Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oct 31st : Mpok Atik Ketemu MeiLee

Mpok Atik called me last nite. She said she would have off day tomorrow and wanted to visit MeiLee. She hasn't met MeiLee yet. Besides, Jeff,her husband had a medical check up,so she wanted to spend time with friends.

She visited Dece and her baby and then came to our house. I fell asleep in the living room.

Thank God, I cooked Rendang the day before. Atik ate dinner at home and I fried Bakwan Goreng.

She took home some and I did forget to give her some rendang !!! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Anyway,thank you for coming,Mpok Atik.. MeiLee loves the bouncer , the giant one :D

Oct 30th : Halloween Party @ Club Evolution

I went working last nite. Wanted to be with the tues crowd, celebrate Halloween together. This year I didn't wear any special outfit. I bought a dress from Indo ( only wore once ), and I thought I wanted to wear it again last nite.

I left MeiLee at home and Steph babysitted here for a couple hours. Still in pain,but I forced myself to work. Mom backed me up all nite long.

I enjoyed the nite. We gave away MP3 Player and other stuff. Jason was the winner,with his weird outfit. Ha ha ha ha ha . Goodness... jijay liatnya. Ha ha ha ha ha

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oct 28th : Happy Bday, Noah!!!

I was invited by Dewi to attend her 2nd son's bday party,Noah, at Hyde Park. I called Mande and had him pick me ^____^. Msh blm bisa nyetir,msh sakit :D

After persuading him with " lots of meal at the party ", he agreed to go with me. ha ha ha ha. Kalo soal makanan mah, Mande kejarrrrrrrrrrrrr :D

Nia, Atik n Dece couldn't make it. We left from home at 2.15 pm.
Ronnie let me take the baby with me. The weather was good today, sun shine eventhough it's cold.

I cooked Ayam Rica2 the nite before at 11 pm. Just wanted to contribute something for Noah's Bday. Since Dewi said Noah needed money to buy Wii, I decided to give him some cash.

There,we met Ling2 n Cie Ira. Michael,Ling2's husband asked where Ronnie was. I said that Ronnie had music practise on Sundays at 3 pm. Mande was my substitute husband. Ha ha ha ha ha. I told to Ronnie before he said," Be gooooooooooood " . Ha ha ha ha. Kidding. :D

Dewi was cooking Sambal Telur... I was starved. ^___^. MeiLee slept well till the last hour before we left.

Cie Ira held her. I saw a big Orange. I took it and said to her, " Look...which one is bigger ?? " I put it next to MeiLee. Ha ha ha ha ha. Mande said," The same size with her head." ha ha ha ha ha ha. Dodollllllllll

Noah opened the presents. He got cash for his bday. Noah is a shy boy. I could tell he's happy for his presents.

A few minutes before we left, I breastfed MeiLee. Mande put back the car seat. Since I was still breastfeeding MeiLee, I ended up sitting at the back seat.

It's so funny,though. I felt like Mande was my driver. Ha ha ha ha. Sitting in his nice fancy Lincoln car, I felt like I was the boss. Ha ha ha ha. Sorry,Mandeeeeeeeeeeee... It's nice to have a friend like ya. :D
. Indeed,Mande had a business trip to Lexington,but as soon as he heard " food ",he'd rather come to the party and do the trip later on. :D . berhasil juga nih bujukan maut si Mei2. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, Happy Bday,Noah... May you have a blessed day... ( his bday actually on Oct 30th,but Dewi made it today,so friends could come to be with Noah ).

Thank you,Dewi,for the lovely food. We enjoyed it. Esp. the pretzel from Servatti. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! ( I took home the rest with the yummy dipping ). Ha ha ha ha. Jarang2 saya mo makan beginian :D

We'll see you next time.... God bless all!!!!

Oct 27th : Tony's Bday & Surprise For Us

We went to Fricker's around 5 pm . It's Tony's bday and Steve celebrated it at Fricker's.

We ordered some food. Pam held MeiLee. Mom offered to hold her,but Pam said," No... " . Ha ha ha ha ha.

MeiLee slept well. Ronnie came abt 7 pm and held her on his lap. I offered to hold her,but Ronnie said," No, let me hold her. I didn't spend much time to play with her today. " :P

It's a surprise for us. Steve and Pam asked us to go closer to the table and I read our names on top of the big cake. Ay ya ya!!!!!

They wrote down some other names there. Ha ha ha ha... Yeah, Oct is the most bdays celebration in our fam. It's ours ( mine n Ronnie ), Tony,Cristie,Shawn, Danae & Matt, Big Ron ( Ronnie's dad ) and then MeiLee's.

Tony,Shawn,Cristie got presents. Me and Ronnie got bday cards!!! Lovely!!!!!!!!
Tony got a tiny cam for his PSP. That's a cool cam I've ever seen. Steve n Pam ordered it from Japan ( ebay ).

Party was over around 8 pm. Ronnie went to the bar, I stayed at home. My bottom's still hurtsssssssssssssss...........

Happy bday to Tony,Cristie,Shawn . God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Steve n Pam for the lovely surprise. We love you!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Oct 26th : Happy Birthday to Me & Ronnie ^___^

This morning,Mom told me that she'd take me shopping for my birthday and Ronnie's. Awwwwwwwwwww.... I didn't wanna go shopping ( gak pengen keluar duit ) :P

Mom said," Don't worry abt it. Ronnie asks me to take you to Victoria Secret,see if you can find sexy outfits . " Alamakkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! Baru melahirkan begini,mo pake yg seksi2 pula. ha ha ha ha ha. Masih sakit, Daddy :P

Mom herself wanted to buy me a pair of shoes for church. It's getting colder,and she knows I am a cold person ( freezing to death everytime fall and winter come ). Even like today, I was cold at the mall. :D

We went to Toys 'R Us. We bought Ronnie Air Hoc Helicopter with Infra Red. Bet he'd love it ( indeed, he feels like in heaven when we gave it to him!!! ). Ha ha ha ha ha.

