Thursday, March 30, 2006

Loose Some Weights,Mei2!!!

Just being fussy this time. I've been watching myself,that I gain lots of weights ( dulunya cuma 58kgs,skrg ini 60 kgs lwt deh ). . When we're in Batavia having Slumber Party ,we went shopping to Eastgate Mall in the evening. Mirna told us there's store with cheap prices there.So,we went there.I was being fussy,picked up sporty outfits.

I asked Keke to take my pic.Alamakkkkkk!!!!! What did I see? Chubby Mei2!!!!! Am I too chubby?? Wuihhh... iya lah yaoooooooooo  ( gak sadar nih Mei2 ). ^____^.

I laughed at myself. Oh Mei..come on... loose some weights,plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The pic was still in my cam.I didn't delete it.On Sunday,I showed it to Ronnie.He was driving and looked at it slightly.He stopped his car and said," Wow,Babe!! I love it! Print it for me."Hahaahahahhaha. " Sexy Mama",he said. Wuihhhhh

Ronnie didn't let me erase the pic.He loves it.He said to me,"Honest,babe,you gotta loose some weights,don't eat too much anymore.See me?I've lost 10 lbs now." Ha???? I was surprised.Indeed, I could see he looses weights.But,I didn't realize he lost that much.

Last 2 sundays,he and Steve went shopping to Sam's Club.There,they checked their weights.Incredible!!! Ronnie is slimmer than Steve ( his youngest bro) ) now!!! Even Steve couldn't believe it. Hahhahahah. Bravo ,baby...bravo... * wht abt me?*

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Slumber Party @Batavia - March,25th 06

Aduh.....I couldn't upload all the pics in MP. I still have 6 free pics to be uploaded.Wait till next month? Gak kuku,bow..So,I just put the link here. Hundreds pics!!!!!

Slumber Party at Nia Norman 's house was great!! As Mirna said," I always laugh,my cheeks hurt now".Hahhahahhaha.Nia was naughty with her " cucumber ". Keke and Wati were busy putting make up before taken pics.Erna was busy as Ms.Cook at nite ( soalnya malamnya kita masak Lumpia Shanghai n Cap Chai lagi ).

Having lunch,we went to Eastgate Mall.Jalan2 nih ceritanya,naik kuda putar ( pusingggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! ). THen stopped at Steve n Barry's, shopping.Wati bought a lot!!! I bought a blazer. I was fussy,I tried on sport outfits ( blue ones ). I laughed at myself.I showed the pic to Ronnie and he said," Oh my!! I love this pic!!! Print that for me."Hahhahahha

Wati bought a nice jacket.I liked it,but ashamed,I didn't buy it at the mall.I asked her to sell it to me.Hahahhahahha.Syukur,bu Gubernur mau jual.

We went to the bar around 11pm.Keke n Wati learnt how to play pool. Duh,Wati is influenced by me, doing the Kungfu style everytime she's done shooting.Hahhahahahahha.

Thanks alot,Nia.Thanks very much!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Titie's Birthday

Start:     Apr 22, '06
Location:     Medan, Indonesia
My youngest sister's birthday !!! Duh.. Titie.... you're reaching your 22nd birthday ,rite? ( my problem rite now is, I still don't know for sure what date her birthday is ).Hahahhahaha.But,I DID SEE HER WAS BORNED!!!!!! I saw her came out from my mommy's belly!!! Makanya sampe skrg Titie kalo nakal,selalu Mei2 blg,"I saw you came to this world,honey." Hahahhahahaha .Titie baik ,kok.. Sweet and cute girl.Mudah2an cpt jadi Psikolog ya,bu,biar nanti kita2 konsultasi. ^___^

Love ya ,sis. GBU!!!

International Mission abt Indonesia @ Sunday School - Montgomery Assembly of God

Mom told me that I got some messages on the phone.I checked the voice messages, I got one message from Sister Kathie.I called her back,but she didn’t answer me.I left a message and left my cellphone no.


Later on,when I was making Nastar ( Keke's order to bring to Batavia,Slumber Party at Nia's house ),she called me.She said on Sunday,there’s Intl Mission in Children Sunday School.She wanted me to talk abt Indonesia.By telling the kids about Indonesians,the cultures,the Christian lives  there,would enrich the kids’ knowledge abt other nations.


