Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cough, Sinus, Headache = All in One

Duh.. it's been more than 1 week I've been sick. It bothers me alot.The cough hasn't gone yet, the headache constantly comes, and my neck...oh my neck.. I slept at the wrong position...again

After trying to fight it for a week, I finally asked to use my sick day yesterday. Felt bad to ask, but I couldn't stand anymore.

Tues evening, I took a bath, falling asleep a couple times in the tub. Duh.. I was really tired, I bet. Then went downstairs, laying down in a couch with ML, fell asleep again. Ronnie asked me to go to bed and let ML stay with him downstairs.

I turned on my humidifier and dropped some " minyak kayu putih" in it. It smelt good, and I could sleep better. Thank God, Ronnie brought me some Benadryl that night and it helped me a lil bit ( but.... was that made me sleepy a lot ? )

The next morning, Wed, it's my sick day off. ML woke me up around 7 am, wanted to eat something. I took her downstairs, laying down on the couch again, and fell asleep till I heard my phn's ringing. It's 10 am, Ronnie said he left his cellphone at home, he asked if I could drop it to his work.  I said " No", cos I still felt bad . Then, falling asleep again till 12 pm, he called me and said," Hi, Hun. I'm coming home. Cook me some noddles,please."

Oh... it's noon!!! I woke up and cooked him some Indomie. He picked up his cell, and said," Bye." Lah.. he hasn't eaten his noddles yet. He said," I'm taking the bowl with me." Hm...

Before Ronnie left, he said that the weather's beautiful. I should do something to make my body feels better. So, I got up and took a shower, still dizzy, and asked ML to get ready.

We went to Border Bookstore and Half Price Bookstore. I didn't get much at Border Bookstore, not many things I liked from there. But Half Price got stuff I wanted. Bought ML some dvd games and then stopped by at the library.

We stopped by at Mom's, getting more Benadryl and had some cheesecake. Mom said ML helped her do the crumbles. That's good! ML had 2 pieces.LOL

I started feeling  bad, and was in a hurry to go home. Laying down on the couch again, and fell asleep! . I was hungry, then cooked Bihun Goreng.ML had some chicken soup with crackers.

I was trying to stay awake, but it's hard for me. ML kept waking me up. At 9 pm, after ML's done playing Thomas game, we went up to bed.

ML asked me to lay down on the floor, and prayed while facing her " purse lamp ".

Then, I told her I needed to go back to my room. ML wanted me to lay down with her. Ahh.. this lil one catches cold from me, she has runny nose now .

I told ML she needed to sleep by herself tonite. She asked me to hold her hand and turned on her music. She wanted me to sing " ABCD " song, then she fell asleep.

I went back to my bed, and laid down. Had another Benadryl, and it put me to sleep. Still had cough till now, but not as worse as the other days.

I'm back to work, had Benadryl at 7am,and I'm sooo sooo sleepy now  

* OMG... just talked to my friend, he said BENADYRL indeed puts you to sleep * Ughhh, no wonder

I just realized how tired I was, and my body needed some rest. I enjoyed my sick day off, yet, I still need some more rest. Weekend is coming soon. Today is my last day working during the week, and I'll have long weekend after that.


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