Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 20th :Shopping to Kohl's with Ronnie

Finally...... after persuading Ronnie to go shopping to Kohl's, he made it. ^__^ . Susah banget diajak shopping nih calon bapak.

I cooked his Egg Sandwich before we left and got ready.I bought some patriotic t-shirt which was on sale. Bought 10 pieces ^__^.

Then we stopped by to have massage. ^___^. 3 minutes.. I sat down next to him and enjoy the massage. :D

We passed Payless Shoes and pulled his hand to get in.Ronnie said," What are you doing,hun?"

I sat down on the floor and picked one pair.I made him try and walk around. I asked," How do they feel ?" Ronnie said," They're ok ". We looked for another pair again and seems like Ronnie liked the 1st ones.

He said,' I don't need ones,hun." I said,"Hushhhh.. I am buying for you." He said," I am shopping with you for your need,not mine." I replied,' I am shopping for your need this time ." :P

He asked," How much do they cost ? " Ahh mo tau aja :P

I brought the box and paid. I handed to him and he couldn't said anything. He said," Thank you. Goofy girl." :P

We walked around and decided to have some fries. We stopped by at Jhony Rockets.The place is designed back to 50's. It has tiny jukebox,too.

After having fries, we left home. Now, gotta go back to the bar. Moppingggggggggggggg :P

Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29th : Soupy Meals

Yes... udh sakit begini, seems I have to eat soupy meals. I need energy,baby. :D

Yesterday I cooked Pork Soup and Mung Bean with Pearl. I haven't finished it all, then today I was attempted to cook Maling.

Agh... taste good... soupy... ^___^. While chatting with Devi, I was cooking and it took abt 10-15 mnts.

I put some Pork Skin crackers,make it cruncy taste. He he he .

Mom just came back from Kroger,and as usual,she bought me Doughnut... raspberry one!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

[ Kesel ] - Visa Ditolak

Mo curhat.. lagi kesel bangettttttttttttt

Yesterday my sister had an interview in US Embassy,Jakarta.From here,we had prepared everything, even the sponsorship letter,the tax return,copies of  my PR,passport and Ronnie's.

Danggggggggggggg... A few hours later,I called her.She said she's rejected.The reason ??? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She brought all the papers and was interviewed by a black lady.She spoke Indonesian.My sister gave her all the papers and she said," I don't wanna see them,I just need to see your Family Card ".

Amoy gave her the FC.She looked at it and said," You come from the big family,huh?" She said," Yes."

Next question, what the purpose to go to States ( Amoy answered visiting the pregnant sister who would give a birth on Oct ). What's my status in the USA,how I met Ronnie,how long we've been marrying. Those questions were answered by Amoy.

Then,the lady typed something in her computer,and gave Amoy a piece of paper said," I am sorry." BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She rejected my sister without any reasons.She even didn't want to read the files from us.I am so disappointed.

Amoy said there're many people are rejected.Two people in front and behind her were accepted,but not her. That's weird.

I have a pregnant friend,too.She applied visa for her sister ( who's still in college,she was failed in her thesis,but got the visa ).She's married with Indonesian guy. Dunno how the Embassy's consideration in giving visa.

Before we applied visa for Amoy,we read all the instructions.The applicant was asked to bring documents that can strenghten the reason to go to States. We had done it.But,the lady didn't wanna take a few seconds to look at our papers.

If she's looking at my name in the FC,she still could see my name there.But,of course my last name wasn't the old one anymore. Aghhh... keselnya minta ampun.

I called Ronnie and cried.I expected that Amoy would be given the visa,so she could come and take care of me during my labor for a while.I asked Ronnie to call to the Embassy,but Ronnie said,"Baby,they won't tell you why.We'll try next time."

Anybody experiences the same thing like we do ?? Any idea what's wrong with it ??  I still don't feel satisfied abt this. Makes me worse,esp. I am still not in a good condition.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26th : One Day in the Good Sam Hospital

Early this morning at 9.30am.......
Me and Mom went to visit my doctor.I had toast and OJ for my bfast.When I was in the check up room,I threw up. I had to go back and forward to the bathroom. I felt so bad. My face was pale.

The doctor checked me.He said he'd give me Venergan ( lahhhh ... no way!!!!!!!!!!!! I had it before ). I told him,' NO!!! It knocked me out.You've gave me before and it didn't work at all.Made me like having dope. " Then he decided to send me to Good Sam to check the Gall Bladder.

The doctor said," Now go to Good Sam.They're waiting for you." We drove to the hospital and I was taken care there.

They put me in a room and put IV on my arm.Awww...apa pula ini :(

I didn't know what's going on.They said that I would be taken downstairs to have the
Gall Bladder

I was freezing...really cold.Kathy,the nurse told me it'd take a couple hours to be in the hospital. I decided to send Mom home.Kathy said she'd call Mom as soon as I was done.

It's on the 5th floor, I was put in another room.Gosh... really colddddddddddddd. They gave me another warm blankie.

The lady name Debra checked me.She asked me to take a deep breath,hold and breath. Goodness..... I bet she'd done around 50-60 times!!!!!!!!!!! Then she said," Can you hold your breath for me any longer?" Huh ????? I thought I had. I told him," Excuse me,I couldn't hold it for 10-15 secs.I got a breathing problem here." Ughhh... org lagi sakit begini disuruh tahan nafas lama2.. Koit ntar gmn ? :P

Suddenly I was shiffering. I told her," Can I go to the bathroom,pls ?? " She looked at me and said," Can we finish this first?" Aghh... Ok .

