Friday, December 30, 2005

Pray for Dave, My Bro in Law

Last nite,abt 12.30am,when we came back from Rick's bar, Mom told us that Dave was taken to Christ Hospital.He was suddenly sick,got chest pain,Mom said.Ronnie was asked to call Dave or Joyce ( Joyce called Mom ).

We worried about him. Ronnie tucked me into bed.We prayed for Dave and his family.My heart crushed......I am afraid something happens to him.He's the dearest bro of Ronnie ( they're like  twins, I said ).and then he took a phone.He went downstairs.He came back abt 1.30am.I asked how he's doing.He said wish he would be fine.Dave would be given some tests.

When we're sleeping, abt 4.30am,the phone rang.It's Joyce.Really worry abt Dave.Ronnie asked her to call us anytime to let us know abt Dave's condition.

This morning,abt 9am,the phone rang again.It's from Joyce.She said she would go to the hospital and asked Tracy (her neighbour ) to take care of her kids.She sounded sad,she even cried on the phone. . I wish everything would be ok,Joyce. She asked Mom's phn no at work. Later,she called me.She asked Mom's phn no again.She came back from hospital.She said Dave wasn't concious. Duhh... May God protect him.

Indeed,we are gathering at home on Jan 1st.I am so sad if Dave and Joyce can't come.

I am going to go out with my friends this afternoon.Ronnie said he would pick me home ( maybe we could visit Dave in the hospital after that ).

We love you,Dave..Get well soon...We miss you .... God Bless.....


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Munik.........from Sera

Munik....Munik... I got 2 sachets of Munik from Sera....What a surprise!!!!!

Day ran a lil bit slow today.Steffie did some chores.Tony went to his friend's home ( Alex n Kelly had gone home last nite ).

I called Papa60 ( Dutch ) and an aunt in NYC.Gee....Papa60 didn't realize where I lived now.He asked,"Are you married now,Mei2 ?"  Bahhh... Of course lah,papa.... ^___^.He said," With Ronnie,ya?? Is he good??"  .Interview nehhhhhh.

Iie I Mei ( Siu Mei ) who lives in NYC,has another sister named I Mei ( now lives in Canada,been 4 yrs ). I met her elder sister long long time ago in Jakarta when I was abt 6-7 yo.I even didn't recognize this aun I was talking to.Hihihihi.But,it's fun,though,we enjoyed the chit chat on the phn.She married with an Irish - Italiano who was a mayor couple years ago in NYC.

Well,back to Munik... I'm so very happy. I can cook daily now!!!!!!!!!! I showed the Muniks to Ronnie and he said," have plenty now,ha?"  Yeah...yeah...yeah....

Thnks a lot,Sera... She says another packages will come soon.

Thnks a lot.. May  God bless ya!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lord of the Swords in the Winter ^____^

Last week,when I was making cookies in the kitchen,Ronnie came home.He and Tony played swords in the backyard.I thought I didn't want to loose the chance to record them. Voila!!! They played well.I laughed and enjoyed it.
Guess who was defeated by who... ^____^

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

Genre: Kids & Family
Film ini mengisahkan tentang empat orang anak bersaudara di masa Perang Dunia II. Ayah mereka yang ditugaskan pergi ke medan perang untuk melawan tentara Nazi. Selama perang berlangsung, Lucy (Georgie Henley), Edmund (William Moseley), Susan (Anna Popplewell) dan Peter (Skandar Keynes) terpaksa mengungsi dari rumah mereka di Finchley, London ke sebuah desa terpencil.

Di sana mereka tinggal dalam sebuah puri yang sangat besar. Saat bermain petak umpet, tanpa disengaja si bungsu, Lucy bersembunyi dalam sebuah lemari baju yang ternyata merupakan sebuah portal ke dunia lain... dunia Narnia.

Mereka bertemu dengan binatang-binatang buas yang dapat berbicara, manusia kerdil, manusia berbadan kuda, dan raksasa yang dikutuk menjadi es oleh seorang penyihir jahat bernama Jadis (Tilda Swinton). Belakangan diketahui bahwa Jadis ingin menguasai Narnia untuk selama-lamanya dengan menurunkan kutukan salju abadi yang menyelimuti dunia itu.

