Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Maria's Sweet Birthday

Happy Birthday to Maria.Long life...tetep semangatttttttttt ( lhooo kyk kuis Family 100 aja ).

Ultah yg ke 16 kan?? ^___^ ( kidding.com )

Love ya,Mar!!!!!!

Tuhan berkati.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Maria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Saturday,Feb 25th,me,Desy n Cie Ira from KY attended Maria's birthday at Sleep Inn ( siap pesta, boleh sleeping2 ). ^___^.

Maria introduced us to her hubby,Karl ( I misheard it,I thought it was Karla,Carlon or Carolina ) . Heheheheh *kidding.com*

Sorry to say,that my bra showed up when Maria introduced to him.I said to Maria,"Eitsss...Mardi Gras is here!!! " . Hahahhahahhaha. Untung gak digantung sama Maria. :P

We met Ria ,Devita ( Ria's sister ),Mbak Maya,Jessy minus Kak Irma and Sandra ( new friend ) there. It's fun!!! We continued gossiping again. Hihihihihi

The food was great.Maria cooked them all. 2 thumbs up for Maria !!! ^____^ Excellent job,Maria.

I enjoyed every single food she had ( esp. Indonesian ). Then,we moved to another room.Maria and Karl were ready to open the presents she got at that time. We had Ice Cream Birthday Cake!!!

The birthday party was over abt 8pm.We cleaned up the tables ( including the food,too).Ziplockkkkkkkkkk..... mana??mana???? Siap2 bawa plg makanan. Hihihihihi.

I took a pic in front of the Front Desk.Alas,when Ria just took my pic,the receptionist ( Opa ) surprised me with a horn. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KAGETTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone laughed. Ugghhhh.... I saw there's a basket of apples on the desk,and I asked him whether I got one.He hasn't given me any answers,I just grabbed it and ran out.Hahahhahahahha.

Then,we got ready to back to Cincinnati. I invited friend to hang out in our bar.We went to Ria's house,dropped her Mom,daughter,sister and her son home.Then,they followed us to Cincinnati. Meanwhile Maria and Karl would come later.

Cie Ira couldn't join us,but she called me and said she might come next time. We played pool and then Desy left abt 10.30pm.Continuing playing pool with Ria,I invited Donna ( Ronnie's friend at work ) to play with us.

Later,Maria and Karl arrived. She said," We were lost.Karl suggested to find a hotel and stay a nite instead."Hahahhahaha.Jauh2 ke Cincinnati,kok malah cari hotel. Hihihihi.

We hung up for another hour,then Ria n Todd left.So, I spent time with Maria n Karl in the back bar.

They left abt 1.30 pm.Indeed,I didn't want them to leave ( msh jam kecil,bencong aja gak plg2 ). Hahahhahaha.

But,anyway,it's really great.We did enjoy their companies.So, thnks for coming,Desy,Ria & Todd,Maria & Karl. Nice meeting you.See ya in the other occasion ( si Maria nih udh mulai nempel,maunya gathering mulu ). Hihihihihi.

Happy Birthday,Maria....16 yo... ( hihihihihi... sekian tahun yg lalu ). May God Bless You,Your Marriage & Your Health,

Keep laughing,biar makin panjang umur,tetap 16 thn. :P

We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sering2 buat acara ultah ya ( setahun 6x juga gpp ).Hehehehehe

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ketika Capek Melanda

 Almost a week,I’ve never touched this MP. Laziness comes through me. Indeed,there’re lots of things I wanna share,tell, but they’re all gone as I arrived at home from work.


It’s been a week I and Tammy open the bar earlier at 3 pm and close around midnite. Then,Ronnie came to the bar, we work together and go home late at nite ( cos I count the tiles and check all the inventories ).


I’ve never got up early around 6 or 7 am anymore.My body is really tired.Try to get up early,but eyes and body don’t compromise well. Thank God  Ronnie goes to work at 8am nowadays. I sleep more till 9-10 am, cooking ,do the laundries and then Tammy picks me up. Duhh… I just only have less time to rest.I’ve never taken a nap anymore ( but today,I had it ).


I have lots of fun at bar.Meet many kinds of people, sometimes they’re nice sometimes not ( try to flirt me and so annoying ).That’s the risks,I know that. That’s why I need a bouncer next to me when I am in charge in the back bar.


Since I work in the bar,I’ve never cooked for supper.I do miss it. One day,I said to Ronnie I’d go to work later in the evening.I made tiramisu and cooked for supper. Mom was surprised saw me still at home.She came to our bedroom and said,”Mei – Mei, you’re home??? I smell the food in the oven.Thank you for cooking supper tonite.I do appriciate  that.” I said to Mom,” I do miss cooking for supper,Mom.” She laughed.