Dang... it took another 10 mnts to be with her.I felt down there was throbbing.Time to pee!!!!!!!!! I said to her,' EXCUSE ME. I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE.IT'S THROBBING DOWN THERE."

Then she let me pee. I should have known that she's still a student ( around 50ish yo ). Her friend came and said," You got some good pics here." She said," I tried to, she couldn't hold her breath for me." Dodol lu!!!! Kyk mo photo shooting aja.

Then, I was taken out and put in Inpatient Holding. Lah.. mo ke mana lagi ini??? I told Debra that my IV's bottle was empty.She said,"There's nothing I can do abt it,hun." Well.. the other staff saw it and said," You'll be taken upstairs,Mam,they will give you another one." She's sweet.

Another nurse took me back to 9th floor and changed my IV.Kathy came back and said," Goodness, how long did they take time to check you ? I was having lunch and I was thinking abt you,your spicy food. " he he he he.She's so nice.

I told Kathy ,Debra took lots of time to check my gall bladder.She was surprised to see my IV's bottle was empty.She was disappointed with the clerk on the lower floor.

Jaime,my customer who I met at the parking lot texted me.She wanted to visit me.She came and spent time a while with me. I told the nurse I was having heart burn.

The doctor came and checked me.She said," I am waiting for the gall bladder's result.Hopefully it'll be fine." I said I was starving. She said," Oh.. you haven't eaten anything yet?? I'll get you some food."

Within 5 mnts, the nurse brought me some food. Aghh... yesssss!!!!!!!! Lafar sekaleeeee... I was an OK food,eventhough I didn't like wild rice,I was forced to eat.

Suddenly I was so sleepy.Jaime left and I took a short nap.Mom called me.She wondered what's going on with me. I told her I haven't got an answer yet.

Soon,Kathy came and said that I was clear.I could go home.She said that I was lack of Iron , Anemia. I have guessed so. Kurang makan sayuran sih :P

She gave me perscription for Iron. Then,she's talking abt
Reflux Acid
that causes Heart Burn. No wonderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................. I was suggested not to eat lots of spicy food. Iya deh..nyerah,bu ......

I was clear and could go home. I said to Kathy," Aghh.. I wanna stay here overnite.It's quite." She laughed and said," You're so funny!!! I've never seen a patient like you.. you're so panicked when I put the needle in your hand, histerical and this time you don't wanna go home. " :P

The doctor told me the Gall Bladder's result was normal.I didn't have any gall stones.Thank God!!!!!!!!!!

I called Mom back and had her pick me home. Mom dropped me home and went to Pharmacy picked up my perscription. I was taking a rest till 9 pm and had my dinner. I called Ronnie he said," I am coming to pick you eh see you for a while ,hun." Mom's already at the bar.

I went downstaird,I smelt something. Aghh.. it's burger.It made me sick.I had to put it away from my nose. I boiled some water and had Indomie. I need something soupy this time.

When I was cooking,I called my family.It's my 2nd elder sister's bday,Cie Vivie. My whole family's there to celebrate her bdays.When I was in the middle of the conversation,Mami said," Mei,Oom Chun and Oom Dem are here.Wanna talk to them? " OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oom Chun just arrived from Bandung a day ago.He came with his family to visit his hometown.He's born in Siantar,never been home for yearsssssssssssssssssssssssss.I talked to him and his kids. It's a blessing to be around the family again. Mami said," Full House." ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie arrived and I spent time with him.He's laying down on bed.He wanted to cuddle up with me.I am so glad to see him.We've been missing one each other.

He felt asleep ( as I always think so ).He said," Don't stop spoiling me.I am enjoying it.You make me fall asleep." Bah!!!!!!!

He stayed with me almost for 1 hour and then went to the hospital.He didn't want me to work tonite.I might go back working tomorrow nite.Ronnie said,' Honey, don't worry abt it.We'll take care of you.Love ya..."

Ok then,baby... Thank you.... I can have another off nite.

P.S : Thank you for all of you who care abt me. Lid,sorry,jadi ngerepotin sms segala . :P

To Cindy n Novi,thanks a lot udah telp ke rmh.Thnks to Jaime,Dece n Robert ( Duh... I'm gonna miss him.He's moving to CA next week.I lost my chance to see him for the last time at the bar tonite ).

Keep praying for my health.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sakit..........Gak Ada Abisnya :(

Kok...masih sakit ya ? Kok masih muntah2 ya ?? Kok jantung rasanya berdegup gak karuan ? Heart burn gitu,plus perut mules mulu.Pinggang sakit,kadang jalan harus bungkuk kyk Oma2. Kaki kebas. Menderita sekali yg lagi hamil beginian. :(

Dari bbrp hari lalu perasaan udh gak enak.Tapi dipaksa kerja juga.Ada pesta,dijabanin juga ikut ke sana ke mari,malamnya lanjut kerja sampe subuh.Plg2 ke rumah,pinggang sakit,tidur kadang juga gak nyenyak.Mata ketutup,tapi otak jalan terus.Keliatan aja badan yg tepar semalaman di tmpt tidur,tapi otak melayang ke sana ke mari.

Apa krn kurang olahraga? Kurang gerak ? Kata Ronnie," lack of exercises,esp.for the streching." Duh,kyknya kalo udh bartending,badan bergerak semua deh,banyak diri juga.Tapi dia blg,"that's different,babe.I am talking abt your back,strech. Do some exercises, I bought you a CD for pregnant woman to do exercise.But,I've never seen you done it. " :P

Sorry,Oom,lagi gak mood aja olahraga2 via cd begitu.Si Mom skrg udh mulai bantu2 di bar,jadi kadang di rmh seharian bengong ria.Bosaannnnnnnnnnn.Malamnya baru keluar,kyk kalong kerja sampe subuh. Apa krn kebanyakan duduk dpn compie? Weleh...bisa jadi.

