Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 25th : Dinner @ Resto Sehat

I'd spent time chatting with Ronnie during the day, had Bakso Malona at jln.Dipo.In the evening,Mami asked us to visit Aunt Dina who just came back from Bali.

We went there abt 1 hour and then called Papi.Since we didn't cook for dinner,I'd love to have dinner somewhere.

Cie Beby picked Papi from home,meanwhile we walked to the restaurant,stopped by at Suzuya Plaza then met them at the resto.

Resto Sehat,that's our fave resto since we're kids.

We took the upstairs room.We ordered Cap Chai,Bistik Babi, Ayam Goreng n Nasi.

The costs ??? Rp.137.000. Not too bad. Though I was surprised to see the price of Ayam Goreng Rp.40.000. ha ha ha ha . Masih juga itung2an ya,Mei :P

Papi ,Ching2 and Cie Beby went home by motorbike.Me,Mami n Titie went home by becak. Hi hi hi hi. Noisyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Above all,we had great dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. I loved to be with my family.That's all the most important thing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 16th - 17th - Bersih2 Rumah & Masak Saksang

Blah.. blah.. blah... blah....

Mulai bersih2in rumah, barang2 yg gak perlu lagi,dibuanggggggggggggggg. Kebiasaan Mami,suka ngumpulin barang2 dari jaman dahulu kala. Udh bertahun2 ( dari kami masih anak2 sampe skrg, barangnya masih ada ). ha ha ha ha.

Sorry,Mi.. I can't stand to keep unnecessary stuff in the house. Better giveaway to people who need than keep them for nothing at home.

Bsknya, lanjut masak2. Nodong Bou Norma dari kampung.Suruh datang ( ini dia ujung2nya gak enak... nginap 2 hari di rmh, sorenya plg ke kampung, kamis pagi suami beliau meninggal . Read my story abt him in the blog ).

Foto2 di dapur sblm direnovasi n dicat.

July 13th : From Medan - Siantar ( Cie Beby's Bday!!! )

The next day, we went home. I couldn't wait to see Papi, Joe, Ching2 n Cie Beby. Cie Vie promised to come on Papi's Bday ( Aug 19th ).

We celebrated Cie Beby's bday at that nite. Alas, Amoy was still in Bandung. I forgot to buy cie Beby a gift. To make it quick, I gave her one of my rings. Ha ha ha ha. Lupa sih beli hadiah........

Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 23rd : Diaries of the Funeral

Just came back from Haranggaol on Sunday evening abt 5 pm. Thursday noon,unplanned, I went to Haranggaol with Mami and cousins at 3 pm.

It took 2 hours to be there.As we entered the village,my heart beat so fast.The last time I went there was 3 years ago,when my eldest uncle ( Papi's only brother ).

As we arrived there,some family were gathered.I cried and blamed myself to see the dead body in front of me.I expected to see him alive and chit chat with him. It's too late, the shirt I gave him ,never been worn.His son,Darwan wore it.

I asked the last minutes before he passed away.Auntie said," We still had time to have tea.I showed him some shirts and said they're from Mei-Mei.I asked him to pick up.He said,'Whatever you pick,I'll have it.But,I'd rather have the blue one." Then,he was taken to the bathroom.As he came back from the bathroom,he sat down. Took breath 3 times and looked at his wife and 2 sons and said," Ma, I am going to die. " He closed his eyes and passed away.

I met my auntie's children.Thank God,I brought the cam,otherwise they wouldn't have any pic till Fri nite ( they rent Gondang and shooting till the funeral ).

We slept on the floor. Goshhhhhhhhhh... my butt hurts so bad, esp my waist. I've never slept well since I arrived here. There're many people slept on the mattras.

Papi, Cie Beby and Ching2 came the next day.Papi's cried.He's a good bro in law for him.He said," Last time I saw him was abt a week ago.He stayed overnite at home and Amoy lent him some clothes."

