Monday, August 28, 2006

Farewell Lunch with The Lims

Sunday morning, I woke up around 9 am.We would have lunch together with some other Indonesians.I had called Marce before to come and join with us.But,Karce called me Sat evening ( when I was walking to reach Joe’s Crab Shack Celebrating Monthlyversary @Newport,KY ,that Maria was sick.So,they couldn’t join us.

I grilled Sate n Fishes ( Mackarel n White Bass ) and made Sambal Terasi.I prepared everything from home,so we would just eat at Ronald Mc.Donald House straightly.

Cindy called me.They just arrived there. MeanwhileThe Normans were lost up to Newport,Ky to reach us.hahahahah.Nyasar juga nih yeeee.

By the time they arrive,we’re ready to eat!!!

The menus were Cap Chai,Ikan Panggang + Sambal Terasi,Sate Bak & Sapi,Kerupuk Udang n Warna Warni,Donat,Es Krim. Rameeeeeeeeeeeeee

When lunch was over,we took some pics.The kids played around.Asia wanted to play with me.Awwwwwwwwww..I think I am still in child age.hahahhahahah.Ashley played cooking.She kept saying,”for Daddy…for daddy..” ahahhaha.Kapan buat emaknya ya ?

She is a shy girl.But,she called me,”Mei “,when she’s cooking. Wuihh.. I am so flattered.According to Nia,she likes calling my name.Everyone she meets,she always calls them “ Mei – Mei”. Hahahahhahaha

Finally she hugged me,bowww.. Jarang2 ini anak mo peluk. Hahahhahaha.

The Lims took us to their room.Then we left together.The Normans drove back home,meanwhile we went to Mall.Dhar bought a suitcase from Value City,and then we went to Tri County Mall.We stopped at Victoria Secret and some other places.Ronnie and Nadia like throwing some coins to the pool. There’ 1 pic I took when Nadia held her hand to Ronnie.Ashamed,it’s dark L

They’re picked at 5.30pm ( before,Cindy called me).She offered to take them home.It’s wonderful we could’ve spent time with them again.

So… the parking lot in Mall was our last meeting with The Lims.Nadia was in the car when Ronnie said goodbye to her.They’ll back to Indo on Wed, Aug 30th.

Sweet Nadia…we’re gonna miss her.Ronnie said,”Sweet lil girl.” ^___^

Thnks to The Lims for being our friends here.Thnks for the great time we have.Thnks to Cindy n Mike, The Normans for spending time together.

See you next time,The Lims!!!!

Travel safe,enjoy the trip.God Bless You!!!!

Till we meet again.

Celebrating Montlyversary : Joe's Crab Shack, Newport,KY & Downtown,OH

Sat morning, Ronnie made me a surprise.In the morning,he kissed me and said,”Happy anniversary.”Hmm… I didn’t think well,and I said,”Really?” Oh well… He said,’Let’s do something.What abt if we stay overnite in a hotel?” Wowwwwwwwww…

I was so excited.I checked the available hotel.Our option was around Argosy,IN.He wanted to take me see casino there.But,alas…. the hotel was fully booked. L

I tried to find a hotel around KY.I saw a few hotels were available,but Ronnie didn’t like them.Hmm….. after discussing quite a long time,we decided to have dinner in Newport,KY and Ronnie would take me to Downtown ( visiting some bars ).

So,we left for Newport.I didn’t know well abt the road.I thought Ronnie knew it.But,he wasn’t quite sure.So I called Cie Ira.She gave us some directions.We were lost a few times,and then finally we stopped at the entrance door.I thought we’re near,but the road to go to Joe’s Crab Shack was closed.We decided to walk.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heels burnt soooo baddddddddddddddddddd.I couldn’t walk anymore.The resto was still farrrrrrrrrrrr away.We passed Newport Aquarium.I said to Ronnie,”babe..I can’t walk anymore.My feet hurt.” I should have worn my other shoes.Then I took off my shoes and I walked with bare feet.Cuex bebeeee..Some people who passed us just smiled.^___^

After walking 20 mnts, we reached the resto.Ihhhhhhhhhhhhh.. It took lots of sacrifice to go there.Demi Seafood… hahahhahaha

We chose a table by the river.Still,the weather wasn’t good.It’s humid.Ronnie didn’t like it. Ronnie said,”Baby,I do this for you.” Hahahaha.Soooo sweet. He had steak,meanwhile I had “ Shrimp All The Way”.

Before leaving,we took some pics.Ronnie made me stay in the resto,while he picked the car.Then he called me.I offered him to visit Newport Aquarium.We parked the car and we walked backwards to the Aquarium. Lhoooo?? Hahhahahaa.I walked halfway and Ronnie said,’Keep walking,I’ll pick the car “. Ok..I walked slowly and he picked me.We didn’t know until what time the Aquarium opened.We changed the plan.Ronnie took me to Downtown.We went to Red Cheetah,Courtyard CafĂ©,The Exchange and saw some other bars.There’re some bars closed in Downtown.Not a good neighbourhood ( that’s what I see,and some people I asked there told me the same thing,too).

Then,we went to other bar in Mt.Healty.Just looking around and then we left.We stopped by at our bar and then went home around 2pm. I myself went to bed around 3am.Ronnie played game for awhile in the basement before going to bed.

I realized when I checked calender,we celebrated it 1 day earlier.Hahhahahhaha. Ronnie thought it’s 27th.Indeed it’s 26th. Oh well.. No la problema.

Thank you so much,baby,for making a wonderful day!!

I love you… Happy Monthlyversary.^___^

Friday, August 25, 2006

Cooking Day :Clams,Sate,Kue Salju ^___^!!!!

My lunch menu today was rice and Clams!!!!

Then,I bake Kue Salju!! I got 3 containers.One container is Cindy's.

Around 4pm, I marinated my SATE. Yippeeeeeeeee... I loveee SATE. I boiled some egg noddles,too.

When Mom and Ronnie came home,it just took 5 mnts to get them ready.

Ronnie and Mom love SATE.Guess how many Ronnie had tonite. A bunch!! Mom asked me,"Mei,you don't wanna have left over,do you?" Hihihihi.She didn't want to keep the SATE overnite.So,we ate them all.Lucky had 1.

