Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Joe's Birthday

Start:     Nov 6, '06
Location:     Medan,Indonesia
Happy Bday,Oom Joe.

God bless you.

Makin narsis aja ente lama kelamaan. bahhhhh!!!!! ^___^

Monday, October 30, 2006

K - U - S - U - T !!!!!


My hair looked horrible a couple days ago. It tangled soooooo bad. Ufhhhh... this happens when Fall comes. I hate Fall!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to comb my hair and had Ronnie comb it for me. He tried hard to make my hair loose.

He said, " Baby, honest...you need a hair cut,pls."

Ughhhhh... I want to, but I don't want to. I've been growing my hair for years. I am the only one who has the long hair in my family rite now. My youngest sister,Titie had her hair cut shortly.

Ronnie says my hair is way toooooo long.When we sleep,sometimes my hair pulled under his arm. :(

It took 20 mnts just to comb the tangled hair. Ughhhhhh

( Snacks ) Plantain Chips

Banana Chips ?? Plantain Chips??? Weleh.... Never heard abt Plaintain Chips. But,it does look like Banana Chips.

1 bag costs 1.49 bucks. Kinda expensive.

Whatever... I like this snack.I've bought three times.

Checking from Internet, I found out abt Plantain.

Berdasarkan cara konsumsi, pisang dikelompokkan dalam dua golongan, yaitu banana dan plantain. Banana adalah pisang yang lebih sering dikonsumsi dalam bentuk segar setelah buah matang, contohnya pisang ambon, susu, raja, seribu, dan sunripe. Plantain adalah pisang yang dikonsumsi setelah digoreng, direbus, dibakar, atau dikolak, seperti pisang kepok, siam, kapas, tanduk, dan uli.

source : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pisang

Oalahhhhhhhhh... Plantain.... Plantain....

I usually fry/bake bananas,but I didn't realize that it's called Plantain.

Hidup Plantain!!!!!

Ehh.....Ada Tamu!!!!!!!!!!


" Hello? "
" Mei2 ?"
"Are you still sleeping?"
"Ok,I'll call you later then.Bye."

Click....That's from Novi.

"Meiceeeeeeeeeeeeee... This is Dece."
"I am done with my doctor."
"Come here.I'll cook lunch for you."
"Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! I am coming rite now."


Got up around 11.30am in the morning, I went to the kitchen.Mom's shopping to Kroger.I cooked Rice and Corned Beef.

About 10 mnts later Dece came.Food was ready. Hm....I guess...But then,I was thinking to have something soupy.

Ahaaaaaaa...Bihun Sapi!!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!!!

I cooked one more item.Mom came home at the rite time. We had lunch together. Mom bought 2 doughnuts. Sikatttttttttttt

Dece said the Corned Beef was spicy.Ahhh it's not. I just only put 6 red chilies there. :D

Dece helped me wash the dishes.Then,Eda Genta called me.She reminded me abt her food order this Thursday. I told her Dece was here with me.

They're talking and then Dece said," Mei2, Eda Genta asked if she comes to pick the food on Thursday,will you let them have dinner here?"

YES!!!!!!!!!! Dece said," Yes!!! We'll have dinner here.Bring your kids." Ha ha ha ha ha.

I grabbed the phone and called Atik. She said,' When can I pick my food, Mei2?" . I said,' Come here on Thursday.We'll have dinner here around 6pm.' She's excited and said, ' OK!!!!!!!!!!!". Duhhh Dinner Dadakan nih jadinya. ^____^

So,we set the day and time. Dece left almost at 1pm.She told me that Ian would like to order some food,too.They'll pick all the food on Thursday evening. Ok,I'll remember that.

Later,Novi called me.She said she'd come later around 1pm. I was upstairs when Mom said Novi's here.

She brought me Chocolate from Japan!!!!!!!! Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Chit chat with her till hours, I forgot to offer her some food. She said she'd like to leave.But, I made her stay longer and bribe her with Bakso Sapi. ^___^

Finally we ate Bakso Sapi. Mom was going to doctor. We're talking lots of things.She gave me some links for recipes.

Novi left at 5 pm. Goshhhh... We've been talking 4 hours!!!!!!!! lama bener ya??? :P

I asked Novi to save one day so we can hang out together again.

Wow!!! It's a wonderful day!!!! I spent my day by chit chat with my friends. ^___^

When Ronnie came back home, I didn't eat any food. I just fried Kerupuk Udang ( that's my dinner ) ^__^

Thank you for coming Dece & Novi. See ya later!!!!!!!!

God Bless!!!!!!!!!

Oct 29th : Comedy Show - DJ & Halloween Party

We had loonggggggggggggggggggg nite on Saturday. Comedy Show till 10.30pm, continued with Martell Promotion Nite, DJ and Halloween Party.

I was bartending and then Erika ( Ozzy's wife ) said time was 1 hour back . Ha??????????? I saw my clock said 2.22am. Erika said, " No, Mei2.. It's 1.22am now." Time changes started from now. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It' s looooonnnngggggggg nite. But,everybody had fun. Good!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Michael ( Funny ) Ya .....Ya....Ya.... Part 2

Another video taken from the front side.TV was on,and he's nodding as if he's agreeing with something. Hi hi hi hi hi.


Love ya,baby Michael !!!!!!!!!!!

Michael ( Funny ) Ya...Ya....Ya...

My cute nephew was recorded when he's sleeping. It's soooooooooo funny to see his head nodds around.

Mom and Ronnie laughed watching the video.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday : Ihop...Ihop.....

