughed out loudly.

Then,we moved to the back bar.Ronnie was busy as a bartender,so he just came to check us and made sure everything was ok.

I took them to the back bar.They played pool there.Papa Ken came.He played with them.Papa Ken treated them to drink.Evy was excited to have Strawberry Daiquiry.

Eda Natalia teased me,said."So... I know then.Irma told me Mei2 is really fussy,talk-active.I can see it now. You are still sick,but you talk a lot.What about if you're not sick? More than this ? hahahhaha " Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.blm tau dia. Hahahhahah

We spoke Bataknese with Ito Sahat n Eda Natalia.The others got confused.Hahahhaha. Ta otton ma. Hahhahahhahaha

They left around 2am.Papa Ken left earlier.He gave me a note on the front bar.Ronnie put it on the bottle.I accidentally read it" Papa May May. I love meeting your friends. Here is my phone no : XXX XXXXX . Call me if they will come back next week." Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thanks for coming, guys. Can't wait to meet you this saturday with orderan BUBUR CANDIL!!!!!! Ya elahhhhhhhh..Kak Irma ngidam bubur candil, even Nuri.Hahhahahaha

Asian Fest@ Cincinnati Museum, Apr 21st 2006
Syb took me and Evy to attend the Asian Fes at the museum.It's the 3rd time I came to the museum. We had great time.Syb had another friend came with her 2 kids.

Since I have few space to upload the pics in MP ( I only have 35 pics available!! ),so I save all the pics in Yahoo Pics.

Hurricane ( Girl Killer ) and Strawberry Daiquiry

Last sat, I made Strawberry Daiquiry for Eda Genta n Lusy.Then,Evy saw it.She was curious and said," I wanna drink this one. What is it ?" She pointed the pic in my cam.Hahahhaha. I said," It's strawberry Daiquiry." So, I made 1 glass for her. She lovesssssssss it!!!

On Sunday,she ordered another one,and the same thing on tues nite.Hahahahaha.She does love it.
At the same nite, I just printed new menus for our bar. I am so curious abt Hurricane ( Girl Killer ). I offered it to Jen,our new customer.She said,"OK..I'll try it! ".

Here you go,baby.I made in one glass. She tried and said, "Goshhhh..Mei2!!!!!! It's really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ". I am so very happy!!!

When I was in the office,Britney knocked the door and said," I do need your assistant.I want to have that Jen had before.What do you call that? Richie don't know how to do that."hahahhahahah.So, I walked to the front bar and showed the recipe to Richie.Then,he made it for Britney.Britney asked me,"Mei,is there any liquor in it?" I said,"Yes." Again,she said," I didn't taste it." I said,"It's really smooth.You even can't tell that there's some liquor there." She said,"Oh my goodness!! That's why!!! It's really smooth.I love it!!!!!!"

I offered it to Sarah,too.She bought one glass.So, one nite we sold 3 cups of Hurricane ( Girl Killer )!!! That's cool for the 1st nite we promote.

Ronnie & Friends 'Jamming Session@CLub Evolution

Last Tuesday,while waiting for the karaoke lady,Alecia,Ronnie invited Bedel and his friends to do jamming music in our bar.Bedel and his friends came around 6pm.They brought the instruments and jamming together. That's cool!!!!! Finally Ronnie has a chance to play music together.He used to have a band. I can see from his face how excited he was. Hopefully they would do this weekly.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Ira's Graduation Party @ Joe's Crab Shack,Newport,KY

Cie Ira invited us to celebrate her graduation day on Sat at Joe’s Crab Shack Newport,KY. Eda Genta picked me in the Cinemax and we drove to KY. Cie Lusy came along ( duhh yg baru plg dari honeymoonnnnnnnnnnnn ).
There,we met Desy and KenKen,new friends Eddy,Mohamed,Donna,Lora,Joe and Wendell.
There are lots of entertaiment in the bar. I had one rose balloon and gave some tips for that lovely balloon.I became so goofy.Everyone laughed.
Edward,Eda Genta’s husband teased me in the car. Ughhhh.. awas ya,Edward,ntar dikick balik :P

We had great time in the restaurant. Taking last pic all together before we left.
Congratulations to Cie Ira.May God bless you.

Ladies Nite : Live Performance Pleasure Band R&B

Thursday nite, the 1st nite we had live band.Meeting new people,had good time with all. Evy helped us as a bar maid.She made tips!!!

Israel n James,the guests,showed their skill to play music.They have a band,too. Meanwhile Eddie and Unique from the Pleasure Band did a good job!!!!!