Summer begini,AC udh pada diidupin.Ya elah... tulungggg.... ekke gak tahan,bow.. Menggigil kyk org pesakitan.AC idup, kipas angin idup.Untung aja itu AC menghadap ke arah tmpt tidur Ronnie.Kadang suka golek2 ,gak sadar badan menghadap ke AC, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... blankie...blankie... tolong,yg double ya. Pake kaos kaki n gloves sekalian plus jacket tebel. *Ya elah,Mei.. ini Summer apa Winter?????*

Hari ini gak enak badan banget.Bangun hampir jam 3 sore.Makan,panasin sambel ikan.Dalam hati,' Weks... mudah2an gak muntah aja.Cium baunya udah gmn2 gitu." Dimakan juga. Ups...... muntah dikit. :(

Jam 6 sore,si Mom masak di dapur.Bau ayam dipanggang ke mana. Aduh,tulung...... baunya bisa diusir ke tempat lain gak ya ??? Ini sesek banget,rasanya mo muntah !!! Sengaja menyembunyikan diri di basement,biar baunya gak keras2 amat.Eh,kecium juga.

Si Mom turun blg kalo saatnya makan malam.Sorry,Mom,I couldn't smell the food.Make me sick :( . Untung Mom mengerti. Alhasil, I skipped my dinner.


Ronnie telp, lagi enak2 ngobrol, lari ke kmr mandi, uwekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk... semua isi makanan keluar :( . Nyelekit di tenggorokan,kecium bau ikan, rasanya gak karuan.Perut sakitnya minta ampun. Sambil usap2 perut ngomong ke Baby Ries,"Honey,don't make Mommy sick,pls. I love you.Be good ". 

Ronnie was worried.He did think I needed to go to the  hospital this morning. Ahh...  bisa ditunda sampe bsklah.

Bandel juga.Lagi muntah, Ronnie telp lagi.Tadinya siap2 mo kerja,naik ke kamar,mo ganti baju.Eh,badan gemetaran.Ronnie bener2 khawatir.Ujung2nya golek di tempat tidur,nangis,ngomong gak jelas blg sakit perut  hiks..hiks..hiks...hiks...

Mom naik ke atas, blg kalo dia yg ke bar aja.Ronnie ngomong ke Mom make sure I'm gonna be ok.Mata bengkak krn nangis.Si Mom usap2 kepala tanya,"What can I do, Mei-Mei2 ? Let me know,pls... I won't let you work tonite.You really don't feel good.Ronnie wants you to take a nite off tonite,too.We'll be fine." Agh... Puji Tuhan,dpt mertua yg ngerti mantu.

Sudah jam 8 malam.Lapar.....Bingung mo makan apa, ujung2nya balik lagi makan sambal ikan sisa semalam. Duh... lidah rasanya kelu,gak ada rasa.Badan masih gak enak, perut msh sakit ( untung aja tadi udh telp dokter,minta periksa bsk pagi.Diksh jadwal jam 9.30am ). Muntah lagi ...muntah lagi....


Well.. kyknya harus diskip makan yg pedes2 lagi hamil begini.

Sehari semalam di rmh,bosan juga :(

I hope doctor will be giving me a satifying answer abt my condition.


June 24th :Potluck Party @KY

Mande and I went to Potluck Party yesterday evening @ Herlina & Hendi's.We arrived there around 5.30pm.I cooked Ayam Rica2.The others showed up after 6 pm.

Herlina cooked Tongseng (? ) I thought It was like Curry or Soto,smelt so good.She cooked Sambal Kentang n Udang , Onde2 n Es Sarang Burung ( alamak!!!!!!!!! Forgot to try the last 2 items!! ).

Ko Edy n Evy brought dessert,Fang2 brought Spaghetti.Diva and Tio brought Steamed Fish,Dewi,new friend brought Servati bread.

It's glad to see friends again.We missed the last month BBQ Party at the same place.

Thank God ,I could make this time. Mande left at 7pm.I went home with Ko Edy n Evy.

Thank you for the nice Potluck Party,Herlina n Hendi.

Thank you for the ride,Ko Edy.

See you all next time. GBU!!!

June 2rd : Hang Out with Dece ( Nonton PoC 3 )

Dece texted me on Fri nite.She said she got some maternal clothes didn't fit to her ( since her friend gave her some ).She asked whether I wanted them or not.Of course,I did. :D

She said she'd come and drop the clothes to home on Sat noon.She came when I was having my Indomie.I cooked her Indomie and she brought raw -fish fillet.She wanted to eat fish,so I cooked spicy fish for her.

Meanwhile Ronnie's chatting with my sisters and bro in the basement,I let him have fun. :D

We went to Cinema and watched Pirate of Carribean 3. I told Dece I'd bring my jacket and slippers. :D ( winter slippers ).

As we arrived there,we took the highest seat,way up behind. Goshhhh... I kept going to the bathroom ( abt 15 times!!!!!!!!! ). I was upset to myself. I covered my feet with the slippers and another jacket :D

I did look like a sick person :( . Meanwhile Dece didn't go to the bathroom during the movie. I'm impressed with her ( padahal sama2 hamil neh ). Heran....