Friday we had Halloween Party at the bar. Jaime n Natasha dressed up. They looked very good in their outfits.

After we closed the bar,we went to Ihop.Having fun talking abt lots of things. We made Ihop as our base camp ( every Friday!!!! ).

The girls teased on the waiter and the manager.Amy was being goofy,eating Bread Cheese and didn't realize she had ketchup around her mouth.

We went home abt 5.38am. Really tired .

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ultah dan Sakit Barengan :(

Yuckkkkk.... finally we're sick. Ronnie had been sick since Tuesday.He sneezed a lot.

On Wednesday nite,I started sneezing,got cold and cough. Wed nite couldn't sleep at all. Keep turning my body around the bed.Ronnie kept catching me and grabbed me. Duhhhhh

Thursday morning,the cough and cold were gettting worse.I woke up early and had a glass of Luo Han Kuo.

In the evening,I called Ronnie asking abt our plan to have dinner.He went home and took a nap for a couple hours.

We went to Red Lobster,and went home instead of watching movie at the theater.

Thursday nite,I coughed again.I couldn't breath well.Ronnie gave me 2 aspirins.I must admit,I feel a lil better.

Friday morning,Mom woke him up.Ronnie couldn't make it.He called his work and said both of us are sick.

He stayed at home all day long.The weather is soooo bad today.It's raining.Mike from Pionee Vending called me.He'd like to open the pool table and count the money.I couldn't go to the bar.I asked him to come next Friday.

I had my lunch and cooked Chicken Soup for Ronnie.Amazing,he had a bowl of it.

Funny thing happened.I tried to take a pic while I fed him.Suddenly the broth fell down to his chest.He screamed. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! Aduhhhhh kepanasan. he he he he.

He said, ' Are you trying to feed me or to be a nurse?" Hi hi hi. Both of them, babe.

We continued taking a nap till 6.45 pm. I didn't know Dece and Mirna called me.Ronnie answered Dece's phn. I cancelled the trip to King's Island tomorrow.I asked Atik to go with them instead of me. Thank God Dece understands my condition.

I got Mirna's message.She wishes happy birthday to us. I need to call her back.

Ronnie's been in the bar.I gotta go now.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oct 26th : Ronnie - Mei's Bdays : Dinner @ Red Lobster

Today is our actual birthdays.I went to Thrift Store and bought some clothes.The cashier gave me a hat as a bday present. ^___^. Then I went to CVS and bought Ronnie a bday card.

I called him around 5 pm and asked abt the plan.He said he'd take me dinner wherever I wanted.I was thinking Papadeux,but it's kinda far.I said,"Red Lobster!!!!"

Ronnie went home and asked whether he could take a nap abt 1 hour and then we'd go. I said, " OK ".

I let him sleep till 8.pm.I was searching the movie we'd like to watch from internet.I got one!!! One Night With The King. It was 9.25pm.

But,seemed we wouldn't have much time to catch that one. I woke Ronnie up at 8 pm.We got ready to gooooo.....

At Red Lobster,we had the same fave menus.The waitress gave us a piece of chocolate cake. ^___^

I gave Ronnie the bday card.He said,"Hey,babe.I haven't given you any physical present yet." Bah.. jadi ngeres nehhh. hahahahahhahaha. Ngobrol fisik2 segala.. :P

He said, " Take off your pills.' WUAHHHHHHHHHHHH... Time to have baby????? HO HO HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We enjoyed the dinner.Though we're sick,we tried to ignore it. Ronnie's been sick before, he gave me his disease.I said to him,"We have lots of things in commons. Even like now.You're sick,I am sick. ALAMAK!!!!!!!!!!!"

We went to Kroger and bought some stuff ( I am ready to do my catering ).A friend of mine orders some items for next week and I still have owe to Anne Downs. Segera, Mpok...Minggu dpn kelar. :D

We went home at 11 pm.Staying at home all nite long.Instead of watching movie in the theater,we might watch movie at home.Mami sent me a DVD with 8 titles in it ( Superman Returns,MI 2,The X - Men ects ).

Happy Birthday to Ronnie.. Happy Birthday to me. ^___^

Thank God we are still allowed to celebrate our birthdays.People don't believe when I tell them we have the same birthdays. Hi hi hi hi hi.

May God bless our lives, our marriage and our love.

Gak mau sakit ah..repottttttttttt :D

Thank you to you who had sent me personal greetings today ( Cie Agnes,Jenny Jkt,Jason ,Melly,Lisa ) and Lidya & Bryan Scalhamer from MI for the bday card.

God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Bunch of hugs and kisses from us.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hooray!!! Package From Mami Again!!! * Hadiah Ultah Nih*

Yes... yesterday I missed the delivery.I should have let Lucky inside of the house ,so I've heard him barking.

Today,after I came back home from work, I stopped by at home.I had lunch and brought my missed delivery card from post office.

It's cold. I caught a bus,and went to bank,changed some money,then across the street to the post office.

I got it!!! yeahh!!! It's a biggggggggggg one!!!!
I forgot to bring a bag. I held it on my arm and waited for the bus. Duh.. bus would come another 15 mnts. I couldn't wait.I walked home.

Can't wait to see what's all in there.

Wow!!!!!!!!! Mami sent Kerupuk Opak,Ikan Teri,Ikan Asin Nila & Ikan Asin Belah plus Lidah, Geliga,Esperson,Pete n Jengkol ( they're bad :( can't be eaten at all ), Bawang Batak,Andaliman,Abon Ikan,Cetakan Putu Ayu,Bihun,Mie Lidi ( mo buat mie gomak besok2 ) ^__^, Pics,letter,DVD Hindi and Westerns plus magazines!!!!

