Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sept 26th : The Lees' Visiting

Rini sent me message saying that they'd like to visit us yesterday. I had prepared to cook something for them. But,then again she called and said they changed the plan for tomorrow ( tonite ).

I made Rempeyek Kacang. She called me abt 8 pm. Kinda lost a lil bit, couldn't find the house. He he he he he he.

Arjuna is getting bigger and bigger and healty boy. He played around. I took out all the cars Ronnie has ( he has a full basket of cars!!!! ).

Rini had another intention to stop by.Since she would go back home to Indo next month,she's afraid couldn't come to my baby shower. So,she dropped the goodie ,so she won't feel bad if she can't make it. Duhhhhhh jadi gak enak hati nih.

Arjuna and David played around.They had a bite of roti tawar with srikaya.David asked," what is it made from ?" I told him," Yolks." He said,' What? Ox????" Ha ha ha ha ha. Gak lah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :P

Rini needed to change Arjuna's diaper. Arjuna pooped. Rini took him upstairs ( the bathroom ).He cried for a few mnts. Bet he's sleepy.

Rini took home a few toys for Arjuna.When they left, I saw a blue bip on the couch. I called Rini, David answered.I told him they left the bip. He said," That's ok,Mei2. We can pick it up next time. Unless we left money there. Did we? " I told him, " No. You left Arjuna's poop here. I need to throw it to trash can in the drive way. " ha ha ha ha ha. I heard David n Rini laughed over there.

When they left, I opened the goodies. Wow!!! another pinky clothes for Baby Ries, doll and story books. ^___^. Hey... I'll read them before Baby Ries will. Ha ha ha ha ha ( gini2 msh demen baca buku cerita anak2 ).

Thank you, The Lees. Have a nice trip next month!!!!!!!!!!

Package from The Schalhamers

I was surprised. This noon when I went dowstairs, I checked my mail box. Somebody just dropped a package in front of the door. I saw a post man walked into his car and left.He's left before he heard me saying " thank you and good bye."

I picked it up and read it from Lidya,Brian & Darren Schalhamer Wow!!!!!!!! Why should bother,sis????

It was a lovely package.Pinky stuff. Ha ha ha ha ha. Thank you so much. Yes, they'll be useful for Baby Ries later on.

Thank you ,thank you thank you soooo much!!! We love to see baby Darren's pic,too.He's cute!!!

God bless you !!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Package from Sera & Mami Tina

I checked my mail, I got a package from Sera White. Ikan Asin Jambal,bow!!!!!!!! ^___^ . Sayang, udh keburu goreng ikan asin lainnya, jadi jambalnya disimpan ke kulkas dulu. Thnks, Sera


Steph went downstairs and told me, " Aunty Mei2, there's a package for you from Target. " Ha ????????? Did I listen to it rightly ????

Indeed, I was browsing Target site on that day, and saw there're 2 items were fulfilled,but didn't know who bought them.

Penasaran ceritanya, I went upstairs. Goshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! 2 big boxes were in the living room already. Mom had me check who the sender was. Bah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Mami Tina!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^______________________^

Duh, Mami sayanggggggggggggggggggg, jadi ngerepotin nih beliin baby stuff segala. So excited. Couldn't be happier. I read the note and it made me feel so gooooooooooooooddddddddddddddd ( anak 19 thn bntr lagi mo brojolin baby ). ha ha ha ha ha .

Mom was excited too.She asked," Who in the earth is so kind to you,Mei2 ???? Tell her how sweet and nice she is !!!!!! " I said to her," Ohhh trust me, I'd thank her many many times . " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Steph helped me unpack the boxes. I had a difficult time before ( maklum, baru kali ini punya peralatan baby, habis, blm pernah hamil sih ) :P

Rada2 nervous juga. :D

Ronnie came home abt 10 mnts after we had the stuff. I asked him to the living room. He said," What is it, baby ? What you wanna show me ? "

I pointed him the stuff on the couch. He said,' Wow!!!!! Who sent you these stuff ???? I like this one ( he pointed the pinky bouncer ). You did pick a girly stuff,baby. Ha ha ha ha ha. "

Ronnie had me sent message to Mami Tina. I did. ^___^.

Thank you so much, Mi.. God bless you after what you've done to me ( thnks for the Xmas package last year,too !!! ).

Tuhan berkati deh buat semuanya..... Muachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sept 12th : Zum Geburtstag viel Glück,Mom!!!!

Yippe!!!! That date was Mom's bday. Fortunately it was our off nite. Ronnie changed the off nite from Thurs to Wed.

So,it was a perfect moment for us to celebrate it. I texted Ronnie and reminded him abt Mom's bday. Ronnie replied, " Tell her, I'll cover her. "

Oh well.. Mom came with the idea having family dinner at that nite. I told her, Ronnie would take care of it.

Ronnie waited for us at Northgate Mall ( since I told him dinner would be at 6 pm @ Olive Garden ). But,Mom did do some errands, so we delayed it till 7 pm then 7.30 pm.

Ronnie had reserved the table for us. While waiting for the table, Ronnie handed Mom a bag. Wahh... it's a bday gift!!! I was surprised, Ronnie did take care of it. ^___^. He bought a card and wrote down, " From Ronnie & Mei - Mei ." ^_____^

Mom's excited. She got a parfume!!!! We walked into the resto,and she sprayed some. She ordered Margarita for her drink ( sejak bantu2 di bar,Mom jadi punya minuman fave besides Washington Apple ) :D

Alas, I didn't eat all the food. Had stomachache, didn't feel like wanna eat it at all. ( halahhhh...memang gak demen makanan bule nih org ) :P

Just only a few spoons, I was done ( again... and againnnnnnnn ).
Coba kalo dibawa jajan ke kaki lima, langsung angkat kaki secepat mungkin. Hi hi hi hi hi.