Then, I bought MeiLee a CD. We turn on music every nite and put the earphone on her bassinet,so she can sleep well.

Stephie bought some outfits. I finally had a pair of shoes . Stephie saw them and I liked them. So,we ended up having the same shoes with the same sizes!!! ^______^

Mom asked me whether I wanted to buy some stuff from Victoria Secret. I had seen some stuff, but I wasn't attempted to buy any. I still got new panties and bras ^____^.

We went home at 7 pm. Ronnie pulled his car a few mnts we arrived. Hey!!! He brought a small bag !!!!

He gave it to me.. He wanted me to open it. Wow!!!! Parfume!!! JLo's parfume!!! He said," I smelt 6 kinds, and decided to pick this one. I hope you like it, hun." He knows I love parfumes :D

I bought 2 cards at Walgreens before we went home. 1 card from me, 1 card from MeiLee.

Mom handed him his present. He's really surprised and so excited. He was really happy and went to the kitchen ,spoke loudly," I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!". Ha ha ha haha.

We decided not to celebrate the birthday fancily like last year. We wanted to have it special, very personal,especially now we have MeiLee !!!!!

There's nothing can compare how we feel this year,celebrate with the new member. This morning, Ronnie kissed my forehead and said Happy Birthday. I heard Ronnie whispered to MeiLee's ear and said," It's supposed to be your bday, my halleluya girl." ha ha ha ha ha.

My family called me this morning. They sent the best regards to Ronnie and MeiLee...

This is our 3rd bdays celebration. This this is the very special moment. Moment that just starts our lives as a family. Ronnie,Me and MeiLee...

May God bless our lil family. Give us health and joy, and protect us from any harms.

Thnks to you who had sent us personal message for the birthday. Thnks, Jebat,Hangtuah,Lollytha,Mami Tina,Deby,Ungkhe,Myen,Mbak Ester,Mbak Theresa,Lydia,Nia,Cindy,Lina Cantwell,Lina Singapore,Maya,Odhetta ect.Sorry, I forget who else sent us greetings :D

Love you guys,really do.Thanks for the wishes.

It's not only my birthday,but Ronnie's birthday,too. We do have the same date of birthday,but different year. :D ( So,Mbak Ester,pertanyaannya udah dijawab tuh ) :D

What a coinsidence,rite ??

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oct 24th : Black Chicken,Licking Nose & Uncle Steve

Finally I had the black chicken !! I cooked Chicken Herbs last nite.. Yeahh... tastes sooo good... the black chicken is so expensive ( 7 bucks !!! ), but it's worth... Sweet flavor ( kyk ayam kampung ).

Looking at the color for the very 1st time made me ill feel . Ha ha ha ha ha. But, I guess I had to eat it. Don't judge the book from the cover :D

I gave MeiLee a bath and then had my late lunch. MeiLee kept licking my nose. I bet she's hungry. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I spent all day long with her in the living room. I fell asleep when I was breastfeeding her. Tv was still on when Mom came home :P

I called Ronnie and had him buy me some beef stew. Ronnie called me back and said he couldn't find any. He ended up buying me doughnuts :D

Steve came to visit us. He played with MeiLee and tried to wake her up. Mom tried hard abt 15-20 mnts. Stephie finally made it. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Steve went to the kitchen and checked what I cooked. He's surprised to see the black chicken in the pan. I offered him to eat it, he refused. He's scared. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mom encouraged him telling that it tasted good.Mom ate the root ( duhhh... dikirain itu daging,apa ? :D ). Mom said the root tasted good. He he he he. I just simmered the root to get the flavor.

Ronnie went home at 8 pm, had late dinner in the living room.Mom babysitted MeiLee while me and Ronnie were in the basement.

At 11 pm, I took MeiLee to bed and slept. Goshh... she's been fussy all nite long. I kept feeding her.

Early this morning, I moved her to our bed. It's really coooooldddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 24th ; Thank You, The Downs!!!!

This morning,after I gave MeiLee a bath, I checked the mail box. I had a feeling I'd have a package. I was rite!!!!

I saw a package was on the floor. I opened the inside door,but MeiLee was crying. I decided to pick it up later after breastfeeding her.

While I was breastfeeding, I had a feeling it must have been from The Downs. Don't ask me how I knew,but I did feel that strong feeling abt the sender. Telepati bangettttttttttttttttt.

As MeiLee was full, I grabbed the package, and... tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! That's from The Downs!!!!! Hooray!!!! I was rite!!! I was rite!!!!

I was so excited... Thank you so much, The Downs... MeiLee has a lovely card..... Thank you brother River and Jonah. You're lovely.

The clothes are beautiful. Calvin Klein Jeans. ^______^. Really love the name tag. It's lovely!!!!!

Thank you one more time.. God bless you in many many ways!!!!

Can't wait to see MeiLee in those outfits. Rite now she's still sinking down with the big sizes. Ha ha ha ha ha . My petite daughter ^_____^

Thnks a lot ya, Mpok Anne n keluarga. Berkat melimpah!!! Sorry, andaliman gak keliatan,kyknya gak sengaja kebuang sama si Mom ( 2 plastik,bow!!! ). Utang saksang dulu deh sampe andaliman dikrm dari Indo. :D

Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MeiLee n Mommy

Oct 24th : Snuggling with Mommy

Mommy moved me to her bed this morning.She breastfed me and we snuggled for awhile,before Mommy went downstairs having breakfast.

Mommy heard me crying and fed me again.Then she gave me a bath.She put me into a warm tiny square bucket. She shampooed me and gave me lotion.My skin is a lil dry.

Weather is still cold out there,Mommy didn't take me out for sun shine.Maybe next time.