Thank you Mami,Papi,Cicie2,Koko,Adik2 n ponakan.

I am so blessed!!! Ching2 writes soooo good this time.Goodness,she writes more and more.

She said she has a Bible rite now.She reads it every day.That's wonderful!!!

Bless you all!!!!!!!!!

I count these as my birthday presents. ^___^



Oct 25th :Ronnie & Mei - Mei's Bdays Party

Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Another bdays party yesterday at the bar.

I cooked Seafood Fried Noddles ,Shanghai Egg Spring Roll,Crackers and of course Chicken & Beef Kebab!!!

Busy...busy...busy.... didn't have much time to take pics.

Happy Birthday to me & Ronnie. ^__^

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday Oct 22nd : The Ries' Wonderful Bdays Party!!!!!!

The Ries’ Birthdays Party

Wonderful!!! Fantastic!!!! What a blessing!!!

We celebrated our family bdays party yesterday on Sunday.Steve and Pam came with an idea 2 weeks ago abt throwing the birthdays party all together this year.

Oct is the most bdays we have in the family.Big Ron ( my belated father in law ), Matt ( the eldest bro in law ) and his daughter,Danae,Ronnie and I ( we have the same date bday!!! ), Tony ( Steve’s son ), Christie and Shawn ( Steve’s stepdaughter and stepgrandson ) plus Joyce on Nov ( we combined it,cos it’s closer date ).

It’s amazing!!! I invited my friends from other States.^___^

Lilie called me from North Carolina and said they’d come ( they came 1 day earlier to make it work ).Thank you so much!!!! Lilie brought me some cookies and dessert.

Rini from Union,KY, brought Cabbage Roll with chopped meat . Yummy!!!! Untung dpt 1 suap, soalnya laris manissssssssss. She and David brought their newborn baby, Arjuna!!! So cuteeeeeee

Nia,Dennis,Asia and Ashley from Batavia. Nia brought her pride noddles, Mie Goreng 2 pans. Mantap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy & Mike from Beechmont brought fruits.

Sybelle and her daughters came ( They’re Pinoy ).

Dece cs came later. Eda Genta and her kids,Cie Lusy,and new friends Ian, West Chester and Atik from Emilia,OH. Ian brought 4 bags of chips.Dece brought Ohio State cake,Eda Genta brought Fruit Cake. Thank youuuuuuuuuu

I myself cooked Rendang,Sambal Goreng Ati,Gado2,Kerupuk Udang,Cap Chai. I marinated Sate Sapi and Ayam,but didn’t have much time to grill them. Plus the filling of Egg Spring Roll ( couldn’t fry them ). Maybe next time.

Mom herself cooked Homemade Chicken Wings,Pasta Salad,Bday Cakes ( 2 cakes, I helped her decorate them ).

Pam brought other food ( Pizza ect ) and 2 Bday Cakes.

Joyce brought some snacks, Devilled Eggs,Salami ect.

Guess what??? We had more than enough for the guests yesterday.

Steve was bartending at the back bar.The rest playing pool and watching Football.

Dave and Joyce were bartending at the front bar.

Dave Clemons played Accoustic Music to entertain the guests.

We have plenty Bday Cakes. Pam brought all the cakes to the stage and had us all cut them. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!

Mom provided some Ice Cream ( Chocolate and Neopolitan )


This is what we’re waiting for. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Christie got some presents, Tony and Shawn,too.

It’s time for us ( Me & Ronnie )…..

Wow… I have plenty of gifts.I am so speechless.
Sybelle,Dece,Lilie,Eda Genda,Rini,Cie Lusi,Cindy & Mike,Nia & Dennis gave us presents.
You’ll see later what we have.They’re wonderful!!!!
Ronnie got something special from them,too. He’s so very happy. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning ( Monday ), I saw there’s a package for me.It’s from Chikorina.She sent us a present from Colombus.

Goodness!!! I was quite for a while.She gave Ronnie a watch and a beautiful necklace for me. Wahhh… God bless your heart!!!!
Ronnie was so excited he said,"Goodness...why did they spend so much money to buy these presents ?" I said, " Cos they love us." ^___^.

Ronnie thanks everyone!!!

Thank you for other friends who had sent us the bday greeting via emails and phones ( The Lims from Indonesia : Dhar,sorry banget,kmrn ngantuk berat,gak sempat jawab telp,but we did get the greetings.Thanks a lot !!! , Nurul,Chiko,Jenny,Engel,Missy,Ria,Melly,Lisa,my bro Joe,ect. May God bless you!!!

Thank you for Steve and Pam who had made the Wonderful Bdays Party for the family.We are so proud of you!!! God Bless You

Thank you for Mom who had been working hard to make this work,too ( we shopped all day long and cooked for these ).Mom’s really tired cooking all day long.

Thank you for all of our family and friends who had attended the party.Thank you from the deepest of our heart. You brightened our day!!!

Thank you for friends who had come from a far ( Lilie – NC, Rini – KY, Atik – Emilia, Nia & Cindy from Batavia ).


Dece ditodong suruh beli chips,malah suruh anak buahnya,Ian.ha ha ha ha.

Lilie, she thought the marinated Beef Kebab was cooked.Thank God I stopped her from eating the raw one.Mom sih, dia sajikan di meja,mentah2 begitu.Ha ha ha. Sorry,Lie.