We had great food today. I am stuffed. ^___^

Looking For Ronald Mc.Donal House :We're Lost for 2.5 Hours!!!

Adowwwwwww... yesterday Cindy picked me from home.We had a plan to take The Lims shopping to Goodwill and Cincinnati Mills.Guess what??? I didn't know how to reach their place!! Eventhough I had maps in my hand.I am still poor to read directions.Don't ask me where north,south,east,west are.I DO NOT KNOW!!! What I do know is only "LEFT, RIGHT,STRAIGHT" . Itu doankkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
No wonder I failed driving... Habis,oon sehhhh.

Cindy kept laughin in the car.I felt soooo sooooo bad. The shopping was supposed to be around 12pm, but we took 2.5 hrs to reach them!! OHHHH MYYYYY GOSHHHHH!!!!!

I called Ronnie,he couldn't help me,cos he even didn't know how to start.He got confused.He asked me to read my map. Ihhhhh. Cindy's husband kept calling.He thought we're there.Aduhh jadi malu.Cindy told him that we're lost.Goshhh..memalukan!!!!!

Finally,Dhar called me.He guided us from the phone.Still,we were lost.I was so desperate.Cindy said,"Ok,Mei2...if this time we're lost,let's go hang out together."hahahhahahaha. we're not hopeless.

Being so desperate,checking the map ect,finally we got the place.Aggghhhhh......soooo gladdddddddd.Cindy said,"Nastar for me,Mei2. 3 containers." Ok lah,buuuuuuu.Siap dilaksanakan.hahahahhaha

I had called The Lims before to prepare rice. I brought Sambal Goreng Ati.Wuih... I ate a lot!!!! ( emang selalu ) ^___^

So,we changed our plan.Since we're very late and short of time,we just decided to go to the nearest store,near the bar.Dhar didn't find a suitcase.I myself bought some more stuff.Ohhh not againnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Gmn neh????

Finally,Cindy dropped us to the bar.The Lims never been in our bar.Dhar went to Thrift Store meanwhile me and Nadia played pool. Cie...gaya

Nadia said she was taught by her Papi.Instead of using the stick,she used her hand.hahahhahahahha.

I called Ronnie to bring some food.He said,"Where are you,babe?Who is with you?" He heard me talking to somebody else on the phone.I was picking Chicken Wings when I was calling Ronnie.They are for Nadia.I told Ronnie I was with the Lims.He said,"How do you get home?" Hehehehhe.. I didn't want to go home,cos once I went home,I'd love to sleep all nite long.So,I decided to stay at the bar.

Around 5.30,they left.I was alone in the bar.Ronnie came around 7pm.I had my Beef Steak.

Thank you so much Cindy.I had bothered you.2.5 hrs driving around town,really made me feel sooo sooooo bad.( I called Mirna when we're looking for the direction).I told her that we're lost.She laughed.

Anyway...I wish I did better in directions before.Next time I promise I'd be more prepared. ^__^

Monday, August 21, 2006

Celebrating 17 Agustusan @ King's Island, Aug 19th 2006

Dece and Cie Ira picked me at home around 12.30pm.We drove to King's Island.Before,Dece sent me sms in the morning telling abt the red and white outfit must be worn. Duh... willy nilly I checked my closet,tried to find the 2 colours outfit.

When they arrived,I didn't see any of them wore the red and white outfit.Adohhh begimana nehhhhhh.Dece said," I couldn't find one." Idihhh... Finally,I myseft celebrated the red and white spirit Independence Day.hahahhahaha. Dikerjain abisssssssssss

Eda Genta dropped her daughter,Dinda, to King's Island.Cie Ira brought her daughter,Gillian.So,these 2 kids could play together!

I didn't do much things there.I had my blood pressure down when we had Viking Fury and other one.I was scared to death,screamed loudly and begged to stop.My left leg shaky hard when I was in the boat.Even when we're done.I was completely weak. Duh...gak bisa dibawa main neh. :(

When they tried other stuff,I'd rather to take pics and posed with Scooby Do,Little Bee,Diego and other one. ( Cari aman nehhh ) :D

Dinda went home earlier around 8pm.I took a nap in Cie Ira's car.Meanwhile they continued playing games till 10pm.We watched fireworks and had coffee at Starbuck.

Cie Ira dropped me back to the bar.I stayed there for a while and Ronnie brought me home.

I bought Ronnie a key chain with his name " RON" written there.

It's a great day ( eventhough I didn't do much things,but I enjoyed it ).

Thnks Cie Ira,Dece & Eda Genta!!


Deep In My Heart ( 1994 )

Genre: Drama

The story spans 35 years. White woman is walking back from movies at night, gets raped by a black man in a dark alley, being Christian she does not want to have an abortion (good for her) and plans to integrate (no pun intended) the new child into her existing family. But social pressures cause her to decide it would be better if her daughter, who looked more black than caucasian, were given for adoption, presumably to grow up in a black family. But as fate and shaky politics would have it, after 7 years she was taken away from her black foster mother, who wanted to adopt her, and sent to a caucasian family in Wisconsin. Family strife cause a divorce and she was raised alone by the mom.

At 17 the girl gets pregnant by her boyfriend, she moves away from home, loses contact with her adoptive mom, marries the father, and they raise a family of 5, apparently happily. After 17 years, at age 34, she decides to find her birth mom, whom she locates through mom's brother, and with help of an internet search. It is a tearful and joyful reunion, her birth mom tells her she always loved her, just wanted to give her a better chance for a good life. In the end there is a "family reunion", a fairly large crowd, all having a good time, all different colors and shades of faces. Unspoken, but the message was clear, that we can all get along, color of your skin is not important.

A made-for-TV movie, overall very well done, a good story, a worthwhile message.

When I Dream At Nite

Another karaoke song by Marc Anthony.My fave one.^___^

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Papi's Birthday Celebration @ Siantar,Aug 19th 2006

Hooray!!!!!!!!! Finally I got lots of pics from Joe.He was online today and he sent me bunch of pics of Papi's birthday.

Thnks a lot,hun. I am so excited to see the pics.