I prepared my stuff on Sunday morning.I took out my Ulos, Indonesian cooking book,Alkitab ( Bible) and brought a box of Indomie.


When I was there,a British lady was introducing abt British cultures.



Then,I was invited to introduce abt Indonesia. I was so happy!!!

Long time ago,before I came here,I used to be a Sunday School teacher.I taught kindergartens and teenagers.When I saw the kids, I felt like I was doing ministries at my own church in Medan.


I started introducing the map of Indonesia ( some kids don’t know where Indonesia is. )….poor me…. Hehehehhehehe. Then,I showed them the Bataknese outfits. I asked some girls to come to the stage,and tried them on.One girl named Jade said, “ I love these outfits!!!”


Later, I called boys to come forward.I put him a hat,named  GOTONG and ULOS to other boy. They laughed and said,” Woww..I do look good in this!! “.



The next thing was, I shared them some Nastar and gave them one each.They loved them!!! Is it all ?? No…no…no…. I took my box of Indomie and said,” This is noddles from Indonesia.I’ll give you one each.But,if you can read my Bible in my language, I’ll give you double.”


One kid said, “ Alkiteb”, the other said,” Alkitab!!” and other one said,” Alkita “. Hehehehhehe. I gave double noddles to the 2 kids. I left the rest of the noddles in the church. When I was done, Jade told Noei,” I wish she didn’t leave.” Hahahhahahahaha.We laughed,and I said,” I am  here every Sunday,Jade.” She came to me and said,” Can I have a pic with the outfits?I love them!!! “. Oh well, yes,for sure.When the service was over, I took her to another room and took a pic of her. She’s cute!!!!!!!!!!!


Lil American - Bataknese girl!!!



 I told Ronnie,”She’s a lil blond Bataknese girl!!! ^______^ . Her grandma laughed.



Thank you to Sis Kathie and Noei for giving me a chance to share with the kids. I loved doing that. May God Bless You!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Snowy Spring?? How Come!!!!

I dunno exactly when Spring comes.But,according to some people,Spring has been started on Mar,21.Some other say April,21.

A couple days ago,I saw flowers grow up.Everything starts to be greenish. If Spring was really started on Marc 21,it was on Tuesday ( the day we had lunch at home,but it was snowy.Really thick!!!!!!!!!!!! ). Wonder how Spring starts with snow all around. Bingung?? Sama!!!!

Yesterday morning,I went to post office by bike.It was really cold!!!! Still snowy,for sure.I went home and then took my cam.I haven't played with snow a lot these days.Heheheheheh.

I saw the snow was thick next to the driveway.I took some pics,played by myself.Then,I was attempted to make a Snow Man. Honestly,I've never made one.It's sunshine,but still cold. I pulled out my gloves and sank my hands in the snow.Aihhhh Mamiiiiiiiii...........Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Later on,around around evening,the snow melts. Ohh thank God!!!! it spring or still winter?? Dunno.........

Pics were taken yesterday morning, Mar,22.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicken Soup

One of Lunch Menus yesterday with Lielie n Mirna was Chicken Soup.It's cold out there ( indeed,it's 1st day spring!!!,even snowy!!! ). So, I thought having Soup would be nice.At least it would warm our bodies a lil.

I just used the tighs bones ( sayang kan kalo dibuang ? ) ,since the meat I have used for other stuff.

a. Thighs chicken bones 4 pieces ( just want to get the broth )
b. 1 lt of water
c. 2 green onions,chopped thinly
d. pepper
e. salt
f. 1 block of chicken broth
g. ajinomoto
h. oyster sauce
i. a lil soy sauce
j. Fried onion as garnish.

a. Boil the tigh chicken bones with 1 lt water
b.Add the rest of the ingredients.
c.Stir around,taste it.
d. Springkle fried onion on top

Mirna's Bartending Day!!!!

After shopping in CAM, Mirna Brinkman n me drove to the bar.I called Ronnie and he wanted me to pick his food at Perkins,not far from bar.Mirna isn't familiar with the area,so when she asked me where the entrance , I showed her," This way,take a left side,turn and enter."