Dibawah bimbingan seekor singa sakti bernama Aslan (Liam Neeson), mereka pun bersama-sama menumpas kekuatan jahat Penyihir Putih Jadis. Namun perjalanan keempat bersaudara itu tak semudah yang mereka bayangkan. Bahkan akhirnya Edmund berhasil dipengaruhi oleh Jadis untuk mengkhianati ketiga saudaranya.

Akankah Lucy, Susan dan Peter mampu menumpas Jadis dan menghilangkan kutukan itu dari Narnia? Sutradara Andrew Adamson berupaya untuk mengetengahkan sebuah film yang tidak saja menarik dan menghibur, tetapi juga sarat dengan muatan nilai-nilai moral.


The White Witch: That human creature is mine. His life is forfeit to me. His blood is my property.
Aslan (later): The Witch knew the Deep Magic. But if she could have looked a little further back... she would have known that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor's stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backwards.

Sales After Christmas : All I wanna is Sleeping!!!

Yesterday morning, I and the kids went to Mall.Mom dropped us in front of the theater Movie Reels  (cos we would watch The Chronicle of Narnia at 3.45pm ).Tony bought our tickets   Tickets ( costed 5 bucks/ticket  in the afternoon ). We still had time to shopping,so went explored all the Malls in Northgate. I bought some sweaters ( actually Mom asked me to buy to be given to her granddaughters ).I bought one for me!!!!!!! ( a sweater with a scarf )Sweater 3 **ROTFL

Then, Steffany bought Avril's CD.Tony bought something ( he shopped by himself,I was with Kelly n Steffie ). I bought an Estee Lauder parfume,finally.I returned back the parfume Mom gave to me and bought it.  Spaz


While the kids were having lunch Burger Joint  in Food Court, I went to Sear's,bought Ronnie's new jeans Pants 2 .I thought 3 pairs were enough. Bounce (then,when he picked us in the theater,he said," Holy Moly that's a lot,baby!!! ) Smile 


Narnia was started at 3.45pm.I brought French Fries from Skyline and hid in my plastic bag.Tony  bought a big bag of Popcorn  ( I didn't eat it ). They shared. Sharing Popcorn .   I   was cold........DoofusMy jacket was not thick enough to make me warm.I pulled my legs and sat on them ** Gloves even didn't make me feel warm. I pulled a scarf I bought and covered my neck.Roll

I was a lil bit Sleepy,too The Dream.I thought I could sleep in the theater,but Nope!!! The movie is good!!! I did enjoy every minute.ShhhI recorded the last minutes of Narnia from my digi cam Digital Camera 2.Suddenly the lights were on. I was afraid, thought they detected the recording  Smile.I turned off my cam..when it's safe,I took some picsSnappy. **


Movie was over around 6.15pm.Ronnie picked us home and we stopped at Radio Shack.We bought a model kit Acura for Bradley ( Mom's present for him ).We bought one for exchange gift.Present .I'll wrap it later and put under the tree.Presents Under The Tree


Thank God, Mom cooked for our dinner.MomAlex,Tony's friend arrived as we   arrived at home.He stays overnite here with us.CJ,Kelly's brother came later.So..... house is fulled by teenagers!!! CJ had left this morning. I cooked Chicken Barbeque for our dinner.

Goshhh....Laundry would be done soon. Yesterday Mom did it.But,they're not done till nite. I continued it,but I didn't feel goodTired.Feel wanna Vomit and dizzyDizzy.Ronnie said I had been so tired during the week.Yes,I guess so,I stayed up very late in these days. I went to bed very early yesterday,abt 9pm.( Later,this evening Ronnie said to me," Are you pregnant,babeQuestion Mark"...Bahh... dunno....


I called my family in Siantar this morning. Thank God they're doing OK.My elder sister,Vivie would fly to Surabaya with her husband and Mike.They will visit Cendy's fam ( bro in law ).Amoy,my younger sister,got a present from her friend ( a necklace with Cross ) and a Cell Phone from Australian guy,the newest seri.Wahhh Blessed you are,siz!!!!Spaz

Duhh...dunno why the card reader don't work.I can't save the pics were taken   yesterday.Gotta wait till Ronnie do that for me.He said before,"You download lots of stuff here,babe,it jammed,I guess."Duh


I took a nap this noon,but still tired. I wanna have some more. All I wanna in Christmas is SLEEPING!!!!Sleeping

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day ;You've Got Underwear!!!