We went home,meanwhile Mom dropped some food for Dave to the bar. The rest of the nite ??? Ronnie played game and I went to bed.. Ngorokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D

Happy bday,Mom!!! Tuhan berkati yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Muachhhhhhh

* My fam called on Sept 15th to greet Mom. I gave them wrong date. Aduh,sorry bangetttt *. :D

Krucil2 Yg Centil

Ini nih... kecentilan... Liat kamera,langsung bergaya. :D

Meten kalo udh main ke Siantar,pasti cari temen, pergi ke blkg. Liat anak2 kecil dia langsung manggil," Teman, ayo main sama Meten. " ha ha ha ha ha.

Si Oom Joe sibuk berfoto ria, yg jadi korban 2 krucil ini, Ching2 n Meten.

Ampun dah.......... kyknya bsk lusa kudu krm 1 kamera ke Medan,biar mrk bisa fotoan sampe puas . ^__^

Love you, kiddos!!!!

Con Te Partiro con Mi Familias :(

Time to say goodbye............

Wish you all the best, till we meet again.

Love you so much,my family!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,Papi,Mami,Cie Beby + Ching2 ,Cie Vie, Ko Cen , Meten & baby to be, Amoy, Titie, Joe, other families n friends....

Sept 1st: I'm Home!!!!!

Ronnie picked me up abt 9 am to the airport. I was waiting for him and munching Kripik Pisang n Kue Bawang ( plus, had to push my luggages to the front door ). :P

I was so excited to see Ronnie again. Mom's was excited,too. Wow... it was just like the 1st time I came here,again!! De javu!!!!

Ronnie and Mom saw the Baby Ries' 3D/4D. Ronnie had seen it when we chatted ^___^.

Went upstairs,laying down, I gave Ronnie goodie from SQ.Since he likes collecting aeroplanes,I bought him the twin key chains. It makes sound and has lights on. He likes them. :D

Ronnie's being goofy, he took a pen and wrote some words on my knee. Ha ha ha ha ha. " Mei, love ya ". Duhhhh.. laki ditinggal bentar, udh begini tingkahnya, romantis2an segala. :P

At nite, I opened up my suitcases. Got some cookies, Nastar for Mom ( Cie Vie made for her ) , and Kue Salju for Ronnie.

Since Mom would have her bday, my fam bought her a pair of Batik PJ.She loves them,esp. they're blue. They bought Ronnie a Batik formal shirt.

I was unpacking my stuff in the living room. Smell started coming out. He he he he he. Iyalah,bawa jengkol n pete, plus terasi segala sih . :P

I thought I had brought lots of stuff,but not. I wasn't sure how much my suitcases weighted,that's why I turned down some stuff were offered by my family. Duhhh......... nyesel bangetttttttttttttt.

Looking for rice in the kitchen, I found nothing. Mom said, " Since you left, I didn't cook rice." Duhhhhhhhhhhhh.. lafar beratttttttttttt...

Willy nilly, I ate noddles all nite long. The very next morning, I went to Kroger and bought 2 packs of rice. Balas dendam makan nasi sehari semalam. :P

Friday, September 21, 2007

Aug 30th : Departed to US ( Meeting Lina, MPer )

Depearted from Medan at 8.40pm, arrived in SIN at 11 pm. Called my family and Ronnie immediately. Telling him," I don't wanna go back to States. Let me go back home to Medan . " He screamt there, he said," That's not fair, hun.I've been waiting for you dying here. Please come home. " :D

I called Lina , Mper who lives in SIN. We arranged a plan to meet the next day.She said she'd be at the airport around 12 noon. Ok then.

I checked into the Transit Hotel at 12.30 am and then bought some meals ( ughhh... BK in SIN didn't taste good , or maybe it's only me ???? ).

Went to bed abt 2.30am ( yeahhh wayyyyyyyyyyy too late ). I just only had a couple hours sleeping.By the time alarm was on, I had to get up and still sleepy. Took a shower, cleaned up and packed my stuff again.

Waiting for Lina around 12 noon, I walked around,bought bfast.Goshh... I was still tired and sleepy, fell asleep at the lounge. I suddenly got up and sought for phn booth.

Lina said she'd been waiting for me abt 30 mnts ago.She's at the airport. Alamak!!!!!!!! Sorry banget, Lin.

After asking the immigration, I was allowed to walk out. Lina and her 2 lovely kids were waiting for me ( Cally & Cleon ).

Lina treated me for lunch at Thai Resto. We had awesome food ( Duh.. baru ini nih kenyang makannya, after all.. menderita banget di pesawat, muntah2 terussssssssssss tiap 5-10 mnt.Mo pingsan rasanya,badan sakit,kaki bengkak,perut sakit,makan cuma 2-3 suap, udh gak sanggup makan lagi.Mo give up rasanya minta dilemparkan langsung ke Cincy ) :(

The kids played around. Bet the waitresses were kinda annoyed cos the kids messed around. ha ha ha ha ha ha. Lina gave me Dodol Durian, Kue Bulan & Bee Cheng Hiang ( Dendeng Bak ).Enak bangetttttttttttttttttttt.... Xie xie ni, Lina.

Then, Lina took me to have Ice Cream. It tasted so good.. The kids and I played around. They're lovely and nice kids. Easy going - kids. Missing them now!!!!

After spending time with Lina and the kids, I checked in back and waited till 5pm to catch the next flight. Thank God I had a room and spent a couple hours with Lina, otherwise didn't know what to do from 8 am - 5 pm in the airport!!!!!!!!!

Checked into the flight,my suffer was started. I couldn't eat at alllllllllll.. Hiks.....menderita ....menderita....menderita....... Just smelt the food had made me puke!!! I had to go to the lavatory many times. I sat next to the kitchen. Goshhhhhhh.........