I was sleepy in the cinema and tried to take a nap. I kept asking myself what time the movie would be over. :D

Thank God,finally movie's over.We went to Bigg's and bought some mangoes, vitamin water and cantaloupe for Ronnie.

Dece recommended Bee's Buffet for dinner in Fairfiled. We went there.Not as big and fancy as Dynasty Buffet.The wonton soup was good. But,I didn't eat a lot this time. :( Not in a mood.

Dece dropped me to the bar around 7.30pm and ready to work again.There's a bday party at the bar and they didn't wanna leave till 3 am ( cos they liked the music I played ).Alamak!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile Ronnie's laying down on the pool table and asked me to stop the music and go home. :D

We went home around 3.30 am. Really tired............

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 20th : Baby Girl's on Board ( USG Result )

Yesterday,me and Mom went to Good Sam Hospital.I was nervous to know the baby's gender.

The lady named Debby was nice.She started showing us the baby at the screen.Oww..... the baby's so healty.She said baby's normal.Suddenly,she said, " Oh...look at that... the baby hic cup!!! " Ha ??????? She zoomed it and we saw the baby hic cup. Its head was up and down. Ha ha ha ha ha. Mom said," Yeah.. cos Mei-Mei always hic cup,too!! " Ha ha ha ha.

I said," I think I'm gonna give the nick name Hic Cup " Ha ha ha ha.Then she moved to another spot and said," Aw.... look at the mouth,it opens up and close the mouth." ^_____________^.

She said," This is a nice baby.Everything looks great.I am so happy.The baby's 1 lb. Healty baby."

Aghh.... that's what I wanted to hear.She pointed the nose and said," Look at the nose... you can see it clearly here." I said," I hope it won't have flat nose." ha ha ha ha.

" Now," the lady said," You wanna know the baby's gender ? " I said," Yes.. but not rite now. Can you write it down and put in the envelope,pls ? Cos I wanna share the happiness to my husband."

She said," Close your eyes,then." Mom wanted to see,but I asked her to close her eyes.She said," Mei-Mei don't trust me." ha ha ha ha.

A few seconds later," It's done." She put it in the envelope. I called Ronnie and asked Ronnie go to home directly from work.

As we went home,I drove to library n Walgreens.I wanted to play a game with Ronnie. I bought 2 cards, baby boy and girl card.

When I arrived,I saw Ronnie's car already parked.He's at the basement,playing game. I asked him to go upstairs.He said,' Well...let's see what we have."

I said," Hang on....we gotta have dinner first." I gave him the baby's profile. He said," I wanna see the gender.These pics don't tell a lot." ha ha ha . Be patient, daddy - to be.

After we had dinner, I asked him to go to the living room. I gave Ronnie 2 cards. I asked him to pick one.

He picked a smaller card and said," I picked this one." He opened it up and said," Aghhhhhhhhhhh it's baby girl!!!!!!!!! " I was quite. I was nervous,for sure. I said to him," Really ??? Let me see."

He said," Is it baby girl ? " I said,' Dunno.The real answer is in the envelope."

I handed the envelope to him.He's nervous.He opened up the envelope,the paper was flipped .He turned it back and laughed," Ha ha ha ha ha." I was curious and said," What it says ???? What it says ???? Let me see."

My hand was shaky. I turned the pic and it said " I'M BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said,' Exactly what you want,baby! " Ha ha ha . I looked at his face,he's nervous. I said," Are you disappointed ? " He said," Nope!!!!!!! Baby boy or girl is the same.I'm gonna love her as much as I love you and the baby boy. She's gonna be Daddy's lil girl.I love you.Thank you".He kissed and hugged me.^____^

I myself,was disappointed a lil bit.Ronnie said," Well..suddenly you're disappointed.Lately you wanted to have a baby boy. Hey,this baby girl will be our precious one.It's a blessing." Ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie and I tried to pick up some names. Although I myself had prepared the name,but seems he wasn't fond of. We teased one each other in the bedroom, picking names. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie said," I'm gonna be strict to her 1st boyfriend.She can't know man till 32 yo.She must be a lawyer." ha ha ha ha. Goodnesssssssssss... he starts being fussy abt his baby in the future.

He wants to protect her for 24 hours. Ha ha ha ha. Duh... kyk security aja,Oom. :P

I called my family.My Papi was so excited.Papi said," What it says??" I said," You're gonna have granddaughter." He laughed. ^_________^.

Then,I talked to Ching2. She said," Iie,Iie will have baby girl ? Ching2 will send old clothes for the baby girl,ok ?" Ha ha ha ha ha. She's so excited,too.

Then,I talked to Mami.I said," Baby girl." She laughed.I told her that I was a lil disappointed.But Mami said," Hey... baby boy or girl is the same.It's a blessing."

Well... I shouldn't have done that. Sorry,God. I rubbed my belly and said," Hi,honey.. Mommy loves you. Daddy will be strict to you. Be careful. Mommy will be on your side." Ha ha ha .

Ronnie said," Awwww...she'll be on my side." Ha ha ha ha . Now we fight who's gonna be her best friend. :P

Lidya,who was curious since a couple days ago couldn't resist not to send me sms many times asking abt the baby's gender. Duh..sorry,sampe lama nunggunya,sis.

I texted all my friends and family. I got lots of responses.Dece was excited,cos she's gonna have a baby girl,too.She wrote," Meiceeeeeeeee.... our kids can play together and shopping together.It'll be fun." ha ha ha ha.

Chiko wrote," Mei2,congrats... You're gonna enjoy shopping for her as baby girl's outfits are so cute." Ha ha ha ha.

