Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weird Dream

Last nite, I had a weird dream. I haven't had any weird dream for awhile, but it came back last nite.

I was in my family's home in Siantar, getting ready to go to " SCHOOL ". Yes, SCHOOL! I was looking for my " UNIFORM" , my shirt. I couldn't find any.All of them were dirty. I searched to another drawer, opened all the drawers and found nothing.

Meanwhile the clock was showing past 7am. I was late!!!! I told Mami to help me look for the top. I was crying and crying and crying!

Then, I remember, my neighbor sells lots of kinds of clothes. I went to her house. I saw this lady ( in real, she's sick, bedrest ) walking around her kitchen. I was surprised to see her much different. I told her I needed to buy the top uniform, SMA. She handed me one,still in a plastic bag.

I asked her if the top uniform had my size, she said yes. When I went home, I opened the plastic bag, it's not the shirt I wanted. It's a nice white top with laces on the hands. It's very beautiful.

I put it on and I said," Oh my.. Not this one! I need a real top uniform."

I didn't have it till the end. Aghhhh...weird weird weird.........


  1. kangen sekolah mungkin mei.. hahahaha..

  2. iya nih.LOL. Kangen pake baju seragam lagi.ha ha ha ha