Joe's Crab Shack

Cuisine: Steak / Seafood
A seafood restaurant located in Newport,KY.It faces to the Ohio River.The atmosphere is great.It's packed on weekends. The food taste good,too.

Joe's specialty is crab and we offer a year-round variety, including Dungeness Crab and Alaskan Snow Crab. They come steamed, barbecued or garlic-style. Every heaping plate of crab comes with the very necessary mallet and Joe's bib.

Even if you're not a big crab fan, Joe's can fix you up with some tasty shrimp, fresh fish, sizzling steak, grilled chicken, a tantalizing salad or a big ol' burger!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Live Performance : Zen Lunatic

Start:     Apr 29, '06 9:00p
The 2nd time for Zen Lunatic will be performing at the bar.

Live Performance :Ultra Band@Club Evolution

Start:     May 6, '06 9:00p
Location:     Club Evolution,Cincinnati
Tom called us and said they would like to perform again in our bar. Go ahead,Tom!!!

Show The Shield Nite

Start:     May 2, '06 7:00p
Location:     Club Evolution,Cincinnati
On Karaoke Nite,we'll have another different nite by showing the shield and have dollar off.

Bubur Candil ( The Glutinous Flour with Palm Sugar Sauce )

Iseng2 berbuah bubur Candil .Hahahhahaha
Talking with Sera a couple days ago,and she said,"Mei,why don't you make Bubur Candil?" Wahhhh..what a good idea.

I was still sick at that time,not so attempted to cook anything.But,the next day,I did it.

Upon request from Dewi,here's the recipe.Mupeng banget nih dia kyknya :P

200 gr glutinous flour ( tepung ketan )
100 gr tapioca flour ( tepung kanji )
1 cup of water

Sauce :
pandanus leaves
100gr palm sugar
100 cc coconut cream
100 cc coconut milk
50 gr tapioca flour ( for the sauce )

Mix the flour and make a hole in the middle
Pour the water and mix the batter
Take a lil batter and make a round shape ( use all the batter )
Heat some water and boil them for abt 5 mnts

In the other stove

Heat some water,add the sauce ingredients.
Stir around abt 5 mnts.I
f you wanna have thick sauce,add the tapioca flour.
Add the round shapes and stir again.

When it's ready to serve,pour the coconut milk on top. Ready to eattttttttttttt

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Surprise!!!!! Ketemu Cindy & Chiko

Mirna called me yesterday.We chatted chatted on the phn,and she said,”Mei, I have a friend name Cindy.She’s from Medan,too.She’d like to meet you,along with Chiko.” Wahhhhhhhhhhhh I’m thrilled to death to meet them.I talked with Chiko once last year,then we’ve never contacted each other anymore.
Meanwile,Cindy,I’ve met her husband before at Mirna’s house,last summer ( We had barbeque party ).
Oh well,I told Mirna,I didn’t cook anything.I felt so bad.But,I did make Kue Salju ( tadinya buat Mak Benji nih,tapi keburu gak sempat dikirim,dimakan deh jadinya ).Hehehehehhehe.Maafkan dakuuuuuuuuuuu

So,they came around 4.30pm.Mirna called me from driveway and said,”Mei2,we’re here.Cindy’s afraid with dog.Can you keep him inside,pls? I talked to her from the kitchen and said,”Look,I’m in the kitchen.Tadaaaaaaaaaaa” Hahahhahahah

Mirna said,” We’ll get in from the front door,then.” Okkkkkkkkkkk
So, I met Chiko and Ryan,her son, and Cindy.Wahhh!!!!!!!! Meeting Cindy and talked Medan dialec ( and of course Hokkian language!!!! ) Chiko,Mirna and Evy just wondered what we’re talking about.
Cindy, bia kin.Wa lang kong tenang wa aja, I lang beng pek. Hahahahhahahhaha

They left around 5.30pm.They met Mom for awhile ( Mom just stopped by and then went to a doctor ). I took some pics and shared the nail polish Desy gave me.**
Then, I laid down on the grass.Duhh.. suddenly my back itched soooooooo bad. Silly Mei2!!!! Once they left, I asked Evy to pour some talcum powder on my back.^____^

Thnks for coming,girls!! I did enjoy the company.Mirna brought me some grapes.Yummyyyyy . Itung2 jenguk Mei2 yg lagi sakit,katanya.Hahahhahaha
Lain kali ketemuan lagi yaaaaaa.

Love ya!!

God Bless

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Day in Spring ^___^

Yipeeee.... I am getting better!! Praise the Lord!!!! Thanks to you all who had prayed for my health.

This morning I woke up early,around 7.30am.I chatted with my bro n sister.While waiting for them, I was attempted to cook Bubur Candil!! ( I was talking abt this to Sera a day before ).