Mama mia!!!!!!!!!!!! Help me.. help me.... Really tired....What a lonngggggggg day.

We were really late to church this morning.I heard an Emergency Car stopped in front of the house. That's Mrs.Jones, I bet she was sick.We gotta wait till the 2 cars left the driveway,so we could leave.

Waiting for the cars, I packed some goodies to bring to church and gave to friends.We're way too late.We arrived there when Pastor was praying.Then,the sermon was over!!!!!!!!!! TIDAKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuma nompang doa doank.

We went home,and took a rest ( No..I didn't, I chatted with friends ).I was really sleepy,since I slept way too late these days ( last nite I slept abt 4am ).

Mom came back home from Aunt Pat,then we went over Steve and Pam's.We had great dinner there. Baba,Baby Sam came,too.He's so funny.He munched a doll's hat ( like Santa's hat,a white round thingy ). We laughed!!! I took his pic.

Then,we went home.Steffie n Tony went home with us.We had gifts. We gave Mom Beauty Care Stuffs ( ohhh my... I love the stuffs!!!! ) .I gave Ronnie shirt ( finally I have it.. hahahhahah  ) , socks and underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .When he saw that,he laughed and threw the bag to me!!!! Hahahhahaha.He's embarassed.I threw it back to him,he threw to Steffie,she threw it back to him,and me. Gotchaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally,he had another box.When he opened he said," I have SHOEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ....SHOOOOEEEESSSSSSS".He made his eyes as funny as possible. Hahahhahah. You teased on me,ha??? .He said to me," Thank you,babe.... SHOEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS ". Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Mom gave him a new Razor. She gave me a parfume.Hey....I got a watch from Ronnie!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the watch I saw abt 2 weeks ago!! I said to him that I liked it.He bought it for me!!! Sya la la la la.... Love it it... Now,I am wearing 2 watches... ^____^

I wish MP would be kind giving me more spaces to put the pics I have today.But,I gotta wait till next year ^____^. Don't worry,I have put all the pics in

Yahoo Photos

You are welcome to visit it.

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006.



Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve : Jalan-Jalan ^_____^

Christmas Eve.... we were invited to go over Matt n Mary,but we didn't go,but Mom did.We went to Mercantile Library,instead.I had to return a book I borrowed (it's overdue,I bet I was fined already...Nasib...nasib...I even been fined in Public Library..).

We passed the Bengals game.Ronnie took the high road that we could see it.Hooray!!!!! I got one pic.I should have deleted some old pics in the cam,but it's too late to do that.

Ronnie dropped me and he made around to find a parking line.But,I just needed 1-2 mnts to  return the book back.

Ronnie took me to Walmart,we did some shopping.I bought Mom a gift and Ronnie,too.I didn't let Ronnie see the gifts I bought for him.

We had dinner in Olive Garden.Gotta wait for 15 mnts.Ronnie met his friend at work,Kevin n his fam there.We waited in the bar while we're waiting for the empty table.Once the pager beeped,I brought Ronnie's glass to the table.Ronnie asked me,"Babe,have you paid it??" Hahahhahahah. I thought it would be noted in the bill. ^_____^

We had Smoked Mozarella Foundate ,Italian Salad  (yummyyyyyy ).Ronnie had T-Bone Steak, I didn't order any main course.I am afraid I couldn't eat it all,so better I didn't order ( at least I could sneak some from Ronnie's ). ^___^

After having salad I said to Ronnie,"I'm ready to have dessert,baby." He nodded his head. Hihihihihi. Then,I  ordered TIRAMISU!!! Yummyyyyyyyyy...Lama banget gak makan tiramisu..

Before the food came,we played the glass.Ronnie dipped his hand in some water,and rubbed around the glass.It made a noise!!!! Tuink.......tuink............ like that... Begitu bunyinya. Hahahahhahahaha.

I was quite full enough.Ronnie brought home some of the food,and gave to Lucky Boy!!!

We went home, I wrapped the gifts.Thank God Mom hasn't been home yet,so I was free to wrap her gift. She came back home about 10pm.She said it was great.

Tomorrow we gotta go to church and go over Steve's.He invites us to have dinner with his family.