I said to Ronnie," I am gonna have a friend to do more shopping and I'll dress her up a lot." ^_________^.

Ronnie said," Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... now she's so excited abt the baby girl's stuff." ha ha ha ha ha.

Love you,Ron,I really do. All above, love you my precious lil girl - on the board. Can't wait to see your lil fingers and toes and your tiny mini body. :P

Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see you. :D

Aduhhh...lama benerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Cepetan dunkkkkkkkkkk :P

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20th : Kwetiau Goreng... Kwetiau Goreng

Duh.. boring!!!!! Staying at home doing nothing ( browsing,chatting with my bro,uploading pics,doing art work ect ),still makes me bored.

Lunch time... thinking to cook Kwetiau Goreng.

Sreng..sreng...sreng... within 10- mnts,it's ready.

Yay.. my lunch.....Kwetiau Goreng Acek Surabaya . Ha ha ha ha.

Makan yukkkkkkkkkkk

Monday, June 18, 2007

I Wonder Why Encyclopedia

Genre: Childrens Books
Author:King Fisher
It's not too late to learn even from the kids' books. I love this book. I myself always curious abt things happens around. Encyclopedia,bow....

This book contains the ultimate questions and answers, over 500 questions. It's good for the parents if the kids ask them with many " WHY ? ".

Lah.. boro2,jaman kecil dulu gak pernah nanya detail2 ke ortu,jawaban juga gak scientic banget. He he he he.

I think before I have a baby, I am going to enrich my knowledge.
" Where do I come from ? " ha ha ha ha ha.

You can find the answer here.

Enjoy the book!!!!

June 17th - Kedatangan Emak dari Toledo :P

When I was cooking for Ronnie’s Father To Be’s Day , Nia called me. She said she called to my cellphone at noon,and left a message.I turned it off all day long,since we're at the church.

She said that Lina Tripp was on the way back to Toledo from TN.She'd like to visit Nia in Batavia.Nia wanted to order some Lumpia ( since Lina's husband likes Lumpia,too ).

The Cantwells attended Our wedding
almost 3 years ago. I am so thrilled to meet them. I called Lina and arranged time to meet us at the bar and picked up the lumpia.

I made sure that they would come to the bar,otherwise it's wasteful to cook the lumpia. I just only cooked the filling. I didn't have much time to fry them.

Lina arrived abt 8 pm. Ronnie greeted them at the bar while I came within 30 mnts. Wow!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to see them sitting at the bar. Tripp,Lina n Nikyta were there. Lina was so excited. She asked abt my belly. Ha ha ha. She said that I lost weights. Oh yeah, baby.

I ordered Pizza for them since they had a long trip.We chit chat for almost an hour and they left to Batavia. Lina invited Ronnie to Toledo. Yeah... ayo, Roonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. :P

I wish we could spend more time, longer one,cos there're lots of things to share. Ngobrol2 lah yaoo.. Udh lama gak ketemuan. The last time was 2x Christmas ago.

Thanks for coming,Mak,Babe!!! He he he. We'll see you next time !!!!!

Tuhan berkati!!!!

June 17th - Ronnie's Father To Be's Day

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!! But,for Ronnie, Happy Father To Be. He he he he.

After church, I took a break for a couple hours and prepared dinner.I have promised Ronnie to cook him some ribs for him. Special treatment,for sure.Since Ronnie's been working so hard lately,and he's gonna be a daddy soon,I owe him a lot. I wanna spoil him and treat him the best I can!!!!

I started cooking abt 5'ish. It took abt 1.5 hours to have it ready.
Ronnie came home around 7pm.I set up the table at the patio.I wanted to celebrate it differently.

Mom said," It's kinda hot out there,Mei - Mei." Agh.. I thought Ronnie could handle it for a while. :P

The food was ready... We waited for Mom.She hadn't come out yet.I called her and asked her to eat together.She said," Agh.. I thought it's only for both of you. " Aww... tidaklah yao, Mom... Too much ribs for 2 persons. He he he he.

Ronnie's surprised to see it.He felt very special.He's ready to eat.While I was busy taking this and that,he cut a small slice. Ha ha ha ha. Mom cut some,too. Ronnie said,' Shall we pray ? "

I started the prayer.Ronnie laughed,but kept saying the prayer.After we're done,he said,", you prayed so fast." ha ha ha. I said, " I am hungry." Ha ha ha ha.

We did enjoy the dinner. Ronnie ate a lot. Mom enjoyed it,too. I cooked some rice. Just can't eat ribs with plain potatoes. As soon as my rice was cooked,I ate like crazy :P

I looked at Ronnie and ask," Want some more,baby? " He said, " Nooooo.. I am full!!!!!!!!!!! Look how much I ate!! "

Ronnie's really excited. He kept thanking me all nite long. ^____^

Ronnie went inside and laid down.He's really full. I texted him and suddenly I heard his cellphone rang. Alamak!!!!!!!! It's on the table!!! Ha ha ha. Hpnya ditinggal di meja ternyata. I just laughed at myself. Silly me !

Ronnie went to the bar around 7.30pm. I and Mom cleaned up the kitchen and departed to the bar around 8.30pm.

Happy Father To - Be's Day, Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17th - Duh..Hati2 Donk Bawanya!

Ronnie and I went to church this morning. We're last ,as usual. Last week we entered the parking lot and everybody walked out from the church. He he he. We forgot that the service was started one hour earlier.

As he's done eating Indomie Goreng,he went upstairs.I saw him holding the cd player he got in the bedroom.He just held the wire instead of the whole cd player.I asked him," What are you doing with it ?" He said," I am taking it to work."