But....suddenly,we felt the car was really close to the ground and we heard something hit the ground.Awwwwww!!!!!!! Mirna said,"Mei,are you sure this is the entrance? It's way too low". Ups..... I thought it was,but it's not.It's dark and snowy,so we couldn't see well at that nite. But,Mirna kept driving carefully and guess what?? The entrance was still a couple feet in front of us. Hahahhahahahha. Duh.. dodol bener nih si Mei2.Sorry banget ya,Mir.

I entered Perkins and picked the food.The cashier said,"Maam,that's not the entrance. I was worried when I saw you drove in.Is your car ok?" Hehehhehehehe. How embarassed I am!!!!

I paid and then back to the car.I told Mirna,she laughed and said,"Ha??? so he saw us ??" Hahahhahahhaha. I bet,people in the Perkins and other drivers saw our silliness.

Anyway,we drove to Bar.Ronnie's there.Mirna went behind the bar.She's our bartender for one nite!!! She brought her own book.

Then,Ronnie taught her how to mix drink,meanwhile Mirna kept watching.While she's learning,one customer showed up. I said,"It's time,Mirna.Go ahead ^__^ ".

She's a lil shy,but we whispered to her," Come on,this is the perfect time.You can learn.Ask him what he wants."

Tadaaaaa... Mirna came forward and asked him.Jack and coke.She made it,baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then,she charged him a couple bucks.He gave Mirna tips. Olala!!!!!!!!!! 5 bucks!!!!!!!! That's her 1st tips!!!! Aduhh, Mirna.. how lucky you are,dear!!!!

Within a couple minutes,another customer came.She served him well. Good job!!! While the customers talking, we kept continuing how to mix drinks. Mixing,pouring and other techniques till we're done.

Ronnie saw us and said," Ok,now,let them try the drinks." He took the big cup and then poured to short glasses.I said,"Wait,hang on.. don't give them." Ronnie said," Why? Let them try,it's ok." Both me and Mirna said," NOOOOOOOOOOO ". He wondered why we didn't let him do that.Then, I said," It's plain water only, not liquors". Mirna strenghtened my explanation. Ronnie's face turned red,and said,"HAAAA??? Goodness!!!! I thought they're liquors". Hahahhahaha.The 2 guys were excited knowing they would have free drinks,but once they knew,they laughed out loudly. HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ....... HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ( Ampun dah,lucunya setengah mati,sampe ngakak mulu )

James came around 11.30pm.Mirna said she would make James’ drink. James must be proud his wife is a good bartender. Before,Mirna made me a drink , Midori with Sour n other stuff.Wuihh.. I like the whipped cream,the liquor is too strong.Hahahhahah ( dasar,gak bisa minum )

Around 12pm,Bedel CS arrived.They sang on the stage till we closed. Mirna and James left around 1am. Goshhh… It was fun!!!! Mirna, you are such a great bartender!!!! Pls do come next week ( ^_^ ) . Hey… Mirna made almost 15 bucks for her tips!!! Isn’t that great????????????

Thanks for coming, James n Mirna.Bener2 TOP dah semalam….. ^________^

Club Evolution : Live Band - Zen Lunatic

Start:     Apr 1, '06 10:00p
Location:     Club Evolution,Cincinnati
Another band will perform in the bar.

Ketemu MPers - Lielie ( NC ) & Mirna

Yuhuuuuuu... Finally, Lielie came to visit us here.I knew Lielie from Koko Kesha,and then we chatted a lot after that.I called her once when we're on the way back home from vacation,Myrtle Beach, SC last summer.

I called Mirna Brinkman and asked her to come to have lunch with us.Alas,Novilia couldn't come.

I woke up early and prepared all the ingredients to cook for our lunch.
I cooked only a few menus ( indeed,I really wanted to cook alot,but I was afraid they couldn't eat them all ). So, I just cooked Cap Chai,Ayam Rica - Rica, Saksang ( Lielie was really curious to taste it,akhirnya kesampean juga ), Chicken Soup,Rice and Lumpia Shanghai, plus Rambutan n Pudding as desserts.

Around 2.30pm,they arrived.Goodness!!! It's snowy since morning.Thank God they arrived safely.I fried Lumpia Shanghai a few mnts before we had Main Course.