After giving me a bath, I was thirsty again ^___^. Mommy just put on my diaper,and wrapped me behind her robe and breastfed me again. I felt warm and comfy, and fell asleep. :D

Mommy woke me up, played around for awhile. I can lift up my head,now..I move around. ^___^. Mommy has to be careful now.

Mommy put on my clothes and then took me downstairs,put me back on my crib. The next thing I do is sleeping again. :D

I will need more milk soon,Mommy !!!

Oct 23th : Tuesday : Back to Work

Ronnie texted me abt 10.30 pm.He said that Roxann didn't come to bartend. I offered myself to bartend at that nite.

We asked Stephie's favor to babysit MeiLee while I was working. Previously,Ronnie wanted me to come and bring the baby to the bar ( showed her to the tues crowds,but it's raining,I didn't wanna do that ).

Since Roxann didn't come, so we changed our plan. I bartended till we closed. Actually, I didn't do a lot. Mom helped me bartend.

I met the tues crowd. I was so glad. There're some new faces, and old face,too.

We had fun. I sang a couple songs ^____^. Eventhough got tootache,but show must go on. ha ha ha ha ha.

Went home abt 3.30am, ran to Stephie's bedroom and kissed MeiLee all over. Hugged her for a few minutes before putting her back to her crib. Goshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed her soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldn't stay away from her for a long time. I am dying!! ^____^

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oct 23rd : MeiLee : I'm Awake !!

Mommy keeps attaching with me all day and nite ^___^. This morning,she cleaned me up and took me downstairs.

Mommy had brunch, I was put in my bouncer.Mommy turned on the music. I think I've been a good girl. I awake for a while and always drink. Lately,I drink almost every hour.Mommy has lots of milk.She don't wanna waste the milk,so she breastfeed me frequently.

Once Mommy puts me on my crib,I cried, wanted to have some milk. ^___^.

Daddy came home and asked Mommy if she had a bottle for him to give me.Mommy forgot to pump her milk ( she is not allowed to pump often by my doctor ). Daddy said," I need to do something to my daughter. Give me the formula,then." Mommy gave Daddy one bottle.

Daddy played with me for awhile.Mommy was ready to take pic,Daddy covered my face. He he he .Mommy starts it again!!!

Daddy said,' no flashes,please." Then,Mommy turned the flash off.

I know Mommy has horrible toothache for a few days.She cried last nite,telling Daddy how hurt it was.Daddy had Mommy has aspirin.

Mommy couldn't eat well since yesterday. She keeps touching her cheek and keep telling to Daddy abt the pain.

Mommy better pump some milk tonite,cos I am a big drinker!!! ^____^

MeiLee & Music

Every morning,I take MeiLee downstairs. I watch tv, have bfast and she lays down on her giant bouncer with music on.

She likes it,especially when the music on. She's quite.. Such a cutie pie!!! ^____^

Monday, October 22, 2007

MeiLee : I'm 12 Days Old Now


Hello...  I'm back

Wanna chit chat abt my days. I'm 12 days old rite now. Mommy feeds me well.Her milk is way too much.She feeds me almost every hour. I drink a lot,of course. Mommy don't give me any formula for days. But,Daddy says he needs something to feed me when he comes back home from work.

Mommy don't wanna give formula,but Daddy took me upstairs. He looks for a bottle of formula and feed me.Daddy says next time Mommy needs to pump 1 bottle of her milk,so he can feed me from Mommy's milk,not the formula. Daddy wants to feed me,too, he says. :D



In the evening,when Daddy comes home,we play " Roll the Baby". He keeps calling me his " Halleluya Girl ". I like playing with Daddy.Mommy keeps taking lots of pics of me and Daddy.

One day Daddy said," Honey,stop taking the pics.Let we have private moment without any flashes." :D . Mommy couldn't resist it at all. 


Sometimes,when Mommy wanna take pics, Daddy protects my face.ha ha ha ha. He says," Yeah,baby.. Daddy will protect you from your annoying Mommy." Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Mommy keeps laughing everytime she sees Daddy rolls me in bed. She's afraid,too.She said," Duh.... don't roll her that much.I was in pain for almost 9 mnths to have her, and you roll her around like you're making a batter." :D . Daddy says," Ohh... noooo.... she's fine. "

Sometimes,Mommy cries and frustated to wake me up. She cried and said to Daddy," I can't make her up. I feel bad. You make her easily." She whined. Daddy said," Oh,baby..I take abt 20 mnts to wake her up. You just need to play with her. Don't give up."  Then,Mommy stops crying.

At nite, I see Mommy is in pain. Her bottom still hurts, she sometimes has hard time to feed me. Thank God, I got a boopy pillow now. Mommy feels much better.

Yesterday,I made Mommy surprised and laughed,too. Mommy was changing my diaper and ready to put a new one.Suddenly, I poop again and it was all over Mommy's hands. Mommy's surprised and laughed out loudly. I myself cried!!!

Mommy ran and grabbed the phone.She called Daddy and told Daddy what happened. Daddy laughed out loudly,too.He couldn't stop laughing.Both of them. Daddy said," Take the pic!!!". Mommy said," Not this time ."  :D

She cleaned up her hands and changed me a new diaper. She held me and we sat on the couch. Mommy loves watching CSI,Court TV,Travel Channel and she's watching abt Ghosts last nite :P


This noon,Mommy gave me a bath.She put me in a small tub.I fit on it !!   Put on some lotion,cos my skin is dry. I gain weight,but Mommy looses weight. She was 136 lbs a couple days ago, and now she's 130 lbs. She's tired..........

Grandma played with me for awhile.Mommy took a shower and had lunch. Then,she breastfed me.

Suddenly,I saw Mommy's sleeping. She put her chin on my head. She snored. :D . I bet she's tired. She woke up and breastfed me again.  I fell asleep till Daddy came home and played with me before he headed to the bar.