I missed twice of Papi's birthday. Hiks...hiks...hiks...

When I called Mami yesterday,she said she would cook Gado2,Rendang,Manuk Ni Atur. Aduuhhhh the last one,makes me really wanna go homeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Ayamnya,bow, khas Simalungun!!!!!!!!!

Mami made 2 Manuk Ni Atur. One for Papi,one for Amoy.Papi said,"Here,Amoy,one for you.We're glad you've been through the accident.Hope your life much better now."

Dahhh... I thought one for us. Hahahhaahaha.Amoy was surprised she got one. Lucky you,babe!!!

Manuk Ni Atur is the traditional Chicken from Bataknese ( esp,Simalungun Tribe ).Whoever is Bataknese,they know abt this Chicken.

Ngilerrrrrrrrrrrr...I think I gotta go to buy a whole chicken next time and cook like this.Ronnie likes it,too.We had one on our engagement day before.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday,Papi!!!!!!!!

I wish we were there for you. Maybe next year??? ^___^

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy Birthday,Papi!!!!



When the good Lord was creating fathers,He started with a tall frame.

A female angel nearby said,"What kind of father is that? If you're going to make children so close to the ground,why have you put fathers up so high? He won't be able to shoot marbles without kneeling,tuck a child in bed without bending or even kiss a child without a lot of stooping."

And God smiled and said," Yes,but if I make him childsize,who would children have to look up to?"

And when God made a father's hand,they were large and sinewy.

The angel shook her head sadly and said,"Large hands are clumsy.They can't manage diaper pins,smal buttons,rubber bands on ponytails or even remove splinters caused by baseball bats."

And God smiled and said,"I know,but they're large enough to hold everything a small boy empties from his pockets at the end of a day,yet small enough to cup a child's face."

And then God molded long,slim legs and broad shoulders.

The angle nearly had a heart attack."Boy,this is the end of the week,all right,"she clucked."Do you realize you just made a father without a lap?How is he going to pull a child close to him without the kid falling between his legs?"

And God smiled and said," A mother needs a lap.A father needs strong shoulders to pull a sled,balance a boy on a bicycle or hold a sleepy head on the way home from the circus."

God was in the middle of creating two of the largest feet anyone had ever seen when the angel could contain herself no longer." That's no fair.Do you honestly think those large boats are going to dig out of bed early in the morning when the baby cries? Or walk through a small birthday party without crushing at least threee of the guests?"

And God smiled and said,"They'll work.You'll see.They'll support a small child who wants to ride a horse to Banbury Cross or scare off mice at the summer cabin or display shoes that will be a challenge to fill.

God worked throughout the night,giving the father few words but a firm,authoritative voice and eyes that saw everything but remained calm and tolerant.

Finally,almost as an afterthought,He added tears.Then He turned to the angle and said,"Now,are you satisfied tat he can love as much as a mother?"

The angel shutteth up.



We love you.We adore you.You are the best father in the world.

We'll never forget how you love us unconditionally.

Mami,thanks for being a wife for Papi.Thnks for your faithfulness and a loyal wife.

We love you!!!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Tonite...Tonite...10 Minutes Ago

Just now....

Ronnie picked me to go to work in the bar.Before,Jenny called me ( Jen,thnks a lot ya.. udh ngobrol banyak tadi ).

I was doing dishes when Jenny called me.Ronnie handed the phone to me ( Jenny called me earlier,but I was napping ).

I thought,I could keep Ronnie waiting for another minutes while I was talking to Jenny on the phone.I was in the basement,uploading some pics abt Ikan Asin Jambal.

Then,I heard he called my name,"Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....." Ups.... he's abt ready to go, I think.I went upstairs,Mom just came back home from Matt & Mary's.

Ronnie's watching tv in the living room.I sat next to him, chit chat with Mom.I asked Ronnie to go.He said,"Oh..I am watching Celeb Death Match.It's fun!! " Wuihhhhh..he didn't wanna go.. Oh well.. I sat again.He said,"Dave will be fine in the bar."

Mom went to the kitchen and said,"Mei-Mei,I will charge you for the tax." I saw her got one cracker.Hahhahahaha.

Oh well. I took some pics.Believe me,we've never had had time time together for months,since we run the business.It's great to see three of us stay in home for awhile.

Ups...Ronnie called me. I gotta go...


Me & Pony Tail

Yesterday I tried a new hair style.Tired of letting my hair without any accessories,I made my hair as Pony Tail Style.

When I came down from the bedroom,I saw Ronnie in the living room with Steve. They were stunned to see me.Hahhahahaha.

Usually,Ronnie tells me not to dress like a teenager.He said,"You're not a young girl anymore,babe." Huhhhh. But,when I dressed like this yesterday,he said," look great,baby!!!" Makanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................

Masak Ikan Asin Jambal Sambal Terasi & Tumis Daun Ubi

Today,I cooked Ikan Asin Jambal & Daun Ubi.I called Mami a day before how to make Sambal Terasi.

Yummy........I feel good................. te ro re ro re ro rettttttttttttt... Hahahhahahaa.

I thought I left my camera in the bar,so I took Mom's manual camera.

When I had done cooking, I sprayed air parfume as much as possible and turned on the fan ( eventhough the AC is on,still I wanna turn on the fan ).

I took a nap and then woke up around 9 pm.I had the left over.When I checked my purse,I saw the cam was deep down the purse .Arggghhhhhh.. telat dehhhhhhhhh. Daun ubinya wes entekkkkkk ( Masak pake bawang & cabe iris plus terasi n ikan teri ).


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Eye Exam & Dinner @Applebee's

I went to Northgate Mall yesterday noon after finishing work in the bar. Ronnie had my eyes checked.

I lost my glasses on Sunday ( I think I lost them in Orchard Park,when we had Family Reunion there ).

Well, I went to Sears and had an eye exam.The doctor gave me contact lenses temporarily until I find the frames l like. I tried some glasses, but I just like 1 ( I took pic and showed it to Ronnie) ^___^

I was lazy to catch a bus to go home,so I called Ronnie.I thought hard how to make him come. Voila!! I got an idea.I said,"Hi,Baby.Come here.I'll treat you dinner." ^____^

He asked where I was.I told him I was in Northgate Mall and waiting for him.He accepted the invitation.He called again,"Babe,where you wanna eat?" I said," You pick,anywhere.Applebee's?" He said," Cool!!! Go there now,have a table,so we won't wait any longer."