Olin played with dolls and watched cartoons in the living room.Once she saw Putty and Lucky,she's really excited.Olin has very sweet and soft voice!! Duhhh jadi gemes deh liat Olin.She called Putty from the stairs and said," Putty..come " ^_____^

Mirna came around 3.30pm and we continued eating ( I did! ).Since Lielie never been to CAM,so we took her there.She shopped some stuff,me and Mirna did,too ( duh,padahal Minggu n Senin udh belanja ).

Around 8pm we're done shopping.We said goodbye to Lielie and Andy and then drove back to the bar.

I wish they could stay longer ( msh blm puas nih ngobrol2 n ketemunya ).
Anyway,thanks a lot for visiting us. We do appriciate it. Don't be hesitate to visit us next time,pls.

Here're lots of pics of us. ^____^

Travel safe,Lielie n Andy. God Bless you!

Slumber Party

Start:     Mar 25, '06
Location:     Batavia,OH
Euleh..euleh.. Slumber Party nih ye... Iya donk.. at Nia's house.Pada mo ngumpul2 lagi nih ceritanya.Pake acara nginap segala ( minus me & Mirna ).

Monday, March 20, 2006

Story About One Day

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still tired.Yesterday I had off day,but we stopped by at the bar for couple hours and then Ronnie sent me home.Later on around 10.30pm he went home. Hooray!!!!!! We slept early this time after a month!!!!!

This morning I woke up earlier.I went dowstairs and saw the table cloth in the dining room messed up. Hmm… who did that? Then I heard something noisy in the house. Weks!!! A bird trapped in the house!!! I took my cam and took some pics. Putty wanted to catch it,and the bird kept flying here and there. Hahahhaha. Finally I opened the front door and let it out. Putty was disappointed,I bet.

Today was supposed to be my off day.But, I had appointments in the bar. I remembered the water works man would do the meter around noon – 4pm.Another appointment was from Health Dept.There’s a lady wanna make an inspection at 1.30pm,she said.

I waited for them to show up,so I called the Water Works Company.An operator said,”It’s on Friday,Mei-Mei,not today.” WHAT???????? Duhhhh… I thought it was today!!!!

Thank God Mirna called me.I killed my time by chatting with her on the phone quite long and then online for abt 1 hour. Gee… till 4pm, I didn’t hear anyone knock the door.I bet she didn’t come. Ughhh…. I should have left earlier if I had known she didn’t come.

But,I didn’t regret it at all ( eh.. a lil,for sure ). Cos when I was talking with Mirna,someone called to the bar. There’s a lady wants to rent our bar to do a Charity Nite around April. Cool!!!! I made her come and we talked abt the arrangement. What a blessing!! ^____^

Around 4pm, Lielie called me.She said she would visit me tomorrow noon.Well, I called Ronnie and said I needed to buy some more stuff for tomorrow ( lunch with them and Mirna ). I had shopped to CAM on Sunday,but I forgot to buy some more stuff.

Ronnie accompanied me to shop in Kroger,and he himself bought something for him ( apples ) and limes for the bar. I am at home rite now,meanwhile Ronnie’s still in the bar.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Meeting Novilia & The Brinkman

Ups... I forgot to post anothe journal.On Thursday, I went to bank,and stopped at Novilia's office.She's a new friend I met from FS.She has an office located not so far from home,just only 5 mnts from home. * Arrrghhhh.... How could the pic with me and Novilia not in my compt? I thought I had saved it.Aduhh...sorry berat,Nov,fotonya gak kesave ternyata*

I rode my bike ( since I still haven't got my license yet,jadi ceritanya pake sepeda kumbang neh).I parked my beloved bike ( hahahhahhaha,ingat cie Agnes di telp, dia penasaran pengen liat sepeda kumbang,katanya ),and entered her office.