1-2 spoons and then I was done. Habis,gmn ?? gak enak sih :( I asked whether they had steamed rice ( so I could eat the Dendeng Bak ),but alas,they didn't have.

The trip this was very long for me. I couldn't sleep at all, keep looking at my watch when I'd be home. Duhhh lama benerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

In HK, I thought I lost my cam. I was so panicked and reported it to one officer. He came back and said," the Immigration people they didn't see it there. " Duh....

I remembered I stopped and sat at the waiting lounge. I came back there and saw my cam!!!!!! OMG!!!! It's sitting there next to Indian couple. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had lost it!!!! I wouldn't forgive myself forever if I lost it ( lots of pics of my family there!!! ). :D

In SFO, I bought some food. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't like it,but had to eat something at least. Called Ronnie and asked him to pick me on Sat morning ( I was wrong, I told him before to pick me on Sun morning ).

When I was done making a phn call,there's a lady asked how I used the phn booth. She wanted to call her godfather. I offered her using my phn card. Her name was Celina, Guamnese lady.She'd fly to Florida meeting her family. We chit chat and I gave her information to buy phn card. I haven't sent her any emails yet ( later.......)

4.5 hours flying from SFO - CVG really made me nervous. Couldn't wait to see Ronnie again!!! ^____^

Finally I arrived abt 7.40 am. Aghhh.....Lovely Cincinnati was seen from the air !!! Ready to pick up my stuff and meet Ronnie. :P

Finally... back to Cincinnati,safely.... Thank you,Lord.

Thank you, Lina, for your hospitality. I do appreciate it so much.May God bless you and the family.

Ching2 : Saya Bergirang ( Ada yg Kentut???? ) ^___^

Ching2 videotaping one of our nighty activities. She likes taking pics and taping.Maybe she knows she got bunch of pics in the cam.

She's teasing Papi.. then, Amoy came with a big surprise. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aug 30th : Last Hours in Indonesia ( Tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk )

Like or dislike, I had to go home to States. Wuihhhhh..........

Trying not to cry at all,but couldn't help. Hiding myself and let the tears come down, didn't wanna look at my family ( afraid they would see the tears,and so did they ).

Our habits, we usually write down a note/ letter one each other. Ufhhhh.......... I hate the farewell...........

Ko Khaidir came and offered to drop us to the airport.

We stopped by at Oom Lukas' church, chit chat and prayed,then departed to the airport at 7.30pm.

Wuih.................... my tears .........tried hard to wipe them off.

Happy... happy.... be happy.... I always said that to myself. But,alas..... sad...sad.....sad.....sad..... came around my mind. :(

I was afraid I couldn't see Papi again, I was afraid I couldn't attend his next bday again. Afraid .............afraid............afraid............afraid........... too much afraid in my mind. Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cie Vie said," Time runs so fast. I felt like we just picked Mei2 up from the airport,now we'll take her back there. " Ufhhhhhhh........

Amoy took care of my ticket.I met Titin, old friend from college. I was flattered she spent time to come by and said goodbye to me. Bless your heart, Titin.( hope you'll have baby girl this time ). She gave me a present ( I opened it 2 weeks ago, it's a lovely necklace!!! Thank you, Titin ).

Papi was kinda quite. He was counting the minutes, I bet. Gosh.... I love you,Papi. I love you,Mami.. Wish I could extend my trip ( but I got stuck with the pregnancy and time limit ).

Taking some pics before leaving, spending mutual moments with my family, those were I really wanted to be forever. But,Ronnie's waiting for me .

Bet I wouldn't cry,but I failed. Couldn' t pretend anymore.Hugging one each other, telling how much we love each other, wish we could meet someday. Oh my......... ripped my heart off at all.

Crying ...crying...crying.... that's all we could do.

Till we meet again, my beloved family. Hope you are doing ok there. I love you.. I love you.. I love you so much................

God bless!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 30th : Last Day in Indonesia

Duh.... gak enak nih...bagian yg terakhir2..... rasanya gak mau pulang banget.

Paginya spt biasa,sarapan Mie Pangsit... Pada sibuk masing2.
Mami sempetin buatin pattern baby clothes, Cie Vie, Titie n Ie Le Suan pergi ke pasar. Gak lama, Cie Beby pergi belanja lagi bareng Titie.

Mei2 kumpulin buku2 resep. he he he he he.
Papi rebah2an sambil liat foto2 yg diprint ( foto ultah n foto2 lainnya ).
Meten pagi2 udh turun ke bawah, cari2 Ching2 n Oma. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Jam 6 lwt, udah telpan ke Bandung,pamitan sama Oma dll.

Lanjut sibuk2 lagi sampe nunggu jam keberangkatan.

Ching - Ching & Meten Learning Day

Ching2 says something, Meten echoes her ( while munching something, of course ). ha ha ha ha ha. 2 anak kepo. ^___^

Aug 29th : Packing Stuff back to States ( Terjadi Penculikan ) :D

Ngepak2 barang... udah dipack,msh ada lagi yg belum masuk ( ikan teri,ikan asin,jengkol,pete dll ) ^__^. Blm lagi Mami beli ini itu,ditambah2in,masukin ke bagasi. Untung aja Amoy bantu ngepak2 lagi.

Jam 3 taxi bang Agian datang. Sepupu,Mancen,nyampe juga di Siantar sblm kami berangkat. Sempat foto2an. Say good bye to Bou Norma. Pas lagi jalan,tiba2 Mami blg," Mei, jemput Bou,gih. Kita bawa ke Medan."

Alhasil,suruh Bang Agian putar haluan.Nyamperin Bou Norma,pura2 blg," Bou, sinilah..Ada yg mo diblg ." Dia tanya," mo blg apa ? " Mei2 blg," Sini,masuk dulu,susah ngomongnya di jalan."

