Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daddy!!!!!!!!! ( MeiLee Dodol!! ) :D

This kid really made me laugh...and especially made my day!!!

I just fed her.She had mashed potato for lunch and vanila custard with banana as dessert. MeiLee wanted to feed herself.It's kinda messy,so I helped her.

She picked up the bowl and tried to pour it in her mouth.Of course it didn't work,cos it's thick :D

She fought me and played with me.She put her finger and tried to choke herself.She laughed.I wasn't happy.

Then I said," Ok!! That's enough girl.No more."

She laughed and said," No "

I said," Ok..we're done. No more."

I picked her up from her chair and wiped her mouth.She did it again,and I said," MeiLee....that's enough! I'm gonna get Daddy so Daddy can talk to you."

She laughed.

I washer her mouth and said," Enough..I'll get Daddy for you. Daddy!!!!!!!!!

I thought she'll be afraid.... then...

MeiLee said," DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! "



OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I ended up laughing loudly!!!!!!!!!!! She laughed,too. KA KA KA KA KA KA KA.



Then I brought MeiLee downstairs to meet her Daddy, she's excited and said ," DADDY!!!!!!! " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Instead of making it firm to her,she got me :D

What a day!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 10th : Mommy's Day ^___^

What a surprise!!! MeiLee gave me her finger prints as her present of Mother's Day.

I helped her put some decorations on it.It has a poem,too ^___^. Boy...made me feel sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!

Thank you,sweetie!!!

Then we went to CAM.I bought some stuff and went home.We didn't have any lunch,cos I was short of time.

At home,we saw a present for MeiLee and a set of table and chair. I wondered who gave them. I knew the toy was from Kim and Mark,our old neighbor. They dropped it for MeiLee's bday present. But the table and chair ??? No idea :D

I went to work at nite.Ronnie stopped by and had dinner there. I joint him,too. Ronnie told me that Mom bought the table and chair only for 0.99 cents!! Are you kidding me?????????

I couldn't believe it.Ronnie said Mom bought it from Thrift Store.She waited for 30 mnts at the parking lot till the store opened .:D

And a present for Mom ?? I bought her a skillet!! She mentioned it weeks ago. I bought her one skillet only.She would exchange it to get 2 skillets instead.

The more happier was, MeiLee had her cousins, Lizzy and Bryan stayed overnite since Friday.MeiLee had greattttt time with them. She spent time with them and even didn't wanna go to her own bedroom. :D

Thank you for the present,MeiLee... You really made my day!!!

Stravocado Chocolate Smoothie ( Frutty Tutty Smoothie )

Yay!! Experimenting the fruits I have in the refrigerator.Finally it came out with the fruty tutty smoothie :P

Avocado ( I used only half )
2-3 strawberry
1/2 size banana
3 scoops of ice cream ( any flavor, I used Chocolate )
sugar ( as needed )
Milk ( as needed )

Blend all together. Puree
Put whipped cream on top
Garnish with Strawberry


Saturday, May 2, 2009

[Ask] How Much Is It Worth ?

Wow!!! I was so thrilled tonite!!!!!!!!! It was my nite!!! It's not because I had good nite at the resto tonite,but cos Awnie,the hostess finaly brought my t-shirt!!!

We're asked to draw abt something on our uniform by Ritin,back to March.I had no clue what to draw. All a sudden,Awnie offered to draw one of my shirts. So, I handed it to her ( I trusted her,cos last time,she accidentally drawing me secretly ). LOL.

It was months ago.I stopped by at the front door,and she handed me a drawing.It's me!!! Me with glasses. I laughed. She asked," Do you like it,Mei-Mei?? " I told her,' Yes.Thank you.It's me!!! " .The others were agree.

Then, I trusted her to draw my uniform. First, she promised me within 1-2 weeks.Then,she took more time. She said she did something on my shirt.

I was a lil bit worry ( I thought she might had made a mistake ).

Then,came April... I still didn't see it. I tried not to be fussy.Yesterday,Awnie said that she had done it,but she forgot to bring it.She promised to bring it tonite.



When I got at the resto, Ritin said that I was right on time.I had a party. So, I started taking care of them.

Later,Carrie said," Mei-Mei,did you see your shirt ? " I said," What shirt ? " Heather said," Mei-Mei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, look at your shirt!!!!!!!!! DANG!!!!!!!! IT'S AWESOME,MAN!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA STEAL IT!!!!!!!! "


I had no clue what they're talking about.Then,I went to the bathroom,I saw Awnie's standing there. She grabbed a shirt and pointed to me. " Mei-Mei,it's done."

WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had shown me the drawing weeks ago,but I didn't realize it turned GREAT!!!!!!!!!  EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

They asked me to put it on. I said," Not now.. It's so clean,I don't wanna make it dirty.I'll put it on tomorrow nite. "

But,alas... I went to the bathroom and saw how dirty my shirt that I was wearing. Then..tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I grabbed my new shirt and put it on.


I walked out,and everyone turned their heads on me. Firstly, I didn't realize.Dan,Heather,Zack,Ben,Jessica,Ritin and everybody else starred and me and Heather said," I WANNA STEAL YOUR SHIRT,GIRL!! "

Zack said," You can't... Cos there's Mei-Mei's name there." Ha ha ha ha ha.

One of my guests noticed that I changed my shirt.She said," Girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Your shirt rocks,girl!!! " LOL

I told her," It's really me.But,I don't wear short skirt." HA HA HA HA HA.

I asked Awnie how much I would pay her.She said," I don't wanna,Mei-Mei. I love you,that's why I did this to you. I charge the rest,but you."

Oh... I am so blessed and touched. I told her," Honest,I still wanna pay you.Cos this is 2 months project. "

She said," NO. NO NO NO NO."

I told her," Thank you much,Awnie. I love you.Thank you for doing this to me. " 

I hugged her.

I went home tonite,and showed Ronnie the shirt. He was SURPRISED!!! HIS JAW DROPPED.

Ronnie said,' Turn around,hun.I wanna see it again." He said,"Wow...There's your name here,too."

I asked him," how much do you think I should pay her ? I was abt to pay her 20 bucks."

Ronnie said," Gee,baby.. more than that... I'd give 50 bucks!! "

I am agree with Ronnie.This valuable shirt really really awesome!!! It's not because it took 2 months to do it,but the love that Awnie put on it,really really makes me feel good!!!!

What do yo think ??? How much should I pay Awnie,guys ???

Ronnie suggests me to buy her something ( but I don't know what she wants ). I'd rather buy her a jewelry ( again,Ronnie said it's old fashion ).

This girl looks like she likes gothic style. Hmm... I need some ideas,pls....