Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 30th - Off Nite : Dinner @Olive Garden

Tonite we went to Olive Garden for dinner.Didn't feel like wanna eat at home.Ronnie asked me to prepare him turkey sandwich.

At 8pm,we drove to Olive Garden.While waiting for the food,Ronnie played game and turned his chair around. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie loves the salad.He had T- Bone ( as usual ). I tried the Seafood Portolino (??? ) with mussel,scallops and shrimp.

Dang.....they don't have any chopsticks ( he he he he ).It slowed me to eat the pasta.The waitress said,"Maam,we don't have chopsticks here, Italian resto." Ha ha ha ha. Ronnie taught me how to twist the pasta. Ughhhhhh.

I said to Ronnie," I'm done. I do realize that my tounge only sticks with Chinese cuisines,not anything else." :P I only ate a couple bites.

We stopped by at the bar,gave Dave some bread,chitted chatted and then went home. It's off nite,baby!!!!!!!

Spending time with Ronnie in the basement ( He's playing Everquest ) while I'm browsing around.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ronnie Numpang Mejeng :P

He he he he he.After work,he took a shower. He knew that I wanted him to wear the shorts. Susah banget nih laki disuruh pake shorts. He said," You want me to put these on,baby ?" He grabbed the blue ones.I didn't say anything,just laughed. Suddenly,he laughed.I looked at him,he's busy trying to zip the shorts. Ha ha ha ha ha.He said," Goshhhh.... I must loose some weights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha " He's sweat. We both laughed together.Ha ha ha ha ha.

I opened his chest and took out some other pairs.He chose the black one.He said," I hope these one fit." :P . They did.

He went to the bar earlier,I came abt 10pm.He said," Baby,I look goofy in these shorts." I said," Yes, coz you don't get used to it."

He said," Ok.. I wanna go home. Can I ? " I said," Yeah.. You can." He stood outside with a can of coke.I chatted with him.He said,"I ain't gonna leave while the cop is there." He pointed the cop car across the street. I asked," Why ?" Ronnie said," Cops sometimes just wanna have fun pull people without any reasons."

We chatted and saw there're lots of cop cars passed the street.Ronnie said," See the lane across the street? There're 4 car wrecked this evening at the lane." I asked,"How did you know that ?" He said," Cos I was at the bar this evening before going home. " Aghhh.....

I asked him to pose before he left.He didn't want to. I said," Come on...pose like a model. Mejeng." ha ha ha ha ha.

I said," The most wanted man is here." Ha ha ha ha ha. He put his face as if he was mad at me. Hi hi hi hi hi.
He went home and went to bed earlier.I went home at 3 am and saw him sleeping like a baby.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pindahan Kamar ( Part 2 )

I hope this is the last time we moved the stuff. Mom started cleaning the old room while we're still sleeping. He he he he.

It's abt noon. I woke up and helped her.She wanted to move and match the vanity and chest from her bedroom to ours.

Ronnie's funny question," Is it necessary to match the stuff?" I heard it and laughed.

Mom said,"Yes,the vanity and the chest will look fantastic with your bed frame.Besides,it's yours.I want you to keep them.I will take my old dresser back from your bedroom."

Oh well... Mom does concern abt mix and match. I myself, really didn't care.

Yes,Ronnie inheritaged some furnitures and jewelry from Nanny n Poppa. Since Ronnie's got married, Mom wanted us to have them.

After cleaning for couple hours,abt 7 pm Ronnie moved the dressers from upstairs to downstairs.Mom didn't let me lift or push anything.

Ufh... I took my small table and put next to my bed.Ronnie got his dresser, I got the vanity and we put by the wall temporarily ( Mom will have someone change the windows in our bedroom,then we'll move it there ).

We're done abt 10.15pm. Looooonggggggggggggg day!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I left,I put some dried flowers - aromatherapy in the bedroom and turn on the fan ( AC was on,too ).

I had to go to work till 1 am. Tireddddddddddddddddd.

When we went home,Ronnie's surprised to see the bedroom.Smells good and he said," feels like in a hotel bedroom." He he he he.

At least,I can watch tv anytime now. :P

Counting Coins All Day Long

Spending time all day long counting coins today. From my own can,I got 99 bucks.Ronnie's bag is 64.50 bucks. Well.....164.50 it's worth it!!

I think I can go shopping ( need to change the coins to the bank ). He he he he.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 26th-Picnic @ Steve's Home

Sat evening we're invited to do picnic at Steve n Pam's house.Mom had left earlier ( she brought salami rolls,deviled eggs ).

We arrived at 6.30pm.By the time we're there,dinner was started.Lots of food,lots of cakes.

Pam made some games like Oreo Licking Contest,Corn Holes and 3 legged game. I didn't do anything ( I was full!!! ). ^___^.

The kids had fun with the sprinkled water.Baby Sam was scared everytime the water came to him.He ran away and screamed. Ha ha ha ha.All of a sudden,he kept calling my name," Mei-Mei...Mei-Mei.." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie pushed me to the water and I was surprised.I didn't expect he did that to me. Dang.. I was wet!!!!!! Everybody laughed. Huh.. bikin malu aja. :P

Ronnie left around 7pm,and Mom dropped me to the bar at 9pm.What a lovely day!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 20th : Ketemuan dgn MPer ( Ito Erikson Silalahi from IN )

On Sunday, we went to church. We picked up Yoko.Later in the afternoon,I got sms from Ito Silalahi.He said he'd come to Cincinnati with his son. His wife couldn't come since she worked.

He got some friends here ( a few of them I know ). I invited Dani n Yoko to meet him. Thinking abt having dinner together at Dynasty, he called me saying that he and his son stopped by at Covington,KY, and had dinner already.