Mommy puts me on my crib, and turn on the monitor.So,anytime I need something,Mommy knows and can come immediately to check me.

Love ya,Mommy !!! Love ya,Daddy!!!


Your daughter,

MeiLee aka Cutie Pie aka Halleluya Girl

Oct 21st : MeiLee Went to Church & Shopping Time ^___^

Finally,we made it to church this time. Still late,but at least we still heard the speech for a while.

Alas, I forgot to take the cam to the church.Ronnie didn't let me go back to the car. Friends from church held MeiLee and some of them didn't know that I have a baby. Even a couple weeks ago, there's a lady in church said," I didn't know you're pregnant.You don't look like it. " :P

The church made the announcement in the weekly bulletin.We introduced MeiLee to some people.

There's a lady staring at MeiLee and said," Ohh look at this baby.She's gorgeous.What's her name ?? " Ronnie said, " Anna. " . I said," MeiLee. " ^____^. She chatted with Ronnie for awhile.

Ronnie said," Well, Baby.. .The lady who talked to us is the congress woman. " Oh yeah ??? Didn't know abt it. She's beautiful. :D

We walked to the car and said to Ronnie while he's putting MeiLee back. I said," baby,when people ask what her name is, tell them Anna. " Ronnie laughed and he said," That's what I told them. "

I realized I slipped my tongue. I said," Ughh.. Sorry, I mean MeiLee! ". He laughed out loudly. He said," See??? You called her Anna before. Ha ha ha ha. That's what I tell people, Anna. Gotcha!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. keseleo lidah :P

We went to Target,changed the bed sheets Matt & Mary gave me at the baby shower. Then we bought boopy pillow,burb clothes ( I didn't know Ronnie picked these one :D ),mirror and wash clothes.

I forgot to bring the nipples,but I did bring a bottle of milk. Thank God, MeiLee wasn't fussy. She slept while we're sleeping. A few minutes before we arrived home,she cried. Good!!!!

Ronnie went to the bar,practising his music till 7.30pm.Went home,grabbed a sandwich and went back to the bar again.

I was with MeiLee all nite long,watching tv and fell asleep on the couch. He he he he.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oct 20th : The Sweetest Day ^___^

It's Saturday....

I told Ronnie I wanted to go to Sam's Club with him,buying ready made sandwich for bfast. He wondered to know I wanted to go out, meanwhile I keep complaining abt my bottom still hurts. Msh sakit,nyeri, msh susah jalan :P

I left MeiLee with Mom for awhile. I told Ronnie I'd do some work in the office ( need to pay bills, the staffs' paychecks,update the Quickens ect. Gosh, I was way behind!!! )

Roxann, our new bartender couldn't come at that nite. Ronnie called Stephanie and asked her to come to replace Roxann. While waiting for Steph, I ended up bartending till she came ,around 11 pm. Lahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... ujung2nya bartending juga :P

Ronnie wanted me to stop and take a break. Steve Nieman, his friend came to visit us. We chit chat at the patio and then I decided to go home.

I was worried abt MeiLee. I couldn't stop thinking abt her. When I was bartending, within a few sec I thought I didn't have a baby yet. He he he he.

I grabbed my cellphone and called Mom. She said lil Mei was doing ok. She had a bottle of formula and sleeping on her tummy. I had her blow a kiss from me.

Ronnie didn't expect me to stay up late at the bar that nite, I just wanted. But, as soon as I think abt MeiLee, I wanted to go home rite away. Can't stay away from my precious lil angel ^___^

On the way back home, I told Ronnie," Goodness.. This time I go home on purpose, wanna see my baby. Months before, I didn't have anybody to see. "

Ronnie said," You're a Mommy now, honey." He he he he he.

I told him," Well.. Don't stay up late at the bar. Still, I wanna see you home and check your daughter.I don't think I need you like I needed you before, cos I have MeiLee now." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said,' Oh goshh.. Now she can talk. " :P

As we arrived, I ran to the house and saw my lil girl was sleeping nicely. Ohhh... so sweet...... I couldn't resist not to hold her in my arms and feed her. :D

Daddy Ronnie took a nap for awhile and departed to the bar again.

My sweetest people............ I love them both. Words can't say enough.

The sweetest day.. the sweetest people I've ever had in my entire life.

Thank you, Lord.....

Happy Sweetest Day, everyone!!!! ^___^

Thanks, Mami Tina!!!!

Got another package from Mami Tina. Aduh,Mami...baik sekali krm2in herbal ke Mei2.

Thanks a lot, Mi. I had made the tea ( I had 5 cups already within 1.5 days!! ). At nite,I cooked the chicken with the herbs. Taste soooooo gooooooodddd!!!!!!

Mom thought I would eat all the herbs. He he he he. She reminds me not to eat spicy food alot cos it's gonna impact the milk I produce. Ok dehhhh.......

But,the chicken tastes good!!!

I went to CAM today and bought Black Chicken ( Ayam hitam, mo semedi,apa ? :P ) .

Thnks,Mi.. Tuhan berkati ya!!!! Muachhhhh

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oct 19th : Tante Desy's Visiting

Hooray!!! Tante Dece came to visit MeiLee.She came with her mom n Marce. She didn't take Angelia with her ( She had a baby on Sept 29th !! ).

I didn't plan to cook,but finally I cooked for our dinner. Rendang n Ayam Mayu.

Abt 7pm, Ronnie went home.He brought presents from his friends at work. Wow!!! Another present for MeiLee!!! She got doll and some clothes!!! Awesome!!! Thank you so much to all of you..........

Dece,her Mom and Marce left abt 8.30pm. She gave MeiLee a few clothes that don't fit to Angelia anymore. Thank youuuuuuuuuu........

