Monday, December 7, 2009

Lost but Found

Duh... I found him after 12 years disappeared. I had been wondering how he's doing,what he's been up to ect...ect....ect.....

Long lost friend is found.........

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving :D

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!!!

In everything we have, give thanks to God .



The Ries'

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mendua Hati :(

Belakangan pada malas ngeupdate di MP. Banyakan abisin wkt di FB. * Wah... racun FB kuat banget neh *  :D

FB lbh seru ternyata ( dulu2 ogah ikutan FB,skrg malah ketagihan ). Malasnya kalo upload foto2 di MP,kudu ngeupload satu per satu.( apa krn kmrn pilih settingnya begitu ya ? * . Kalo di FB, tinggal click2 mana2 yg mo diupload, lbh gampang ).

Oh well... .susah juga mendua hati

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Papi, it's nice to see you again !

Papi....thank you!!! Finally we could " meet " again. You looked so handsome in your uniform,so healthy and full of charisma. I still can see your strong character in you. Proud of you,Papi...really proud.........

You talked to me and said you're ready to go to work.Goshh... you did like you did long time ago when we're kids.

Wish you hadn't left again . But, I did have a chance to hug you and hold your feet. I still feel the warmth of your embrace and your love.

Papi,thank you...After all I wanted,finally you did come to me. Thank you...thank you....

Love you,Papi..Please do come to visit us more often. That's all I want.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diary of ML : I'm 2 Years Old !!!

Hi, I'm 2 yrs old now. Mommy says I have been good for these years.Mommy,Daddy and Grandma celebrated my bday in simple way at Grandma's house. Mommy said she would throw a bday party later for me.

This year is a busy year for us.Mommy and Daddy are taking care of stuff. They've been packing stuff like crazy since couple weeks ago.

I have been through a lot lately.Been sick, been falling down from chairs,steps ( last nite ). Mommy was scared. I could see her face was pale when she saw me landed on the bottom of the steps. But,I am ok

This year was the worst year for Mommy. Mommy lost her Daddy, my OPA in Aug. She cried in the middle of the night and I was there. I saw her crying for a long time,and I cried,too. I was scared to see her crying.

All I knew, I was in the airplane the next day and flying for 2 days. I didn't get used to with the plane,so I cried. I was scared. Mommy didn't know that.

Thank God, we arrived in Indonesia ( yeah,Mommy's country ) at nite. I was introduced with all families and friends. I met new faces. Some kids with my ages.

I played with them.But, I couldn't sleep for 2 weeks. Always woke up in the morning at 2-3am. I wanted to play,but Mommy put me to sleep again.

We spent 1 month in Indonesia. I met other families in Bandung and Jakarta.Had good time there.

I love songs from Indonesia. 

Satu dua..tiga empat... tangan taro di pinggang..Kepala goyang2.... ( one of my fave songs!! ). Kullong takullong...takullong...takullong...ete haaaaa!!! (  Bataknese song created by Maktua Kecik, Cipinang ). Thank you,Maktua!!!!

When we came back home, I saw Daddy was waiting for us.I was so happy,but then again, I was shy,so I ran away.Daddy grabbed me. ha ha ha ha.

It's good to see Grandma again amd the doggies

I spend time with Mommy,Daddy,Grandma and doggies again. Mommy sometimes takes me somewhere,esp. on weekends.

We had done Fashion Show in Middletown,OH for Middfest Indonesia 2009. Hey,I'm on Dayton Newspaper :D

Guess..that's my 1st debut. Ha ha ha ha ha.

So.. this year, I had another bday. Mommy promised to buy me something. I heard Mommy says something about " camera " to Daddy. Mommy decided not to buy right now,cos she'd like to compare with other brands. Yeah,I want a camera so bad!!! How about that ?

Next month,we're gonna have a bday party for Octoberians ( Mommy calls like that ).Ha ha ha ha. At least about 12 people in Daddy's family have bdays in Oct. Yuhuuuu!!!!!!!!