Weks!!! I realize I don't liek Applebee's a lot. Too lateeeeeeeee..Just to make him happy ( cos he likes Applebee's ). Hehehehhehehe.

He came abt 5 mnt later and we ordered some food.There,we met Jason ( our regular karaoke customer ).He came with his parents.They sat behind us.

I paid for the dinner.I said to Ronnie,"Gimme back my money,hun." Heheheheh.He said,'Nooo....I pay your glasses." :P . Hahahhahahahaha. Lbh mahalllllllllllllllllllllll

I went to Cincinnati Bell had my cellphone changed.Then we went to the bar till midnite.

Yuhuuuu....Dapat Paket Lagi!!!! ( From Sera & Nia )

Last Thursday I got a package from Sera White ( I was in a hurry,it's the same day I went to Hearthland ).I kept the package in the basement.Sera had told me before she would like to send me Ikan Asin!!!! Hoorayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday,I got another package from Nia Norman.She called me a day before and said she would like to send me BengBeng & Royco!!!

Que feliz soy!!! I am so thankful they are so kind sending me some goodies.

Thank you so much,Sera & Nia.

The question is : How can I fry Ikan Asin without making the house smell fish? :D

Terbang ke AS, Jangan Bawa Jel ( Benda2 Cair )

Update: Senin, 14/08/2006, 14:22 wib
Terbang ke AS, Jangan Bawa Jel

JAKARTA, SENIN--Perusahaan penerbangan Singapura, Singapore Airlines, menyarankan kepada ppenumpang yang hendak terbang menuju atau dari Amerika Serikat (AS) agar tidak membawa cairan maupun jel dalam bentuk apapun ke dalam pesawat. Yang diizinkan adalah susu atau jus buah untuk bayi atau anak kecil, obat-obatan yang diresepkan oleh dokter kepada orang yang namanya tercantum dalam tiket pesawat, insulin dan obat-obat bebas.

Siaran pers Singapore Airlines kepada KCM itu menyebutkan, cairan maupun jel yang tidak termasuk dalam daftar di atas, termasuk minuman yang dibeli di bandara, tidak boleh dibawa masuk ke dalam pesawat. Sedangkan shampoo, krim, pasta gigi, jel rambut dan barang sejenis lainnya juga tidak boleh masuk ke dalam kabin, tapi harus masuk bagasi.

Bagi penumpang Singapore Airlines yang terbang dari Inggris, yaitu Bandara London Heathrow (3 penerbangan sehari) dan Manchester (1 penerbangan sehari), disarankan untuk menaati aturan bandara untuk tidak membawa apapun dalam kantung celana atau baju.

Penumpang diminta menyiapkan sebuah tas plastik transparan berisi: dompet beserta isinya (uang, kartu kredit, kartu identitas dan sebagainya), dokumen perjalanan (paspor, tiket pesawat dan sebagainya), obat-obatan sesuai resep dokter dan kebutuhan, serta kacamata tanpa kotaknya, lensa kotak tanpa botol cairannya.

Selain itu tas plastik transparan ini juga berisi makanan bayi, susu dan perlengkapan bayi selama penerbangan (bagi mereka yang bepergian membawa bayi), perlengkapan kebersihan perempuan (pembalut, handuk), saputangan atau tisu, dan kunci.

Penumpang Singapore Airlines juga harus bersiap untuk menjalani pemeriksaan sinar X atas alas kaki yang dipakai serta barang bawaannya. Sedangkan orang-orang cacat akan mendapat perlakuan khusus.

Karena proses pemerikaan keamanan yang amat ketat, pihak Singapore Airlines menyarankan para penumpangnya untuk check-in di bandara lebih awal dan bersiap menghadapi penundaan keberangkatan pesawat. (*/Ima)


sumber : Kompas

Dirgahayu Rep. Indonesia !!!! (Lupa Tanggal!! )


Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia......


Aduhhh piye toh???Sejak tinggal di sini,sampe skrg masih suka lupa tanggal dan hari..Bbrp kali ketinggalan event spt : Imlek,Paskah,Hari Pentakosta,Hari2 Nasional,malah pernah lupa Hari Natal

Baru ngeh semalam ditelp sama Dece,dia ngingatin ada acara 17 an di Centreville.Welehhhh... bagaimana ini? Kalo Dece gak singgung ttg 17 Agustusan,Mei2 gak bakalan tau dah. Yg pasti,masih ingat kalo ultahnya Papi 19 Agustus.

Alhasil,begitu tau hari ini 17 Agustus,sibuk deh baca2 berita.Kangen nonton Panjat Pinang,Lomba Makan Kerupuk,Balap Karung dll. Duhhh jadi pengen pulang neh


Btw, Dirgahayu Rep. Indonesia

17 Agustus 1945 - 17 Agustus 2006 .

Udh 61 thn ya ? Gak terasa. Kmrn2 ingatnya msh 56.




Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Crazy About My Husband .... And I am Glad You Are Mine

Genre: Romance
Author:Mark Gilroy Communications,Inc

Love is patient and kind.
Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.
Love doesn't demand its own way.
Love is not irritable,and it keeps no record of when it has been wrongred.
It's never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.
Love never gives up,never looses faith,is always hopeful,and endures through every circumstance.
Love will last forever

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8,NLT

Tadaaaaaaaa... I saw this book in a store and I was attempted to buy that.I thought I would give it as a gift to my Ronnie . I read one page and it tickled me a lot. It didn't take much time to think twice,the book was mine later on. ^____^

There're some funny quotes here that make Ronnie laugh ( esp.he's laughing at himself ). This is a very good book for husband ( if he's not a romantic one,buy this book.It shows husband how they treat their wive and it does kinda make husbands embarassed.) Hahahhahahah

Aug 14th - Dinner with The Lims at Home

Monday noon,Dhar called me. Instead of coming on Tuesday for lunch, he changed the plan to come on Monday evening ( the car was available on Monday,not Tuesday ). I called Ronnie and asked him if he could give them a ride to go back to Ronald Mc.Donald House after dinner. Ronnie said, “ Yes!”. He asked me not to go to the bar doing the inventories,he could do that.So, I stayed at home and cooked.