Then, I had a good appetite to eat Sambal Ikan Asin.Alamak!!!!!!!! Finally, I took out my Croaked Fish ( apa sih nama Indonya?) I fried all of them ( 4 pieces ) and I cooked stir fried cabbage.

I had 3 bowls of Bubur Candil before having lunch.And Durian as the dessert.Hihihihiihi *meledak deh bntr lagi perutnya*

Later in the evening,Steffie and Tony showed up.They cleaned up the yards and I grilled beef in the patio.The weather was really beautiful!!!!!

When I was taking my pic in the backyard,Ronnie arrived home.Like a lil kid,I ran to him and hugged him.I stopped him and took pics.Hehehheeh *selalu dehhhhhhhhhhhh*

Ronnie left to the bar around 7pm.Meanwhile Mom gave me a ride,besides she's helping us doing the book keeping now. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonite we had lots of fun. I just came back home around 2.40am.Really tired.Wanna sleep..........

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Maria's Open House @Kettering,OH

Sat morning I woke up very late,around 10am.I called Maria,told her we’d be late.I called Desy,she didn’t answer my phone call.Later,she sent me sms and said,”Mei,I woke up late this morning,so,we’ll leave later then.”Bah.. telat juga ternyata si Desy bangun.Hehehhehehe

Around 11am I had got ready.Evy was ready,too.Mom gave us a ride and dropped us at Cinemax.We met Desy there around 12pm.

We arrived at Maria’s apt within 45 mnts.Everyone was there.Once I opened the door,Carl aka Karce took my pic. Suit..suit…………Seleb disambut!!!!!! Hehehehehe.Shakira’s coming,beibehhhhh.

I brought Sambal Goreng Ati.Wahhh…serbuuuuuuuu.Mbak Maya was so excited to try.But,once she tried,she said,”Mei-Meiiiiiiiiiiii !!!! It’s really spicy!!!!! “ Hehehehe gotchaaaaaa

Desy brought lots of stuff from Avon.She gave each of us a package of nail polish.

Nia came after we had lunch.I fried Lumpia Shanghai and we had another food to eat.

Around 5.30pm, one by one was leaving.Ziplockkkkkk… too much food for Maria to eat.So,friends took some home.

I stayed at Maria’s till Carl came back from work.Meanwhile Evy left with Desy back to Cincinnati.
I spent time with Maria,chatted chatted and watched movie ( movie was on,but we didn’t watch it,indeed ).Hehhehehe

We had dinner around 9.30pm and then Carl came back home around 10.30pm. I changed my shirt since it’s really cold ( Maria turned on a fan ). Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………..

I said to Maria,”Mar,lend me a t-shirt,pls.I am cold “ ( I didn’t realize,that moment was the time I was feeling not good,and today I’m sick.” Maria teased me and said,”Ah,’re cold,cos you wear sexy shirt.” Hahhahaha

I replied her,” Eits….hang on.Don’t blame if I fart a lot in front of your fan.” She stood up and gave me a shirt.Hahahhaaha.Emang enak dikentutin? :P

Carl changed his shirt,we chatted for awhile and then we left to Cincinnati around 11.30pm.We played pool in the back bar.

They left around 3am. Thank you very much, Maria n Carl. Nice meeting you.. Happy Easter. God Bless.

Attacked By Diseases & Chit Chat wtth Ria on the Phone

Aghhhh..... I hate to tell this,but I don't feel good.As I came back from Maria's house last nite,I didn't feel good. My head throbs so bad,throat sores,cough that burns my chest everytime I cough and throbs my head a lot!!!

I woke up at 7.30 am this morning ( slept around 3.30am ).Paula picked me to church,since I was asked to take a part in a Victory Parade at church for Easter.

I still don't fell good when I was in church. I took a nap in the restroom ( There's a nice couch there ).While waiting until 10am ,I tried to take a nap.

The 1st service was over.I went to the sanctuary and attended the rehearsal.Ronnie came later around 11.30am.

I met Lindsay,Jonathan and baby Nolan in church. I met Lindsay last year in church.

Ronnie and I went home,had lunch instead of going out somewhere.I helped Mom cleaning the office in the basement,meanwhile Ronnie's taking a nap. Goshhh I think I gotta have a nap,no matter what!!!

I went to bed and napping.Later,around 8pm,I went down to the basement and checked my emails.Ria Venema was online in YM!!! We chatted and then exchanged phn no.  I tried to call her,but it didn't work.So,she called me back.

Alamak,Ria!!!!!!!! Your voice is soooooo gentle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kyk putri ningrat saja.^_____^. We chitted chatted till 2 hours!!! BAHHHH GAK TERASA,BOWWWW!!!!