Aha... I pick up some Indonesian words,too. I was taught when I was in Indonesia. People talk Indonesian there.I talked Gibberish. ^________^. I like to say, "Oma,Opa, Cici,Koko..... ADUHHH!!!! JATUH!!!! MAU.......PIPIS!!! ". Ha ha ha ha ha..  I like those words. Daddy even don't know what it means.

Ok..... gotta gooo... bye bye....

Happy bday to me, then :D

Some videos of mine :

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OCt 10th 09 : ML's 2nd Bday

Yay!!! She just turned 2 !!! OMG!! Can't believe she's growing so fast!!
I took her to Walgreens today,looking for some stuff. As I walked away ( since I didnt' find any), I turned back and looking for ML.

She's lost from my sight. I walked back and saw her was standing by the cards isle. She was holding something on her hand. I was curious and walked by. She's showing me a bday card,and it showed " 2 " !!! Ha ha ha ha ha.

I couldn't believe it. She talked gibberish and I said to her," Wow!! Look at you,ML. You sure know you turn 2 today. Yes,Mommy will buy you the card.Thank you for picking a very cute bday card for you. "

Ha ha ha ha ha. That was so funny!!!

Ronnie came back home from Millcliff and brought the bday cakes I had baked last nite. I put some whipped cream and we celebrated simply in the kitchen.

ML sure loved the whipped cream. She blew the candle ( twice!! Mom burnt the candle again and had her blow it ). lol.

ML ate good amount of cake. She really enjoyed it. We did,too.

Happy bday, our lil pumpkin. Time goes so fast and we're so blessed to have you in our lives. May you will be a blessing for others. Love to see your funny acts, fill our lives with joy and happiness.

Thank you,Lord, for giving us such a wonderful treasure!!!

Happy bday, Anna MeiLee!!!!!!

Lotta lotta lotta luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ^_____^

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sept 10th ; We're Home!!!!!!!!!

After a longgggggggggg trip,and missed flight from Houston - Cincy ( we're late a couple minutes, they had closed the door ),we had to wait for the next flight at nite 7.30pm.

We finally arrived safely @ 11pm. Ronnie had waited for us in the airport.ML was so excited!!!!! But,poor Ronnie,ML was so shy to look at him. LOL.

Ronnie asked," Why did she do like this ??? " . LOL

We arrived at home abt 11.30pm. ML still didn't wanna sleep till 2am. Since she get used to sleep with a lot of people,she didn't wanna sleep by herself.

She ended up sleeping with us. Ronnie took her downstairs in the morning. He said he wanted ML to get used to with the reg. schedules. LOL

When I came down at 10.30am, I saw ML was sleeping again. Ha ha ha ha ha

Thank God,we're home again!!!! Glad to be with fam again. :D

PS : Thank you all for you symphaties. We really appreciate it. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gathering @ Plaza Senayan,Jakarta

Just got home from lil gathering @ Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

Thanks to kak Ave Malau who was willing to spend time with me and fam ( we met for the 1st time!!! ), and to Tony n Tatik ( friends from college ).

Sorry for those who missed the gathering. So sorry :(

Till we meet again.. God bless you all!!!!

We're leaving for Medan tomorrow evening at 4pm.


PS : foto nyusul

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rest in Peace, Papi

Rest in peace, our beloved Papi.. Rest in peace...

We loved you so much, more than words can say. My world turns up side down to hear the news early this morning at 2.30am.

Rest in peace,Papi.... Till we meet in heaven




Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23rd : MeiLee's Got Power Wheels Quad

Yay!! After wanting for awhile,finally I bought her one.LOL.
Thank God,the battery's charged already.

Here you go...ML's ready to explore the backyard with her new riding.LOL.

She's scared at first,crying,thinking how this motor kept rolling by itself.ha ha ha ha.

It took a few minutes to make her comfortable and she made it work.