Begitu dia masuk, langsung ngomong ke bang Agian,"bang, jalan,bang." Lah.. si Bou heran, dia blg, " Mo ke mana ini ? " Kita blg, " kita mo bawa bou ke Medan. Diculik nih ceritanya." Kontan semua pada ketawa. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Gak kuku liat rona wajah bou yg bingung gak menentu. Papi blg," daripada ditinggal di Siantar,gak ada temen,mending ikutan kita sampe Mei2 bsk berangkat.Rame di sana. " ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry banget ya, bou....

Well,pas lagi di jalan,kak Mida telp, " Di mana nih ?? Bukannya mo ke rmh hari ini ? Kata Mancen tadi dicegat sama Mei2 di jalan ya ? " Bou blg,' Iya nih, aku diculik,dibawa ke Medan hari ini." Kontan kak Mida kaget, dia blg,' Lah, gmn nih ?? Acara penguburan bsk , aku gak ada temen donk." Ha ha ha ha ha ha . Sorry dehhhhhhhhhh.

Nyampe di Medan udh mulai gelap.Mana hujan,banjir lagi di mana2. Even di praktek Dr.Wahap, sampe ruang tunggunya juga tergenang air. Begitu mo ambil sendal, kaget setengah mati. Pas mo ke ruang tunggu, tiba2 kaki tergenang air dan hampir terpeleset jatuh. Untung dipegang sama Amoy, kalo gak.... hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Kelar dari Dr.Wahap sih jam 8 an, tapi ditahan sama dia. Katanya biar dia yg antar kami plg,sekalian antar ponakanannya ( so,kami ngobrol2 di blkg sama bininya ).Aghhhh sampe jam 10 baru kelar, org2 rmh udh pada molor begitu kami nyampe rmh. Kemalaman banget. :P

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aug : Meeting Old Friends

Daaaaaaa................. been busy with my family and I forgot to spend lil time to meet old friends. :(

I asked Bi Inten to bring her youngest son to meet me at home.When he's born, I gave him name, Fitrianto Kusuma Putra. Bahhh!!!! Sejak kapan jadi expert ksh nama anak org ? He he he he he. She took it!!!!

Now,the boy is abt 6 yrs old.Of course he didn't recognize me.But,it's amazing to see how big he's now. I left him when he was a baby. ^___^

The boy always smiles all the time. He got a happy face ^___^.
Then, in the evening, I called Kak Eva Manurung ( she's my ex roommate when we're in college,Medan ). Gosh... she got 3 kids now!!!!!!!!!!! * Tokcer banget,bu * :P

She married a cop and moved to Siantar ( thank God....they used to live some places and hard to meet her ). She's a very nice lady, like a sister to me. We've known one each other for years and even had met her family ( I brought lots of durians when I visited her family years ago, and stayed overnite there ). :D

After she left, Cie Beby called Mion ( my old buddy ). She said," Hey,Mion... you still wanna meet Mei - Mei ?? She's leaving tomorrow.This is your last chance to meet her." He's surprised and said," Are you kidding me???? I'll come rite away."

I felt so bad,since Mion had called me from the very 1st day I came. I was really busy, just only could talk to him by phone ( Guess what?? His house just only 2 blocks from ours ). Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I met him once when I picked up Ching2 from course,but we didn't talk a lot. I asked him to call me . He he he he he. ( nakal bener ya ,padahal udh ketemuan di muka rumah dia,tapi ttp aja ngeyel,maunya plg ke rmh,malas ngobrol ) :D

Well.. he came finally when it's really thick raining ( duh,Mion...thank you,udah bela2in ujan derasnya minta ampun,kyk badai,dikau sempetin main ke rmh,mana mati lampu lagi ) ^___^

Fortunately we had made some chips early that morning,so we had something to munch. Meanwhile Papi n Mami went to other family's house ( duhhhhhhhhh.... suami sepupu papi ninggal!!!!!!!!! Banyak banget yg ninggal di Indo ).

Chit chat with Mion was nice.I knew him when we're kids ( Cinta monyet,kata org ). ha ha ha ha ha ha. Juragan emas. :D

Gak jodoh sih ya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

He's surprised knowing I am pregant.Before he left,he said," That's supposed to be my baby. " ha ha ha ha ha. Aduh, Ronnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... tulungggggggggggggggggggggg.. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Seems he still has a crush on me ( padahal gak ada cerita apa2 lagi di balik itu ).Well, cuma dari jaman SMP sampe sblm nikah msh ngejar2. hi hi hi hi.

He thought we had dated when we're in college ( gak lah ahhh... cuma temen doank, krn diajak nonton Titanic wkt itu ). Missunderstanding kyknya . :D

Anyway, he'll get married next year. Hopefully he'd be happy. I myself really happy with Ronnie ^___^ .

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mami & Tukang Ikan ^___^

Aduhh.... ini abang msh jualan ikan juga sampe skrg. Dari kami anak2 kecil sampe udh mo punya anak gini,tetap eksis dagangannya ^___^

Pagi2 udh lwt dari blkg rumah, mangil2 , " ikannnnnnnnnnnn.. ikannnnnnnnn.. ikan, nya ".

Ikan fave kita Ikan Kelotok,bow... Sayang,hari itu ikannya gak ada. So,Mami beli ikan yg lainnya.

Si Abang difoto dulu,dia kaget. Kita ketawa2. Kita suruh dia pose pegang ikannya, dia senyum2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Sembari Mami belanja n sibuk ngobrol sama si abang, kita di dapur sibuk buat Puding Mangga :D. Cemilan siang hari.