Tukang ngobrol juga nih si Ria ternyata.Hahhahahahaha.Goodness...this is our 1st time talking on the phone,nyambung,bowww.Sama gilanya.Hahahahhaha

Thnks a lot ya,Ria.You made my day!!!!

I took a pic of my condition recently.My knee still hurts from falling down on the steps last thursday.



Friday, April 14, 2006

3 am

Last nite I went home around 3am.Evy opened her door and said,"Cicie,where have you been?" I said," from bar."She said,"Ha??? We just passed the bar tonite,we saw the sign was " closed ". Hahahhahahahha. I changed the sign closed at 2am,so people wouldn't come in anymore.

We chitted chatted in her bedroom,sitting on the carpet and she said,"Cicie,I wanna eat Indomie.Let's cook,pls." Wuihh... what a dayyyyyyyyyyyy.. I was really hungry,so I said,"Let's do it!!!!!!!!"  So,we walked quietly to the kitchen.We didn't wanna make Mom and Ronnie wake up.

I took 2 Indomie Goreng and handed to her.She said," I wanna try Ikan Cakalang." Ok...she had one portion of Ikan Cakalang, I had Indomie goreng. I went to the basement and took my cam.Hehehehhehhee.

I said to Evy,"After this,we'll eat durian,ok?" She said," okkkkkkk." But,goshhhhhhhh I was full!!!!!!!!!! I said to her,"Vy, I can't eat anymore.Let's save the durian for tomorrow." Hahahhahahahhaha

We went to bed around 3.30am,and slept well.At least, I woke up around 10am this morning and took a shower,ready to go to work again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday...what a longggggggggg nite it would be for us.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gubraakkk...And I Fell Down :(

I'm back. Gee... almost 1 week didn't update my MP.Don't ask me why. I will always come with the same reason " busy working ". Yes, I've been busy working lately( till I even didn't spoil myself a lot like I did before ).

Last nite was a big crowd.We had karaoke nite and bunch people showed up.Evy, a friend from San Jose visited us here.She sang couple songs and had good time with other customers.

We went home abt 3am and I slept around 4am.In the morning I woke up around 10am,and got ready to go back to work.Bar messed up and I gotta clean up before we open. I swept all the floors and mopped them.Around 12pm, we got some beers delivered.

I didn't have my lunch ( to be honest,I even didn't have any chance to take a shower today ) :( I called Ronnie and asked him to buy me some food for my dinner. Jeff,our customer came around 5pm.I chatted with him and gosh... suddenly I felt asleep.I couln't concentrate what we're talking abt.My mind wasn't in the bar anymore.I sent sms to Ronnie and asked him to come as soon as possible to the bar. I couldn't stand anymore. I smiled too much that hurts my cheeks.

Thank God,Ronnie showed up and brought my fried rice.I had my dinner in the bar and I didn't feel I was sleepy anymore.Dave showed up and we chitted chatted in the patio with Jeff.Later on,Steve ( my youngest bro in law ),showed up.I pulled one more chair and we spent the nice evening in the patio.

We had customers tonite.I served them and they enjoyed the nice evening too,in the patio.About 30 mnt later,Samantha,our regular showed up with a friend.They ordered some drinks.They walked to the back bar and played pool there.I brought their drinks to the back bar.She ordered another drinks.

Ronnie poured some drink and I held 2 glasses on my hands.I walked to the back bar.I stepped on and then,Brakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!! I fell down :( My knee hit the steps and my drinks fell,too. :( Thank God ,I still held the glasses. Samantha and her friend turned around and said,"Ohh honeyyy,are you ok ? " Aduh... so embarassed!!!! I said," I'm fine...I'm fine." The floor's wet :( . She helped me to get up and I did apologize. I poured some more drinks. Ronnie was in the front bar when I fell down.

Ronnie helped me to walk.I said to him,"Babe,I'm done.I don't think I can go on till tonite.I am worn out.This is the climax.I wanna go home." Ronnie thought,so.He sent me home and I took a shower. I feel much better now. Thank God.Ronnie don't think that I need to go to the bar early in the morning tomorrow.Good....I can take a rest tomorrow.

Rendang Ayam Telur Puyuh

Me and Evy cooked this stuff on Monday noon ( we woke up at 3.40pm!!! ) . It taste good,moreover when you eat with 5 fingers ^___^,no spoon or fork needed.

Munik,potatoes,coconut milk,quail eggs

Cook as usual

Kerupuk Tempe ( Soy Bean Crackers )

Alow...alow... Just got a packet from Mpok Claudia. I called her once on the phn and we talked abt goodies.She talked abt kerupuk tempe.Mama mia.. I luv it!!!