Good job,ML!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cerita Tentang Zucchini


I'm back ^___^.

Anyway, I've been working at Snacks Building for almost 1 month now. Wow!!! The people are very nice here. I make friends easily

People stop by at my desk,chit chat and share stories.And of course,get some candies for free. Ha ha ha ha ha.

There is a guy,who always likes the music I play ( yeah, I play music in my computer ). He said one day," Hi.. I really like the music. It goes up the the stairs and you can hear it beautifully "

That's how we met and talked often after that.

So,last week,he stopped by and said," Wow.. music again!! I love it!! " .

He asked me," Mei-Mei,do you like Cucumber ? Zucchini ? "

I told him," Yeah. I like Zucchini.I cook Salmon Pasta with Zucchini ".

He said," Ok.. I got some in my office. You can have as many as you want."

Me : " ???? " Duh... kalo disuruh ke kantornya,segan ah..

He said," Do you have time ? "

I said," I will go get some later."

He said," Come on. Leave your desk real quick,and get some there.Before everyone gets "

I felt a lil bit concerned. I was trying to avoid it,but he said," Come on.Come with me  "

I didn't wanna be rude. I told him," Hold on. I need to bring my plate."

He said," You don't the the plate."

I wonder how I bring the zucchini and cucumbers if I don't bring my plate.

I followed him,made a distance a lil bit. He he he he he


He took me farer from my desk,turned to the hall,and kept walking abt 50 feet. Oh boy........


Tada!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!  LOTS OF ZUCCHINIS,CUCUMBERS and SQUASHES. Ha ha ha ha ha. And,there're some people in the room,too.

Uffffhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I felt much better now

He said," You can take as many as you want. You don't need a plate."

Ha ha ha ha ha.. Salah persepsi!!!! Kirain salad !!! :D

I took some,  eh... a lot!!! . I gave some to my friends.


Zucchini Contest

At lunch time,Erica,another employee,stopped by at my desk. I told her I got some zucchinis and others.

She said," Yeah.. I saw some over there. There's a Zucchini Contest. "

Me : " ?? When,where?"

She said : " Here. It's posted. Whoever can make any dishes by these  veggies will be the winner."

Me : " Wow.."

She said, " Do you know what the prize is ?"

Me : "  Yeah.What?"



I thought so... I was about the say the same. HA HA HA HA HA

She said," Who's gonna eat zucchini everyday ?"


I said," I don't know.But,not me. "


Today,he came to my desk again and said," Mei-Mei, you know I brought some today.Help  yourself. Tomorrow I'll bring some. "

WAHHHH.. Juragan Zucchini nih ceritanya. :D

He said him and his father in law plant the zucchinis. That's neat! :P

I took some more today and gave to my friends. I only have 1 zucchini.. ONE ONLY

I don't think I wanna join the contest. I'm afraid to imagine the zucchini is served daily on my table. ha ha ha ha ha


Anyway,thank you,Mr.Zucchini


Note : pinjem picnya org :D


Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 17th : Menggambar,Yuk!!!!

Me and ML had a walk the other day.It's kinda cold. We sat Tonisha and Dom were drawing at their back porch. I invited them to come over our backyard.

Since ML has some drawing books,it's gonna be fun to draw together in the evening.

So,here we were,drawing together :D

Tonisha and Dom gave the drawings they drawed for ML. Wow!! Nice of them :D

ML and I had fun drawing our faces.LOL. Grandma said," I hope it's washable ". The girls said it was.

But,alas...when I washed ML's face and hands,still can see the

But,hey..we had fun!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th : Belajar Bhs Indo & Makan Malam

Yay!! They're here!! I was introduced by Genta to these people who are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia.

Genta said that they've been learning B.Indonesia for months,and are going to visit Padang this weekend. They'd like to practise more with Indonesians.

Since I live close to them,Genta recommended them to contact me and practise. We scheduled to meet at home,and I invited them for dinner, Indonesian food.