Goodness... too many memories we have with him.

The Adat Ceremony was started on Fri Nite till Sat evening.Fri nite,I sprained my ankle ( again!!! the same ankle!!! ). Luckily,there's a lady who does massage there.She said,"I've been seeing you the 1st day you arrived.I feel so bad to see you get up,rubbing your back.But,I was too afraid to ask you." Thank God,she massaged me that nite.She massaged my waist and hips,too. But,I felt it's getting worse. Couldn't sleep well. Couldn't lay back well, feels like I sleep on my butt.

The next day,we slept at cousin's house. There're some people slept there. I couldn't sleep.There're some flies. Flies kept flying over my ear. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Water was so dirty. I ran away and took a shower at another place.Bathroom was way too wet ( I almost slipped down ).


SAT  - The Funeral & Goofy Story

The Adat Ceremony was still held till the funeral.After having bfast and lunch,they continued by giving Ulos to the family. I couldn't documented the event ( I was way too tired and sleepy ).

The funeral was held in Tigaras,abt 1.5 hours by ship.Since Uncle was born there. The body was taken to the Harbour and then put into the ship.

Papi was kinda afraid ( since Papi himself is sick ).As he knew many people would go to Tigaras,he didn't want us to go.But,alas.............. Cie Beby and Ching2 were in the ship.We're behind them on the street.

Papi asked Mami to pick them.Alas.... Mami was pulled into the ship,too!!!!

Me and Papi wondered.Mami hasn't shown up,yet.Then, I went to the harbour.I saw Mami's there. Suddenly the people said,"Where's Mei - Mei ?? Come on,Mei. Let's get in.The ship is abt to leave."  Ha ?????????????? I said," Mami, get out.The ship is full already."

But,they kept calling my name and pushed me in. Goshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have any chance to turn back.They said," Come on,Mei.When else you see it ? " Awwww..... I was like a stupid girl, said nothing.They had pulled me in. When I turned my head they said,' Keep walking ". Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was trapped again!!!!!!!!!

I saw Papi was standing by the harbour. He jumped into the ship,too..He murmured and said,' Mami,why did you get in ? I asked you to pick Beby and Ching2."

Mami said,"Yes,I wanted.But they pulled me."

Papi said,' You,too,Mei.You shouldn't have been here."

I said," I wanted to pick Mami,but they pulled me in,too." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Papi said,"They did it to me,too. I can't leave you alone in the ship."

Everyone laughed.It's really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We 're all trapped in the ship, the whole family.

As the ship moved,it was shaky . It's heavier on the other side. I was scared to death.It's been along time I had a ship.

Being pregnant like this,makes me really scared to experience something's dangerous.I was panicked to death.Everytime the ship moved,my heart beat so fast. I cried. I had been thinking the worst.I am not a good swimmer,the whole family was in the ship. Bad thoughts played in my mind.

I closed my eyes with Sarung and keep praying. Panicked ...panicked....panicked... God help us...........

My cousin held me tight and tried to make me calm. Goodness.... I did take a risk to do this.

This morning I just chatted with Ronnie,he didn't like me risk my life and the baby's. He worries abt us. Sorry,hun.

The grave was not so far from the harbour,abt 5 mnts by bus.Papi stayed in the harbour.After a short ceremony,we went back to the harbour.Left Tigaras abt 6.15pm and arrived in Haranggaol at 7.30pm.

Titie,my youngest sister was there.She's late 5 mnts to join us.She said," I just arrived when the ship started moving." Well...she didn't have any chance to see Makkela for the last time ( her bus was late ).

The family still gathered and had another ceremony,feed my Auntie's family with IKAN MAS ARSIK.Then continued giving ULOS. Aghh.. I was so tired. I felt asleep in the kitchen and moved to the couch.

I dunno what time they're done. I asked Papi, he said,"Abt 1am,but they kept chatting till 3am ". Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I woke up at 5 am.