Dece took home Ayam Mayu,since she can't cook at home. Mom in law can't smell strange cooking, she said. Poor Dece :P

Berjemur Ria

Sorry to those you get annoyed and bored with MeiLee's pics lately. I couldn't resist not to post my daughter's pics day by day. Love to see her grow each day and enjoy every moment with her. I really do!! We really do !!!

I tok her to the patio and had a lil sun shine. As usual, she sleeps. hahahahaha.

Mande came to visit MeiLee.I fried Pilus, so we had something to munch. hehehehe.

Then in the evenign, Ronnie's duty to wake MeiLee up. I cooked Ayam masak Mayu for myself. I need some energy back.I should've cooked it the very 1st day when MeiLee's born.

The next day,I took her to the patio again, kinda cooler this time.I think she likes the breeze. hahahahaha.Made her sleep well.

Ohhh sleeping beauty, you are ^____^

Oct 15th & 19th : Going to Pediatrician

We took MeiLee to her doctor on Tues n Thurs.Dr. Bird is a very gently spoken man. He said MeiLee's doing ok.

We took her to Aunt Pat's house and showed MeiLee to her, Uncle Eddy n Chris.They didn't wanna hold MeiLee,they're afraid since she's still red and tiny. Ha ha ha ha ha

She lost weight on Tues, 5.9 lbs. When we took her back on Thurs, she gained some. She's 6.3 lbs now!!!

Boy!!! This lil girl drinks a lot, I guess. Ha ha ha ha ha. Iyalah, emaknya sekali pompa dpt 4 oz!!!

Love ya, lil girl!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Roll...Roll..Roll...My Halleluya Girl!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha. Ronnie tries to wake her up ( he's good with that! ).He rolled MeiLee on the bed. Memangnya gilingan, Oom ? :P

Oct 18th : Wake Up,MeiLee...Wake Up ^___^

Duhh...she's really a sleeping beauty. She sleeps alot. Mom said,' She should have been in your belly for another 2 weeks,Mei2." ha ha ha ha ha.

I started taking her out in the morning,has some sunshine and then play around with her in the living room.

Sometimes I am frustated to make her up.When Ronnie goes home from work,his duty is to wake her up. I envy him how he do that. Emaknya cuma bisa ngelahirin doank,gak bisa bangunin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said," Don't feel bad or sad.I work hard to make her up,hun.It takes 20 mnts sometimes." He he he he.

He took her to the kitchen,to Mom's bedroom, to the living room,dining room, all around the house.But,this sleeping beauty kept sleeping. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said,' Goodness, girl!!! You are worse than your Mom." ha ha ha ha ha.

Finally,Ronnie tried to roll her in the bedroom. She woke up for awhile,then slept again. She likes playing with Ronnie. I felt bad again. Dicuekin nih emaknya :P

Around 10 pm, Ronnie gave up.He himself fell asleep. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Finally, 3 of us were sleeping in the same bed. MeiLee didn't wake up till I made her and breastfeeding her around 3 am.

In the morning, Ronnie moved her back to her crib. Now.. she woke up!! ^____^. Ronnie played for awhile and said," Gosh... I gotta go,hun.I hate to leave, still wanna play with my Halleluya girl,but gotta go." ^______^

He kissed us and left for work. Well.. guess what?? MeiLee slept again!!!!!!!! :P

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy & Daughter Play Time

Ampun dah... Ronnie kalo udh ketemu MeiLee, diajak main mulu. Jagonya kalo bangunin si kecil. Emaknya disuruh bangunin,gak sampe hati. ^____^

This time, Ronnie asked her to play basketball n boxing. Ha ha ha ha. Oiiiiiiiii, Bapak!!!! Ini bukan mainan yaoooooooooooooooooo!!!!

With Mommy & Daddy

Accidentally recorded it instead of taking the pic.

Oct 15th : Thank You, The Turnhams!!!

As the nurse left, I saw there's a package on the floor. Lah... siapa ya ??? I checked the sender..Oalahhh.... That's Jenny Turnham!!!

Repot2,Jen...Makasih banyak lho... Mom asked from whom. Before I had a chance to take the pic,she took the Hello Kitty doll. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ok, grandma... I took Grandma's pic with Hello Kitty ^___^.

We put MeiLee lay down on her tummy.She cried.But,as soon as we put Kitty doll on her crib,she stopped crying. ^___^.

Mom said," I like the card says " Cutie Pie ". " I told Mom," Well..that's what Ronnie call his daughter, Cutie Pie, Sugar Plum." ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Thank you sooooooooooo much,The Turnhams!!! GBU!!!!

Thurs, 11th Oct 2007 : Greetings from Us

MeiLee gave me a respond when I was sending greeting. ha ha ha ha ha

Oct 15th : Nurse Visiting

Nurse from hospital came to visit MeiLee.She said that our insurance will cover 100% all the expenses. Thank Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid,cos I heard some people had to pay some money to the hospital.But,we don't need to. Puji Tuhan bangetttttttttttttt. Besides, there's another insurance wanna cover my previous bills. Lah...mimpi apa nih sampe dpt berkat melimpah begini ???? ^___^

But,anyway....... MeiLee was checked yesterday.She lost weight, she's 5.19 lbs. Nurse said it's normal. She checked her eyes,since MeiLee has jaundice ( which makes Mom worry ).

Again,nurse said it's normal for a newborn baby,and there's red spot around her eyes, it's because I pushed her too hard when she's born.

I am suggested to breastfeed her as much as possible. Iyalahhhhhhh...4 oz gitu tiap kali pompa. Banjir ASI!!!!!!!!!

Sun Oct 14th : MeiLee's Day Out & Meeting Uncle Dave

We went to church ( planned to ),but when we tried to get into another highway,Ronnie saw a very long lane ( abt 100 feet ) queque. Ronnie said,” goodness,hun.We won’t make it.We’ve been late already,and seems there’s an accident there.” He turned his car and drove to other direction. We ended up having bfast at Perkin’s. MeiLee was still sleeping nicely. I called my family. When she woke up, Ronnie gave her bottled milk ( from mine ).