Beef Kebab couldn’t be grilled yesterday.I asked my friends to put them in skewers,but seemed they’re full already. Ha ha ha ha. Gak rejeki donkkkkk.

Dennis gave me Tissue Rose. Nia said,”When we’re dating, he always gave me this one.But now,he stopped doing that.” I said,”Gimme me the money interest.” Nia said,”I’ve got it already.” Ha ha ha ha.

Duhh…. Seem I haven’t said enough to say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU … We’re so blessed!!!! You really made our days!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooo much. May God bless youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Note : Pls save one day next month. Gonna have another party !!!

See yaaaaaaaaa

Let’s see all the pics.
Thnks to Rini who had sent me some pics.

Selamat Ulang Tahun!
Happy Birthday!
qu ni sheng er kuai le!
Joyeux Anniversaire!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Masadya gid nga adlaw sa imo pagkatawo!
Feliz CumpleaƱo!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

One Afternoon With Putty Putty Melati ^___^

Bah bah bah!!!! Beginilah jadinya kalo bini ditinggal sendirian sama kucing. Putty always lays down on Ronnie's tighs. When I was laying down and watching tv this noon, Dece called me.

Putty was around.While we're talking on the phn,suddenly he jumped to my tigh.I screamed loudly.Dece was surprised.I said to Dece,"Aduh,Deceeeeeeeeeee...tulungggggggggggggggg.. Putty's laying down on me now. I am scared!!!" Dece laughed out loudly.I asked Dece to call me back later, cos I gotta take care of Putty 1st.

I tried to move,he kept staying there.I don't wanna touch his body.I moved again, he was stubborn.

He looked at me, I looked at him.We looked one each other for a couple seconds.I thought," Ok... I know how to make you go." I took my cam. I know he don't like the flashes.

I took one pic and hoped he'd go.Bah.. he's still there. Then, I tried again, he was still there.

It felt a lil bit warm, but iggggggggghhhhhhhhh... geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I moved,he walked closer to me. Yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gave up. I took a phone and called Marce. Missing her so much. Well, Putty was there till I took some pics. He gave up. Hi hi hi.

He picked the corner of the couch and watched me. I ignored him. :P

Bebasssssssssssssssssss from Putty Putty Melati.Ha ha ha ha ... Merdeka!!!!!

Me & You

Wed nite, as the band performed,I was busy taking pics with Ronnie. ^___^

Oct 18th : Another Tragedy & David Clemons

Yesterday we had a band and soloist.

David Clemons with his accoustic music made us impressed.Ronnie had booked him for next month.

Another Tragedy is realising an album and they're ready to fly to UK,baby!! They'll have a contract with a record laber there next month.

Ronnie says,"Mostly the band perform here have a contract with record labels.Thank God we have them before they go." ^__^

Bad Day ....Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Fall is here.. Brrrrrrrrrrr.colddddddddd....

On Tuesday I had beer delivery. I called Kevin,and set the time to meet him in the bar.Alas, I missed my bus 10.36am ( I wasn't fast enough to reach the street ).It's cold.......

I was thinking,I thought I could walk to the bar.It's not that far,I guess.So..while waiting for the bus,keep turning back my head to see another bus came ( which was impossible,cos the next bus would come around 11.30am ).

Keep thinking,my feet just walked and walked.I was wondering what I would do.Finally I decided to walk.

Wheather was cold,I had my jacket on and the gloves,too.I had my Russian Hat,but I didn't put it on.. I reach Kipling Ave.I thought I'd be at the bar soon. I called Kevin and said,"I'll be there within 10-15 mnts."

But,goodness!!!!!!!! I forgot that it's hilly!!! The more I walked,the further it was.Aduhhh gawat!!!! It's so hilly,I was so tired, I felt like I was climbing on the spot,didn't move at all.I wanted to give up and let myself fall down.I encouraged myself to walk more.My knee muscles were streched.Untung gak kram.

I saw the bar from a far.Aghhh I'd be there very soon.Thank God, I arrived there.I felt so hot in the Fall. Sweat around. I  checked my watch, it took 30 mnts walking instead of having bus less than 5 mnts.

The beer delivery came,then I went to dentist.I stopped at one street and walked ( again ) abt 200 feet to catch another bus. Ighhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Waiting for the bus abt 10-15 mnts.

I stopped and tried to cross the street.The trafic was really messy.The lights were off.I arrived at the Dentist office and opened the door.The lady said," Sorry,Mom.The power is off.We can't do anything rite now."

WHATTTTTT???? I just arrived, haven't taken a deep breath yet,I had been surprised by another news. Duhhh!!! I should have called them before!!!! I went to the bathroom( I had bad stomachache before I came there).

They asked me to leave my phn no and they'll reschedule. Ihhhh sebelllllll!!!!!!

I walked out and waited for the bus. I checked the schedule,the bus would come abt 10 mnts more. Aghhh I couldn't wait. I saw UDF,thinking to buy ice cream. Daaaa...dingin2 begini makan es krim.

I felt it's my Bad Day. Even the girls in UDF looked at me weirdly.

I walked again ( unplanned ) to go home.Well,the ice cream didn't taste good .I though Rainbow ice cream was good.It's sour, they put key lime there.

Finally I reached home. I was soooo exhausted.I was sooooo sleepy, I was soooooooooo hungry.I walked too much

That's why I cooked Mackarel fish and Sambel Terasi yesterday.Balas dendam.

