Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good News!!! Good News!!! ^__^

Anyway, busway

It's a wonderful testimony to share, I believe.

Dominic, my good samaritan, his wife called me on Sunday. She  apologized for not coming to the fellowship lately.  Here's why :

1. Dominic's Mom's birthday was the same with Mother's Day. So, they celebrated it. Lashonda, invited her family from other states to come over.

2. They moved, ups... they BOUGHT a house!

 She told me that they moved last Thursday, to Covington, KY. Which is only a couple minutes from her old place. It's not a big deal, just across The Ohio River.

3. It's God's Calling

I wonder why they chose KY instead of staying in OH. She said that it's God's calling for them to move. Besides, KY is cheaper than OH, that's why I heard. They bought a duplex, which they're renting the other house to someone else.

4. They Miss Us

I bet!!! We miss them,too. They'd like to come back again and join us.

I am sooooooooo greatful for the news. The prayers that we ( personally )  been praying for all families, relatives and friends, one by one is fulfilled by GOD.