I said," Can you do my tax,pls?".She's quite for a few seconds and then," Mei-Mei!!!!!!!!! " Hahahhahahah.Gotcha.... We chit chat quite along then I went to Walgreens.I called Ronnie to pick me cos I was cold.Hahahahha. *Gak jadi tuhhh, akhirnya plg sendiri naik sepeda kumbang*

Thursday nite,Dewi from MN called me.She wondered abt the recipes she saw at my MP * duh Dewi,bela2in telp ke sini,thank a lot lhooo *. While I was talking with her on the phone,Britney called me.Ups... I kept talking to Dewi and thought I would call Britney back. Later on,Mirna called me!!! Mirnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...aaaaaaaaaaa.aaaaaaaa.aaaaaaaa.aaaaaaa... Long time not to see.Almost a year!!! Bener kan ? Last year we met on Summer.She called me and asked abt the directions to the bar.About 30-45 mnts,she showed up with James. James makin ganteng,euy.Mirna makin cantik juga ^___^. Happy belated birthday to James

Mirna and James looked around the bar and then left early.They had another appointment with other friends.Wish they could stay longer,but it's fine!!! Kangennya udh terobati banget!!!!

Before they left, I took pics ^___^


The Brinkmans & The Ries


Thanks for coming.Remember,before you move back to San Diego,let's make a farewall party.Ok ??? Mirna,besok2 kita hang out bareng ya ^___^ . I bet she's reading rite now.


Duo M.^__^ .Mirip ya?? **

PS : Mirnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..thnks for the email.. Hahahhah See??? You're reading.Now,time to JOIN the MP. Biar bisa keep in touch. Oceh...oceh,bebehhh? Atur aja deh kapan mo hang out.Paperworknya selesain dulu. Hahahahhahah

Intl Fellowship

Start:     Mar 25, '06 6:30p
End:     Mar 25, '06 9:00p
Location:     Sharonville,OH
Monthly international fellowship held @Landmark Baptist Church.We've been absent for 3x.There'll be intl food after the service.

Club Evolution : Live Performance Ultra Band,March 17-18th,2006

Friday - Saturday nite we had a band,Ultra Band.I was bartending a couple hours before Richie came.

As usual,a " must have " item - CAMERA!!!! is always on my hands *duh... org2 udh pada tau deh,bakalan dijepret2*^___^

I took some pics of our customers.Some new faces showed up.That's cool!!! Busy taking pics here and there till I forgot to take pic of myself. ^___^ **

Chit chat with some customers and make sure they feel good.

@ Joy n Jamie,here're some pics of you
@ Tom , check these pics
@ Mike...gotcha!!! I promise to post them,here they're. ^___^.Are you going to send me the pic you told last nite ? Hahhahahha. I dare you!! :P
@John,I got nice pics of you here.

Thanks for coming,guys.We enjoyed your companies.See ya next time!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Excuse Me..... ^____^

Permisi...numpang capek ya...  Just wanna "scream" here.




I WANNA SLEEP ALL NITE LONG LIKE A SLEEPING PRINCESS ^____^  ( ups... Ronnie bought me a mini statue of Sleeping Princess 2 days ago .I put in the bar ).

I am worn out... worn out..worn out..worn out * echo nih ceritanya *.

Yes, I really am. 

Working daily ( almost daily,sometimes 12-15 hours,eventhough I have 2 days off, Sun-Mon).But,how can I let Ronnie be alone in the bar ? *Ngekor aja nih Mei2..Hehehehhe*

I do miss my moments as a "housewife" only.Taking care of my husband,prepare his lunch and supper.Spending time together in the basement watching TV,chit chat in the living room,taking shower together..Hahahhahah *sambil ngerendam,kan enak,gila ???*

Since working,I think I have less time for my family,even for myself.Wake up late in the morning,around 9-10am.Ronnie sometimes calls me and said,"Good morning,babe".Duhhhh...lagi enak2 tidur,diganggu.

A couple days ago,we're expecting beer delivery.Ronnie didn't want me miss the delivery,he called me.Ughh.. Then,when I woke up,got ready to go to work,I checked my cellphone.He sent sms," Wake up,babe,wake up."

Today,I'm working.I just swept the floors and mopped them *dasar,Inem ke mana2,ttp aja pegangannya sapu dan kayu pel*.Hahahahhahahaha. Ronnie's playing music with Steve in the front bar,meanwhile I am sneaking to the office,using the internet. ^_________^

Gotta go back to work,Mei-Mei.Will be a long nite tonite. Aduhhhhhhhhh... I did forget to call Ching2 to say Happy Birthday to her. Busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....... Wish she wouldn't be mad at me.