I cooked Rendang a day before.And this morning, I had a doc.appointment at 9am,and had abt 1 hour to cook Semur.Then,went to work at 11am.

Got home at 5.10pm,quickly cooked more food. Goreng Kerupuk,Ikan Asam Manis,Cap Chai,Ayam Goreng Bumbu Kuning, Egg Dropped Soup and Nasi.

Finally,at 6.30pm,they're here. Wow!! I love to meet new people.
Leigha,Luke ( husband & wife ), Dave,Amy,Juliana,Christopher & Tristan (one fam),Sim,Hillary & Madeline ( one fam ),and Gabriel.

We started with Egg Dropped Soup.Alamak.. cuma dpt 1 suap doank.Enak,bow.LOL * Yg masak malah gak kebagian* :D

Food was enough.No more less. They enjoyed the food. I am so glad they could eat them :D

Then,we chit chat,talking abt the cultures,fruits,jokes ect.

Silly me, I always teased them by silly jokes. LOL. Hopefully they're not offended :D

Well... dinner ran smoothly and fun. We talked in Indonesian sometimes.Leigha asked us to speak slooooowwwwwwly :D

In the end, I shared them the Pringles. * Couldn't eat those chips *.

Chit chat a lil bit with Edi and Yusi,then I cleaned up the kitchen and living room.

All clean!! All's neat :D

Thank you for coming,guys!! Take care and have a wonderful trip to Padang.

Titi DJ !! :D

God bless your trips and we'll see you back in weeks :D

Keep in touch.

Thnks Leigha,for the flowers and the dessert.Mom loves it .She wants to know the recipe :D

Anyway, I saw a goodie bag on the chair.Wonder whose that? Chocolates :D
Thank you !!!!

Note :

" Sapa kamu cuci ? " :D
" Becanda " Bejanda " :D
" Mau tambah lagi " Tambo "
" Sapa lo ? " Ha ha ha ha ha
" 20 puluh ribu " Seratus ribu " :D
" Nyut - nyut-an " :P
" Tettttttttttt... Time's out. Next!!! " :D
" Tidak boleh bicara "
" Cuci tangan "
" Titi DJ - Hati2 di jalan "
" Ciku, Cempedak,Durian"
" Langsat " Bangsat " HA HA HA HA HA * Yusiii..tanggung jawab ngomong yg ke-2 :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jul 8th : Ms. Pop Cycle Goes Around :D

Ronnie and I went to Kroger the other day buying some stuff.He grabbed Pop Cycle and said, " I want this. Lil munckin can has some,too " :D

So,the other day, I started to open the box and gave each to Ronnie,Mom and ML. She loved it.

Alas,she made a mess. I had to change her outfit.She grabbed my necklace and put it on her shoulder, like the Pageant style. LOL.

Standing next to Ronnie,copying what he's doing, kinda fun to see. :P

I was in the middle of cleaning when I realized Ronnie and ML had been walking out to the street. I ran and chased them.LOL

ML met some kids on the street. They " Chit chat " with baby language. LOL. ML kept yacking. :D. And then said " BYE BYE BYE DA DA DA " a couple times ;P

It's enough to take her around the block,and we went home. She grabbed her Winnie Alphabet Book and practising to say some letters again.

A a a e e f g............ lol

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ( SRK's Movie ) 2008

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Love it love it love it.....

SRK's a geek guy here. I call it as " Beauty & The Beast " ala Bollywood.

Punjab Power ji.. Lighting up your life. Lol...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 18th : MeiLee's Chasing Putty & Taider :D

Awww...this girl never gav up. LOL. She kept chasing Putty around with her ice maker.ha ha ha ha ha

Once she lost Putty,she ran to Taider. And then ran to Putty again.Poor Putty.LOL.