That’s MeiLee’s day out … She’s been taken around by us. ^___^. Once Mami knows abt it,she didn’t like.She wants me to stay at home and have lots of rest. I know, Mami… My stiches are still bad.I can’t walk well now. It’s getting worse. Last nite,I cried and told Ronnie how hurt and sore they are. Ronnie and others do warn me not to do much thing and walk around. I am asked to stay in bed. Duh…mana bisa ????????? Malah pengen balik kerja :P

At noon, Dave and the kids came to see MeiLee. The kids wanted to wake MeiLee up,but she kept sleeping. :P . Tukang tidur kyk emaknya nih :P

Ronnie went to the bar,playing music. I had him buy me beef stew ( wanted to cook rendang ). :D

Jadilah selama 1 mgg ini makan rendang muluuuuuuuuuuuuuu ^_______________^.

My “ Begadang Time “ has just started. I must awake everytime MeiLee’s awaken. Duh…sengsara benerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… But, I love to see her face,and my tiredness’ gone. Even Ronnie,he always spends time with MeiLee.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello from Baby Ries aka MeiLee ^___^


Hello all,


I wanna introduce myself. I was born Wed, 10/10/2007. As my fussy Mommy told you, I was 2 weeks earlier.Mommy almost made a history at The Federal Building, Downtown.

It's because she couldn't stop walking and working around, like Daddy said.Daddy and other family had hard time to make her stop.Bet she still wanted me come out on Oct 26th .

Mommy and Daddy had hard time to pick up my 1st name,too.Mommy herself had picked the name months ago,but Daddy didn't like them. Daddy said those names didn't click on his brain.He picked other name,Mommy didn't like it. 

Till the unexpected delivery happened,they still didn't have the name.Mommy was worried.Cos the lady from hospital came and picked up the paper.Mommy asked her to come back the next day,cos Mommy still wanted to discuss with Daddy.

Daddy kept wanting name " Anna ".Mommy said it's a common name.Daddy said," it's an american name.It sounds good in my ear." Mommy wanted to put " Baby", would be spelt differently as " Beby " ( Mommy's eldest sister ) or Bebie. But,Daddy rather has " Babie". Mommy said," It can't be happen.If you skip "e", it'll be "pig" in Indonesian.Mommy didn't wanna her daughter be mocked in the future.


An hour before we left the hospital,the lady came back again.Mommy hasn't written any 1st name.Mommy tried to wake Daddy up,but Daddy seemed enjoying me.He put me on top of his chest and we slept. Daddy snored....

Mommy tried to wake him up again and said," Hun,so what it will be ??? Anne or Anna? Or something else??" Daddy just said," Huh????? Yeahhhh.." and then slept again. Mommy gave up and wrote Anna as my 1st name.

When the paper was taken away,Mommy thought she wanted to change the name.Daddy said,"  it's too late,hun.You wrote Anna there." Mommy blamed Daddy cos Daddy kept wanting Anna.

Then,Mommy thought," Ok.. let Daddy win." . Daddy said," Next time,you can give the name." Mommy said,' Oh no... one is enough for now. It hurts so bad. Between life and death." Daddy laughed.  . Mommy and Daddy kissed me.


So... Mommy and Daddy had picked up the names.

Anna MeiLee Ries

Wed, Oct 10th 2007

Chris Hospital

3.44 pm -  6.3 lbs, 19 inches

Meaning of my names :

1st name : ANNA   - The meaning of the name Ana is Gracious, Merciful


The origin of the name Ana is Spanish


Info on this name: Form of Anne.

Besides, it's taken from Oma's name, Susiana, and grandma's middle name " Ann ".

2nd name : MEILEE  means Beautiful in Chinese ( Mei Li )

it's taken from Mommy's name, Mei and great grandma's ( grandma's mom's ) middle name " Mae ".

Lee is taken from Daddy's middle name.

So... you can combine the name.I have rich names taken from both sides of my family.Exactly like Daddy really wanted,collected names to remember the family root. * What a wonderful idea!!! Even Mommy said she didn't think abt it *.


Anna MeiLee Ries = Gracious beautiful girl

As soon as Mommy knows this, she said to Daddy," I like the names,hun.They do have meanings." . Daddy replied," I told you "


But,still Daddy always teases me and calls me," Haleluya Girl ".He always lifts up my hands and says," Haleluya!!!". He said to Mommy," I should have named her Haleluya ".

Mommy was surprised .Mommy said," Sorry,it's too late now."

Mommy says I have lots of nicknames. Since I've been called Baby Ries before I was born,Mommy still wanna that name. She calls me " MeiLee"

Daddy sometimes calls me "
Cutie Pie "

Tony calls me, " Anna Mei " sounds like " Anime "

Others call me " Anna ".

But,mostly I liked to be called " Baby Ries or MeiLee ".

I am grateful for everything Mommy and Daddy had done for me. Mostly Thank Lord that I am here now, could see Mommy and Daddy finally.

 I'd like thank you to you all who had supported my mommy  during her pregancy , and to those  who  sent me lots of gifts.

Finally ,nighty nite.I've been drinking milk all day long.Mommy has lots of milk.

God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baby Ries aka MeiLee




PS: Just found out from Grandma,that Anna was her aunt's name,too!!! And,  Lee was taken from Nanny ( Daddy's french grandma, Leena ).

Daddy said I have lots of heritages in my blood.

Dutch, French,  German Irish ( Daddy ) - Bataknese Chinese ( Mommy ).

 See if I will eat spicy stuff like Mommy does .

Mommy just went to kitchen and cooked Rendang just 2 days after discharged from the hospital.