Ok dang.... till the next journal.

Have a blessed weekend.

God Bless


Ira's Graduation Day

Start:     Apr 22, '06
Location:     Kentucky
Another invitation on April.Ira will celebrate her graduation day with friends.We'll have dinner somewhere around KY.

Asyik... makan terus nih ceritanya ^__^

Open House at Maria's Home

Start:     Apr 15, '06
Location:     Kettering,OH
Asyik... bakalan ketemu lagi nih sama temen2. Maria bakalan mo buat open house ( pindahan apt ).Janjinya mo masak yg banyak. Marrrrrrr...siap2in ziplock yaaaaaa... Daku datang dgn perut kosong!!! ^____^

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Club Evolution : Sarah's Birthday & Karaoke Nite!!!

Monday nite,Bedel cs came to our bar.He said that his friend would have a birthday on Tuesday.I offered to make a birthday cake for Sarah ( but,alas...I was worn out,and had only lil time to prepare on Tues morning ).Besides,we had an appointment during 12-4pm from Water Works.So,I really had limited time to do much things.

Ronnie came to the bar around 5.30pm.He bought me fried rice and I bought him Chicken wings from Pizza ^___^

Alecia came around 9pm.It's Karaoke nite with Alecia every Tuesday.Britney and her friends came. Gosh..this time was really crowded!!! Yippeeeee!!!

Bedel showed me the birthday girl,Sarah.Ronnie gave her a letter.Once she opened it,she's happy and said,"Club Evolution gives me a free drink!". Happy Birthday,Sarah.

The party was continued with Karaoke.Bedel cs kept singing ( I bet they love singing ).I sang,too ^____^.

The girls love Country songs.Meanwhile Ronnie was busy bartending,Richie showed up. He helped Ronnie in the bar rail.Me? I was chatting with the customers.*capek juga bow,ngobrol terus2an* Hehehehhehe

Ronnie came home earlier,since he did need some sleep.Richie was asked to send me home.

As usual,I always take pics of the customers.They danced,they sang and some people were busy writing song they wanted to sing.

As the last song,I sang " Unwritten" * Naga2nya kyk Natasha nehhh ceritanya*.Hahhahahahaha.Three people sang along with me.That's the closing.

Eventhough we'd said it's Last Call,none moved.Seemed they didn't want to leave the bar.hahahahhaha. Gosh.....We cleaned up the bar till 3.30pm.

I'm worn out.. I really am. Today,I gotta go to work again.

Anyway,Happy Birthday,Sarah. Thanks for coming,folks.It's a wonderful nite. Drew said,"We'll come next tuesday,Mei2!!!"

Monday, March 13, 2006

Club Evolution : Olivia's Birthday,March 10th 2006

Jared told us that he would make a birthday party in the bar on Fri.Olivia,the birthday girl didn't know abt this surprise.Amy came earlier and put some balloons in the Back Bar.Around 10pm,one by one people came and celebrated her birthday.

Surprise!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Olivia.Since it's her birthday,we would love to make it more exciting and unforgettable,so we gave her a birthday cake,roses and Free Drink!!!

It's so glad to see her happy. Happy Happy Birthday to Olivia!!! God Bless you.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ching - Ching's Birthday

Start:     Mar 12, '06 2:00p

I just called my family this morning.Ching-Ching told me her birthday would be this friday.Aww...I thought it was Feb.She wants to have a pool like Mike.She likes swimming.Aghh I know...she wants to swim.I promise her she would have it.

Happy Birthday lil fussy Ching-Ching. Be a sweet girl,always.Love ya....

Ching - Ching's Birthday

Start:     Mar 17, '06
Location:     Siantar,Indonesia

I just called my family this morning.Ching-Ching told me her birthday would be this friday.Aww...I thought it was Feb.She wants to have a pool like Mike.She likes swimming.Aghh I know...she wants to swim.I promise her she would have it.

Happy Birthday lil fussy Ching-Ching. Be a sweet girl,always.Love ya....

Rest in Peace,Jason Beck

Got a shock news yesterday from Jared and Dave.Jason,their friend passed away Friday morning.Jason came to our bar last weekend with his girlfriend.They danced and had good time.I took some pics of them and even recorded a video ( ashamed,I didn't aim him a lot,but Jared and his girl ).