If Ronnie had known,he would have been mad at her.ha ha ha ha ha ha

June 18th : MeiLee's Chasing Putty :D

Ini anak!!!! She's having fun chasing the poor kitty.LOL.

Running around with the ice maker on her hand,and try to scare the cat.LOL.

Monday, June 1, 2009

May 24th : Myrtle Beach,SC ( Day 3rd ) *Ronnie Kecebur di Kolam *

The 3rd day :
Swimming again.Daddy decided to accompany us.Watching MeiLee n Grandma.Then taking a nap by the beach :D

Went back to the room,had lunch. Then,going back to the pool.Swimming again.

Mommy pulled Daddy's hand and jumped into the pool.KA KA KA KA KA KA KA. He was WET all over :P

At nite,it's Mom-in law & Daughter -in law 's nite :D
We walked almost 2miles just to look for Seafood Resto. Finally found one after walking 1.5 hours :D
Alas... didn't realize indeed there're plenty restos by the hotel, it's only across the hotel( the other side ). Lol...Too late :P

Stopped by at some stores,buying souvenirs.Then went back to the hotel at 12 pm. Yeah..midnite :P

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Daddy!!!!!!!!! ( MeiLee Dodol!! ) :D

This kid really made me laugh...and especially made my day!!!

I just fed her.She had mashed potato for lunch and vanila custard with banana as dessert. MeiLee wanted to feed herself.It's kinda messy,so I helped her.

She picked up the bowl and tried to pour it in her mouth.Of course it didn't work,cos it's thick :D

She fought me and played with me.She put her finger and tried to choke herself.She laughed.I wasn't happy.

Then I said," Ok!! That's enough girl.No more."

She laughed and said," No "

I said," Ok..we're done. No more."

I picked her up from her chair and wiped her mouth.She did it again,and I said," MeiLee....that's enough! I'm gonna get Daddy so Daddy can talk to you."

She laughed.

I washer her mouth and said," Enough..I'll get Daddy for you. Daddy!!!!!!!!!

I thought she'll be afraid.... then...

MeiLee said," DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! "



OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I ended up laughing loudly!!!!!!!!!!! She laughed,too. KA KA KA KA KA KA KA.



Then I brought MeiLee downstairs to meet her Daddy, she's excited and said ," DADDY!!!!!!! " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Instead of making it firm to her,she got me :D

What a day!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 10th : Mommy's Day ^___^

What a surprise!!! MeiLee gave me her finger prints as her present of Mother's Day.

I helped her put some decorations on it.It has a poem,too ^___^. Boy...made me feel sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!

Thank you,sweetie!!!

Then we went to CAM.I bought some stuff and went home.We didn't have any lunch,cos I was short of time.

At home,we saw a present for MeiLee and a set of table and chair. I wondered who gave them. I knew the toy was from Kim and Mark,our old neighbor. They dropped it for MeiLee's bday present. But the table and chair ??? No idea :D

I went to work at nite.Ronnie stopped by and had dinner there. I joint him,too. Ronnie told me that Mom bought the table and chair only for 0.99 cents!! Are you kidding me?????????

I couldn't believe it.Ronnie said Mom bought it from Thrift Store.She waited for 30 mnts at the parking lot till the store opened .:D

And a present for Mom ?? I bought her a skillet!! She mentioned it weeks ago. I bought her one skillet only.She would exchange it to get 2 skillets instead.

The more happier was, MeiLee had her cousins, Lizzy and Bryan stayed overnite since Friday.MeiLee had greattttt time with them. She spent time with them and even didn't wanna go to her own bedroom. :D

Thank you for the present,MeiLee... You really made my day!!!

Stravocado Chocolate Smoothie ( Frutty Tutty Smoothie )

Yay!! Experimenting the fruits I have in the refrigerator.Finally it came out with the fruty tutty smoothie :P

Avocado ( I used only half )
2-3 strawberry
1/2 size banana
3 scoops of ice cream ( any flavor, I used Chocolate )
sugar ( as needed )
Milk ( as needed )

Blend all together. Puree
Put whipped cream on top
Garnish with Strawberry


Saturday, May 2, 2009

[Ask] How Much Is It Worth ?

