Saturday, September 23, 2006

Berburu Makanan Di Tengah Malam ^___^

hihihihihihi. Yes,tonite,we went to Gajah Wong at 10.20pm.Kabur nih ceritanya.hihihihihi ( Actually Mom cooked,but I didn't feel wanna eat at home ).Yesterday we went home around 5am ( we had bfast at Ihop),then I went to bed around 6am.

Woke up around 12am,we got ready shopping for bar supplies and picked Natasha buying some more stuff for the back bar.I had my late lunch around 5pm.Went home,and laid down for awhile.I said to Ronnie that I was really hungry. He asked,'Where you wanna eat,babe?" I said," Spring Groove". He said," Oh Noddle ?" I said," yes."

He said," Come on, let's go.You can have Noddle and egg rolls."hahahaha.He couldn't pronounce Nurul.He calls Noddle instead of Nurul.

When we arrived there,Nurul said that the kitchen was closed.Arrghhhhhhhh.I was late!! The resto is closed at 10 nightly. Duhhh... Gmn donk???

Nurul offered me to bring home some rice and kerupuk.She has some Lodeh left.I asked whether she has something left for my empty belly.

Hey!! They have Soto Ayam!!! La la la la la... Finally I had Soto Ayam,Nasi Kuning,Lodeh,Sambal & Kerupuk... Then, I had my late dinner there.

Thank you so much,Nurul.Thnks for the hospitality.I brought home some rice n lodeh. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. mau juga malam2 dikirimin kayak ginian...hehehe

  2. Cuaca dingin,makan yg hangat2.Enakkkkkkkkk

  3. Ntar cari becak dulu ya,Ne,biar jalan di tengah malam.Hihihihihi

  4. waduh mei2 makannya seru banget sih :) hehhe

  5. noodle? lucuuu..
    itu sotonya menggoda sekali mei! jadi pengen..

  6. Ronnie susah pronounce Nurul,akhirnya dia panggil Noddle. Hihihihi.Ada2 aja.Untung Nurul gak marah

  7. Nafas bu.. ntar keselek lho hihihihihihih..