I called Mami and asked her abt the recipe of Steamed Red Snapper ( Chinese Style ). I bought lots of seafood on Sunday ( after church ). Caroline said Nadia didn’t wanna eat for days ( She’s missing to eat Steamed Red Snapper ). Voila!!! I had it for Nadia!!!

I was thinking what I would cook.Actually I had lots of menu to cook ( Finally I skipped some,cos I was afraid too many food to eat ).I skipped Ikan Asam Manis,Mie Pangsit,Lumpia Shanghai and Shabu – Shabu.

I had an idea.I went to the garden and picked the eggplant. Yihaaaaaaaaa… I had one and I fried it,mixed it with Sambel Ikan Gembung,bow…

So,here’re my menus : Kerupuk Udang & Emping,Nasi,Sambel Ikan Gembung,Bak Kecap,Rendang Bak,Cap Chai,Tempura,Ikan Kakap Kukus and…. As deserts were Rambutan sirup n Lemon Cake.

Caroline brought me soma magazines from Indo. Yeah!!!!!!! I’ve been longing to read Indonesian magazine here. Thnks, Line.

I called Ronnie to come home and had dinner together.He’s quite busy, he asked me not to wait for him. Finally he came home around 8.30pm, had a quick dinner,chit chat with The Lims and then he left back to the bar.He would give them a ride as soon as he’s done with his work. I asked The Lims to stay longer ( habis, msh kangen sih ). So,Ronnie said he would back back around 10.30-11 pm, if they didn’t mind.They said they didn’t.

Nadia whispered to her Mommy’s ear and said,” Iie Mei2 didn’t talk to Nadia.” Hahahhahaha.She wanted me to talk to her,too. I asked her to finish her food so I could talked to her.

She loves Red Snapper.When she’s eating,she said she liked Bak Kecap.Ohhh.. She skipped the Red Snapper and had Bak Kecap more. Hahhahahhahahaha. I am glad she likes my cooking.

Spending time in the living room,watching tv,Nadia asked me to colour with her.She took some pics and then she asked me to hold my stuff so she could take my pic. Mom said, “ Oh here she’s again. Lil Mei-Mei!!! “ Hahhahahaha.Everyone laughed.

Around 11.45 pm,Ronnie came home. We got ready and drove back to Ronald Mc.Donald House.

I am so glad I could spend time with them,meeting Indonesian here.

Nadia was sleepy in the car.She’s kinda cranky.hehhehehe.Thank God we got there before she overslept.

Thnks for coming,The Lims. See ya next time!!!!


Aug 13th - The Albers and The Abts Family Reunion, Orchard Park,Winton Woods

Mom told us that on Sunday she had family Reunion.It’s 2 families, The Albers ( Aunt Rita’s family reunion ) and The Abts( Mom’s family ).

Mom,whose last name is Abt, has 11 sister and brother.Aunt Rita herself has 12 kids.Wow!!!!

I am so glad to be taken to meet the whole family from Mom’s side.Ronnie asked me to go with Mom,cos he had to do something in the bar ( He came later around 5 pm ).

The family reunion was held at Orchard Park.Goodness!!!! We’re lost for abt 30 mnts.Mom wasn’t quite sure where the park was. Hahahhahahhahaha.

Then I called Ronnie.He gave Mom directions.We brought Lizzy and Bryan there,too.

We arrived in the park around 3.30pm. There’s a lady welcomed Mom.I didn’t know who she was.Mom introduced me and said,”Mei2, this is Aunt Betty,my younger sister.” Awwwwwwwwww.. I didn’t know abt her!!! ^_____^ Mom told everyone that I am Ronnie’s wife.

I realized that there’re 4 Rons in the family. Aihh……. Miskin nama ,sampe banyak nama Ron di kel.hehehehhehe. Ronnie ( Aunt Rita’s husband and her son ), Ron ( Mom’s belated husband ) and my Ronnie!!!! Hihihihihihihi

Later,I was introduced to Uncle Andy,Uncle Joe ( who married to Aunt Aida,Spanish lady ), Uncle Eddy and Aunt Rita. Aunt Pat,Uncle Chris and another Uncle ( forgot his name ) and Aunt Debby didn’t come.

Ronnie was playing with the kids.Bryan wanted to have a balloon.Ronnie blew it and I took his pic.He’s embarrassed.He turned his back and I took it quietly when he was blowing.He turned his back,again.hahhahahhahaha

Oh ya,in the reunion,I met some customers.Duran,said,” Are you the owner of the bar?We’ve been there last Sat.” I remembered his friends.I said,” Yes,I saw you last Sat.” Goodness!!!!!!!! They’re still our families!!! They’re Aunt Betty’s grandchildren.hahahhahahah. The world is really small.

Oh well, we had great time.We went home around 8.30 pm. Then Mom took me to the bar and I was ready to work again.

Here’re plenty of pics!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Fancy Wardrobe Accessories

Category:   Collectibles
Price:   $ 15.00 ++

One set fancy minatur of shoe,hat and bag.The sizes are only 1 big point finger. Lots of colour and models.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ladies Summer Getaway, Aug 12th 2006 ( Day 3 )

Finally the trip was over. We're home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a wonderful trip.
It's for Ann Marie, I put on my hat and accessories ( since she wasn't there when I joint the Fashion Show .She came a day later ).

I am so blessed!!!

Ladies Summer Getaway, Aug 11th ( Day 2 )

Aug 11 2006, Thursday

I woke up around 7.30am.Jocelyn woke me up.^___^.We went to Cafetaria, had rolls and coffee. Then it's continued with a program " Laughing with Life - Medicine for the Soul by Lin Kirschman ( Ms.America 1970 ). " The most wasted of all days is that one in which one has not laughed ". A glad heart makes a happy face, a broken heart crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15 : 13.

Around 10.15am we had brunch.This time it was ommelete,bacon,bread and oatmeal.Oh my...I was stuffed!!!