SUNDAY - Back home

We had bfast and lunch, AYAM KAMPUNG GULAI,then left for Siantar.Arrived at home at 5 pm and slept at 9.30pm.

Longggggggggggggggggggggggg trip...........................

Pics will be attached next time. Connection is way too slow here.


Thanks to you all who had send the condolences.God bless you all.








Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RIP my dearest uncle :(

My auntie ( my Papi's youngest sister came to visit me on Tues ).We cooked Saksang and BPK. She stayed overnite with us.Wed noon when I was in town, her son texted us asked his Mom to go back home to village ( Haranggaol ),since her husband was sick again.My auntie had left, so I texted her son back and said she's on her way.

When we're sleeping, abt 12.30am ,he told us that his dad had passed away. I was shocked to death,my body was shaking.Blood tention was dropped down.He cried and said," Dad's passed away at midnite." I couldn't stand to hear it and gave it to Mami. Mami cried. Papi was surprised.

We cried and suddenly changed our plans to go to Bandung. Since my cousin,Darwan,called us, we didn't sleep till 6 am. Darwan said his dad went to the bathroom,came back to the bedroom and he's gone.He had breathing problem and heart disease before. My heart cried.

Just that noon,before my auntie left, I gave her some shirts to her husband and her sons.Ashamed,he didn't have a chance to put them on.:(

I called my sister and had her cancelled my ticket to Bandung on Friday morning.Mami's,too.

She called us this morning and said since they're special tickets,can't be refunded. I really don't care abt the tickets now.

Mami will be going to Haranggaol today till the funeral. Since Papi is still sick,he can't go there till Saturday. I myself with bad condition ( since I arrived here,my back really kills me till now, couldn't walk well,have to bend down to walk around,sometimes extra careful to move my body ).

I will go to Haranggaol with Papi and the rest of family on Sat.

Goshhh...I feel so bad. I shouldn't have asked my auntie to stay overnite with us.

All family is in big sorrow and sadness right now.

May Makkela Boksen Sitio rest in peace.God bless the soul and strenghten the family.


July 12th : Arrived Safely in Indonesia !!!

Yay!!!!!!!! I arrived in Medan safely.Met my family. Uncle Lucas took us for dinner.Then we bought durian. ^___^.

I met Michael aka Meten aka Mike for the 1st time.He's born abt 2 weeks before I got married ( Nov 11th '04 ). He didn't wanna come closer to me.He cried when I tried to approach him. Ha ha ha ha ha. But,he knows my name !!!!

Glad to meet my family. We called Papi, Joe,Ching2 n Cie Beby at Siantar. They're waiting for me there!!!

Home sweet home, Indonesia!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 10th : Trip to Indonesia

Here're some pics I took during my trip to Indonesia. CVG - SFO took 4.5 hours. SFO - HK took 13 hours ( goshh... my butt hurted so badddddddddddddddd... what a longgggggggggggggggggg flight). Stopped over in HK,I took a chance to take a nap during the transit time.

HK - SIN took another 4 hours. We had abt 8 hours transit in SIN.Myyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was deadly tired. I joined Free Tour for abt 1.5 hours and roaming around the airport.

SIN-MES took 1 hour.Duhh..panassssssssss............

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 1 : Medan's Really Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodness.... After waiting abt 7 hours, I arrived in Medan safely.I was nervous,it took 1 hour to fly. I got headache and couldn't wait to be in Medan. He he he he.

As I arrived, I met an old friend who works in the airport,bang Raja. He told me other friend passed away months ago.

While I was waiting for the imigration,I saw my uncle and my niece were waiting for me.He helped me pick my luggages. I saw Mami,Wenny,Ko Cendy and Michael plus Akim Po Lien ( uncle's wife ) at the airport. Goshhh...everyone welcomed me!!!!!!!!