So, me, Dani n Yoko had dinner at Dynasty.Around 10 pm, we met Ito Silalahi at Kabuto ( he got a friend there ). Ronny,the cook, had left. I met Ndang,Decky and new staff, Nova, there. We chitted chatted for a while and stopped by at Fireside Motel, look for a room for him and his soon.

The motel didn't look good, so he decided to find another one. I took them to stop by at the bar,so he could meet Ronnie.

Since he had his son, they couldn't get in. They just talked at the front door. I invited them to have lunch tomorrow noon.

As we promised, I picked Dani n Yoko,then met Ito Silalahi at the parking lot ( Pizza Hut,next to our bar ).

I cooked Mujair Asam Manis, Kerang Tumis,Mie Goreng,Nasi,Kerupuk and dessert tropical fruit ( I bought from CAM ).

We had nice lunch with Mom.Dani was stuffed, he's sleepy. I was,too. ha ha ha.

Ito Silalahi left for IN at 4pm ( he took his son to Zoo earlier ).

Well.... it's a nice visit of yours... I am glad finally I met someone from Tiga Balata ( which is not so far from where I lived ).

Makasih ya, To, udh mampir. Nyesal kan gak bawa plg mie gorengnya ? he he he he.

Thank you to Dani n Yoko,too.

May 19th - Pindahan Kamar

Finally, we moved to a bigger bedroom.Mom concerns abt the baby on board.She cares abt us alot. Yay!!!!

This bigger bedroom has more space to put the baby crib and dresser ( which I haven't thought abt those yet ). He he he he.

After dropping some unwanted clothes to Thrift Store,we picked Yoko. She went home with us and helped us move some stuff.

Still,got some stuff hasn't been arranged yet.

But for sure, I love the new bedroom ( till the next morning,around 3 am, I heard the neighbor blew the horn a couple times. Aghhhhhhhhhhh... I was ready to call the cops!!!!).

The new bedroom is closer to the driveway and street.I hear noise everyday. Goshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 12th-13th-Slumber Party @ Home with Marce n Yoko

Sat noon, after bartending for Baby Shower at the bar,I spent time with Yoko ( She came to the bar by bus ).We went to Walmart,bought a Baby Classic CD.

Marce called me.She said she'd come to visit us. Oh well!!!

We cooked ( this time Grilled Fish with Sambal Itir - Itir ).
We had dinner at the patio.

Spending time all day long with them, made me think to invite Marce n Yoko spend overnite at home. Mom didn't mind at all.

So, Mom asked Steph to sleep in the living room,while Marce n Yoko slept upstairs,next to our bedroom.

Ronnie's at the bar.We stopped by and picked up Yoko's clothes and then went back home.

Watching movie for awhile with them in the bedroom,then I went to bedroom,waiting for Ronnie at 4am. Loooonnnnnnggggggggg day!!!

May 13th : Mother's Day

Mom woke me up. She said that the ladies were waiting for me. Gosh.. I was late to church!!!

I stayed at home.Ronnie's still sleeping. I saw Marce n Yoko were in the living room.

I was hungry. I started cooking Mie Rebus Keling for lunch.I saw 2 roses in the kitchen. Marce asked me," Mei,look at the roses."

I said,' Huh? Wah.. .lovely roses."
She said,"That's for you n Mom."
I said," Huh? You bought them ?"
She said," No..I didn't.Ronnie did."
Me : "......???? "
Marce said," Read the note."
I looked at a small note. Wah!!!! It's written " For Mei & Mom".

Wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! Ronnie bought them for us!!! Mommy to-be. Ha ha ha ha.
Marce said," Didn't you realize it before ?"
I said," No... I am way too tired and sleepy plus got headache to realize it."

I ran upstairs,watching Ronnie's still sleeping like a baby. I said," Hey,baby.. thank you so much!!!! You bought us roses!! When did you buy them?"
Ronnie said," You're welcome,hun.You don't need to know." ha ha ha ha.

While we're having lunch,Ronnie went to the bar. Around 5 pm, we went to book store again,bought some books.

Marce took Yoko back to the hotel around 11pm,and she departed to Kettering.

Thank you for coming, ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

[ Video ] Lunch with Yoko & Mom @ the backyard


May 7th - Lunch with Yoko & Mom at the backyard

Monday : Inviting Yoko to have lunch with me & Mom.
The Menus were : Sweet & Sour Tilapia
Fried Bihon
Crips Fried Potatoes
Bubur Candil ( I taught Yoko how to cook it )

Watching movie in the living room ,felt asleep till 9pm. Ha ha ha ha.

Meeting New Friend,Yoko ( Japan )

Dani introduced me to his GF,Yoko Fujimoto from Japan.She's been here for 1 month ( still has another 2 months to spend ).

I took Yoko to Bryan's Bday on Sat. Then we went to Northgate Mall,Dynasty Buffet,Bowling then went back to the bar.

Sunday : Inviting Yoko to church , then to CAM ( we were lost!!! ) ^_____^. Pake nyasar 2x segala. :P

April : Spending Time with Ira,Marce & Dece

Cie Ira came a couple weekend ago,dropped some mangoes for me.We had lunch at Dynasty buffet.

Later,around 6pm,Marce came from Kettering.She wanted to go to Dynasty,alas.... I've gone earlier before with Cie Ira. he he he.

I had clams,she ate them. She liked them. We went to Walmart.Dece ordered Bubur Manado from Marce.So,Marce cooked at home.
She left around 11 pm back to Kettering.

Monday,Dece stopped by and picked her food.I had her take Atik's food order ( sambal grg ati ). Dece tried my Ikan Tauco ( I gave 1 piece for Atik to try ).

Well.. got some friends come around ^____^