Saturday, June 28, 2008

27 Dresses ( 2008 )

Genre: Comedy
Seperti film-film lain yang bertema pernikahan, '27 Dresses' juga memilih alur ala Cinderella. Tinggal masalah waktu sampai si pangeran tampan menemukan putrinya di balik tumpukan 27 gaun.

Jane (Katherine Heigl) adalah perempuan yang terobsesi dengan pernikahan sejak kecil. Beranjak dewasa, Jane selalu menjadi andalan sahabatnya ketika merencanakan pernikahan.

Ia setidaknya pernah 27 kali bertindak sebagai pendamping pengantin. Sampai pada saat melakukan untuk yang ke-28 kalinya, sesuatu terjadi dan menganggu kemapanan ritme hidupnya sebagai pendamping pengantin.

Di film '27 Dresses' tidak perlu sampai di menit 27 untuk bisa menebak alur cerita, ending, plus twist-nya. Semuanya berjalan sesuai dugaan dengan sedikit bumbu komedi untuk tetap membuat penonton betah memelototi layar.

Selain Jane sebagai 'Cinderella' tentunya ada karakter adik perempuan yang 'jahat' dan pangeran tampan.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MeiLee : Panti Pijit :D

MeiLee amazed me. When I was laying down,she started massaged my back!!! ^____^. She put her tiny hand and rubbed my tigh n buttock.Ha ha ha ha.

That is so sweet.. I needed one.:D
She gave me a massage treatment...

Thank you sweetie.....

MeiLee : Chasing Lucky

Ha ha ha ha ha.. MeiLee likes being around Lucky.She enjoys playing with it.Alas,Lucky knows that MeiLee likes pulling his hair,so he barks and walks away. ^___^

Poor MeiLee..she couldn't do it this time :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MeiLee : Didn't Wanna Pass the Carpet

Wuih.. ini anak....bisa2nya ogah nyebrang karpet. Once she touched it,she stepped backwards. Ha ha ha ha.

Grandma blg," She's never touched it before." Jijay kali ya,nak ?? ^__^ Gak biasa main di karpet tengah sih.

Til Grandma lifted her up and put in the middle,she rejected it. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Akhrinya mentok2 di tengah juga,sambil ngacir dari samping . :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

MeiLee : Main di Bwh Kursi

Lah..mentang2 udah bisa crawling,mainannya skrg di bwh meja dan kursi .Org lagi makan,MeiLee malah nyelinap2 di bawah kursi n meja makan :D

June 22nd : Paid Off Time for Family

I've been really busy lately,didn't spend much time with MeiLee.I felt bad. As soon as I had a chance, I used every single second with her and Ronnie.

Sunday evening, as I came back from work, I bought MeiLee another toy and a pair of flashy shoes ^___^. She likes them,esp.the shoes. Wondering how the shoes has light on them. Ha ha ha ha .

Grandma took her to the kitchen,let her sit down and crawl around.I asked Ronnie to take MeiLee for a walk. It's beautiful out there. Me and MeiLee took a nap in the living room after that. She slept on my chest ^_____^.

After dinner,we played around in the living room.I was so happy that I could pay off my time for the family.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

MeiLee : DND !!!!

MeiLee enjoyed the breadstick.Didn't let Mommy touch it.She put away her hand everytime I tried to reach it :D

Udah tau enak yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P

June 21st : MeiLee's Attending Arjuna's Bday @ Union,KY

Yuhuuuu!!! We celebrated Arjuna's Bday Party on Sat evening. Weather was good,everyone enjoyed the outdoor activities.

Rini catered food from me. I cooked Rendang,Sambal Ati,Bihun Udang Goreng,Cap Chai,Spicy Baby Lobster,and Lumpia ( Dennis..Dennis... mana Dennis ???? Angkat kaki !!! ^____^ ) .

We arrived at 5 pm. I cooked Cap Chai,Nia n Herlina fried Lumpia. Nia told Dennis not to eat all.Ha ha ha ha ha. Dennis is my big fan of lumpia. :D

I was busy in the kitchen and had late lunch. Fang2 held MeiLee.Guess MeiLee didn't tell the difference,since we kinda look alike.. Ha ha ha ha.

Poor Fang2.. everytime she held MeiLee, Ronnie came and said," My turn.." ha ha ha ha ha. Fang2 gondok jadinya. hi hi hi hi. Sorry,Fang... :D ( At least,Fang2 kesampean ketemu MeiLee,after my last Baby Shower ).