As I walked out, Papi,Joe and Ching2 were on the phone.They're so excited. He he he he. We walked out and suddenly somebody knocked my back.I turned back and  looked. I didn't see anybody till I turned down my head. Bahhhh.. my elder sister, Cie Vivie n Titie. They're tiny!!!!! he he he he.

I said to them, " Goodness.... you're so tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Hi hi hi hi hi.

Oom Lukas took us for dinner to Titi Kuning. Lots of food.I couldn't eat that much.Then we went to Cie Vivie's home,staying there.

Goshhh... Medan's really hotttttttttttttttt hottttttttttttttttt hotttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! Streets are messed!! Noisy everywhere.I was scared.We stopped and bought some durians. ^___^.

I was sweating all nite long since it's really hot. As soon as I arrived in Medan,I called Mom and Ronnie. I told him what I experienced. :P

This morning,we had bfast, Mie Pangsit,Lontong Sayur and Lupis plus Kerupuk Jangek.I had reserved taxi to take us back home to Siantar.

Calling Ronnie this morning arranged time to chat. Glad Ronnie's online and we're chatting rite now in YM. Missing him so much.

Still got jetlag. As soon as I am done with Ronnie,I need to clean up my mess.I have been cleaning my sister's bedroom. He he he he. Too much stuff needs to be thrown away.

Today is my eldest sister's bday anyway.Must be home to celebrate with her.Papi had prepared Saksang and BPK ,he said this morning. We're coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 To be continued.................


Mei - Mei & Baby Ries




























































































Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Adventure's Begun

Gosh.... finally I got  free internet to update my trip.

Yesterday I flew from Cincinnati - San Francisco for 4.5 hrs,then continued to Hong Kong for 13 hours. Back hurts so bad.

Now I am in SIN. Have abt 7 hours transit, I joined to have city tour.Called Ronnie for a while to tell him where I am.He's sleeping. He he he. I do miss my baby.

 Ronnie dropped me to the airport and guess what. I cried and was doubt to go back home to Indonesia. But Ronnie said that I really needed it.He hugged and kissed me many times.


I guess I have a nice trip so far,unless the bathroom problem.Every 5 mnts go to the bathroom. He he he he.


I was upset to myself,cos I tried to help a lady played her cd player in my laptop,but it's stuck till now.She gave me her email add in case I could take it out. Bahhh memalukan saja!!!!!!!


Well... I better go, otherwise the bus will leave me here.


I'll update as soon as I arrive in Indonesia.


PS : Baby..honey....Ronnie... read my blog,pls. He he he he he.

To all of my friends, kindly pray for my trip to Indonesia.I hope I'll have a wonderful one.


God bless... Till we meet again.




Mei - Mei & Baby Ries


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Robert Hatcher @ America's Got Talent Audition

Genre: Pop
Artist:Robert Hatcher
My humble customer,Robert Hatcher who goes to AGT 2.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless you

July 4th : Firework's Everywhere

I woke up abt 11.30 am and saw Ronnie's not in bed.He went somewhere,but didn't leave any messages. I called him abt 10 times. He he he he. No answers.

Later,around 2pm,he came home. He brought us some chicken wings and shrimps from Frickers. Ahhh.. he went to Target,he said.

Steve came abt 2.30pm. We were supposed to attend the family picnic somewhere held by Steve.But,since Ronnie was busy,we couldn't make it.Mom herself was sick.

I took a nap and then went to work abt 9.30pm. Goshhhhhhhhhhh..... firework was everywhere.

It's raining. I just only could take pics from the patio. I heard many noises,smoke was everywhere.

Abt 10.30pm,I walked to Pizza Hut picking my order,suddenly I saw a huge firework was exploding on top of me. I was scared to death. Almost fell on the ground. I said," Jesussssssssssssssss " and ran to the bar. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I told Ronnie it's a huge firework.He laughed and said," Now you see it." he he he he.

Kaget benerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Alas,I didn't take that pic.