 Dasar, lidah kampung

Sat 13th : Baby Ries' Baby Shower ( 2nd one ),Club Evolution

Show must go on,since Mom had spread the invitation for a baby shower on Sat. Thnks to Joyce ( my sister in law and her friend ) who had been working hard to make it happen. Thnks to Pam who had helped us with ideas.

I didn't expect many people to come ( just only family and close friends ). I didn't expect gifts,either.Ronnie told our customers not to be bothered by bringing gifts.That's why I kept telling them not to bother.As long as they came,I would be happy.

Tbis time was awesome. I have the baby and we canceled the Belly Measurement - Game. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Stephanie Turner gave me lots of stuff ( she gave me another car seat ).Now I have 3 car seats. Alecia, my karaoke lady,she did spoil Baby Ries. She bought bunch of clothes and other stuff. I felt so bad. But,Alecia said she liked shopping for babies. :P

Others gave me lots lots lots lots of stuff,too.My sisters in law ( Mary,Joyce n Pam ), they bought Baby Ries cute stuff. MeiLee is so very lucky,she's spoiled by the family :P

Thnks for coming,Sybelle,Alecia,Marce,Cie Lusy,Stephanie + Laura, Pam + Cristie, Joyce + Linda, Matt + Mary.

Baby shower was over around 5 pm.I went home and took some rest. My milk was so full and I had to pump so often. Once I pump, I have 4 oz!! Goodness…banjir bangetttttttttttt,mana sakit lagi .

I called my family.They celebrated MeiLee’s arrival by buying chicken and cooked it traditionally ( Manuk Ni Atur kah,Papi ? ) :P .

Anyway,thanks for all the lovely gifts. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!

Thnk you for the lovely gifts. May God bless you!!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oct 6th : Baby Ries' Baby Shower, Batavia,OH

Cindy,Nia,Marce,Atik,Mom,Cie Ira,Herlina,Mami,Fang2 ( below),Dewi,Ling2 n Ria.

Minus Novi ( left at 4 pm ), and Dae Bee ( didn't know where she was )

Sat morning....

Mom,me,Lizzy n Brian picked up Maria and drove to Batavia to attend my babyshower at The Normans.

Since I haven't done the Eggrolls yet, we went to Nia's house earlier.The party was scheduled at 1 pm,but we had arrived around 12.15 pm.

We're lost.Dennis came to guide us. He he he he. The 1st thing he asked," Dude, where's my egg rolls ?" Ha ha ha ha ha. Duhh.....suaminya Nia ini demen banget makan egg rolls. I told him," Don't worry,Dennis.I got lots of here." He laughed.

Nia cooked some noddles,bought a big box of chicken.Duh... bener2 gak enak hati,sampe ngeluarin banyak biaya buat babyshower.

Friends started showing around 1 pm. We got lots of food. Herlina brought Lontong Isi,Fang2 brought something,I cooked Rendang,Lumpia n Pudding ( brought Jengkol n Pete for Cie Ira n Herlina ). ^__^

Dewi brought a new friend,Dae Bee ( korean lady ) with her 2 kids.They're so nice.

goodness...there's so much to tell here,but I'm exhausted. ^___^

I am so glad that everybody came to my babyshower. Nia n Cindy did fantastic job!!! Mom and I were impressed to see how it worked so great.

Dennis went to pick up Mpok Atik.He said,"Don't forget my egg rolls,Man.Keep some for me." Iyalah, dennis.. Jangan takut :P

As he came back, he saw me standing next to the egg rolls.He said," Man,what are you doing with my egg rolls ?" I said," Here they are. Ok..I better stay away from them. All are yours. " ha ha ha ha ha. Takut banget doi egg rollsnya abis :D

Dennis showed me the lovely couches they bought. Dae Bee,Ria n Dewi were eating in a dining room.Dewi asked," So, it this Mei2's husband?" HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorryyyyyyyyy.. numpang ketawa dulu ah...

I said," What????????? Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Dennis is Nia's husband,the hostess." Hi hi hi hi.

Dennis replied," Yeah.. she's my ex wife." ha ha ha ha ha. Dodol!!!!!!!!!!!
I replied," He's my 3rd ex huband." Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Dewi said,"Aduh... sorry....sorry....sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy." he he he he he. I told Nia. She laughed out loudly.'s so funny. Joke for the day. :D

Similar thing happened with Atik n Marce. Ira's Mom thought Marce is Atik's Mom. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Marce said," Aduhhhhhhhh... Gmn nih,Tik.. Sungkemwati deh lu sama gua,diblg gua emak elu." ha ha ha ha ha. Mami felt bad.She said," Sorryyyyyyyyyy ..........sorryyyyyyyyyyy " . Ha ha ha ha ha. Atik with her big voice couldn't stop laughing. :D

We did have fun. Didn't realize it's already 5 pm. Wuih... long party!!!

Didn't have a chance to say thank you to Dennis,cos he had gone to work.

Nia said they would drop some of the gifts with their truck the next day ( Sunday ). Since Mom's trunk wasn't big enough for all the gifts.

We left The Norman's house around 5 pm. I am so blessed that it ran well,lots of friends came to attend the party. Love to be around them and spent time together. Duh... more than words I can say, that I love you all, guys!!!!

May God bless you and your family.More blessings..............

Thank you to The Normans who had willing to throw my babyshower on Sat noon at their lovely house,Batavia.

Thank you to Cindy who helped and coordinated the party. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Cin, I pray that this year you'll be pregnant and have a baby.We had " rubbed " our bellies, hadn't we ? he he he he he.

Sorry to bother you a lot,ladies. I owe you big time!!!!!

God bless you all.