I really wanna have driving test.I can't stand catch a bus in Fall,moreover Winter will come soon. I don't wanna be a WALKING- SNOW STATUE at that time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jatah Buat Sendiri ^__^

Lunch Menu

I had fried Mackarel ( this time I fried it,instead of broiling in the oven ). he he he.Traumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A big bowl of cracker
A small plate of Sambel Terasi
A glass of Apple Juice

The result ??

2 portions for lunch.


Wanna take a nap ,but have not much time.
Gotta go to work soon till 2.30am again.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nama Jalan Terpanjang di Bali

Another joke...in the middle of the nite.



Seorang bule di Bali lagi jalan-jalan untuk menghafal nama-nama jalan. Setelah capek dia istirahat dan berkata kepada pemandu wisatanya,

Bule: "Saya heran dengan orang Indonesia apakah bisa menghafal nama jalan yang begitu panjang?"

Pemandu: "Misalnya?"

Bule: "Jalan pelan-pelan banyak anak kecil"



Shopping For Fall & Winter

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. cold....really cold.............

Thank God we have off day tonite.Ronnie took me to Walmart and bought me some stuff for Fall n Winter.

Boots!!! Yes, I need another pair.And of course hat.I've been talking abt a hat I'd like to have ( I saw a customer wore it on Wed ). I said to Ronnie,' I wanna hat like that.' Ronnie said,' Ahhh it's weird.'

Anyway, we went to Walmart tonite.I tried some boots and finally picked a pair. I went to Hat Department.I saw it!!!! I picked it and tried. Ronnie said, ' Goodness,baby.You look like a communist.' Bahhhh sembarangan.

He didn't want to buy it,but I kept forcing him to. he he he . Maksa.com

I saw a nice belt ( I've bought one already from Payless Shoes a couple days ago ),but I still couldn't resist not to buy it ( plus another hat,too!!! ).

After finished shopping,we went to China Chef,my fave resto.They have nice fried rice.

Sue,the cashier was sweeping the floor.She's glad to meet us again. Sue knows what I want.Ronnie ordered Bourbon Chicken. I asked Sue how my hat looked like.She said,' It's cute,Mei-Mei.' Ronnie said, ' Da... she looks like a communist." ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie took me home and he's going to the bar tonite.Mom looked at my hat and she laughed.She said, "Look at you... it's funny!!"

Ronnie said, " I don't like it.She likes,it.Wonder how many hats she has looks like communist." ha ha ha. Aduhhh Ronnie,ada2 aja.

I spent some time with Lizzy n Bryan, cos Mom went to store buying some cigarettes.

Lizzy has a nice pinky cabinet now.That's the cabinet we painted last week ( Mom painted with pink and put some accessories there ).

We had some yoghurt at the kitchen.Ihhhhh... still, I can't eat yoghurt.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Triskaidekaphobia ( Fear of The No 13 )


           An elevator without a 13th-floor button

Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of the number 13. It is usually considered to be a superstition. A specific fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.


Thirteen may be considered a "bad" number simply because it is one more than 12, which is a popularly used number in many cultures (due to it being a highly composite number). When a group of 13 objects is divided into two, three, four or six equal groups, there is always one leftover object.

The number 13 also retains biblical meanings. At the Last Supper, Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table (also spilling the salt).

It has also been linked to that fact that a lunisolar calendar must have 13 months in some years, while the solar Gregorian calendar and lunar Islamic calendar always have 12 months in a year.

Triskaidekaphobia may have also affected the Vikings — it is believed that Loki in the Norse pantheon was the 13th god. This was later Christianised into saying that Satan was the 13th angel.

The Mesopotamian Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1686 BC) omits 13 in its numbered list. This seems to indicate a superstition existed long before the Christian era.

A specific fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevadekatriaphobia.


Some buildings number their floors so as to skip the thirteenth floor entirely, jumping from floor 12 to floor 14 in order to avoid distressing triskaidekaphobics, or using 12 and 12b instead. One Canada Square in Canary Wharf, the tallest building in the UK, lacks a 13th floor. Most hotel/casino megaresorts in Las Vegas also lack a 13th floor. This is sometimes applied to house or room numbers as well. The same is also true of rows in airplanes.

American singer-songwriter John Mayer had 14 tracks on his album Room for Squares, although the 13th is 0.2 seconds of silence and is not listed on the album cover.

For more info, <a href=" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triskaidekaphobia ">click here </a>


source : Wikipedia.


are you one of them ? . I don't have any fears in any numbers.All the same.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chef Makes Wedding Gown with Cream Puffs

Baker Valentyn Shtefano and his bride Viktoriya show off her wedding gown, which Shtefano made out of flour, eggs, sugar and caramel in the western Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod in Aug. 27, 2006. The edible dress, made of 1,500 cream puffs and weighing in at 20 pounds (9 kilograms), took the 28-year-old baker two months to make. (AP Photo)


Duh, mending cream puffsnya dimakan. I am a fan of cream puffs. ^___^

No More Cats, Please

Monday nite,when we came back from Kroger, I saw a cat in the driveway.I came out from the car and said," Babe... babe... a cat!!!!!!!!" Ronnie thought it's Putty. I showed him the cat.He ran away.

Suddenly Ronnie called him, " Meow.....Meowwwwww...." duhhhh... pas banget suaranya :D

So fast,the cat turned back and headed to Ronnie. Alamakkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie's petting him.He "talked" to him. Wuihhh.... Payah nih kalo udh ketemu sama kucing. Bini sampe dilupain :P

He kept petting him and he said," You wanna have a ride,cat?" I said,' NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I asked him,"What is it ?" Ronnie said,"It's a she." Hmmmmmmmm..........