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 3rd :Robert Hatcher's Off to CA ( America's Got Talent's Contestant )

Yesterday was Robert's last karaoke with us.He's moving to California for good. He wanna build his career there and leaves his job here.

So saaddddddddddddddd. We've been so close and feel didn't want to let him go. Hiks.. hiks..hiks...

I was at home when I watched America’s Got Talent and saw Robert's there. I quickly recorded it for a few secs. ^____^.

I went to the bar at 9.30pm.I met everybody there. Robert and his friends yelled at my name," Ay Mei - Mei!!!!!!!!!!! " copied a song title " Ay Bay Bay ". He he he he.

They said," We missed you last week.Ronnie told us you're in the hospital. " Gosh... I am so glad I met them again last nite.

Robert said," Mei - Mei, I got something for you." Aw... what it would be ??? I was curious.

After chit chat with the crowd at the back bar, I walked to the front. Ronnie's bartending there. He's a lil bit busy. He said,' Don't leave me,hun." He he he he. Duhh grogi nih yeee....

Robert came and brought me a big poster of his. He said," That no was my no in American Idol ". Awww... so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, Rob!!!!!!!!!!

He dedicated this poster to us. As a remembrance when he's away, I said one day.

All nite long we partied.He sang some songs and so did his friends. I didn't have any chance to sing last nite.

Ronnie and Robert chit chat. Gosh.. I love to see these 2 people chatting. Ketawa mulu sih . Ha ha ha ha ha.

Robert is always as humble as he is. He helps me get some ice and clean the tables.He's the one who always leave the last.He always makes sure everything is ok. Isn't he lovely ????

I teased him one day and said,' Since you are here and haven't charged anything to get some ice,pls do it for me. Before you off to CA to be a celeb. " ha ha ha ha.

Robert left abt 2.20am. He came to me and said," Mei-Mei,I am leaving.I see you next time. I am leaving this Thurs." Aww.... I was so sad.

He said," Let me know when you have a baby.I really wanna see her pic.Keep in touch with me,pls. "

I said,' Sure.I'll send her pic to Uncle Robert." He smiled. Then he said," Oh, Mei - Mei... I am so sad rite now. You're all as so nice people,good people. I love you so much. Thank you for everything you've done to me." His tears came down. He wiped his eyes and said," Ohhhh ." I saw his eyes were teary. I went to the office and asked Ronnie to come out.He's napping.

Robert said goodbye to him. He kept crying. He hugged me again and said,' Don't cry, Mei - Mei. " I couldn't help myself, I did cry :(

I said,' We're gonna miss you so much. Dunno when we'll see you again.But we do pray you'll have the best there."

He hugged me again and said," Just like a family. I love you all."

Aghhh.... I held his hand and walked him out. Still crying. He said," I love you I love you I love you. I love this bar. You guys give me a place to feel like home."

I was quite. He walked away with Greg and said,' Bye, Mei - Mei. "

Ihhh... I ran inside and cried.

Hasta la vista, Robert Hatcher. All the prayers will be yours.Always be humble as what you are.

We love you...we do!!!!!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!!

PS : If you click the link AGT, the video will show Robert was crying and said something behind the stage. He's wearing white suit.

July 2nd : Ladies' Craft Nite : Beaded Sculpture

Monday noon after taking a walk with Ronnie, I took a nap. At 6.30pm I went to Library.It's Ladies' Craft Nite - Beaded Sculpture.
Thank God, Sybelle always reminds me abt the class montly. Lupa mulu sih :p

At that day,we were given lots of sample to do. I picked the Penguin, Lady Bug and American Flag sample.

Firstly,I didn't feel like I was into it. Then, I encouraged myself to do. Jadi juga ^__^

Heidi let us take some stuff home to finish the rest. I was trying to make head dress,but I was short of wire.