I said," careful.Don't hold the wire itself like that.You're gonna break it." Ronnie teased me,' Aww.... it hurts... oh... no.... pls treat it carefully,otherwise it's bleeding." ha ha ha ha.

Huhhhh... I always want him treat stuff nicely.He said," Baby,it's only a cd player." Bah.....

We're ready to leave,but he waited till Putty walked out from home and spent time at the backyard. He handed me the cd player while he's trying to hold Putty. I said," No... I got handful stuff in my hand. " :P

Ronnie closed the door as soon as Putty awalked out and he kept holding the cd player,hanging around . I couldn't resist not to laugh.Ha ha ha ha ha.

He murmured and said," Baby,we need to find a closer church,it takes 20 mnts and we're always late." Duh... I love the church we go now,but yes,we're always late..... I don't think we need to move rite now.

We went home directly from church and Ronnie's cranky.It's hot and traffic. He laid down on the carpet,found the closest AC. He he he. Of course, reading his fave weekly cartoon. :P

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wah...Paket dari Lidya di MI

Ha ha ha ha. I was taking a break a few mnts ago,wanted to cook Bihun Kuah. As usual, always checks the mail box. I was surprised seeing a package on the floor.

I was yelling to Mom and said,' Aw... I got a package!!! " Mom was at the kitchen ,just about finished cleaning the kitchen.

I grabbed the package and it's from Lidya & Brian Schalhamer. Mimpi apa neh.. siang2 dpt berkat!!!! ^_____^.

Thank you so much,sis.

I opened it. Aww... chocolate!!!!!!!!!! Yummy..... Been a long time didn't eat chocolate. Ronnie loves chocolate.

There's a card inside. ^__^

You shouldn't have done that, Lid....

But,I can't resist not to have a bite. He he he he.

Lumayan,nungguin bihun lembek, ngemil coklat dulu.

Thank you ... muchas gracias.. Tuhan memberkati.. God bless your pregnancy!!!!

20 Weeks Pregnancy

Yay... it's 20 weeks pregnancy. I feel a lot different than past 3 months .
I start feeling Baby Ries kicks my belly anytime.Mostly at nite.. Duh.. ini anak gak bisa diam,gangguin Maminya mulu :P

Throbbing down my belly everytime it kicks me. But,when I have Ronnie touch my belly or put his head on it, he don't hear anything. Nakal yaaaaaaaaaaaa... Ha ha ha ha. As soon as Ronnie pulls back his hand or head,it starts kicking again.

Last nite I asked him to feel it.He put his head,took a couple seconds and he said,' Hey, I think I hear that." ha ha ha ha .

So far,I don't gain much weights.Last month I just only gain 1/2 lb only.Ronnie said," Good..." . :P

But,my feet ... hurt so bad. My muscles feel like tightened up.I have a hard day to walk lately.Pain.. Maybe too much standing, I think. Feels like I started working for the very 1st time at the bar.

Mom suggested me not to wear flat sandals a lot. Well...I changed my sandals and put on gym shoes this time. Mom asks me to put up my feet everytime I have a chance. I hope it would work.

My back..oh my goshhh... sakittttttttttt... can't sit down for hours now. Ronnie said,' Gee,baby.. you act like a grandma. " ha ha ha .Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrr

My bartender,Jaime, always asks me," Mei-Mei,when will you start showing ??? Are you pregnant or not ??? Show me the belly." Ha ha ha ha.

I am showing now,baby.......

2nd USG for Baby Ries

Start:     Jun 20, '07 3:45p
Location:     Good Samaritan Hospital
Can't wait for next week to have another USG. Baby boy??? Baby girl ??? ^____^

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tragedi Hilangnya HP

On Tuesday was a bad day for me. I was abt ready to leave to the bar, I saw Ronnie's cellphone on the passanger seat.I took it and handed to Mom.Alas,Mom said she had to put the pan ( of noddles, for Tuesday crowd,Karaoke Nite ), in the car and then took the cellphone.

I put the cellphone on top of the front bumper and walked to the passanger seat.I thought Mom had had it. So.. I drove to the bar.

Later..... Robert came to the bar.He said that the back bar was hot.I tried to turn on the AC,didn't work.Robert called Ronnie's cellphone.He left a voice message.


Abt 1 hour later,Ronnie sent me a message.

Ronnie : " Who is this ?"

Me : " ????? Ron,it's me.Why did you ask me that?"

Ronnie : " I don't know you."

Ughh... I thought Ronnie's playing with me.

Me :"It's me, Mei - Mei,your wife.What's wrong with you?Are you coming ? You promised to come and bring me some fries."

Ronnie :" You got the wrong number and who is this ?"

Me : "Don't make me mad,pls. Answer the phone call."

I tried to call 3-4 times,but he hung up over there.

I was upset.I asked Robert to text Ronnie and had him answer me. I was confused.I didn't change my number,but Ronnie acted as if he didn't  know me. I saw Courtney around.I asked Courtney to take out his cellphone.I dialed his number and it showed my number there.Nothing changed.

Robert called and texted Ronnie.But,the same answer he got like mine.

I called home.Steph said that Ronnie just left.I tried to call Ronnie again,no answer.


Ronnie : " Ron don't got this phone no more."

I was panicked.My heart beat so fast.

Me :" What do you mean ? Who is this ? "

Ronnie : " This is a girl name Asia.

Me : " How did you get my husband's phn ?"

Ronnie :" Cause I found this on the ground."

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart stopped for a second. I called home and talked to Mom.I thought Steph was playing Ronnie's cellphone with her friend named Asia in the basement.

