Monday, February 14, 2011

Ask, and You'll be Given :D

This noon, I was looking at my friend's FB. Her daughter celebrated Valentine's Day at her daycare. I saw these lovely presents and said to myself, " Ahh... ML hasn't gone to school yet.Alas, she didn't have a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day with kids and have lovely goodie bags like these."

CLICK! X'ed! I was busy with my  work again. Then, Ronnie called me.He asked," hey,what do you do after work ? " I said," nothing, pick up ML and go home."

He said," Meet me at Frickers,OK ?" . So, I picked up ML and had Mom come along with us.

Mom gave me lovely cards, handmade Valentine's Day cards. Oh my.....

Ronnie got one from us * I hid it the night before in his jacket* , as well with Mom, hid it in ML's bagpack.

We had nice dinner, then dropped Mom back home. As we got home, I saw a plastic bag was hanging on my mail box, and another package inside of the mail box. I wonder what they were!

I took the stuff inside, and opened the big envelope.'s Dorothy Sun's book, Clay in the Potter's Hand. That book I requested about 2 weeks ago, for FREE! Yippeee!!!!

Then, I opened the plastic bag, there a note in it, and a red- Valentine's theme bucket, a pencil and chocolate. It said," Sister, I got this goodie bag from my student's parents. Since I don't have a kid yet, I would like to give it to ML."

Yay!!!!!!! What a blessing!!!!! Thank you, Christina!!!!

I texted her and told her how much I wanted to have one like it this noon, within hours,it's granted!!!! God is good!!! He hears my prayer

Yes, another prayer's answered

Simple ? for some people it's simple, it's nothing, but for me, it's AMAZING!!!!

* Every little thing is a blessing*

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