Arjuna still didn't understand abt the birthday party.He let Rini and David mess around with it. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Poor me... I lost my Gift Card for Arjuna, couldn't find anywhere. I had dug the trash cans ( HAHAHAHAHAHA ),but still didn't find it.

And daannnnnnnnngggggggggg..... while I was taking pics of Arjuna's opening the presents, my cam's dead ( batteries needed to be changed !!! ).

Rini took the kids walk around the block,to a park.I stayed at home and continued my late lunch. And,tried to dig the trash can again !!!! ^___________^. I gave up. I told Rini that I would give her a new card for Arjuna. Ughhh... ke mana gerangan kartunya ngumpet,ya ??? :D

Cie Ira came late.Still,she had something to eat. Mande called me,asked if I could save some for him. Lahhh.... gak ada sisa,Oom,cuma sisa piring2 n mangkok2 kosong wae :D

Herlina who left earlier for picking up Hendy from work,called me. " Mei.. is is till complete there? " I thought she asked abt " Food ". I said," Yes.. Complete.. " She said," You're not leaving yet ? " Lho... pertanyaan gak nyambung dgn makanan. :D

I said," Not yet." She said," I am coming back. " BAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Si Ibu satu ini mo lanjut ngobrol2 ternyata.. Ka ka ka ka ka. Gak mau ketinggalan cerita ya,say. :D

Finally,she arrived. We continued chit chat,laughing ha ha ha ha hi hi hi hi . Nia decided to leave early. We continued chatting again. Ronnie had looked at me and said," Oh Mei.... " . Ups... guess he wanted to go home. I said," I am coming...... "

But,then I saw him talking to guys. I told the ladies," Ok..go on.Ronnie's talking now. I have more time to chit chat." Ha ha ha ha ha.

MeiLee pooped.She needed a new diaper. Cie Ira volunteered to change her diaper. She made it.. Hooray!!! * Lah.. hooray apaan coba * :D

Fang2 spent time with MeiLee effectively. I hardly had time to hold MeiLee. MeiLee enjoyed Fang2's company.Her daugther,Cathlyn liked playing with MeiLee.

She didn't wanna leave till MeiLee came down from downstair and said goodbye. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Finally we dismissed at 10.30 pm. Everyone had good time,and left happily ever after. KA KA KA KA KA. Kyk film ajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Happy Bday ya, Arjuna.....Sorry, kado ultah menyusul,soalnya tong sampah diobok2,gak ketemu gift cardnya. :D

MeiLee utang hadiah buat Arjuna. ^____^. Happy Bday,sayang.. Panjang umur ya.... Disayang sama kel.

Till next time !!!!

PS: Ibu2 PKK,makasih udah datang ngeramein acaranya. Bsk2 kita kumpul lagi. Gpp deh, ekke jadi Even Organizernya... :D

Pake acara ketawa2,gak ada kentut2an :D

Cia yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MeiLee's Crawling Forwards !!!

Wahhh finally she crawls forward. Good job,girl !!! Proud of you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Wish..................

Feel good ....

 for now...

Wanna spend every single minute with the family ............

before having  crazy schedules  tomorrow....


I wish.. I wish.. I wish I wouldn't do it...

I wish...


Annual Picnic

Start:     Jul 12, '08 12:00a
July 12th @ 12 Noon
Colerain Park Shelter # 4
4725 Springdale Rd

Oliver n Andre ' on the grill !!! ^_^

Hopefully I can make it .

Sunday, June 15, 2008

MeiLee : Lil Note for Daddy ^__^

Lil note for Daddy ^___^


I bet you're surprise to get a letter from me

But I want you to know  how much I love you


I am so happy I got you for my daddy

especially when you pick me up and snuggle me in your arms


As soon as I can talk,

I 'll tell you that

You're the best daddy in the whole wide world


Happy Father's Day,Daddy!!!


 PS: Happy Father's Day to all Daddies !!!!

Daddy & MeiLee * Gak Mau Ditinggal * :D

It's Father's Day !!! Daddy spends time with MeiLee. ^___^. Ronnie exercises MeiLee with crawlings :D

MeiLee wants to play more,but Daddy gotta go. :D

Surprise !!!!!!! Happy Father's Day,Daddy !!!!

Yihaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! It worked!!!! I made a sudden reservation to Bob Evans this morning before church. I wanted to surprise Ronnie by treating him lunch and give him presents.