So far, I made Penguin Broach , Lady Bug- key chain and American Flag - hair pin

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

12 Pregnancy Myths Worth Ignoring


 Seru nih.... lagi hamil begini,nambah pengetahuan ttg mitos2 seputaran kehamilan.


on Wed, Jun 27, 2007, 9:29 am PDT

It's not surprising that a large number of myths have arisen regarding the unique challenges associated with pregnancy.

Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, a physician at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School, has unearthed the following sample of 12 pregnancy myths that he says can be safely ignored. I've never heard of any of these myths; but then, I've never been pregnant.

  1. The worse your morning sickness, the more likely you are to have a girl. (Dr. Shmerling does point out, however, that several studies have shown that women who are hospitalized for morning sickness are slightly more likely to deliver a girl.)
  2. If you raise your arms above your head while pregnant (as when hanging up clothes on a clothesline), the baby will get the cord wrapped around its neck.
  3. If you get a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will have a thick head of hair.
  4. Avoid sleeping on your back; or, always sleep on your left side.
  5. To keep your unborn child safe, avoid sex and exercise during pregnancy.
  6. You should not touch a cat while pregnant. Women are indeed advised not to handle their cat's litter while pregnant because a cat's stool may carry a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis, a serious infection in the mother and a possible cause of deformities in the fetus. However, other activities, such as petting your cat or allowing it to sit on your lap, are not prohibited. If you want complete peace of mind about this, you can have your cat tested for toxoplasmosis.
  7. If you are pregnant, you cannot have x-rays and should avoid microwaves and computer terminals. Excessive or needless radiation should always be avoided, pregnant or not, but you should follow your doctor's recommendations for x-rays that are necessary. Modern microwave ovens and computer terminals do not expose the fetus to harmful radiation.
  8. Don't take a bath if you are pregnant.
  9. If the weather is stormy or the moon is full, you are more likely to go into labor, even if you are weeks away from your due date.
  10. Avoid spicy foods — they can trigger labor before you are ready.
  11. Avoid bumpy car rides — they can trigger labor; or, labor can be triggered by being bumped in the abdomen or by lifting groceries.
  12. You can determine your baby's gender by the position of sexual intercourse when the baby was conceived, and by how your baby is situated in the womb.

source :;_ylt=Ag9d1aTTg5BF2NI07XcH0o4KAdAF

Monday, July 2, 2007

July 2nd : Jalan - Jalan Sore

Ronnie has vacation days till July 4th.I am so glad that he’d spend more time with me during the day and nite.

This morning I woke up abt 11 am, I saw he’s not in bed.I thought he went somewhere.I checked his sunglasses and the cellphone were still on my desk. I knew he must have been around the house.

I found him playing Everquest in the basement.I said,” I am hungry.” He replied,’Didn’t you see Mc.D upstair? It’s for you.I bought it for you,hun.” Aha… thank you then.

Nia called me.We chit chat for a while and I said to Ronnie,” Hun,I’m bored.” He said,” What you wanna do ?” I really wanna swim, indeed. But,seems Ronnie not interested in.He said, “ It’s kinda cool out there,hun.Maybe not today.”

I suggested him to walk around the block.He said,” That sounds good.I can make it.Get ready then.”

I put on my shoes and shorts and we left. We walked around the blocks,talked abt many things , teased one each other.

I told him," You could have taken your bike,hun.If only it has 2 seats,I'll seat behind you, you cycle it. "

He said," Yeah... I will be tired cycling it,you just sit down and enjoy it. Nice " :P . Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! Jadi malu .....

I asked Ronnie if he could see my belly.He said,” That’s belly with fat,hun.” Awwwwwwwwww. I slapped his butt. I said,” Be gooooooooodddddddddd. It has baby here, you know. My baby. “

He replied,” Oh…now she says, “ my baby “, what abt me ?? That’s mine,too” :P

We walked around and saw a nice house. I took the pic and sneeked my head to see the garden. He said,” Oh, baby. Come one. You don’t stop “.