Aug 28th : Buat Kue Bawang & Kripik Pisang :P

Ditodong sama Amoy,disuruh buat kue bawang ^__^. Kata Amoy," kita suka buat,tapi beda rasanya,Cie. Amoy pengen kue bawang buatan cc ,rasa tradisional. " he he he he he. Lidah kampung juga nih anak :D

At 8 am we had started doing it. Cie Beby asked me," You wanna make Kripik Pisang,Mei ??" Aghhhh... she's rite!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted it. So, she bought some raw bananas. ^___^

We spent time in the kitchen again,while Papi helped us,too. ^___^. Gitu2 Papi demen juga tuh bantu di dapur, giling2 adonan. He he he he he. Thank you, Papi... Muachhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

While we're busy in the kitchen,Bang Raden fixed our kitchen.He built cabinets for Mami's kitchen.

Well....forgot to take pics of Fried Bananas. We got lots of Kue Bawang ( shared some for Cie Vivie,Mami and me ). ^___^.

Ngemil terusssssssssssssssssssssssssss ^______________^

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Aug 27th : Ke Rumah Ai Dedek

That date.......

We had fried noddles for bfast and Amoy made Pilus Ubi ( Duh... my fave !!!!!!! ), Cie Beby bought me Cendol from Pasar Horas and had bananas ( Pisang Brangan,bow )..... Great meal!!!!!!!!!

Mami told me to visit Ai Dedek ( our closest neighbor for years before she moved to another street ).

Mami was rite, I was busy doing this and that and forgot to visit her.

Her kids are close to us.I babysat her youngest kid, Calvin for years.She gave him to my hands when he was very red ( abt 2-3 months!!! ) ^___^. Then,another baby from her sister in law ( So, I took care of 2 babies at one time ). :D

Now,Calvin is a big boy, 6th grade now. Goshhhh udh gede banget!!!!!!!! He calls my parents " Papi & Mami ". When people asked him,"whose kid are you ?" He'd say," Papi Purba's." Ha ha ha ha ha.

When he's mad at his fam,he asked his dad to drop him at our house.Hi hi hi hi hi.

I enjoyed talking to Ai Dedek's fam. She gave me Pia n other snacks before we left ( they have bakery business, factory next to her house ).

Thank you, Ie... Tuhan berkati!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baby Ries' due day

Start:     Oct 27, '07
Location:     Cincinnati,OH
Doctor predicts Baby Ries will be due on Oct 27th.. Yay!!!!!!!!!! A day after our birthdays!!! ^___________________________________________^

Ronnie & Mei - Mei's Bdays

Start:     Oct 26, '07
Location:     Cincinnati,OH

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Another year goes by.........another bday celebrations for both of us.

Baby Ries' Babyshower

Start:     Oct 6, '07 1:00p
Location:     Batavia,OH
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It'll be held at Nia Norman's house. Thank you so much, Nia... Sorry,ngerepotin jadinya.

Seems I'm gonna stay overnite there ^___^

Aug 25th : The Purbas' Moments

These pics were taken in the middle and after the wedding party in Haranggaol.

My family often come to this village,but not me. Last time for me was abt 4 yrs ago.

I took a chance to walk around and visited my other family. Visiting our Guesthouse, Juvin Kimoy, that we used to stay there for holidays. It's been rented by my cousin now ( he opens a small factory there ).

After satisfied taking pics,we left for Siantar around 7.30 pm and stopped at Jln. Cipto, had dinner @ Mie Panjang ( alas... this Mie Panjang didn't taste good compared with the other one which is located behind Deli ).

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,Bang Prisdar!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Aug 25th : Pesta Nikah di Haranggaol ^__^

We went to attend the wedding party at our lovely homevillage, Haranggaol. Duhhh cinta banget sama ini kampung!!!!!!!!!

It's one of our families ( ujung2nya msh sodaraan sama Pina Fatchin ternyata!! ) ^___^.

That's Pina's aunt's son, married with a lady from other village. Ok dehhhhhh.....

We had fun... I took a pic of her parents ( msh muda ternyata!!! ).

Got bunch of pics abt the wedding,but I picked some here. :D

Duhh.... seemed like we had the party. Once we arrived,they stared at us ( ). One of the familie said,' Duh... Nang ( child ), why did you wear that kind of dress??? It's the wedding, not a party. ' . Ha ha ha ha ha.

I said to her," What's wrong with my clothes?? I think it's ok." Duhhhh..namboruuuuuuuuuuuuu.... msh dianggap gak sopan ya pake baju model begini ??? Hi hi hi hi.. Maklum,msh di kampung, kurang sreg kyknya ngeliat baju2 model begini. Sorry dehhhh....sorry banget ^___^

Some villagers who didn't know us ( I bet they know my parents,but they kinda started at us,the kids ). Hi hi hi hi. They asked one each other who we were. Ha ha ha ha ha. Msh satu kampung, namboruuu... Msh org batak nihhhh, kulit dan muka aja yg nipu. :P

Some people came to me and asked," Who are you??" I told them," Oh... I am Saludin Purba's daughter." Suddenly they said,' My gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought someone else!!! I know your Dad!!!! " He he he he he.

Yeah... you better.... cos we're nobody else in the village. My grandpa was well know as a timberman * tuink...tuink....tuink...* n landlord * juragan tanah di kampung* . Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

They said,' Your Mom is a Chinese,rite ??? You girls look like your Mom,not your Dad. " :D

They were surprised to hear me speaking local language,Simalungunese. They said," You know how to speak Simalungunese ? " I told them, " hey hey hey... I am Bataknese... Proud to be Bataknese girl,Maam." They laughed and impressed. Hi hi hi hi.

Don't ask my sisters, they lack of this language.Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sometimes they need to arrange the rite words how to say some words. Hi hi hi hi hi. Keep working on it,sisters!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I took bunch of pics of the wedding.Everytime I moved and took pics,I saw the couple stared at me. Ha ha ha ha ha. They might have thought " who is this stranger ??" . Ha ha ha ha ha.

Later,my Aunt said," See,Mei2... the villagers kept asking abt you.They thought you're a guest who wanted to take pics. I told them you're still the part of the groom's family from my side." HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Dicurigai di kampung sendiri nih...Bahaya!!!!!!!!!!!!