11.15 AM - 12.15 PM Workshop I

I chosed the " Shipwreck - Proof Your Marriage " by Migdalia Soza.She's talking abt marriage life. The tounge,like a rudder of a ship, is powerful.How do you as a wife speak to your husband? Sometimes we don't know how to talk to our husband.Instead of praising him, we just only could complain without giving any rewards to him ,like saying,"thank you for working hard for the family,thank you for your attention,thank you for providing everything,ect."

I am so blessed with this sermon.Once the service was over, I called Ronnie.I said to him,"Hi,baby,how's my love doing?"He said,"Oh hun,I am tired. I am missing you.I am at work now." Hey!!!! I had a chance to say something to him,"Baby,thank you so much for working hard.Thank you for providing everything.I miss you." He said," Hm....that sounds good!!! I love ya,baby."He laughed there.I said,"Do you need anything from here ?" He said," I need you.I have been missing you so much." ^______^ I said to him,"I am coming home tomorrow,hun.Did you get my note on your bed?" He replied,"Yes,I did!!! Thank you,baby." ^____^

I promised I would call him later.So,I went to another hall, I was thinking to attend the 2nd workshop.But,I was too sleepy.I went out and took a nap.( Actually I went shopping some stuff before going to the dorm ).Hehhehehehe.

1.30-5 PM


We're given plenty of time to do our own activities.Inflatables,rappeling,high ropes,swimming,hiking trails,group pics and horse riding!!!

Carrie,me,Jocely and Kathy went to have horse riding.We walked to one place and there're 5 horses.Each of us had one.We made Jocelyn ride,too.^______^

I was kinda scary with the horses.They're big!!! Jocelyn took my pics and I kept looking at the horse next to me.Scaryyyyyyyyy

The horse couch took us to a wood.We had a very nice track around the wood.I took some pics and recorded.A few times I found my leg hit some trees.Hahhahahaha.Untung gak jatuh.

I really enjoyed it.I wish we had 1 hour ride.Hahhahahaha.We went back to the dorm and I was ready to swim. Ann Marie just arrived.We chit chat for a while and I went to the swimming pool.I swam abt 10-15 mnts only.I had a shower and got ready to have dinner.

When I was in the room ,Kathy asked me to see what on top of Ronnie's pic was. I put Ronnie's pic on top of my headbed and I saw there're some flowers there!!! Wahhhhhhh..... So sweettttttttttt..Kathy said," I was having a walk today and I picked some flowers.You told me you miss Ronnie so much,so I think I wanna give you some flowers."Aghhhhh very sweet thought of you,Kathy.God bless you.


Dinner was good.Beef stew,carrot and potatoes plus dinner roll.They had cakes ( oreo ice cream and cheesecake plus cake with coconut on top ).Yummy...yummy... and salad!!!!

I realized I missed country candle ring and bow - making at 1.30pm.Daaaaaaaa...I was sleeping at that time. :(

7 PM - Evening Service with Joy

Another service by Joy.She's a very energetic lady,full of spirit ( who can believe she's 72 ???? ) She's wonderful.

I enjoyed the service. Around 10 pm we had Bonfire with hotdogs and smores in a field.I had a hotdog and sprite.

Kathy called me.She said there's a Hey Ride.I didn't know what it was,till Kathy Deal asked me to go. ( Kathy Deal and her husband used to live in Bandung ,see my previous blog ). So, I walked to a wagon.I sat on it with grass all's cool!!!!!!

The driver took us around.I loved it!! I called Ronnie and told him what I was doing.He was glad knowing I was having fun.

I had another round and we were dropped in front of the hall.

12 PM


It's 12.31 am, I am ready to bed. I am so cold. I forgot to bring my thick blanket.

Nighty nite. I can't wait to go home tomorrow.I called Ronnie and Mom this evening,they're so excited.Mom said she's lonely,but the most lonesome is Ronnie. Hehehhehehehe. I'll be back home,tomorrow!!!!




Mei - Mei Ries

Ladies Summer Getaway-Colombus,Aug 10-12th 2006 ( DAY 1 )

Hearthland, Colombus - Aug 10th 2006

Kathy picked me from home around 12.45pm.We arrived a lil bit late at church.There, Carrie had been waiting for us.

Around 1.30pm we left for Colombus.We’re ready for Ladies Summer Gateaway 2006.
Sitting on the front seat with Carrie made me see a lot ( actually,not seeing a lot,buat talking a lot ). Hahhahahhaha.What a chatter.

We arrived at Hearthland around 4pm.It’s far from the crowds.It’s kinda countryside.Very nice spot.I felt like I am in a real country side ( Indeeeeeeddddddd ) :P

We registered our names and we got our own room.Carrie stays in the Missionaries room,across our room.Meanwhile me,Kathy,Barb and Jocelyn stay in one room.We have bunk beds. I have the corner one.There’re 6 beds in one room.

I put on my bed sheet,pillow case ( we brought our own stuff but bed itself ).I brought Ronnie’s pic and put on my pillow. ^_____^ *missing you so much,babe* L


Dinner was started at 5 pm.The food was rich and delivious.We pork roast and gravy,potatoes,stuffed bread and cheesecakes!!!!!!! Aihhh…. I couldn’t wait to have cheesecake. Kathy knew I was waiting for the cheesecake.Hahahhaha.Thank God we didn’t wait for a long time to have line.

They serve salad,too.Help your self - salad.They provide pop and milk.Anything you can have,we can refill the drinks and have more cheesecakes and salad,too.

I was stuffed.I didn’t eat all my meat.I just had a couple spoons,salad and cheesecake.


The committee welcomed us.We have plenty of activities to do within 3 days. We have signed up to ride horse,candle making ( yihaaaaa ) and jump high ropes,and myself ,I signed up for Island Fashion Show!!!!


We had a fellowship tonite. Joy is a very energic preacher.She’s wonderful.She preached abt how God creates us wonderfully complex.We gotta have self confidence with what we have,what we are.


I changed my clothes.I prepared my stuff to compete at the competition.We had snack time in the cafetaria.