I called Ronnie and he came home. Goshhhhhhhhhhhh that’s our 1st time to have dinner together with the rest of the family ( Tony and Steffie ).It’s great!!!!!!!!! I didn’t have much time and went to the bar.

A couple times I fall asleep in the bar ( sometimes I lay down in the couch in the back bar,like last nite ).It’s still cool out there .I brought a blanket and a pillow,put in the office. ^___^


Working everyday and go home late,has made me so tired and no intention to check MP.Even when I’m in the office, I just use the internet for awhile and then back to work.


I wish I won’t be so lazy and keep updating my MP.

Ayam Rica - Rica

Though I'm not a Manadonese,but I love their food.One of them is Ayam Rica - Rica. Inspired by Mpok Clod,today I cooked it. ^___^

Ntar tanya sama org Kawanua asli deh. ^___^

Ayam ( drumstick ) 3 ptg ( ptg2 )
air jeruk nipis ( gak ada, so pake garam doank )
minyak utk menumis

Bumbu :
cabe merah 10 biji
cabe rawit 8 biji
tomat 1 biji
bawang putih 1 biji
bawang merah 6 biji

serai, dikeprak ( sebagian dihaluskan )
jahe 2 cm

Blender semua bahan ( kecuali tomat )
daun jeruk 2 lembar
terasi ( bila suka )

1.Panaskan minyak
2.Goreng ayam terlebih dulu ( harusnya sih dipanggang,tapi krn malas manggang,digoreng doank ),angkat,tiriskan.
3.Tumis bumbu halus sampe matang lalu tambahkan ayam.
4.Tambahkan daun jeruk dan tomat ( ptg2 ).
5.Tambahkan terasi .
6.Aduk2 rata,angkat.
7.Siap saji,makan dengan nasi hangat dan sayur tumisan Kol ( optional )

Fabulous Pics!!

Just got these all pics from my bro,Joe.I can't resist not to attach them here. I do admire nature beauties.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Purba's Family - Indonesia

It's been months,I wanted to put my fam's pics here,but I keep forgetting.Till Jenny asked me to do that ( Jenny penasaran bangetttttttt ).Hahahhaha

Now,Ida is curious as Olin.So I attach the history of our family.You can read here .

I had scanned some before,but there're lots of pics haven't been scanned yet

This morning,my bro,Joe's online.I visited his FS,and I saw his new pics.I grabbed them and saved in my compie.Hihihihi.

Here're some,I'll upload the rest next time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Our Own Simple Valentine's Day

Geeee.... I really didn't know what day was yesterday.Since I got married,all the important days are unmemorable. Weks..keterlaluan ya.Even sometimes I don't remember what date,what day it is.Ashamed!!!

I didn't feel good last nite.My head throbbed so bad, my hands and legs trembled .I thought I would fall down anytime. Goodness.I was really exhausted.

I called Tammy and asked her to pick me at 3 instead of 2.30pm. I swept and mopped all the floors,the restrooms ,the tables and the chairs. Goshhh really tired!!!!!!!!

Ronnie came to the bar abt 5.30pm.We're waiting for Dave to come and we could go to have dinner.

Ronnie took me to Dynasty Buffet.Ashamed!!!!!!!! I didn't bring my cam ( indeed,yesterday my cam and my cellphone were in the office all nite long ). I got some messages and voice mail yesterday.

Dynasty was packed.I ate a lot ( habis,lapar sih ).When we're ready to pay the bill,the waiter came and gave me a carnation,a pink one. I said," I wanna a red one,can I change?" She said," I can give you a red one." Well,she came and gave me another one. Hooray!!!!!!!!

I said to Ronnie,"Now,gimme the roses and tell that you love me." Hahahhaha. He laughed and said,"Baby,I love you so much.Happy Valentine's Day.You're so special.Thank you for being you." Soooo sweettttttttttt

We went back to the bar,and I gave Tammy the pink one.We bought her some food from Dynasty.Then,Ronnie sent me home.I went to bed early last nite.

Ronnie came home later.He went to bed and I heard him saying,"Happy Valentine's Day,baby.I love you." Hehehhehehe... Zzzz.z.z.z.z.z.z.z..z.z.z.z

The Norman's Visiting to CE

Nia and Dennis came to the bar last weekend.I was waiting for the in the bar.It's really snowy ( really thick!!!!!!!!!! ). But,thank God,they said they still would like to come.

