Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Mami & Papi!!!

  Hooray Happy Anniversaryto Mami & Papi !!! Today is their 32nd anniversary... Wow!!!! What long years they've passed throught together,in sickness and  health,in goodness and badness.God does bless them,gives them healthy,with 6 kids and 2 grandchildren now!!  Granny  What a blessing!!Mom And Kids Grandpa  Grandma 

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary to both of you ! Thanks for being the great parents for us. Duhhh jadi kangen nih pengen pulangCrying 1


God bless you all. Wait till we go home.Can't stand to hug you both and kiss you and tell how much we love you!!

 Mom ,thnks for being the greatest Mom in the world.Your strong faith,your strength,your supports have made us to be  what we're now,and keep reminding us to be the woman like you are.

 Dad ,you are the greatest Daddy in the world.Your love,your care,your tears,your effort to educate us won't be doubted. I miss to see your lovely face.........

 Sand I Love You both!!!!




Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bihun Bakso Sapi

Just had it for my lunch today. ( Malas banget mostingin resepnya ),pun kyknya udh pada tau. Lg ngantuk soalnya... hiks...hiks...hiks....

Beef and rice vermicelli

Udh pada tau kyknya

Makan Mie Pangsit,yukkkkkk

Ihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I had a long day again yesterday.Did theLaundry again and cooked  Multitasking   for dinner. I made Mie Pangsit last nite. Missing the special noodles from my city,Siantar. Mom came home very late last nite ( abt 6pm ).I still kept cooking Cooking Dinner.Tony was here,so we had dinner together. Everyone loves the Pangsit Goreng. I fried 40 pieces,and they're gone!!!


I was way too tired Tired  .Ronnie sent Tony home  and stopped over at Dave's home.I spent time watching tv with Mom. TV 3 .She folded some clean clothes,meanwhile I was laying down on the carpet.My back really hurts! Lucky came and  I knew he would lick my face,quickly I covered my face. Alas, he licked my hand instead of!!! Phew 

We're watching Ice Skating Ice Skating competition .Wonderful!!! Beautiful dances!!

Ronnie came back home and brought my Vibrator Spa Ball  . I bought it a couple weeks ago.It's a bubble ball for spa.I tried it last nite,and put on my face.... I had a headache last nite,so it helped me a lil.Roll

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Ries' Thanksgiving Party, Nov 26th'05

The party was over.It's lots of fun. I am too tired to write down,so just let pics tell them all about.

You can see the rest pics here

Happy belated Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bubur Ayam 2 ( Chicken Porridge )

This is the 2nd Chicken Porridge I made abt a week ago.This one looks like the porridge sold in Bandung ( Weleh...ingat Bubur Ayam di Muara Sari,Bandung ).

Same ingredients like the previous recipe

see the previous recipe

Attn...Attn...Request from Ronnie ( Help me,pls )

 Pilgrim  dulu ah.... We didn't celebrate it today ( on Saturday we'll do ). We woke up very late today ( libur sehhhh ) Alarm Clock 2 . I did the Quicken in our bedroom all day long .Finally all the balances were the same.

A couple days ago,Ronnie told me how we would celebrate the anniversary.He said," I'm suppose to give you a piece of paper,babe.An anniversary paper." I was confused. Hmm .I said,"What is that?" He replied,"It's a tradition here,on the 1st anniversary,husband or wife gives a note of anniversary." Hmm 2 He pointed Tony," You can give one to us,too,Tony"'s a good thing, I think.I am thinking what I would give to him as a " present".

I talked to him this noon.I said," Baby,I wanna go to store tomorrow.I wanna buy a present for you." He said," No...I don't wanna a  present.Give me something else.Think abt it."

Awwwwwwwwwwwww I Dunno .I told him,"Well,let's take a family pic in a studio tomorrow." I've Got It He said,"Hmm...what about just print one of our pics ?We have good ones.Put in frame and add something else" Hmm 

It took a couple minutes to think what he wants. The Thinker  I've Got It I know..I know...He wants   poem!!!!!!  Yes 

I have an idea now.I am going to find nice poems ( I'll try to write one ) eventhough I'm not good in poems.Blushy 2


Here,I am proposing you all. Attention Please In order to make our anniversary more   interesting,would you mind contributing us a poem,pls???hehehehheh ( sampe begging nih ).

We'll print them all and put in frames.I myself wanna keep them so we could show to our kids and grandchildren in the future.Keep them as our properties.

It's still 2 days more.You're welcome to drop any poems here.


Thnks before !!!!!!!!!!!Kiss With Pigtails



Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Snow Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

SpazSnow Day
This morning the snow was really thick up to noon.I took pics from the dining room and some in the backyard and the frontyard.Snow Angel

The snow melts tonite.But,tomorrow snow will be coming again!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ini Rendangkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....

 Hooray I cooked Rendang this noon.Macarena.I just cooked for 6 small pieces ( for myself only ) Goofy .Thank you to Bu Lurah had sent me the ingredients. Psssttt...Hao Chek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs Up ..Duhhhh if I hadn't remembered abt tomorrow,I would have eaten them all.I ate 4 pieces Hungry .Abt 3pm I had dessert ( caileeee..... ) Black Sweet Rice with coconut milk ( Bubur Ketan Hitam,bow )..Welehhhh I am full!!! Just a small bowl...very small

Tony and Steffie came this evening,and we had dinner. Ronnie met them on the street (they're walking on the way back home,Ronnie picked them and brought here ).

We sent the kids home and stopped at Francis' Store.I bought 3 bunchs of raw bananas.I am planning to make  banana chips on Thanksgiving Party here on this weekend.

This time I bought 2 plastics of tofu,2 bottles soymilk,mustard veggie,bihun,quail eggs,coconut milk,steamed mackerel ect ( I didn't take the pic ). Ufhhhh...

I'm enjoying my soymilk now... Yeah.... glek...glek...glek.... Bounce 

Ronnie's next to me, seems he's enjoying his new game nowComputing.It's noisy,but I must admit,it's a nice game!! Smile