Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shopping Painting @ Lowe's

Last nite we had off day.But,still we needed to do something for the bar.We picked Natasha and met Jamie @ Lowe's. They're picking some colours to be painted for the back bar.

We continued sending the food order for my friend at Atlanta and then headed to the bar.Natasha did some preparation for today ( we'll paint this noon !! ).

When everything was settled,we went home at 11pm. Guess what??Ronnie's so exhausted.He slept around 11.20pm last nite. Hoorayyy!!!!! Finally he slept earlier.


  1. Anak siapa tuh cie? lucu banget... :D

  2. Ponakan Jaime.Tiap diksh kunci,dia jatuhin mulu.Lama2 capek ngutipnya.Hahhahahaa