But,some of them know me. We shared lots of stories and memories. I met old friends there.Ammy, the Suntil Girl ( ha ha ha ha ha ha, ngunyah sirih mulu nih anak ), she's surprised to see me. She said," Kak Mei - Mei ??? My goshhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you didn't wanna say hi to me. " Dang, girllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

If I hadn't wanted to say hi, why would have I called her 1st ? :D

The other friend, Relly's pregnant, 7 months.She's surprised to see me,too.Hi hi hi hi. Gotcha, Mom to be !! :P

Well.... we did have good time. When we left abt 7 pm,the wedding party hasn't been over yet. Dang.... lama bonengggggggggggggggg.........

But,overall, I did enjoy it. My desire to visit and step my feet on this lovely village had been fulfilled.

When I left for States, I didn't come here. Even when Ronnie came to visit me, I didn't have a chance to take him visit our village and introduced him to our big family.

So,I paid my debt to come here,breath the air, lovely air,enjoyed the lovely views and had memories flash backed for years ago.... where I grew up here, helping family go to the farm sometimes, swimming with cousins,catching fish,riding " becak barang ", ha ha ha ha ha ha, ikutan ke " pekan/ pasar ", twice a week ect.

The main point was, introducing Baby Ries where her Mommy comes from. Wanna plant the culture roots while she's in my womb. :D

Don't forget,Baby Ries... you're a part of Bataknese now!! :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Aug 22nd : Baby Ries' 3D/ 4D Ultrasound

As I came back home from Medan, I couldn't stop looking at Baby Ries' ultrasound.

I showed it to my family in the kitchen. Ching2 came and saw it. She asked,'What is that, Iie ?? " I said, " It's Baby Ries. "

She's shocked!!! She said," Oh my gossshhhh!!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!! Scary!!!!!!!!!!!! " She suddenly turned back her head and hid behind Mami's body. We laughed out loudly.

You could tell how her face looked like.She never seen it before.Pale!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. She didn't wanna see it at all. Hope it didn't give her a nightmare. :P

When I showed it to Amoy,she had the same reaction!!!! She's scared. Hi hi hi hi hi.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aug 22nd : Medan Lagi ( Dentist & Jahit Seprei )

Went to Medan for a couple days, fixed my teeth,shopping to Carrefour with bro n sisters.Joe recommended me to try Roti Mum ( from Singapore, coffee flavour ). Not so bad....

then, had a quick dinner at Ayam Crispy. Wow... what a good deal, the package starts from Rp.8000 ( chicken,rice and drink!!! ).

After that,went to buy Sup Sumsum Langsa for Cie Vivie. Goodnesss..she sucks the fat from the bones. Yucks!!!!!!!!!!! ( Bawaan hamil kali ???? ) :P

The next morning had Mie Pangsit n Serabi for bfast. Joe would leave for Padang Sidempuan for 10 days. That's the last time I saw him before I left for States.

He cried for couldn't see me anymore and accompanied me to the airport.I wish I could extend my vacation,but I concerned abt the baby and the time limit doctor gave me. Took a few pics for the last time with Joe ( he tried not to cry,but he couldn't ). I love you,bro!!! Muachhhhhhhhhh

Around 10 am, we went to Pasar Ikan ( Daerah Perniagaan ),bought material for bed sheet. Then went to OB/GYN had my baby checked by 3D/4D.

Meten was so excited to see Baby Ries on the screen.He kept telling everybody,' That's Baby Ries!!! Baby Ries,Mama!! " Ha ha ha ha ha.

Around 3 pm, I went home to Siantar. Had a long day. As soon as I arrived, I saw Mami has been sewing Baby Ries' clothes. Awesome!!!!!!!

I helped Mami sew the rest. She cut the pattern for bed sheet and made baby clothes from it. ^__^

At nite, had to tuck Ching2 in at the back bedroom.She slept with Amoy.Had to make sure that she wouldn't fall down from the bed. Ha ha ha ha.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bermain & Bekerja ^___^

Yup!!! Spending all day with the family. I had Joe clean up the front yard and cut the grass.Then, the 2 toddlers were playing around till nite.

Teler deh tengah malam,kecapekan ^__^

One Day with Meten


This boy really loves taking pics. He likes playing with other kids, likes laughing and always makes people laugh,too.

Spending whole day with him was really exciting.He kissed my belly and kept saying, ' Baby Ries...Baby Ries..." . " Iie Mei's belly is blue, Meten's is pink." Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Aug 19th : Papi's Bday ( Continued )

I still got some more pics in the other SD card. Here're the rest of Papi's bday celebration at nite.

Everyone had good time. We teased Papi a lot,had him sing a song . ^___^.

Love ya,Papi.. God bless you...long life..... Muachhhhhhh

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Aug 19th : Happy Bday,Papi ( Real Celebration!!! )

Yay.... after the 1st celebration,we continued making another one. Joe was in charge to grill the chicken,Manuk Ni Atur. Amoy & Titie cleaned up, I washed the dishes.

At nite,we had nice dinner in the kitchen.Papi had Manuk Ni Atur!!!! Then continued having bday cake in the living room.

Happy happy happy bday,Papi!!!! We love you so much.. Long life.....we love you... we really do.....

Aug 19th : Happy Bday,Papi!!! ( 1st Celebration )

Yay!!!!!! It's Papi's bday. Last time I attended his bday was 3 yrs ago. The same moment before I left for States.

We were busy cooking ( this is lucky,my parents got 5 daughters and 1 son. So, 5 girls can help Mami cook in the kitchen!! ). Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mami invited members from church to have lunch ,continued by Purba's clan ( Arisan Purba ketepatan di rmh pada tgl yg sama ) ^__^.

Cie Beby bought a bday cake and shared to the fam. ( ssttt.....actually we had another celebration at nite, for us only ).