Ronnie said," Take her to Mom, hun." Weleh.. Sorry lah yaooooooo.

NO MORE CATS,pls!!!!!!!! He laughed.He said,' If Putty sees this,he's gonna be jealous." Excuse me....?? Not only Putty, but me,too!!! :P

I walked into the house and saw the cat was eating Lucky's food. Wuih.. I ceased him away.Ronnie said,"Let her eat some.Take her to Mom. "

I took her pic.I opened the door and Lucky chased her.ha ha ha ha.She ran away so fast.Soon,Putty came out and stayed outside.

Poor cat....

Monday, October 9, 2006

The Ries' Birthdays Party

Start:     Oct 22, '06 2:00p
Location:     Club Evolution,Cincinnati
Having a chit chat with Mom and Steve a couple days ago, we decided to throw a family birthdays party at the bar on Sunday,22nd at 2pm.

This month,there're many birthdays in The Ries' family .Matt( 11th ) and his daughter,Danae (4th).Big Ron ( 23rd ) ( my belated dad in law..hiks..sedih banget gak sempat ketemu sama Big Ron ), Ronnie and mine and Tony's ( 27th oct ).

So... I called Steve and made sure that we can invite friend.He said it's welcome.Everybody will invite friend. Hoorayyyyyyyyyy

Udh nodong si Marce duluan nih buat masak2.Nia is ready with her Fried Noddles.Thank you yaaaaaaaa

Menu : Potluck!!!!

Yg pasti Mei2 bakalan masak lah yaooooo

Tomato is Everywhere :D

This evening

While Mom was cooking,I went to the garden. Ufhhhh.. I am not into the garden lately,not like last year. I spend very lil time visiting my garden this time.

I see there're some tomatoes with different colours.Wuihhhhhh.New stuff!!! Hahahahhahaha

Yes,tomato lemon,tomato cherry and other. You name it, I don't like eating raw tomatoes.

I got confused.I have lots of tomatoes in the garden,but we don't consume them a lot. I let them be eaten by birds .

Anybody wants ??? But don't take my turmeric leaves. I loveeeeeee them.hehehehehhehe

Pembantaian Delima Dimulai ^___^

Berhubung si Iin gak tau n blm pernah makan buah delima,alhasil malam ini kita "menghajar" si delima. Hehehhehehe.

Mom barusan turun ke basement katanya,"Mei2, ini delimanya, ayo dibuka." Yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..

Mei2 bagian yg ptg delima. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh merah merekahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Jadilah malam ini kami menikmati merahnya si buah delima. Mom makan kok sama bijinya sih?????????? Kemaruk amat. Heheheheheheh.

Mom rada2 bingung mo buka kulitnya, ehh yg ada malah muncrat tuh juicenya ke mana2. Hihihihihi

Giliran Mei2 yg ptg lagi,malah muncrat ke celana Mom. Duhhhhhhh. Dodol!!!!!!!

Kata Mom,"Ok.. Ini sisanya disimpan di kulkas ya.Mei2 makan yg itu, yg ini Mom abisin,sisanya disimpan." Hahahahhaha. Mom desperate banget kena muncrat di sana sini. Hihihihihihihi

Hidup delima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merah Merah Delima....Pinokio.....



Putih putih melati...ali baba....

Merah merah delima......Pinokio....


Ya,sodara2.Hari ini kita mo bahas ttg Delima dulu lah yaoooo. Hehehehhehe


Bbrp bulan lalu ngeliat delima di JJ.Nama bhs Inggrisnya lumayan mengagetkan.hihihihihi. It's POMEGRANATE. Bawa2 granat kali ye???

Kmrn Mei2 liat ada delima di dapur.Pasti ini Mom yg beli.Jadi telan ludah neh.Kapan dikeroyoknya?

But,anyway.Ngeliat buah delima,flashback ke jaman SMP.

Lemme start the story:

I had a best friend name Sandra Dewi aka BIOK!!!.Yes,her fam actually calls her Beby aka BIOK.She's so mad if people call her BIOK.But,once I call her like that,she can't be mad anymore. Oh yeah,we were born at the same month,1 day different.Mine is Oct 26th,her's is Oct 27th.

So....Biok was my classmate at Junior High School.She lives not far from school,just a few mnts by walk.We had extra class and I didn't go home cos we only had 1 hour break.I went to her house and brought my own lunch.Sometimes I bought Soto ( 500 perak,bow ) and took a break at her fam's house.

Her fam is really nice.They really welcome me ( eventhough they're Moslem ),but I felt like a family.Her Mom was a headmaster in a school,and her dad worked at government office ( Kantor Agama ).

They had some chickens,big yard behind the kitchen and a tree of POMEGRANATE aka DELIMA. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Delima. I said to Pakcik,"Pakcik,can I have one, pls?" He said,"Rite now they're still raw.Maybe a couple days later we can pick some."

Yuhuuuuuuuuuu..A couple days later,I went there ( I went there during the weekday).Pakcik called me and said,"Mei2,come here.I got some for you."

So,we picked a long stick and shook the branch. Hooray!!!!!!!!! I got a few.I took them home and ate them.I love seeing the small pieces in the fruit. They're so beautiful.I didn't want to eat them,but I wanted to eat them.

Everytime I see Delima, I always remember Biok's family.Missing them so much.


BIOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT DELIMA HERE.I WISH YOU COULD SEE IT.hahahahahah.I better call her on her birthday.