So,wed nite,Dave came to me and told abt the wrecked car they had on Sat nite.I was really shocked! He said Jason was in the hospital and was helped by life support.Oh...really sad to hear that.Dave wanted to have the pics I had taken and wanted to print. I promised him to give the pics and the video on Friday.

Yesterday,Dave came and told me Jason had died. I was speechless,I felt cold behind my neck and said our deep condolences to his family.Later on,Stephanie came.She cried all night long and I tried to encourage her.

Life is short,it is. Deep condolence to Jason’s family.

Rest in peace, Jason. Smile for us from heaven. We’re gonna miss you.We love you,we do.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Live Performance :Ultra Band@Club Evolution

Start:     Mar 17, '06 11:00p
End:     Mar 18, '06 2:30p
Location:     Club Evolution,Cincinnati
Ultra Band ( alternative rock band ) will make performances at our bar.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hoorayyyyyy...They Come Again!!!

I was on the phone with Dan from Kiss FM,when my cellphone was beeping.I got one misscall.I called the no back,and it's Britney!!! OMG!!! I'm so glad she called me.

She wondered if we had Karaoke Program. Duhhh .... I can tell Britney loves singing ( one day she'll be Britney the country singer,defeat Spears ^___ ^ ).

She said she would come.Ok!!!!

Ronnie went home earlier.He still didn't feel good.I asked him to sleep and didn't need worry abt us.Dave was with me in the bar.

Jared,our DJ came with Dave.We had free pool nite,so everyone played pool freely.Jared said he would have a party on Fri nite.I volunteer to make a birthday cake for his friend,Olivia. ^__^

Abt 12pm,Britney came with her friend.Hooray!!!!! Minus Chris and Leah,but there' s someone with them.Andrew..Hm.... Drew n Andrew ^__^. I thought they're twins.

I do love meeting them. I really do !!!! As usual,I know what they like to drink. Jeger Bom fans. ^_____^

Andrew brought his nice cam. I took some pics of them,as usual,and Andrew took theirs,too.

Drew is so funny.He was holding a cellphone and said,"Mei-Mei,take my pic like this." Hahahahhaha. I laughed . Of course I didn't want to miss the moment.

They partied till 2.30am.I did enjoy it.Drew said,"We'll come on Tues Nite,karaoke with friends here." Go ahead,Drew.I wanna sing with you guys,too. ^_____^

Thank you for coming,again. We love you!!!! *hugs*

God Bless!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Insomnia & Anxiety ?? ( Part 2 )

Just got a letter from my doctor this noon. I was worried before opening it.

Here's the result : 


Chest X- Ray : Normal

PFT : Normal

Comments : Consider Anxiety Medication if the symptoms continue.


Praise The Lord, I'm not suffering from Asthma or other disease. Thanks for all your prayers for my health!!!!

I sent sms to Ronnie and some friends. Ronnie replied me back and wrote " Love ya,babe.That's a relief!! "

I took a nap and made my cellphone silent.Ronnie called at home, I answered and he said,"Oh,babe?Are you sleeping?" He wanted me to continue sleeping,he said he just wanted to say he loved me.

Then,abt 4.30pm ,my cellphone vibrated.Desy's calling me.I answered her and we chatted for awhile. I wasn't awaken completely. ^___^. But, I got up and continue doing my laundry.

Ronnie would be home soon.He just called me. I gotta cook and packing the goodies.We'll be in the bar tonite. See ya!!!



Ronnie's Singing Karaoke - We Gotta Get Out From This Place

Weleh... why did he choose this song? Once he pointed me this song,I thought he wanted us to leave soon.Hahahahahha.
I encouraged him to sing duet with me,but he said," Hmm..... not now" :P . Then, finally he came to me and said," I wanna sing this song ." OOOOOKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

I recorded it twice. The 1st video didn't work ( he laughed ). Then,the 2nd one worked.I decided to record till he's done singing.Though he's still sick,but I am so happy he made it better. Thank you,honey.You did a good job!!!