Oh well... since I don't have any available pics in Photo Section,I just could attach a few here... Duhhh MP...........ksh jatah lagi donk....lama banget nih nunggu sampe akhir bulan... *arghhhhh*


Friday, December 23, 2005

Kuping Gajah n Doggie

Kalo yg beginian,gak ada takutnya.Tapi kalo yg beneran...ampun deh..Tengkiu deh, nehi nehi babuji...

Tadaaaaa.....I'm tired.... Hihihihi. Knocked down by the Cookies...Ngutip peribahasa Batak neh," Selalap kukis..kukis...kukis..."Hihihihi.

Mom came home and helped me.I was very late to make cookies this time.I stayed up very late last nite ( 2am),and woke up at 10.30am.^________^.Kinda a lil bit confused what kind of cookies I would make this time.

Okkkk....I got it! I made Kue Kuping Gajah ( Crisp Sweet Striped Cookies ) .

We just finished frying cookies abt 30 mnts ago.Ronnie came home and brought a lil doggie doll.It's soooo cute. He said he still had another exchange gift in the car.Joe gave him 3 packs of Coke!!! Oo.....

We had a very late dinner.Mom cooked Ham and Eggs.I was very hungry.

Ronnie came back with a big box. Hahahhahah. Cokes!!! Ronnie will be happy within a couple weeks!! He has more than enough now ( last couple days we bought 2 packs,Mom bought another 2 packs ).

Later,he said the doggie was from a girl at work.She played a game,and had a doggie doll.So,he gave to Ronnie.Ronnie said it's for me!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!

Then,he opened an envelope.He said,"Well,let's see what I got from work." Heyyy!!! He got some bonus from work.Praise the Lord!!! He gave me 50 bucks... tuink...tuink...tuink....

Ronnie said we would go hanging out later on.Yes...I think I need some fun.It's been a tiring day for me.We wanna visit Rick to his bar tonite.

Bahhhhhh... I have no more pics to upload this month.. >__<

Christmas Time!!!

Start:     Dec 25, '05
Go to church....... Ho Ho Ho..Merry Christmas.. Kali mo buat dinner di rmh... ^___^

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


The angle said to them," Don't be afraid,for behold,I bring you good news of great joy which will be to all the people ."

Luke 2 : 10


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006



The Ries

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't Eat My Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, whole day long I made cookies. After twice failed do the batter,this time it worked. Nastar and Kue Tongkat ( Candy Cane with Almond Cookies ).

Ssstttt.... I had a phn call from one of my fans!!!! Hahahahhahaha... Claudia called me from NJ!!!!!!!!!!!! Kirain tadi si Ratu Heboh,Keke Rompas. Hihihihihi..

CLod,your voice is seksehhh bebeh... berat gitu suaranya,bow... Bergetar.... hihihihi.Thnks,Clod...You made my day!!!

Ronnie came back home from work.I saw him from the kitchen window. I opened the door and welcomed him and say," Ho ho ho..." I showed him my lil candy cane cookie .^___________^

He laughed.I gave him the cookie,he said,"I'm fine".But,I kept asking him to eat it from my hand.He got it and said,"Hmm....taste good."

So,I took a container and started putting them in it,suddenly he took one cookie,and another and another and another!!!!

"Hey!!!!!!!!!! Don't eat my cookies!!!!!!!!" I said.Since the 1st time I didn't see him like my cookies,now he ate a lot.He said,"It's mighty good,baby!! " He kept grabbing from the plate and ate.Aduhh... jadi berlomba2 neh... ^________^. I saw one on the stove,he took it quickly and put in his mouth. Hahahhahahha. Naughty!!

Mom came home, I was cooking Cap Chai.Ssst...nobody knew I made it last nite,but Ronnie.

But,this time ,Ronnie didn't eat it,even the pork.He just ate a lil rice with cinnamon + sugar. He laughed when he saw the Cap Chai. I asked him to try,but he didn't want. Ughhhh Picky!!!!!!!!!! **

I ate till 2,5 portions. Who cares?? I'm terrible hungry.I just only ate in the morning,around 11am before.

Mom just called me.She needed my help to arrange some cookies to be brought tomorrow to her office.She wants to share with her friends at work.Sooo sweet.....