Wow!!! I was so thrilled tonite!!!!!!!!! It was my nite!!! It's not because I had good nite at the resto tonite,but cos Awnie,the hostess finaly brought my t-shirt!!!

We're asked to draw abt something on our uniform by Ritin,back to March.I had no clue what to draw. All a sudden,Awnie offered to draw one of my shirts. So, I handed it to her ( I trusted her,cos last time,she accidentally drawing me secretly ). LOL.

It was months ago.I stopped by at the front door,and she handed me a drawing.It's me!!! Me with glasses. I laughed. She asked," Do you like it,Mei-Mei?? " I told her,' Yes.Thank you.It's me!!! " .The others were agree.

Then, I trusted her to draw my uniform. First, she promised me within 1-2 weeks.Then,she took more time. She said she did something on my shirt.

I was a lil bit worry ( I thought she might had made a mistake ).

Then,came April... I still didn't see it. I tried not to be fussy.Yesterday,Awnie said that she had done it,but she forgot to bring it.She promised to bring it tonite.



When I got at the resto, Ritin said that I was right on time.I had a party. So, I started taking care of them.

Later,Carrie said," Mei-Mei,did you see your shirt ? " I said," What shirt ? " Heather said," Mei-Mei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, look at your shirt!!!!!!!!! DANG!!!!!!!! IT'S AWESOME,MAN!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA STEAL IT!!!!!!!! "


I had no clue what they're talking about.Then,I went to the bathroom,I saw Awnie's standing there. She grabbed a shirt and pointed to me. " Mei-Mei,it's done."

WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had shown me the drawing weeks ago,but I didn't realize it turned GREAT!!!!!!!!!  EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

They asked me to put it on. I said," Not now.. It's so clean,I don't wanna make it dirty.I'll put it on tomorrow nite. "

But,alas... I went to the bathroom and saw how dirty my shirt that I was wearing. Then..tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I grabbed my new shirt and put it on.


I walked out,and everyone turned their heads on me. Firstly, I didn't realize.Dan,Heather,Zack,Ben,Jessica,Ritin and everybody else starred and me and Heather said," I WANNA STEAL YOUR SHIRT,GIRL!! "

Zack said," You can't... Cos there's Mei-Mei's name there." Ha ha ha ha ha.

One of my guests noticed that I changed my shirt.She said," Girl!!!!!!!!!!!! Your shirt rocks,girl!!! " LOL

I told her," It's really me.But,I don't wear short skirt." HA HA HA HA HA.

I asked Awnie how much I would pay her.She said," I don't wanna,Mei-Mei. I love you,that's why I did this to you. I charge the rest,but you."

Oh... I am so blessed and touched. I told her," Honest,I still wanna pay you.Cos this is 2 months project. "

She said," NO. NO NO NO NO."

I told her," Thank you much,Awnie. I love you.Thank you for doing this to me. " 

I hugged her.

I went home tonite,and showed Ronnie the shirt. He was SURPRISED!!! HIS JAW DROPPED.

Ronnie said,' Turn around,hun.I wanna see it again." He said,"Wow...There's your name here,too."

I asked him," how much do you think I should pay her ? I was abt to pay her 20 bucks."

Ronnie said," Gee,baby.. more than that... I'd give 50 bucks!! "

I am agree with Ronnie.This valuable shirt really really awesome!!! It's not because it took 2 months to do it,but the love that Awnie put on it,really really makes me feel good!!!!

What do yo think ??? How much should I pay Awnie,guys ???

Ronnie suggests me to buy her something ( but I don't know what she wants ). I'd rather buy her a jewelry ( again,Ronnie said it's old fashion ).

This girl looks like she likes gothic style. Hmm... I need some ideas,pls....