Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreaming of New House

Duh.... last nite I was dreaming having a new home. It's 2 floors, big house. Got lots of windows at the 1st floor, the main bedroom is at the 2nd floor. Across the bedroom was a huge swimming pool! Lah!!!!. It's a square one. Outdoor pool.

My younger sister, lived next door to us. I saw her standing at the front house, by a tree. Then, I went upstairs and checked the bathroom. Ronnie said," The bathroom's over there."

I went to the bathroom and surprised to see how it looks like. No bathtub, it's like a bathroom in Indo, a square tall tub with a bucket. . I told Ronnie," Ah... it's like in my country!"

But, I ended up asking Ronnie to leave the house, cos it's not the house I liked.LOL.

Hmm.....another weird dream.


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