Sunday, October 8, 2006

Oct 5th : Martell Promotion Nite

We had Martell Promotion Nite on Friday.It's great!! Martell gaveaway lots of shots and merchandises.

I got hat,t-shirt and match ^____^

Friday, October 6, 2006

Package from GA

This morning I got a package from Ai. A week ago I was talking to Ai . He,Frans and Sarah were in Myrtle Beach.A couple days later he called and asked the address.He would send me an accessory.^____^

So,today I got it!!

Thnks a lot,Ai!!!! GBU!!!!

Tragedi Piring Meledak



Yes, my plate exploded this noon.I was broiling my Cooked Mackerel in the oven.I had the feeling that the plate wouldn't work there,but I ignored my feeling.

I went downstairs and updating my MP.When I went upstairs,I opened the oven,I saw my plate was broken into pieces 

Ughhhh... I shouldn't have ignored my feeling.I should have known the plate can be used only to heat food,not to broil food


I took out the plate and the fish.I fried it with a pan.At least the fish was ok.  I had lunch with rice,and Sambal Kecap ( I had this kind of food for 2 days !! )



Rocky Baby

Tina, my Sunday customer asked me to mix a drink for her on Sunday.She gave me a recipe. I asked,"Have you ever made this before?" She said, "No.But, I think it tastes good."


I mixed the drink for her.

Olalaaaaaa.....IT DOES TASTE GOOD!!!!

She tasted it and said," GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!"

She hasn't given a name yet.But,I am attempted to name is as Rocky Baby!!! ^__^

1 shot Bacardi Light
1 shot Cream de Banana
1 shot Pineapple Juice
1 shot Grenadine

Mix all together in a shaker,fill with half ice. Shake it... serve it !!!!

Smells good......tastes good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yesterday - Lunch - Bihun Bakso Sapi .


I cooked it to make myself feel warmer.Cos the weather is really cold now.







Yes....it helps me. It's hot and spicy.I feel warmer .





Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.It's really cold!!!!!!!!!!!! Just came back home from Ihop.Teeth chattering so bad,whole body was cold. ^___^


OCt 5th : Shopping from OH - KY ^___^

Yesterday Natasha called me.She'd like to buy more stuff for the back bar.We took a break for a week.Now,we're ready to start it again.

Will offered himself to take us shopping. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They picked me at home and Ronnie gave Will directions to reach Jo Ann's. Since it's next door to CAM, I went to CAM for a while. They didn't have any half shell :(

I went back to Jo Ann.Natasha didn't buy anything.She checked the prices.Then,we planned to go to another place.

I offered to go to Party City,but they said,"The Party Souce." I said,"Where is it ?" Will said, " KY." HAAAAAAAAAAA?????????

Since the plan changed, I called Ronnie.Ronnie said," Go for it,baby." Hahahahhahaha.We're going to KY.

The store is located at Newport.I saw from the sky there's firework.Wow!!!! I took my cam quickly and snapped a few shots. Hihihihihi.

Natasha said there's a River Boat Festival at that nite.Yes,I saw in the river,there's some boats moving slowly.That's beautiful!!!!

We stopped at The Party Souce.It's a big store.I checked some stuff.I saw a shot glass ,with funny word " POUR MORE,YOU'RE STILL UGLY ". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Natasha bought some ice buckets.Will bought Brandy glass and some lil bottled liquor .

We went back to bar around 9 pm.Ronnie's there.I asked Ronnie to go home,cos he did need some sleep.

I was hungry!!! I suggested Ronnie to go somewhere.RED LOBSTER!!!! Ronnie said,"Gee,baby.. it's supposed to be my bedtime."Aghhh....

He looked at his watch,it's almost 10pm.We wouldn't have much time.Then,we changed the place to IHOP.

Let's go!!!!!!!!

We had " breakfast " there. ^___^. Yummy.. But,everytime I had bfast there,I get stomachache. That's not good :(

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Bartender's Wet Dream & Free Food

As I promised to Nick, I cooked again on Tuesday.Fried Rice,Peanut Crackers ( Peyek Kacang ) n Spicy Potatoes.

I cooked a lot rice this time ( 2 lbs ) . I know they like the fried rice.I didn't have much time to cook Egg Spring Roll ( maybe next week ). I am just too exhausted lately.

I was busy bartending and didn't take many pics.Once Ronnie wanted to take the pics, my batteries were dead. Ughhhhhhh

Bedel came and asked for a shot.I promoted Bartender's Wet Dream.He laughed!!! He said," Is it Blow Job?" I said," Nopep.It has the basic ingredients,but the taste is different." He liked to try,he said.

He and Jenna tried each shot.They made their own way to drink it.They didn't touch the glass,but put their mouth down to the glass and drink it directly.It's so funny!!!!!!

Later,Jenna came and asked for another shot.She had 4 shots in one time. Oh my!!!!!!

Sarah saw it and she attempted to have one.She had 3 and later she had 2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowds love my food.Jason said,"It's fabulous!!! I have some.It's awesome,Mei2.I wanna come every tuesday with empty belly."Hahahhahaha

I am trying to cook on Tuesdays. Karaoke was over at 3 pm. I cleaned up the table and saw my food was gone . Hahahhahahaha

Monday, October 2, 2006

General Info : Rice Noddles - Jenis2 Mie

Ehh.... I got it!!!! I thought I couldn't attach the pic abt Noddles here.

