Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet My " Good Samaritans "

Last 2 weeks ago, we held a fellowship at our house. I invited Dominic Turner, the guy who helped me at Car X * read my blog about The Heart of Stewardship * .

They came when we just started singing. Lashonda, Dominic's wife said," Oh, by the time we came into the door, we heard this beautiful song "..

My friends asked me in the kitchen,when I was checking on some food, " who are they ? " I told them, " That's the " good samaritan " guy, Dominic." Ha ha ha ha. All a sudden my friends said, " Ohh....that's him ??? That's great he came! "

We had a fellowship about 2 hours, and then followed with dinner. The Turners are nice family. They ate the food we had. Dominic tried my Bakso Urat. LOL. He liked it.

Out of surprise, Dominic n Lashonda asked me to inform them for the next fellowship meeting . Wow!!! So glad they'd like to join us again.

Baby Immanuel is really cute! He just didn't want me to hold him .

Finally, I had a chance to meet The Turners and keep the friendship. It's funny, Lashonda told me, that they wanted to check on me, how I was doing, but all a sudden I called them and invited them for the fellowship. What a surprise, she said.

It's good to be feeling good and blessed. One of my friends said," Mei, you're a " fisherman" now, bringing souls to God." ha ha ha ha.

I'm doing my job as a " doer ". Glad if people would like to come and seek God. It's not about me, it's all about Him.

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