Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life = Worthless ????

Sad, heartbreaking, pain and grief to see the tragedy in Cikeusik & Temanggung, esp. Cikeusik.

Who are we to take one's soul away ? Religion doesn't save anybody, doesn't take anybody to heaven.

In order to have a place in heaven, we must create our own heaven by doing what's good,what's right,spreading love and grace. That's the visible heaven!

What is " religion" if someone claims he has one, but don't practise it ?

No religion at all - better of, I say.

Killing people seems is easier than killing animals nowadays. Even, animals are more precious than human beings!

Chicken perdue costs about 3-4 bucks/ pack. Human being ? NUL! ZERO! NADA!

Whatever it is, slaying people mercilessly, using God's name, it's absolutely unaccepted! Gaining victories at the wrong way.

If we rejoice only in our own victories, we miss the wonder of celebrating the power of the Lord.

Lord, give me sensitivity
To people in their grief and pain,
To weep with them and show Your love
In ways mere words cannot attain. —Sper

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”

~ Rom 12 :15 ~

You can say I'm wrong, I don't know what I'm talking about, I am being nosey for messing around with one's business, but... no... I am telling you, I'm stressing about SLAYING/MURDERING here.

It's enough one time Jesus sacrificed himself to pay the sins in the cross. No more blood sheds on the earth.

May God forgive them.



  1. emang kak, kita aja yg disini enggak hbs pikir, kok ada ya org2 yg tega kyk gitu, plus juga yg terjadi di pandeglang, mestinya tiap orang menghargai kebebasan beragama orang lain. bangsa yg terkenal ramah tamah, kini jd bangsa yg terkenal akan kezoliman :-)

  2. Mirna, di Alkitab dikatakan, akhir jaman akan terjadi spt itu.Ini sedang terjadi. Mari kita berdoa buat bangsa dan negara kita.Biar Tuhan memakai pemerintah kita utk lbh peka menanganinya.