As for my personal knowledge,I'd like to post abt Rice Noddles here ( biar bsk2 gak bingung lagi cari2 info  ttg Mie )


rice noodles  = rice-flour noodles   Equivalents:  Four ounces fresh rice noodles = 1 ounce dried  Notes:   Rice noodles are made with rice flour, and are especially popular in Southeast Asia.   It's easy to find dried rice noodles in large supermarkets, but you'll probably have to visit an Asian market to find them fresh.   Rice noodles should be soaked in hot water before using.  When they're soft and transparent, drain them and ... 



laksa noodles  Notes:    These rice noodles look like white spaghetti.  They're used to make laksa, a noodle dish popular in Indonesia and Malaysia.  Don't confuse the noodles with laksa leaves, a kind of mint that's often used to season the noodles.   Substitutes:  rice sticks OR bean threads OR Chinese wheat noodles (as thin as possible)



medium rice sticks = Thai flat rice sticks = dried rice noodles = rice fettuccine = Mekong rice stick = ban pho (Vietnamese) = banh pho (Vietnamese) = ho fun (Chinese) = hor fun (Chinese) = haw fun (Chinese) = lai fen  (Chinese) = laifen (Chinese) = sen lek (Thai) = kway teow (Malaysian) = kway tio (Malaysian) = gway tio (Malaysian) = kui teow (Malaysian) = kuey teow  (Malaysian)   Notes:   These rice noodles are especially popular in Southeast Asia.  They come in different widths; the thinner ones are best for soups, the wider ones for stir-fries.  Before using, rice sticks should be soaked in hot water until they're soft and transparent.  They can then be used in soups, or add along with some broth to stir-fries.   Substitutes:  wide rice noodles OR rice vermicelli OR fettuccine OR bean threads OR somen


rice flake noodles = kuay chap = kuay jabb = banh uot mien   Notes:   These big, flat rice noodles look like tortilla chips.  They're used in soups and stir-fries.  Before using them, soften them in hot water, then boil or stir-fry them briefly, usually not more than a minute.  Substitutes:  wide rice noodles


rice sticks = rice stick noodles   Notes:   They come in many shapes and sizes, but they can be roughly classified as thin, medium, and wide.  Thin rice noodles are used in soups, salads, and spring rolls.  Medium noodles are the most versatile, and can be used in soups, stir-fries, salads, or as a bed for meat or fish.  Wide noodles are best used in soups, stir-fries, and braised dishes.  Before using rice noodles, soften them in hot water.  This will take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour, depending upon the thickness of the noodles.  After they've softened, boil or stir-fry them briefly, usually not more than a minute.   It's easier to stir-fry noodles if you break them into shorter lengths.


rice vermicelli = sen mee (Thai) = mi fen (Chinese) = mei fun  (Chinese) = mai fun  (Japanese) = maifun  (Japanese) = mee fun (Chinese) = pancit bijon (Tagalog) = pancit bihon (Tagalog) = bijon (Tagalog) = bihon (Tagalog) = bihoon (Tagalog) = banh hoi (Vietnamese) = bee hoon (Malay) = beehoon (Malay)   Notes:  These are used throughout Asian in soups, spring rolls, cold salads, and stir-fries.  They're similar to bean threads, only they're longer and made with rice flour instead of mung bean starch.  Before using, soak the dried noodles in hot water until they're soft (about 15 minutes), then boil them briefly (from 1 to 3 minutes) and rinse with hot water. You can also deep-fry the dried noodles until they're crunchy and then use them in Chinese chicken salad, or as a garnish or bed for sauces.      Substitutes:  thin rice sticks OR bean threads OR flat rice noodles (wider) OR vermicelli


thin rice sticks = thin rice stick noodles = thin sticks = bun (Vietnamese) = pancit palabok (Tagalog) = sen yai (Thai)    Notes:  These are used throughout Asian in soups, spring rolls, cold salads, and stir-fries.  They're similar to bean threads, only they're longer and made with rice flour instead of mung bean starch.  Before using, soak the dried noodles in hot water until they're soft (about 15 minutes), then boil them briefly (from 1 to 3 minutes) and rinse with hot water. You can also deep-fry the dried noodles until they're crunchy and then use them in Chinese chicken salad, or as a garnish or bed for sauces.      Substitutes:  bean threads OR flat rice noodles (wider) OR vermicelli

silver pin noodles = mee tye bak = nen dzem fen = loh shee fun = rat-tail noodles  Notes:  These are thick, round rice noodles that are usually homemade.  Substitutes:  laksa noodles


wide rice noodles = jantaboon (Thai) = chantaboon (Thai) = shan shui ho fun (Chinese) = sha ha fun (Chinese) = sha he fan (Chinese) = sen chan (Chinese)  Notes:   These thick rice noodles are popular both in Southeast Asia and China.  Soak the noodles in hot water until soft, then either boil them or add them along with some broth to your stir-fry.      Substitutes:  medium rice noodles




river rice noodles = rice ribbon noodles = vermicelli sheets = sha he fen = fen noodles = sha ho fen = chow fun guo tiao = kuay taew = khao pun = hu tieu = hieu tieu = hu tieu    Notes:   These chewy rice noodles are popular in southern Vietnam, where they're often served with seafood.  They're usually sold as fresh sheets, which are either left whole or sliced into various widths.  Rinse them in warm water before using, then add them to stir-fries or soups, or use the sheets to wrap meat fillings before steaming them.      Substitutes:  medium rice sticks


source :http://www.foodsubs.com/NoodlesRice.html


 I am looking for Kwetiau ( Sha He Fen ) and Bihun. Anyone knows where to find these items ??