Tuesday - Karaoke Nite with Alecia

Yesterday nite, me and Ron were in charge in the bar.Thank God,he wasn't sick anymore.Seemed he enjoyed the work.He greeted the customers.He himself became the bartender.Aghhh he has a talent,for sure. ^___^. He made some tips!!!!

There're some people come to the bar last nite.Well,they're nice,for sure.The girls sang country songs ( I can tell they love country music ).Meanwhile the guys, hm... you know..... they sang well!!! Me and Ronnie watched them from the bar rail and took some pics of theirs.

Britney,Jason,Sarah,Beatle,Andrew,Chris and Leah.

Britney,Jason and Andrew chatted me with for awhile.They said they liked our bar,and would come next week.

Well, can't wait to see you guys come back next week.We'll sing together!!!!!

@Britney,here're some pics from last nite!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Get Well Soon,Babe ..

My baby is sick .He came home yesterday morning, a lil bit wet and he looked so pale. I was making cookies and followed him to the bedroom.He said, " I  am sick, hun. I really am."

I asked him to lay down on bed .He had me brought a cup of sweet tea and toast.I brought them,but he didn't eat the toast.Mom helped me design the cookies ( Nastar ). Ronnie covered his body with thick blanket.

I asked him not to work at nite.Ronnie asked me to call Dave so he would pick me up to the bar.He came abt 7pm and picked me.I called Ronnie around 9 pm,he said he had taken shower for 4x!!!! OMG!!! I asked what's going on.He said," I throw up.I was cold and warm at the same time." Aghhh my poor baby.

We went home abt 11pm. I went to bed and saw he's sleeping.He awoke when I kissed his forehead.He asked me to go to bed.We prayed and I said to him,"You are healed,baby. Believe in your faith."

He didn't want me to get closer to him,cos I would be sick.Wish I could have some illness he has.I've been through those.

In the morning,he woke up and said he couldn't work.He grabbed the phone and called to his work.We slept till noon. I cooked chicken broth for him ( he just wanted that ). He didn't have anything at all since  yesterday nite.

 Ronnie wanted me to go to the bar with him.He needed to do something.But,only half way,we went home.He still don't feel good.He was hungry.I offered him to cook something he liked,but he said,"No, I am not so very hungry." He saw Raviola in the pantry and said," Maybe I want this." Ok..I opened the can and heated in a bowl.He had some. I'm so glad to see that.

After that,he took a nap at Mom's bed. I was busy cooking for Anne's order.I chopped chicken and shrimps.Suddenly,"What're you doing there,baby? " Ronnie asked me.He's disturbed by the chopping. ^_____^.

Thank God,he had some nap already.I gave him one Lumpia Shanghai and asked him to eat. Geeee...he only eats the crispy skin. Duhh....

Now he's in the bar.I'll go soon to the bar and has him go home to take some more rest.

Hope you get well soon. I love you... Lifeless without your laughs.



Hoorayyyyyy!!!!!!!! Utang orderan lunas terbayar.Setelah Anne krm email bbrp kali ( ngingatin orderan dia ),akhirnya dibuatin deh.Sorry berat,Ne,lama banget baru kelar. **

Ini dia nih orderannya,plus orderan Emak Ruth ( Iin ). Siap2 tunggu paket di dpn pintu rumah ya........

Rendang Kerang ( Clams with Beef Spicy Seasoning )

My lunch for yesterday noon.Since I bought Clams and attemped to cook them.
I tried bumbu Rendang Indofood,but it didn't taste good at all( I washed my clams and potatoes and used Munik ).

half sachet of Munik.
1/4 can of coconut milk.
1 potatoes, peeled , cut into small chuncks.
1 small bowl of clams.
A lil oil to fry

1.Heat the oil and pour the Munik spicy
2.Stir around for awhile.
3.Add the clams and potatoes.
4.Add the coconut milk.
5.Stir around with medium heat.
6.Taste and ready to serve.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Me .... Me... & Ronnie

Saturday nite,we spent time at the bar. Though I was still sick,but I came to the bar.Ronnie danced and I took his pic.Alas,he knew I was getting ready to take his pic.Then,I pulled him to the dance floor,and we danced together.

Goodness...Ronnie's getting better in dancing now. His style makes me laugh loudly. Next time I'll record the way he dances. ^___^