Mom got confused.I asked her,

Me : " Mom,where is Ronnie's cellphone ? "

Mom : " I don't know.I thought it's at home."

Me : " No.. It's not. Somebody named Asia got it.Didn't you get the phone before?I handed to you before I left.I put it.. OMG!!! I put it on the front bumper before I left. Goshhh!!! I must have droven while the cellphone was on top of it!!! "

Mom : " No. I didn't get the phone.What ??? "

Me : " Well.. it's my fault." Udah marah nih sebenarnya,mo salahin mertua ? Gak mungkin!!! Salah sendiri,tapi kecewa juga mertua gak perhatiin itu HP. Miscommunication. Dasar Mei2!!!!!!!


Me : " Well.. ok.. I think I need to call CWB to cancel the account. Bye."

Ronnie came a few mnts after that. I asked him abt his cellphone.He said," It's on the passanger seat before. " Oalah,Oommmmm... telat bangettttttttttttt. Udah ilang,tauuuuuuuuuuu.

He even didn't know that it's lost.I told him a girl had it.He was surprised.

I tried to text the girl.

Me : " Will you give me back the cellphone,pls ?"

"Ronnie" :" Why?"

Me : " Cos we need it."

"Ronnie" : " Who is this and I'll give it back."

Me : " It's Ron.My wife just told me that you found the cellphone.I'll give you some money."

" Ronnie :" Ok "

On the other hand,Robert tried to talk to her. Robert asked where she found it. She said she found it on the ground in Mt. Airy ( dangggggggggg... it's half way from home!!! ). Then she told Robert that she lives in Mt.Airy ( not far from the bar ),she's 16 yo.

Robert offered her 100 bucks and had her bring the cellphone to the bar.She didn't want to. Robert said," She's smart,Mei2."

At that nite,we had Will,the cop at the bar.He suggested us to do the trick.But,alas..the girl didn't want to come.

She kept texting me abt how much money I would give her. I replied that Robert would take care of that.

Seemed that we didn't get the solution,so I decided to cancel the account.The Operator suspended the account till I gave her my 4 last digit SSN ( which it was on Mom's account ).

The next day, the operator called me. I gave her the number.She suggested me to buy a new cellphone and sim card. Ronnie said he got another cellphone ( Nokia 3220 ). Me and Mom bought the SIM card.It's reactivated at the same day.

Ronnie used the other phone,he complainted when he came home.

He said," Baby, I really don't like the phone.The button is so small,my fingers are way too big.Please switch the phone. "

Other reason he didn't like it,cos the volume is way too low. I thought he just didn't know how to set it up. But,today,we switched the phone. Yes.... I got the problem with the volume.People who call me sound they talk from far away. The volume has been turned up till the loudest,still don't work.

I called the Nokia company,they want me to send the phone back to be fixed. Dunno how much the cost will be. I just don't wanna use the loudspeaker.Malu didenger org2 kalo ngomong.. Ntar dikira mo pamer lagi. stuck with this phone now...maybe I just need to go to local store and have it fixed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 11th -Bakwan & Sliced Beef

Cooking fried noddles this noon for the Karaoke crowd.Robert promised to come and bring some friends and watch America’s Got Talent. ( Pssssttttt…. He attended the contest,and be one of the finalists ).

He makes a plan to do the Show Nite at our bar on Tuesdays. I promised him to cook tonite. He’ll come around 8pm.

Suddenly,I craved to have Bakwan. Voila…. I made some!!!!!!! Stephanie liked it.I ate with raw chili.:P

This evening,I prepared sliced beef with Bulgogi sauce.Ronnie loved it. He ate a lot of the beef,and left some rice on his plate. Ughhh… I was happy to have a couple slices only. Mom enjoyed it,too.I saved some for Steph.

Well…gotta go to work tonite before Roberts cs arrive at the bar. See ya!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Jun 9th -Farewell Party with Lilis @ Atik's Home

Farewell dadakan buat Lilis.She called me on Fri,asked to go hang out having lunch.I decided to call other friends and made the arrangement.Atik gave a suggestion to do the party at her house... cooking!!!!!!!!!

Oh well... I brought some ingredients from home on Sat noon.I picked Lilis and then Dece.Goodness... this preggy mama to-be was shopping when we arrived there. We waited almost 45 mnts.Thank God,Ken came out from his home and invited us to see the baby cribs.

I said to Lilis,'I am gonna smack Dece down this time.It's 3pm already.We're late."

Dece finally came and showed us some sandals. Ya elah.. she bribed me. Ha ha ha ha. Untung aja disogok,kalo gak .... :P

We departed to Amelia and arrived abt 4 pm. I started cooking and had dinner at 5.30pm. I called Ronnie.He said,' Where are you,baby ?" I said," At Atik's house, ready to have dinner now." He said," Who's talking behind you? Sounds like Mom's." I said,' Agh.. it's Atik. You know her,she speaks so loud!!! " ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie assumed I wouldn't be home abt 6pm.I said,' I might go home later,around 9-10pm maybe." He said,' Take your time,hun.Enjoy it."

Well.... we had dinner. I cooked Ikan Asam Manis, Sambal Goreng Ati ( I cooked at home already ) and Kerang Santan plus kerupuk Udang. Atik had cooked rice already.

Jeff and Jacob had dinner with us,too.They tried the food. But Jeff had his own steak on the grill.

After having dinner,everybody was stuffed.We continued cooking Bubur Candil ( Nia's fave ) and Lumpia.