I said, “ Don’t stop what? Taking pics ? “

He said,” Yes .This is I don’t like walking with you. Always take pics. He he he he he” Ughhhhhhhhh… baru tau ya ???? :P

After walking around 15 minutes, we arrived at home. Ronnie said,” What you wanna do after this ? “

I said,” Dunno. “

He said,” Go upstairs. “

Guess what ??? We fell asleep till 5.50pm and had nice nap :P

[ Updated ] : Explanation of Visa Was Rejected

Still thinking abt the visa rejection by the Embassy. I decided to call to the Embassy,looking for an answer.

I tried to call the Embassy abt 2am here ( 1 pm there ). Ronnie talked to a lady and asked some information why the visa was rejected.She's Indonesian,tried to explain to Ronnie. She said that no matter if you put the sponsorship letter,bla bla bla,they don't count it.Furthermore,Ronnie asked some questions,she couldn't give any satisfaction answer.

Ronnie's desperate and said,' Is there anyone who speaks English,pls?" She said,"Rite now they're having lunch.Pls call back 1 hour later."

Another hour later, 3am, I called back.Ronnie was held for a while and then the line was hung up. Well... good!!!!!!!!

I tried another number,Ronnie asked to be transferred to an American.Another lady asked to call back 30 mnt later.Ronnie asked who he could talk to.She gave a man's name.

At 3.30am, we called back again.The same story,Ronnie was held and talked to an Indonesian.Ronnie forced to talk to an American.Finally he was transferred to an American.It's a lady.

Ronnie said,' Yes, you speak English? Are you American?"
She said,' Yes. May I help you?"
Ronnie said,"Yes,we've tried to reach you many times.Thank God I can talk to you know."

So,Ronnie told her the whole problem.Telling her that Amoy was given like 1 mnt only to be interviewed and rejected without telling the reason.

She asked my sister's name.She said,' Yes,sorry.She's not disqualified.She's just uneligible to get the visa.She has no strong tight to prove abt her status."

Ronnie wondered what it meant.He said,"What prove you want to have?Maybe we can do something from here.Since my wife is pregnant right now,and she needs somebody to be with her during the labor day."

She said," Unfortunately,there's nothing you can do."

Ronnie's desperate, " Well..the problem was,her files were not considered at all.Somebody just asked her name and said,"Sorry,you are rejected.".That's not nice.At least give a reason why."

She said," We do consider abt all the applications."
Ronnie said," Is there any other way to bring her here? Can you tell me what I need to do?"

She said," No,Sir."
Ronnie said," Ok... so, you think that I need to talk abt this to Congressman or Senator to make it work ? I am not threatning you,but this is weird."

She said," You could send her to another country to make it easier."
Ronnie said," I am a middle class - American guy.I can't do that.What you expect me to do is harder than just give her a chance."

Well.. long conversation.I wasn't happy.I whispered to Ronnie,that I needed to talk to her.Ronnie said," Can my wife talk to you,please?"

She was willing to talk to me.I asked the same questions and expected to hear the answers for myself.She said," She's not rejected,Maam.She's just uneligible right now."

I asked," Base on.....?"

She told me,"She's still young,productive.She has no strong prove that she'd be back to Indonesia.She has no higher position at her work,she don't make lots of money.And,she has somebody in States,that makes we think somebody there will make her stay permanently and we're afraid that if she makes trouble or cause damage.That's why the reason why."

Aha..... finally she's been honest to me.

I told her,' Well, in this case we do not have intention to lie to you.I am lonely here,no family.My dad is sick,that's why I can't take my parents to come here.We pick my sister cos she can represent my family." I started crying,thinking that the chance to get her here is so thin.

She said," I am so sorry to hear that,Maam.I understand your position.Then again,as I said,we're afraid abt the cause in the future."