Thank you too,to :
Shinta n family who had came from Michigan ( jauh2 datang ke sini cuma buat babyshower .I am so flattered )
Novi ( Kenwood )
The Ellisons, ( Middletown )
Cie Ira,Mami & Gillian ( Union,KY)
Herlina,Fang2 ( Union & Erlangger,KY )
Ling2 n fam ( Milford )
Chiko n fam ( Columbus,OH )
Dewi n kids ( Hyde Park ) + Diva ( gak datang,but thnks for the gift )
Dae Bee ( Blue Ash )
Mpok Atik ( Amelia,OH )
Marce ( Cincy,OH )
The Cantwell,Mami Lina ( Toledo,OH )
The Lees , Rini,David & Arjuna ( Union,KY ), yg udh ksh hadiah duluan.,gak bisa datang,krn bsknya terbang ke Indo.Have a nice trip to Indo!!!
Dece, Angelia's Mom ( Fairfield,OH ). Dece just had a baby last week, so she's not strong enough to go for a long trip.
Keke Dudek ( MI ). Thnks,Ke.Salam buat lil Elizabeth. :D
Lilis ( Columbus,OH ). Hope Joe will get soon better.

Thnks to Michael ( cindy's husband ) and Michael ( Ling2's husband ) who attended the party,too ( Babyshower buat emak2, para pria juga datang ) :P

Love you you.. love you all!!! You're the biggest supporters for me. We're family !!!!!

Pray for me that I'll be fine on my delivery day. Deg2an nih :P

God bless you all!!!!!!!!!

The warmest regards,

Ronnie, Mei - Mei & Baby Ries

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sept 29th : Happy Bday,Mami!!!!!!!!

Yay!!!! Joe sent me some pics of Mami's bday on last Sept.It's so sad that I wasn't there to celebrate. Indeed, I planned to stay in Indo till Mami's bday,but it's way too long ( Ronnie kelamaan ditinggal,ntar ekke dipulangin ke rmh ortu ). Ha ha ha ha ha. Emang pulang :P

Ko Cen and Cie Vie told Mami they couldn't come.But,suddenly they showed up!!!! Surprise!!!!!!!!! They went to Restaurant Jumbo and had nice dinner. Ko Cen was looking for Bebek Peking,but it's not available at that nite. Sayang deh :(

The next day,they went back to Medan.Mami celebrated her bday by inviting kids from primary school located behind our house. Wah... Mami menjamu tamu2 kecilnya :D

Joe sent me pics from the kitchen.When I left,the kitchen hasn't got the cabinet yet. We had a cousin to do it,but he didn't do a good job.Mami was disappointed.Mami called other people to do that ( our old friend ),fixed and built the rest for Mami.He did a good job!!!

I am glad finally Mami has a very nice cabinet!!!! Thinking to buy her a microwave,but she said she didn't need it rite now. Ok then.....guess I'll wait till Mami wants it.

Happy bday,Mami!!! Love you.. love you... Long life.....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is She Pregnant ?????????????


Is she pregnant ????????

Yeah..that's all the question I've always heard. When I was in Indonesia,people stared at my belly . They thought whether I was fat or pregnant. . Aduhhh.. udh bawa genderang begini juga.


my sisters and brother always told me like this," Duh... look at you. Everytime we go,people stare at you.They even turn their heads just only to see your belly." I said,' yeah..what's the problem ?" They said," They're not quite sure to see that you're fat,or pregnant.Hey,next time,please put on preggy clothes, don't put on tight clothes." ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It's only once I made people surprised when they see my belly.

A month ago,when I went to library for Ladies' Craft Nite, a lady who sat across to my seat stood up and said loudly," She's pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gossh... look at her belly!!! It's so tiny!!!!!!!! She looks like 4-5 months pregnant!! " . She couldn't believe it's entering 8 months.

Yesterday, I went to Goodwill Store with Marce. The cashier said," This looks beautiful!! ". She was talking abt a cute baby dress. I said," Yes, bought for my baby girl."
She looked at me and then my belly." You're pregnant ?? " I said," Yeah.. " How far are you ?? " I said,"Baby due within 2-3 weeks this month."  She's quite and pulled closer her head across the cash registration and said," My goshhhh.... your belly is so tiny!!!! It's almost 9 months ??? I can't believe that!!  . I said," Yes... "

She said," How much you gain ? "  I laughed and said," just this week, 4 lbs only, after keep dropping weights monthly." She wondered and said,' What??? You didn't gain anything for months ??? I gained at least 17 lbs." I said," Nope... gain only  4lbs,this week only. Before and after pregnant was around 139 lbs." Duh... gak ada yg percaya. Even my doctor was wondered when he read my medical record. Geleng kepala doi, chartnya naik turun dari 137 - 140 doank. He he he he. Thank God, I do gain weight this week, 144lbs.


Ruth,my customer came to the bar 2 weeks ago.She gave me parfumes ( 1 for me, 1 for Ronnie ). She thought I had had a baby already., even the others thought the same thing. Funny thing was, Bedel, my male customer said to the others," I think Mei2 has a baby already.".. Aduhhhhhhhhhhh.... I am so tiny,huh ???


Ruth said," Mei - Mei, can I touch your belly ???" I let her do that. She said," goshhh... she kicks me!!! ". Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Like tonite, Ronnie went to the bar till almost 1 am, designing flyers for the bar. We talked awhile in bed and he turned his back. I faced him and put my belly behind his. He said," Aghhh... I can feel she kicks my back a lot!! ". 

Baby Ries gak bisa diam yaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Ronnie likes my belly.He said," It's good you don't gain lots of weights,hun.Otherwise it's really hard to loose it back." Duhh lakiiiiiii..pengennya bini slim kyk artis , gitu?

Yes, I am pregnant. Yes, I am tiny.... . Yes, we're expecting Baby Ries soon... Hope everything'll be ok... Scared.....nervous.....


This so called  " 19 yo girl " by Mami Tina is gonna be a Mommy. Ha ha ha ha ha.


PS : Mi, siap2 nih jadi Grandma ntar