Thnks for coming,The Norman. We'd like to see you next time. :)

When Ronnie's Challenged to Drink ^___^

A couple days ago,our customers Jaret and Dave spent all nite long in the bar.Dave challanged me to drink,but I said," I don't drink."Then,he challenged Ronnie instead of.

See,Ronnie don't drink at all.He's in trouble. Hahahhahahhaha

Saturday, February 11, 2006

" I'm in The Kitchen "

Duhhh dodol.com. I'was waiting for Ronnie to take me to the bar tonite ( my friend will come ).Ronnie promised before he would pick me at dinner time.

Instead of taking a nap this noon,I used my time burning some CDs.I saw my watch,it's over 7pm.I sent him sms,he didn't reply.Then,I tried to call him just now from the basement.

Mei-Mei :"Where are you,babe?"

Ronnie:"I'm in the kitchen."


Hahahahhahahhaa. Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know he's already at home!!!. I thought he's still in the bar. Hahhahahaha. 

I ran to the kitchen and laughed loudly. Hahahhahahah.. Dodol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's having dinner rite now,so I am waiting for him,and soon we'll leave. Working againnnnnnnnnn.........


Orderan Iin

Ufhhh....nyicil2 lagi,akhirnya kelar deh. Yesterday morning I wore out (even today,too! ). Ronnie called me from work at 9.30 am.He said," Just wanna say I love you,hun.Good morning." Ups....I looked at the clock,aghhhh..I slept like a baby.He said,' Go on,hun.Keep sleeping." Aww...I couldn't.
So,I got up and thought what I gotta do.Agh.... I gotta cook Iin's orders.

I thought I still had time to cook before Tammy picking me up.We had made a plan a day before,she would pick up the liquor with me to agent.(As what we had planned,she said around 1pm.) So,I thought I had couple hours to cook.

I made Kue Bawang and Sambal Goreng Ati.Ronnie came home for awhile,dropped the bar key and left.

Around 1pm,Tammy called.I asked her to wait another hour cos I wasn't ready yet.So,she came around 2.30pm.We went to bank and picked the liquor.

We opened the bar earlier.I spent time awhile in the office.Ronnie came abt 5.30pm,and had me type a list.

We went to Wendy's.Ronnie brought me some meal and dropped me back to bar.Carla,Jeff and Dave were there. Missy came,too.

Tammy's friends came and drank.We played pool.It's fun!!!!

Dave sent me home around 2.45am. I opened the kitchen door and smelt something.OMG!!! Smelt Onions!!!!!!!! Hahahahhaha. I forgot to spray the air parfume before leaving that noon. Goodness, no wonder Ronnie said," House smells so bad,baby." Hahahahhahhaha.. Aduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.So,I took a bottle of air parfume and sprayed.

Goodness...gara2 kue bawang nih...

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Eits......Tergoda Juga Akhirnya............

It's because of sesame ( duh,nyalahin org ) Hihihihi.She's talking abt Lontong Sayur in WG,so I was attempted to cook it for myself today.


Firstly,I was really tired and thought not to do that (still sleepy..... 5 watts only ).Then,I encouraged myself to do it (itung2 manjain lidah ).


Srang sreng srong,within an hour,it's done!!! I sneaked some Sambal ( Olin...sambal,Lin ) Ikan  and put on top of it. ( Dina & Lidia.....ssssssttttttttttttt ).

Lahap,mumpung lagi hangat


porsi ke-2. ^___^


hajar terusssssssss


Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Maria's Birthday

Start:     Feb 25, '06 5:00p
End:     Feb 25, '06 9:00p

Maria,my new friend from Kettering will have b'day on Feb 25th.
Desy and I will go to attend the party.

Fried Pork Chopped with Cheesy Potatoes

Permisi............ Numpang posting,ya...
Since I was busy making cookies last nite, Mom cooked for us,Pork Chopped Cheesy Potatoes.

I was so really hungry, I had 2 portions.Lumayan..kenyanggggg

1-2 lbs of pork chopped (it's better the fatty one )
garlic & herb seasoning
garlic powder
seasoned pepper
2 spoons of margarine ( to fry )

1.Heat the margarine in a pan.
2.Put the pork chopped in the pan and sprinkle the seasonings on top ( each side,or you can sprinkle before fried ).
3.Fry with medium heat.
4.Fry both side till it's cooked enough ( don't fry too dry ).
5.Serve with corn and cheesy potatoes ( or mashed potatoes ).
6.Ready to eat.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Tuh Kan???? :P

I'm back.After being away for a week ( lbh ya? not as active as before ),this time I do come back. Spending time at home ( thank God I'm having an off day now ). Balas dendam neh,since I didn't stay at home so much anymore,I used my off day to cook!!!!