The committees asked the contestants to come out and waited till our names were called.
Everyone was called. I was the 6th contestant. I walked out from the isle and put on my hat.Yihaaaaa…… I acted like a model. There’s a lil stage there. I matched my outfits.The theme was “ Tropical Dress “ * proudly presented by Indonesian!!! *

Blue outfits,blue earrings,blue necklace,blue shoes,blue bracelet,white hat with blue flower on top. What a match!!!

There’re 10 contestants.The committees were ready to announce the winners.They called my name!!!!! Hoorayyyyyyy!!! There’re 5 winners!!!!!! I was so excited. I thank God for that and said, “ Viva Montgomery Assembly of God ,Cincinnati!!! “ The ladies were excited,too.

I knew I would win. I knew it.I had a faith. ^___^.
The fashion was over.When I was ready to leave,there’s a lady came to me and said, “ Apa kabar?” Wahhhhh I was so excited!! She speaks Indonesian.She told me she used to live in Bandung for couple years.They ministered in Bandung and now they ( she and her husband ) minister students in Colombus ( Indonesian and Pinoys ). I know her husband. I met him once in our church a couple months before.She said she liked Gado - Gado. Hahahhaha. Jadi pengen makan neh.

I went back to our bedroom and I called Ronnie.I told him I won the competition.One from 5 winners.He’s glad I made it.

Geee… I am missing him so much. L .When I asked him what he needed from here,he said,” I need you,baby.” L I left him a not on his bed.He said he got it. ^____^

Anyway,it’s 12.09 am rite now. I gotta go to sleep. I am so tired and sleepy. I’ll come back with new stories tomorrow.

Nighty nite….



Monday, August 7, 2006

Ladies' Craft Nite - Candle Making, Mon Aug 7th 2006

I went to bed around 4am this morning and woke up around 11 pm. I checked our inventories and then left home.


I cooked Rendang and fried crackers Caroline gave me yesterday. I had my very late lunch at 4pm.


Once I was done,I wrote a note on the stove.” I am napping. Go ahead to have dinner,Mom.I am coming down later.  – Love, Mei – Mei “.


Yes, I wrote it down and let everyone I was napping. I didn’t want to be disturbed. What I needed was only nap. I was hunger of nap.My whole body feels like broken rite now.


Around 6.30pm,I woke up.I called Ronnie,he said he’s in the living room.He came to bed and I asked him a favour to drop me to the library. There’s a Candle Making Nite for Ladies’ Craft Nite.


When I arrived there,everyone was busy decorating the candles. I saw some empty glasses and I took 3 of them. I sat and started pourin the candle wax. Sybelle,the Pinoy lady came with her 2 kids later, everything’s gone but the candle wax.She just picked some  cos she has some containers at home.



I brought home 3 candles and borrowed some DVD and a cooking book. I had to pay my debt ( months ago , I was charged for not returning stuff ). Heheheheheh.I love borrowing stuff,but I didn’t have much time to read or watch. Once I paid, I was allowed to borrow some.


Ronnie picked me around 7.30pm.I told him I did need a break from the bar.He understood.He went to the bar and went home around 11pm.Thank God,finally he came home earlier. Lately he only has 2-3 hours sleeping.


Oh well… here’re my Candles!!!!



my very 1st candle




my 2nd one




my 3rd one



what are you doing, Putty ? Hahahhahahahah .Smelling the candles

Meeting Indonesian Couple,The Lim - Sunday Aug 6th 2006

Sunday morning we went to church.After that,we visited an Indonesian couple to Ronald Mc.Donal House.The Lim family,Dharmawan,Caroline and their daughter,Nadia ( 5 ).

Dharmawan got my phone no from Wanita Online.The 1st time he called me a week ago,I thought he’s my friend from ex college.I teased him ( I didn’t realize till he said he has kid , my friend hasn’t got married yet ). Within seconds,I realized I talked to someone else.Hahahahha Mei2 dodollllllllllll

So, after chatting a couple times, I asked Ronnie to set the date to visit them.Finally we had time on Sunday.

We arrived there around 1pm.They’re having lunch.I asked them to stop cooking and went out with us to have lunch.

Caroline was frying egg before.I asked her to stop.hahahhaha.She had some crackers.Ngiler dah liat kerupuk dari Indo.She gave me uncook crackers. Hooray!!!! Jadi nodong org neh. :D

We’re waiting for Nadia to finish her food and Dhar took us to their room.He took us to some other rooms in the house.It’s beautiful house!!!

When we were ready to leave,we saw 2 cute doggies on the front door.They call them “Therapist Dogs “.

Ronnie asked where to eat.He recommended to have American Food.Behhhh… Fortunately,they don’t like it.Hahahhahaha.Kacian deh Ronnie. I offered them to eat at Dynasty Buffet.Then Ronnie said,”What about Benihana, Japanese ? “!!!!!!!! We’ve passed that resto a couple times,but we didn’t have any chance to eat there.So,this time was perfect!

We had one table and waited for the cook.Nadia was excited.She asked many questions.Hahahahaha.This lil cute girl was curious.They had Shrimp Tempura Yaki Udon,Ronnie had Rocky bla bla bla ( forgot the name ) :P meanwhile I had my Teriyaki with Scallions.

The salad tasted good, moreover the FRIED RICE.Mamamia!!!! The best fried rice ever!!! Even Dhar and Caroline were the same page with me. Rugi deh Ronnie pesan nasi putih doank. Hihihihihi. But,he sneaked my chicken. L

Ronnie played with the glass.It made sound when he put his wet finger around the top.Dhar and Caroline tried,too,it worked. ^___^

The trip wasn’t finished yet.We went to Try County Mall.We took The Lim to visit some stores.Caroline was excited to see toys.Goodness…what a real mother.^___^
She bought shoes for Nadia and some toys for Nadia n Vanessa ( Nadia’s sister in Jkt ).Btw, Happy B’day to Vanessa!!! Today is her b’day!!! May God Bless You!! Dhar showed us her pic yesterday.

Nadia is a Helly Kitty fan.Everything related to Helly Kitty,she’ll love it. Her parents told us and I won’t wonder when she took an Hello Kitty umbrella.Hahahhahahaha. You go,girl!!!