I haven't fried them yet,so dunno the taste.Anyone who has eaten this crackers,let's share!! ( I had some in Medan before,but not here ).

Mpok,thanks a lot ya. Tuhan berkati!!!

Monday, April 3, 2006

Ladies' Craft Nite : Silk Flower Crafts

Start:     Jun 5, '06 6:30p
End:     Jun 5, '06 8:00p
Oh I love them... I'm coming for the class,honeyyyy ^____^ .Another class,another skill!!!

Ladies' Craft Nite : Sew Summer Purse

Start:     May 8, '06 6:30p
End:     May 8, '06 8:00p
Location:     College Hill Library, Cincinnati
Yipeee.... Can't wait to have a summer purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beowulf : Prince of the Geats
I met Scott Wegener ( Director ) and Eric Scott ( 1st asst.director ) in our bar on last saturday,when they're recording the Zen Lunatics.

They produce a film named Beowulf : Prince of the Geats.

Based on the 10th century Anglo-Saxon poem written in Old English, Beowulf: Prince of the Geats, is a film about a man who leads a band of warriors across many lands and waters to repay his father’s debt. This man, Beowulf, is a prince amongst his people and a conqueror to any an all enemies that cross his path. As he fights both internal and external battles, the prince is consumed by his unquenchable desire to rid the land of evil and find peace within himself.

In the 12th year of being terrorized by the monstrous giant, Grendel, King Hrothgar of the Danes is paid a visit by the young prince and his 12 Geat warriors. As repayment, Beowulf vows to the King of the Danes that he will no longer be tormented by the evil Grendel and therefore would clear his conscience of what’s owed by his family.

A battle of epic proportions ensues and we learn just how monstrous and evil Grendel is. We also learn of other evils that are lurking around the dark Danish waters and what that spells for the 12 Geat warriors and our hero, Beowulf: Prince of the Geats.

The Mission: To raise $1 million for the American Cancer Society through promotions, sales and activities related to the All Volunteer motion picture project "Beowulf: Prince of the Geats."

All production items are being gifted to American Cancer Society to prevent any overhead expenditures, allowing American Cancer Society to receive 100% of all sales and promotions earned.

Let's support the mission!!!!!

Ladies Craft Nite : Quilled Creations

Sybelle, a Pinoy lady I met from library called me a couple weeks ago.She wondered why I've never been attending the Ladies Craft Nite anymore. Geee...the last time was November last year!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa..longgggggggg time ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told her I was really busy.She said she would remind me a week before the class begun.Good idea!!!!!!!!!! I called her this noon and asked her whether she would come.She said she would be there. So, after dinner, Ronnie sent me to the library.

I was late for a couple minutes. I sat next to Syb.She smiled at me.I handed her a box of lumpia. I was so happy spending time in the library. We have more knowledge by attending the class.Thank God this time I didn't miss it.

Heidy announced the class would be ended soon.She asked us to take home some stuff so we could practise at home. I took some,of course.

Syb said she would send me home.Her husband,and her daughters were waiting for us in the reading room.I gave Syb some stuff,thought she might need them.

Within 1.5 hour I made 3 quilled creations.I would make some more later on.

my very 1st result


the 2nd one


the 3rd one

the 4th one ( I made yesterday)

the 5th one

Thanks a lot, Heidy.Thanks for the precious skill!! God bless you




CLub Evolution:Zen Lunatics

Sat nite,another band performed. Zen Lunatics performed great!!!!

Here're losts of pics from the nite.

Another Karaoke Nite

Last Tuesday nite we had karaoke nite.We have another singers at that nite. Joe n Greg,the country singers ( OMG!!! They have lovely voices!! ) sang some songs.Me and Greg sang one song “ I’ll Be There “. ^___^

As usual,our regular customers come and sang various kind of songs.
Greg was worn out (he’s sleeping in the back bar ).Hahhahahaha. I took his pics.Richie sent me home.Greg,Joe,Shawn and his girl friend were waiting for me till I closed the bar.
Greg kept asking me to leave.He said,”Come on,Mei2.Hurry hurry.I gotta work tomorrow at 6am.” Hahhahaha.He’s laying down on the pool table.He teased me and I teased him back.
Since Richie has a sport car, so it’s impossible to load 6 people in the car.So,Richie sent me home meanwhile they’re waiting outside of the bar. Greg laid down on the ground!!!!!!! Hahahhahahha. Poor Greg.
But,Karaoke nite was wonderful.We have more singers at that nite ( I just only sang few songs ).