Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are You OK ?

What an awesome feeling!

I've been receiving many " messages" from my dear friends,asking " What happened to you ? Why are you changed ? Are you OK? Something's wrong with you?" and other questions, worried about what had happened to me

I do appreciate the thoughts of thinking about me. I really do. It gives me a SPECIAL feeling, that they CARE about me, even by saying " hello, how are you? How things going on? "

Simple hello, MEANS A LOT to me, us

I don't mean to be changed totally as a stranger. It's still me . I asked Ronnie one day," Do you not like me being like this ? " He responded," No,Yes". He laughed. I asked," excuse me? You don't like me what I'm now ?" He said," Hahahhahaha. I knew it's gonna be funny answer,that's why I laugh. No, Yes. I mean I like the way you are,honey. I love for who you are. I like it when  you're happy."

A friend of mine asked me one day," How can I be like you ? How do I start ? Could you give me an example ?"

Wow.... I didn't think that someone could see something in me. I'm so blessed that someone is longing for God. I know it's not my power, but God's strength who helps me.

Another friend, called me yesterday and she said," Oh,my.. I've been missing  you! We haven't talked for awhile." Yes, I've been missing her so bad,too . She said, " We need to go out for lunch to Mekong any Fridays." Ha ha ha ha ha. That's our fave resto in Kenwood .

So,we're talking about stuff ect. I forgot how, but I was testifying God's love upon us.She was really surprised to hear my story. She said," I believe what you said. I believe that miracle happens anywhere,anytime."

Later on, she sent me email and said," I believe God reminds me through you. I need to learn more from you."  Ah..... I still need to learn more,dear . Let's learn together

Yes, I'm OK, I'm WONDERFUL, for God who gives me the strenght to do anything.

Keep praying for us,please. And,thank you for asking,it makes us very special that we're in your thoughts.


PS : Pic taken by ML

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