Ronnie didn't know what I was doing. I had him handle the car key,and drove to Bob Evans ( abt 2-3 mnts from church ). He asked," Where are you going to,hun ?" ^___^. I said," Gas station " ( cos Bob Evan's located next to Gas Station ). He said," I don't need gas. " I said," Then,something else. " ^___^

I had him wait in the car while I checked my reservation. Thank God I could get a table ( even it's a sudden reservation ). ^__^.

I came back to the car and asked Ronnie to come in. We had a table,had some food and then he said," Let's go. "

I said," Wait a minute.Not done yet. Another one."
He said," What is another one?? " ^____^

I went to the car and brought a white box,put on the table and had him open it. He asked," Now..what do you have here? " ^___^

Ronnie got a shirt and jeans. MeiLee was helping Daddy hold the box. Ha ha ha ha. A card from me and MeiLee were inside of the box.

When he saw MeiLee's card,he asked," Did you let her chew on it ?? " ha ha ha ha. I told him I had a hard time to make her sign it for him.

As we went back home,Ronnie said,' So...that tells me where MeiLee got ink all over her feet. She wrote something,huh ?? " Ha ha ha ha ha.

Happy Father's Day,Daddy !!! We love ya!!!!

#1 Dad ^___^

MeiLee : Love Card for Daddy ^___^

MeiLee's preparing her 1st Father's Day card for Daddy.Instead of " writing " something,she'd rather play with the pen,pounding the card.

She expressed her objection for being interrupted. Ha ha ha ha .

Friday, June 13, 2008

June 13th : MeiLee & Pizza * Gaya,Euy * ^___^

We did some errands this noon and ended up having lunch at Cici's Pizza.MeiLee's hungry,she cried.Thank God I bought some baby food from Kroger ^___^.

I fed her a couple spoons,then headed to get some pizza. When I came back,I saw her chewing the pizza crust!!! Alamak!!!! Darimana pula itu ????

Mom said," I gave it to her." Oalahhhhhhhhhhhh.... MeiLee seemed enjoying it. Grandma likes introducing MeiLee to some new food.MeiLee has no problems with that. * Thank God !!! *

I tried to feed MeiLee back with baby food,she seemed lost interest. I tried to take the crust away from her,she fought me!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Udah bisa berontak ya ??? Ha ha ha ha ha.

She fought me hard and cried everytime I tried. Hi hi hi hi.

Duh...Udah tau enak MeiLee skrg,gak mau makan baby food,mentang2 Grandma ksh pizza crust. :D

Emak terheran2... Alhasil,baby food disingkirkan dulu.MeiLee lanjut ngunyah2 crust ( gak abis2 malah !!! ) :D

MeiLee : Ups.......She Falls !!!!

MeiLee's so excited.She kept clapping her hands,didn't realize she couldn't balance her body. Uppps.....she falls!!!! She cries... he he he he.

MeiLee : Don't Touch My Riding Toy !!! ^___^

We moved MeiLee to the kitchen,since the floor is smoother.She didn't let me touch her riding toy. Bah!!!!!!!!!!! :P

MeiLee Got A New Toy ^___^

Yesterday MeiLee got her new toy out from the closet.After the " ROYAL POTTY TRAINING " one, Grandma set her other new toy. ^___^.

MeiLee don't get used to with the car toy.Instead of holding the steer,she plays with the other stuff.

She's so excited. He he he he.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MeiLee : Biting Cellphone

MeiLee loves biting the cellphone.Everytime she sees one,she'd grab it and try to bite it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MeiLee & Cellphone

Sitting at the back yard while waiting for the steak done. Ronnie let MeiLee play with his cellphone. ^___^

But,MeiLee's in trouble ( Ronnie's mentioning abt his computer,he said something's wrong with it ) ^___^. Upsssssssssssssss :D

Sharing - Baby's Sleeping Style ???????

Is that only my baby...or other babies do the same thing ??

MeiLee likes pulling either blankie or other stuff to cover her face. I am a lil bit afraid that she can't breath if she keeps doing it while she's sleeping.

Ronnie and Mom notice that too.Ronnie said," Well.. just like you.You like doing that too,no wonder you baby does the same thing."

I like doing that too, to be honest.


But,anyone's baby does the same thing ?? Please share.


Pic : MeiLee's sleeping with her Lips Pillow covering her face


June 7th : Tony's Graduation Party ( Kumpul Bocah ) ^__^

Sat we were invited to attend Tony's graduation party. I gave Tony Lumpia as my presents (wrapped it nicely with ribbon on top ). Ha ha ha ha.

