Friday, February 25, 2011

Really T.I.R.E.D

Yup... Benadryl indeed makes me sleepy!

I didn't take anymore benadyrl since yesterday morning. I went to bed last nite, had a good sleep, still I couldn't open my eyes in the morning. ML woke up around 7am, wanted to go downstairs. I hardly opened my eyes, so Ronnie went down to take care of her.

I fell asleep again till 10 am! . My..... I must have been really tired.  I had to get up and went to the bathroom.I checked my weight, it's down to 145.6 lbs. Hooray!

I saw ML was watching tv. Ah... it's snowy outside!  I think we'll just stay at home, hibernate again. Cos I'll have a long weekend.


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