I told her,' What abt some people who got the visa? Some of them are sponsored,too,still young,but they got it,my sister didn't.Is it abt luck here?"

She said," Oh,no. All the applications are the same.Well,some people do fool us ( she laughed ), and they passed."

I said," See??? We've been honest to you and willing to call you,still we don't have any chance to make it.My heart's broken rite now."

She said," I believe you are being honest.But rite now,the situation didn't help her a lot.Yes,people always say just only 1 month visit,they provide the legal letters ect,but we don't look at that.We just want to make sure that she has something tights her back to Indonesia like her job ect."

Oh well.. I think I had heard enough.At least we knew the answer why. I thanked her and she said," You can send us email if you need anything else.Thank you so much."

I said," Thank you,Maam.God bless you."

I hung up the phone. Ronnie said," We've tried,baby.That's all I can say.Maybe we can send Amoy to Canada and get through to States easily."

I was quite and started crying. My heart's broken.Ronnie hugged me and said," Hushhhh baby...hushh... don't cry.. Don't make your situation's getting worse.We tried,hun.We did."

I said," It's not fair.I put big hope and faith in this case,but they turned us down." Duh...... I had a bad day.  Last nite I puked again. All the food I ate was thrown up in the bathroom ( at the bar ),even at the front sink. I wetted my pants cos I got the Reflux Acid again.

Ronnie said," I know, I really know. Come here, let me hug you." He hugged me and kissed my head. He said,' My baby.. sorry........"

I kept crying and sobbing.Ronnie said,' We'll think other plan next time,hun.Let's sleep.You must have been tired.Nighty nite,hun. I love you."

Ronnie's rite.I was really tired.My back still hurts.Ronnie grabbed me from behind and covered me with his arms. I always feel comfortable and protected everytime he does that to me.

It's almost 5 am when we slept. I kissed his arm and said," Thank you,hun.I appreciated it. I love you."

We felt asleep.. I didn't want think abt it anymore. There's another day..maybe that'll be our luck.

I thank God who gives me the strenght not to fight with the feeling. I thank God for putting Ronnie beside me,encouraging me to get through this difficult time.

Ah.... each day is a blessing.. not matter it's good or bad.. Still a blessing for us!!

Maybe next time,dear Amoy............


Sunday, July 1, 2007

Belanja...Belanja...Penuhin Dapur!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...well....well... we went to church this morning. Again, lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Church is always started at 11 am,and we left at 11.30-11.45am from home. ^__^.

I woke up at 10.30am and ran to Burger King,bought some breakfast.I brought the bfast to the bedroom and woke Ronnie up. Kalo gak gitu,susah bangunnya,nekkkkkkkkkkk.

He's surprised.He said," Aw... baby,why you spoil me like this?" Hi hi hi.Biar barengan ke grj,maksudnya.Malas aja sendirian nyetir ke grj.

After spending some time, we got ready. We still stayed at the church till it's over. Then, went to CAM.

Ronnie came after me.He looked so tired.He said,' Baby,let's go.Why did you take so long ?" Alamakkkk.. sorry!!!!!!!!!!

He didn't look good.He's tired,got headache,and it's hot. I knew it... he began cranky.The traffic was bad.He was mad at a driver in front of us,he's so slow.

As soon as we arrived at home,he laid down on the floor,looking for the coolest place,next to AC. hi hi hi.

He said he needed something cool. Hey!! It's Cantaloupe then!!! One bowl of cantaloupe was ready for him. He said,' Hun, you know I can't eat this all." I said," Let's share."

While I was boiling water for Indomie,I saw he ate the last bite.Bah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gak jadi berbagi,donk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >________<

I bought some groceries,thinking to cook something for supper,but Mom had already put big chunk of pork in the oven. Weks.... I am interested in that :(

Well.... Ronnie's going to Lowe's and bar,he said.I think I wanna take off to PULAU KAPUK. Msh ngantuk neh. :D