Papi looked so excited. He's so happy. Glad to see his face smiling all the time.

Aug 18th : Persiapan Ultah Papi Tersayang

The next day,we went shopping. I had Joe take me to market,bought some more chicken and bought something special for Papi.

Cie Vie was busy cooking ( she loves cooking, can spend all day long in the kitchen!!! ). She cooked chicken, Pepes Udang, Lalapan ect.

When I went home, I saw a man was selling durians by bike. Hey!!! Durians!!! Ok..... we called him.He offered us to buy all the durians. After bargaining, we paid 30rb. ^___^. Puasssssssssss makan durennya.

Aug 17th : Meten Datang ( Ngemil Lagi di Tengah Malam )

Hooray!!!!!!!!!! Meten came from Medan to attend his Opa's bday. His dad, Ko Cen couldn't come,since he had presentation at work.

As soon as he was there,he didn't wanna let any single minute away from Ching2. They read daily reading. Ching2 read it and he followed. Sometimes he took the book away and read by himself with his own words. Ha ha ha ha ha. Then he said," Cie cie.... " ^____^

At nite, Joe came home from town. He bought some noddles. He he he he he. Serbuuuuuuuuuu..... We gathered in the kitchen and ate all the food. Duh... kenyang bangetttttttttttttttttt.....

Aug 15th - 17th : Trip to Samosir

I was invited by John ( american buddy ) to meet him at Samosir.He came from Thailand to meet me and Amoy.

We departed at 3 pm from Siantar and arrived at 7pm. He had booked our room for a few days.

It's been 3 years the last time I met him.But,Amoy has met him a couple times in Medan.

It was great trip. We had dinner at a local resto and went to bed around 12 pm.

Aug 16th.........
Had bfast at another resto, took some pics and then chit chat at nite at John's terrace . He gave me a watch ( duh... kirain bawa jam dari States,gak taunya lupa.Sampe keteteran nge-adjust flight schedule ).

Aug 17th ........
Met a member of local church at the hotel, gave something for the pastor ( my old friend at church ) then departed back to Siantar. John went to Medan.

Thank you,John.Nice meeting you again!!!!! God Bless you....

Aug 14th : Happy Bday,Kak Mida!!!!

Aug 14th was Kak Mida's bday. She's my eldest uncle's daughter ( Papi's niece ). She lived with us when she's a kid till she got married.

Glad to attend her bday again ( after years I was gone ).

We texted her the day she got bday and said," Kak, Happy Bday.We wanna have dinner there tonite.If you need help,Bou Norma will help you cook some food." He he he he he.

I went to dentist with Amoy at 4 pm.Mami kept calling us to come back and attend the bday. It took 3 hours !! ( gosh.. the dentist was so slow ). Thank God they still left us some food.

Happy bday,kak Mida. God bless you and your family.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Meten's Song Day

Ini anak...demen banget belajar bhs Inggris. Buku2 stickernya ditempelin hampir tiap hari. Cpt nangkap,mau belajar. Gak boleh diganggu kalo lagi belajar.Ha ha ha ha ha.

He sang a song!!!!

Good job,Meten!!!!!!!

Aug 13th : Another Death Moment

Knp sih,plg2 ke Indo,ngeliat kematian mulu ???

Malamnya sblm plg ke Siantar,Oom Lukas telp.Katanya," Msh di Medan ?? Adiknya Robert ninggal semalam.Robert bsk nyampe di Medan.Mo ikutan melayat ? Kita jemput jam 6 pagi." Duhhhhhhhh... not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uda Robert Napitupulu itu adik ipar Mami n Oom Lukas. Beliau nikah dgn adik mami yg plg kecil ( Ai Hong ). Kampungnya di Indrapura. Ya udah.... kita pagi2 jam 6 udh dijemput.Berangkat bareng ke Indrapura.

Uda Mintas, ninggal gara2 diare,kalo gak salah. Oppung, ibunda beliau, berumur hampir 90 tahun,tapi masih sehat banget.Cuma sayang,sudah pikun.

Wkt kita salam,beliau gak kenal sama sekali,even her own son. Beliau meng' andu - andu ' nangisin anaknya yg ninggal. Trus,gak brp lama,beliau blg, " Ise on ??? ( siapa ini ??? )"... Aduh, Oppungggggggggggg!!!!!!!!! Kok bisa lupa sama anak sendiri ?????????

Udh gitu,nanya lagi, " di dia inang2na on ?? " ( di mana istrinya ini? ).Lah,si Oppung lupa kalo istri alm udh ninggal sebelumnya ( kalo gak salah 1-2 thn lalu ). Dijawab sama anaknya yg perempuan," Nga mate, Omak!!!!!!!! Dang ditanda ho on ?? ( Udah mati,Mak. Apa mamak gak kenal yg mati ini?"

Ampun dah ... kita yg dengarnya jadi ketawa.

Akim Po Lien ( istri Oom Lukas ) cerita... pernah mrk ke Indrapura,si Oppung kirain beliau mantunya. :P

Akhirnya kita pamitan pulang, Mei2 salam si Oppung.. Si Oppung blg," Di son ma hita. " " Bah... Oppung.... naeng mulak au tu Siantar.. Di san do jabu ku."

Si Oppung kirain Mei2 mantunya kali ya ?? atau cucunya ?? He he he he. Mami ketawa dengarnya.

Melayat sebentar,trus kita didrop di T.Tinggi, ambil bus plg ke Siantar. Thank God, kita diantar sampe ke rmh sama agen Gala Trans pake mobil bossnya.( sementara ada ibu2 udh ngomel2 gak karuan krn gak diantarin ke stasiun lain.Ribut bangettttt ). He he he he

Lusanya, Uda Robert dan kel abangnya dari Kalimantan singgah ke rmh.Ambil titipan makanan buat Ai Hong.