Srang sreng srong... goreng..goreng...tumis..tumis...masak..masak...

Thinking that my friends would come tonite,I made more cookies ( Nastar & Kue Salju ) today.Well, Nia called me,said that Keke couldn't come to visit me,so,maybe next time. Duh,Ke...I have made the cookies!!! Hahahhahaha*lagigaknasib.com*

Ronnie called me.He knew I was making cookies.He said,"Wahh...I thought you take a nap,hun." Weks... mana bisa?? Orderan mo dikemanain,Oom??

He asked me to give a break to my body,so I can recharge my energy. No..no...no... I can't. I can't leave the kitchen for days,otherwise,I would cook crazily. Tuh kannnnnnnn??? See what I did today. Masak terusssssssssss

Ronnie's in the bar rite now. He asked me to stay at home,take a rest. :P . I have something to do later. *duh,kerjaan gak pernah selesai*

Ok lah.. I think I'm ready to send the packages tomorrow ( kalo gak malassssssss, mana dingin lagi di luar, pake sepeda kumbang,bisa jadi mayat idup ntar plg2 dari kntr pos). ^____^

Monday, February 6, 2006

Iseng Aja

Killing my time in the office rite now,Ronnie asked me to blog. I spent all day baking cookies for Dina Cordero.Duh,Din,sorry pisan,lambat banget masakinnya.Tomorrow,I gotta cook another food for her n Lidia ( Seattle). I still have some orders to cook.

Uffhhh..... wish I could do things like I used to do.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Yippeee!!! Red Chilies From Canada!!!

Nah loooo... I've been searching red chilies (cabe merah keriting ) for months.My hair is getting thinner and thinner (untung blm botak  gara2 si unyil satu ini ).

I've asked some friends whether they have red chilies at stores there.Till Lidya Schalhamer told me,she would go to Canada to make a concert ( guys,she's a  great singer!! Hope she would make an album soon ),and I asked her abt chilies.She said she would try to find them for me.

A couple days ago,she chatted with me in YM.She got them!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!! I saw them from the webcam..Duh!!! Gemessssssssssssssssss deh ahhhhh.

I'm so excited finally I have them.So,today,I got a package from Lidya.Wow!!! She sent me 3 packs!!!!!!!!! Oh honey,you're blessed!!!! Thnks a lot...a lot..a lot..

Now, I can make Sambal Ikan ( a couple friends order this kind of food ).

Lidya, you make my day!!!!!!!!!!! GBU!!!


Thursday, February 2, 2006

1st Feb'06 : Grand Opening Club Evolution,Cincinnati-OH

Good day... Hehehehhee.Long long day.....

Thank God,the Grand Opening ran well last nite. It's a private party for the Ries,family & friends only ( eventhough abt 11pm there're some guys entered the bar,they thought it's open for public ).

Around 9.30am yesterday morning Ronnie went to the bar.He's been spending all day long till 6.30pm there.Really busy!! I called him 3x,and he didn't call me back. Huhh...bini dicuekin nehhh. :P

We did have fun last nite. Lusy n Chuck came over.Jessy and Ria had called me before and said they couldn't come ( even Desy,either ).Well,next time,maybe.We'll make the Indonesian gathering there. :)

Missy,Ronnie's old friend came!! I've heard her name couple times,but never met her.Gosh,we did get along well last nite. I played pool table with Steve,George & Kelly,Joey even Steve Niemann.

We closed abt 12.30am.Ronnie cleared up everything and then we left abt 1.30am.

Ready to do the business!! We keep praying that God will give us His blessings.Never ever put God behind,no matter what.

Thank You,Lord,for giving us a chance to do this. All the praise and glory for Thy Name.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

New Style of Eating ^___^

What a dayyyyyyyyyyyy. I woke up early this morning abt 4am ( since Ronnie came back home abt 3.28am this morning from bar ).

I spent all day baking cookies Nastar & Kue Salju (some I would take them to the bar tonite,for our snacks ).Tony helped me send the packages to Ida n Igoe yesterday.

Since I have some more orders, I asked Ronnie to send me to Francis store,buy some stuff.The toddlers,Hannah & Bradley were taken here since Joyce would be busy in the bar.Mom and Steffie took care of them.

I just spent a lil time in the bar,cos I wore out!!! Busy baking cookies made me forgot abt my meals. In the morning,before I started,I had my breakfast.

So,I mixed my rice and my meat in a small pan ( gaya baru nih ).It's fast. hehehehhe.

This morning,I woke up and download lots of songs. Duh.... time runs fast.