We spent a couple hours in the Mall.Ronnie and Dhar went to Spencer.Then we went to Disney’s Land.Dhar went to a bookstore.I bought a parfume from Victoria Secret.Ronnie didn’t let me see some clothes next door. L He pulled my hand and said,”Baby,you have plenty of clothes.Enough for 1 year. “ idihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

We took them back to Ronald Mc.Donald House around 6.30pm.Nadia fell asleep.Aduhh… she’s exhausted.

Next time we try to set a date to meet The Lim.It’s our honour could meet Indonesian couple here. Hopefully everything will run well.

Our prayers for Nadia’s health!!!

We had fantastic and wonderful day!! Ronnie was pleased he could spend time with me moreover meeting Indonesians!!! ( We’ve never spent time together like this before,cos we’re really busy working ).

See ya next time. I hope we could visit you again next week!! ^___^

God bless!!!!

Desy & Cie Ira's Visiting to Our Bar

Desy called me abt a week ago,said that she and Cie Ira would like come to visit us at the bar. I thought I could cook some for them,but alas, I was really exhausted lately. ( I wanna make correction,on last Thursday,when we had event, indeed total more than 600 people showed up in the bar ).

I was mopping the back bar when I heard Desy’s voice.Cie Ira came along.I asked them to hang out with me in the back bar meanwhile I kept continuing mopping the floors.

They listened to every story I had.hahahhaa.Pendengar sejati neh. Then Desy said,”Mei2, we wanna eat dessert.” Ups…. After discussing,we decided to go to TGIF.

Ronnie asked me to buy an apple.Duhh..gaya,mentang baru beli alat utk potong apel and asked me to buy a cake for Renee’s bday.

We left the bar around 10pm.We just only had dessert there. I teased the waiter.Of course,took pic with him,too. Hihihihihi.

Then,we went to Kroger. I bought some beef stew and chicken.I wanted to cook Rendang again. ^___^

Not long after that,we went back to the bar.Ronnie had his apple and the girls left.

It was great nite.I’ve never met Desy n Cie Ira for months ( since May !! )

Thank you for coming,girls.I am looking forward to meeting you again.

Deceeeeeeeeeeee, 2 minggu lagi kita ketemuan yaooooooooooooo. :P

Ps.... Ronnie called and said,"babe,next time can you find me better apple,pls?"

Aduh,ternyata apelnya busuk,bow. Nyesel deh cuma beli 1 biji ( emang dia cuma minta 1 biji doank sih ).

Friday, August 4, 2006

Shopping to Thrift Store Again ^___^

Duh.... again!!!!!!!!! Shopping mania. Hehehehehehe. I called Ronnie from work,once I was done with the delivery,I'd go to Thrift Store again. He was quite for awhile and said,'Hm... but don't waste all your money,babe."
OK ,BOSS!!!!!!!!

I made good tips last nite ( almost 100 bucks ). I bought some clothes again, a Jlo look alike - hat and some glasses. ^___^

Mike,our Dj called me.He wanted to pick his stuff in the bar.I asked him to wait till around 3pm.This time I didn't stay longer ( if Mike hadn't had called me,I've been stayed there longer ) >_< .This time my bill was less than yesterday.

I called Mike and asked him to pick me around 3pm.We went to the bar with Scott and picked his stuff.I asked Scott to drop me home.

I washed some of the clothes today.^___^. Goodness, I have lots of clothes now.They're enough for 1 year.Hahahhahaha

Free Stuff Is Here!!!

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Today I got a surprise.I checked the mail box,and I saw a box from Walmart.Aha!!! I knew it must be the free sample.

I saw my name was written down there.Free Sample from Tide Detergent.Hooray!!!!


When I came back home from work,I got another stuff.Free recipe book from Eagle. Yeahhh!!! I can bake new cakes then.

Thnks,Walmart n Eagle!!!!



4.26 AM : BUSTED OUT!!!!

yes, 4.33 am. We just got home. Really tired. We're busted tonite.There's an event in the bar.A guy named Cross promotes his album " Do The Sal  - Sal '. ( I've heard this song in the radio many times ).

More than we expected!!! More than 400 people attended the event.The bouncer stopped counting with the counters. ( Ronnie told me  later that there're like 100 people were outside of the bar,tried to get in and tried to bribe with 100 bucks.)

Ronnie asked me to bartend in the back bar.Many people went to the back bar.I couldn't handle by myself ( reseh2 sih, jadi sebel ),so I had Danny,our bouncer and Scott,a friend, help me.

There're 2 guys tried to bull me.They thought I was stupid not knowing they had taken some cups and claimed I still owed them 3 more cups. Oo... not me,buddy.Don't mess up with me.I saw his friends sneaked his hands and grabbed 3 cups when I turned my head.

He tried to push me and had me given 3 more cups.Nope! When I asked him to pay 130 bucks,he pretended not to know.Oh well...he was full of #$^#^#. Keluar deh preman saya.^___^. I demanded him to pay me sum of money.He himself asked me to change my attitude. Hello?????.Gak salah tuh ?

I said to him," You're lying to me,buddy.Don't bull me.You pick the wrong person.Eventhough I am busy here,my memories are still strong.I saw  your friend took the drinks.Now pay me."

He kept pretending not to know.He asked Danny to give him 3 more drinks.I said,'No, Danny.Do not do anything.He gotta pay me."

He refused to pay.He kept telling me lies.I said,' Man, we HAVE CAMERAS here.You want me to replay that ?? Don't bull me. You ain't smart enough.You yourself gotta change YOUR ATTITUDE.I've met many people like you. If you don't have any money, don' t ever try to come here and bull me."

He couldn' defend himself.He gave me 120 bucks.I said," 10 bucks more!!! " . He gave me another 10 bucks.

When Giovanni came,another bouncer to the back bar,these guys told him stories.I said,' Keep telling lies.The more you talk,the more clearer lies to tell." I said to Giovanni,"Throw him away from the bar.NOW!!"

Ronnie wasn't there,even Dave wasn't there.I was nervous,but I thought I could have handled it. Ronnie knew the story and he made these guys out.

We just came back home.I am so starving. This morning I gotta go back to the bar,waiting for the beer delivery.

Really tiredddddddd................