As I handed to him,he said," Oh.. Is this Egg Roll? " Aghhhh.. Tau duluan!!!!!!!!! ^___^

MeiLee met lots of kids there. We met Kiya,Kristy's baby.She's 6.5 months old. But,she is bigger and heavier than MeiLee !! ^____^

MeiLee and Kiya played together,then Caleb joint them. Ronnie was busy playing swords and games with the kids. :D

Got lots of fun,lots of games ( throwing the ballons ) and X Box game.

Mom went home earlier.We stayed there till 9 pm.

Nicole and Erin argued abt MeiLee. Nicole wanted to hold MeiLee,but Erin didn't want to let her go. Nicole said," Share,Erin.. Share with me.Let her sit in the middle." Ha ha ha ha ha. Duh..udah bisa punya anak nih. :D

MeiLee slept in the swing,between them. Ronnie said it's time to go home...MeiLee still slept nicely in the car. ^___^.

MeiLee : Diva Couch ^__^

Lagi santai.. duduk di sofa. Enak yaaaaaaaaaaaa. Emaknya capek goyang2in sofa ^__^

Monday, June 9, 2008

Story abt Fricker's n Slipppers ^___^

It happened last nite,when I asked Ronnie whether he's hungry or not.He said," Yeah." I offered him to fix his dinner,he said," I'd like to have Fricker's."

I called Fricker's and ordered his chicken wings.It would take abt 15 mnts. I went upstairs and took my money. I said to Ronnie," Let's go,hun.Here's some money."

I intended to accompany him in the car only.Cos I was in PJs with the so called " winter slippers " on me.

Ronnie said," Let's get in." 

Me : " . No.. You go. I am staying in the car."

Ronnie : " No..You go with me."

Me : " Nooo.. Not with PJ and the slippers plus socks like this. Like a sick person."

Ronnie : " .Sorry,Babe. You're the one who wants come with me. Let's go."

Me : " Ihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . No.. just go. Just pick it up and come back."

Ronnie :" You want the girls look at me ? "

Me : " Sok deh luuuuuuu. You're stuck with me.None of girls would look at ya."

Ronnie : " Come on.Change your shoes."

Me : " I don't bring any. These slippers I only have."

Ronnie : " Oh,Come on..... You have a new pair at the trunk. Change them now."

Me : " Where ??? I don't have any."

Ronnie : " Ohhh..Yes,you have.. A new pair in a box."

Me : " . Duhhh.. You're rite. I haven't got a chance to return them back to Walmart."

Ronnie : " Chop chop...Let's do it.. Change."

Me :"  . Don't wanna.. Just hurry...pick it up."

Ronnie : " Nope... I want you to go with me."

Me : " Duhh....I don't have any guts to get in like this,hun.Please... just go."

Ronnie : " Nope.... Come with me."

Me : "  . I am coming. "

I murmured why I should have come with Ronnie . Ronnie laughed. He said," Get in now."

I said," No.. You get in 1st..."

He said," You,baby..It's ok..Don't let them see you ."

Me : " It's too late, Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. "

The host greeted us. She said we could pick the food at the bar. . Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie laughed at me and said," Come on...Go there.. "

Ughhh.... I walked fast and ran across the hall.I sat at the bar and asked abt our food order. There're some guys sitting across of our seats. I hope they didn't stare at me.

I ordered an extra hot sauce for the chicken wings ( Ronnie don't like spicy one ). I waited for abt 1 more minute.

As we paid,I had Ronnie take the order.I stepped out quickly from Fricker's and gigled.. I said to Ronnie," Walk right behind me,please. Hurry...hurry!!! ".

At the front door, there's a man,he looked at me and laughed. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie followed me from behind and said, " You're funny!!! ".

Ya ya ya ya..... I hated doing it. Ronnie really made me embarassed. He said, " Gotcha!!!! "


So...the rest of the story... we enjoyed the chicken wings in the middle of the night. I just only had 2 pieces. Ronnie ate the 8 ones !!!!!!!!! was a good nite... way too good to make me feel bad abt my slippers and PJs .


Ronnie... lain kali jangan begitu yaaaaaaaaaaaaa


pic by nicky.reynolds on Flickr

June 6th : MeiLee n Swimming Pool ( Part 2. Jatuh ) ^___^

Another video from the day MeiLee's swimming. She enjoyed it very much.Didn't realize that there's a plastic bowl's stucked in her foot. Ha ha ha ha