Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Nite with Dayton Crowd

Monday nite was supposed to be our off nite.But,Dave called Ronnie telling that he had to work after 11pm.So,after shopping,me and Ronnie went back to the bar.

There,we saw there've been some people.Dave left,I took care of the bar.The girls came to me and we talked.I offered them new drinks.Amber,she had a bday at that nite,got a free drink - Caribbean Cruise.She loved it.Followed by the others.Guess what??? At that nite,I've sold almost 10 glasses!!!! Even the guys loved it.They tried another drinks like Bartender's Wet Dream and Feel This.

While we're talking,Amanda said that it was their 1st time come to our bar.She comes from the neighborhood,but her friends come from Dayton n Lebanon..Wuihhhhhhhhhhh far!!!!!!!

But,I am so flattered that they've come to visit us from other town. ( We have some customers come from LA and other States,too ).

I asked them to come on Tuesday for karaoke.They promised they would ( they did come !!! )

Thank you for coming,guys.We enjoyed spending nite together with you.

See ya next time!!!