Untung siangnya kita borong durian ( ada yg lwt dari blkg rumah ). Alhasil,durennya dihajar rame2 malam itu. :P

Kel Bapatua dari Kalimantan udh lama banget ke Siantar ( 12 thn lalu,bow!!!!!!! ). Kangennya terobati setelah ketemu kali ini.

Krn kita gak jadi ke Bandung July kmrn,ya akhirnya ketemuan sama Uda Napit ( dari Bandung ) di rmh saja.

Aug 12th : Hari2 di Medan

Just spent a few days in Medan. The next thing we did ??? As usual...ngumpul2 lagi di dapurrrrrrrrrrr. ^___^

Ada yg menggosok,ada yg buat cake ( siapa lagi,kalo bukan Cie Vie ). Cake dibuat sampe 2 macam, dipanggang n dikukus.

Sarapan,spt biasa... mie pangsit A Hok.
Meten pagi2 udh belajar bhs Inggris ( Thank God, I brought him stickers book ).He's so smart and quick learner.

Malamnya, ke Carrefour, belanja. Krn Joe mo berangkat ke P.Sidempuan, beli pernak pernik kebutuhan dia.

Ketemu dgn teman kul dulu,fotoan ^ __^

Kelar belanja,beli makanan, Sate Padang,Mie Rebus n Jus Pokat.

Pada kenyang semua, tidur nyenyak sampe ngorok. :D

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Augh 11th : Medan

Back to Medan for a few days... Went to church where Uncle Lucas s( Mami's younger brother ) pastoring, Grace Assembly of God. I met my old friends who served there years ago. Duh.. kangen banget pelayanan lagi. :D

Then,went shopping at nite. Joe had his hair cut, had dinner@ Pizza Hut.

Aug 8th : Daily Activity ( Ngendon di Dapur Mulu )

This is I like when I go home. We always gather every single day and nite.Sinking ourselves in the kitchen ( spent most hours in the kitchen!!! ). Konfrensi Meja Segi Empat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

July 27th : Amoy's Got Back from Bandung ( Bersih2in Rumah Lagi )

Amoy finally came back home from Bandung. After failing get the visa, she went to Bandung for a few weeks ( attending our cousin's wedding, represented our family ).

There's another wedding in Jakarta on Aug 4th,but she didn't wanna stay there longer. She wanted to see me,she said.I bet she'd been missing me. hi hi hi.

The next day,I " kidnapped " my cousin . Pretending to be called by Papi to Siantar. He came and we had him help us paint the kitchen. Ha ha ha ha. Doi ngomel2, dikibulin. :P

At nite, he made Goreng Tepung for our bfast. The next day,continued painting and cleaning the kitchen. What a day!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

July 27th : Ayam Kecap,Bubur Ayam,Sate Padang dll

Lah.. Sayang donk,kalo gak dinikmati. :P

Masak Ayam Kecap, beli lontong kacang lagi.Papi, spt biasa,kesukaannya Bubur Ayam ( sarapan pagi ). Kangen makan nasi bungkus di pasar,nitip Mami utk beli 1 bks. Harga 2500 perak,bow.

Siangnya makan Pecel.Mami masak Ikan Arsik.

Sore,sambung ngemil2 lagi. Heran juga liat kel Purba. Tiap hari ngunyah2 mulu. Ha ha ha ha. Ching2 satu kali tanya di sore hari," Ie Mei2, ada mie. Mau ? " Lah.. baru juga makan,mo makan lagi. Ya udah, beli 1 porsi . :P

Sore2, tukang sate lewat. Pesan bbrp porsi.Begitu dijepret,dia kaget. Ha ha ha ha. Dia blg," lah,kirain ada petir. " ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry ya,bangggggggg.. Maklum, org kampung nih, gak ada yg jualan model begini di States. Ha ha ha ha ha

July 21st ; Funeral of Makela Boksen ( Haranggaol )

Ini nih.. yg bikin panik wkt jenazah mo dibawa ke kampung halamannya, Tigaras,naik kapal penumpang.

Olengggggggggg.. Panik setengah mati.Mei2 sampe menjerit2.Udh lama gak naik kapal, jadi begini takutnya. Mana kalo org jalan di atas, kapal ikutan miring,krn berat sebelah.

Thank God, tiba di Tigaras dgn selamat.

July 20th : RIP Makela Boksen Sitio ( Haranggaol )

Here're some pics I took while I was there. I cancelled my flight to Jkt and Bandung and decided to go to village attending Makela Boksen's funeral. It's so sad, I didn't have a chance to meet him. I just gave him t-shirt ,but he hadn't had a chance to wear it.But, according to his wife,he picked a blue one for himself.

We stayed there since Thurs - Sunday evening.

Rest in Peace, Makela Boksen. We love you.........

Sept 1st : I'm Home!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes..... Sat morning I arrived safely in Cincinnati,OH. Gosh.... I was so excited to meet Ronnie.From SIN I've been counting the hours to meet him.I wasn't patient.He he he he he. I kept calling him everytime the flight stopped.

Ronnie picked me around 9.30am. So glad could see his face again.I was nervous..Felt like meeting for the very 1st time ( 3 yrs ago ). Along the way back home,we kept holding hands. Takut lari, Oom ? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mom's so excited to see me at home. Gosh... I did miss the smell around the house.Everything was like the 1st time I came here.

Ronnie's so mad for he hadn't had a chance to make a surprise.He's supposed to buy me roses,made up the bedroom ect. But,he got the wrong info.It's my fault.I told him to pick me up at the airport on Sunday morning ( Danggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! It's supposed to be Sat morning ). He got confused.Then,when I was in SFO,I called him.He's surprised knowing that I was already there.

Above all..I am so happy. I am home and be with my beloved husband again.Ronnie's been missing his " girls ".

Welcome home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!