While we're preparing the stuff, Nia,Lilis n Jeff went out.They bought some ice cream for us.

I got stomachache,kept going to the bathroom many times.Atik showed us her garden.She got strawberry plants, cucumber,chilies and some flowers.

I picked tiny strawberries.. mamamia.... sweet!!!!!!

Before leaving,I took a nap. I was so exhausted and didn't feel good.Thank God we arrived at Cincinnati abt 10pm. I stopped by at Mc Donald,bought Ronnie some meals.

Dang... a cop was tailing me. I didn't realize that.I drove slowly...He he he he. I changed the lane,he followed me,till I entered Mc.Donald,he drove straightly. Berani2an ngekorin org. :P

Thank God,Ronnie called me and asked me to go home,take some rest.Stephanie ,our bartender was at the bar. I just dropped the food and then went home. Aghhhhhh.. tireddddddddddd

Lilis.... happy moving,yao.... We'll see you next time. Kalo mo ke Columbus,udh ada tumpangan neh. Ha ha ha ha.

Glad to meet you ( bentar amir... cuma bulanan doank ). God bless you!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Jane Eyre ( 2006 )

Genre: Romance
Wow..... after reading this novel for years ( since I was in Junior ),finally I found the dvd. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled!!!!!!!!!! Still remember the 1st line of the novel. " My name is Jane Eyre.My father was a clergyman." :D

Let's check the review of Charlotte Bronte's novel.
Jane Eyre is an orphan cast out as a young girl by her aunt, Mrs. Reed, and sent to be raised in a harsh charity school for girls. There she learns to be come a teacher and eventually seeks employment outside the school. Her advertisement is answered by the housekeeper of Thornfield Hall, Mrs. Fairfax.

She felt in love with Mr.Rochester ( the master of the house ).But too many secrets around the house,even for herself.

The day of their wedding at the church,Mason ( Mr.Rochester's legally bro in law ) cancelled the wedding.Rochester still had a legally and wife living. Jane was disappointed and left Thornfield Hall.

On her journey to find another place,she was saved by the Rivers ( lately found out The Rivers were her cousins ).Jane's uncle ( Mr.River ) left Jane fortune. Jane shared the fortune with her cousins.

As she spent her times with her new family,she heard Rochester called her name from a far.She decided to go back to Thornfield Hall.Alas... the building was burnt out.She saw Rochester at another building.Rochester didn't recognize her,since he lost his sight during the fire.

Jane decided to take care of him and finally they got married and had kids.

Happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm A Baby Boy :P

Yesterday, me and Ronnie were playing with the baby's listener.I asked Ronnie whether he could hear the heartbeat and asked was it a baby boy or girl.

He said," I am a baby boy." Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Duh... seems he really wants to have baby boy. We'll see then. :D

Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 7th : Listening to Baby Ries' Heart beat

After work,me,Mom n Steph went out shopping.Mom's looking for furniture.We stopped at some places,but they're close.Mom decided to go to Goodwill Store.

I said to Mom I didn't intent to buy anything,just looked around.Alas..... couldn't stand not to see stuff,I bought Ronnie a shirt.Ending up to maternal pants,baby clothes and Bebe Sounds ( Prenatal Heart Listener ). Ha ha ha

I went home and had Ronnie closed his eyes. I put the headphone on his ears,and he laughed,"What are you doing ?" I asked him to listen to the heart beat.He put it on his chest instead of mine. He said," I don't hear anything."

I turned it on and Ronnie tried to listen to his heart beat.Then,he moved it to my belly. He laughed," You keep moving,I can't hear it." Ha ha ha ha ha.

I tried to find the spot and said," Ups...Baby Ries' seems sleeping." :P

Then,I showed him 2 baby clothes ( blue and yellow ).He said," Hm.. unisex colour." I said,"Yes,since we don't know the baby's gender yet."

He couldn't resist not to smile. I said,' Daddy's baby!!! ". Ha ha ha ha.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

19 Weeks Pregnancy : Tiny Belly :P


Another month...

Yesterday went to the doctor.Ighh....I was asked to come at 1.45pm,I was called around 3pm,and left alone for another 15 mnts in a room. I was so upset.

Doctor just checked my belly less than 3 mnts!!!!! He asked me to listen to the baby's heart.I wasn't excited. I just said," Ok..I heard it." Then,left the room.

The nurse said I would be called to have 2nd ultrasound. Whatever........

Ronnie said a couple days before that he wanted to go with me to Ultrasound.He wants to know what the baby's gender.He said," I only have off on July,hun.Pls arrange that,so I can be there with you.".

I am entering 19 weeks now.My weight ??  Ho ho ho ho....134.5 lbs.Just only gain 1/2 lb within a month. Last month was 134 lbs.


I chitted chatted with Lidya Scalhamer a couple days before.She's curious to see my belly. Ha ha ha. She asked me to take a pic. Well.. still tiny. Even Mirna,Jaime,other people wonder whether I am pregnant or not. Ha ha ha ha.

Abt a couple weeks before,my customer gave me bunch of diapers.Thank you so much,Jaime!!! She said she got more stuff for me. So sweet.

Novi called me yesterday.I was cooking Mande's food order ( Rendang n Sambal Goreng Ati ).She said she gained weights and can see the big belly now. She has the same question with the others," How many weeks ??? I don't see your big belly.You look like loose some weights,look pale." Of course, been puked 3 months,still puke once in while till now. Same old...same old... still can't smell Mom's cooking ( I skip American dinner in the evening ).

Ok... upon request...I attach my 19 weeks- tiny- belly.